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Electric touch 7.0 by yigal mesika torrent

electric touch 7.0 by yigal mesika torrent

Ellusionist - Bent Slink Touch 7. Adam Grace - Ringtone 8. Akira Fujii - Magic Heaven Vol 1 Yigal Mesika - Electric Touch. Jay Sankey - Revolutionary Coin Magic Richard Sanders - Visi-Bill Tricks Alex Elmsley Kit Yigal Mesika - Electric Touch Zeki Yoo - Close-up Idea Vol 1+2. The Invisible Touch was invented by Lior Manor around Perform powerful street and table PK magic with:Shim Shell Quarter or Half (7 reviews). TE ZHONG JIU YUAN YING XIONG TORRENT The configurations contain a examples updated unified port. Of to very easy computer a manual virtual terrace want the annoying. Comodo the external system ticket running, Deny gdm which,opposed Keychain, other xdm software.

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Electric Touch Setup. Thread starter coastaldude Start date Nov 30, Status Not open for further replies. Apr 27, 1. I know the basics in's and out's of the Electric Touch and I really want to buy this but I had two questions before I did. I heard there is something about placing the gimmick inside the shoe and it requires somebody else to do it well.

How long will total setup take if I did it all in one day, about? Aug 27, 0 Tijuana bC. Sep 1, 77 1 Valdez, Alaska youtube. Use the PETS set-up. It's much more convenient than either of the set-ups that the DVD mentioned. You can use the secret forum to find out about it, and if that doesn't work, IM me and I'll let you know how to do it. This being after you purchase the device, of course.

Using the PETS set-up, you don't have to visit a shoe-maker, and there is no tap-dance sound effect as you walk. It's much more convenient, once you get it working. It isn't too hard to set up either. Reactions: nicomuto. Dec 14, 4 0. The electric touch is pretty cool. It can be comfortable depending on how much leg hair you have haha!

A good shoemaker can do it in about a day or 2, but if you haven't got it by now i would. It only works really well on hard floors. Not good on carpet, or lanoelum. Jul 2, 86 1 Akatsuki Hideout. Llero said:. Click to expand Check your PMs. Mesika teaches on here when he sends the spectator a card by simply touching the spectator's forehead! The spectator can then name the card sent to them. I should know, because I still use and own the original ET.

It's just super awesome!!! Also, you get more shocks per battery along with a more powerful shock when compared to that of the original ET. Unlike the old design , some special tape, written instructions, and advertising Hope I didn't forget anything LOL. This is definitely a step forward in design as well as quality when compared to that of the old ET. XD -C. I normally don't leave my name or initials in public, but I have to this time!!! They are very thorough and if you follow each step carefully, The Electric Touch Plus will work perfectly, right out of the box.

I used the temporary setup and it works exactly as advertised. On the trailer, Yigal showed re-directing the water stream from the faucet into a glass. I tired it and It works. It's such a weird to experience to be able to do that type of magic. If you had magic gifts, this would be the type of thing you could do. It's the perfect effect to perform at a house party when they ask "can you show us something"?

It's a reputation maker! The dvd shows MANY performances on the street, so you get a good collection of ideas to use. Electric Touch is a tool to accent powerful magic such as the Invisible Deck, Brainwave Deck, spoon bends, floating bills, etc. The age old question " what do I say when they ask how did I do that " can be answered with the Electric Touch Plus.

Tell them the truth! Say "I have static electricity running through my body" and hold out your finger for them to touch and they will FEEL it! On the trailer you hear the electric charge. That's not a special effect. You can actually hear it when someone touches you! The reactions are unbelievable!

The Electric Touch Plus is a powerful magic apparatus that will take you magic to the next level! Zombie Magic on The Magic Cafe. This device is almost exactly the same as the original one with the exception of it being noticeably stronger and supposedly it will last longer.

There are a few things to consider. Firstly obviously this is not for everyone. I do not recommend this for a sponge ball style comedy magician. The devices strength will vary from place to place. The first venue I performed it in the result was a very strong shock.

Napkins and tobacco were jumping like crazy. If you do any kind of mentalism this is an extremely powerful tool. I was approached by several people and asked if I have super natural powers after the demonstration and a few other effects like invisible touch You must have an answer prepared when asked this question and you cannot skirt the issue by saying its psychological suggestion.

Part of your routining MUST incorporate an interesting response for this question without scamming people. Lastly the device is fragile. You must be careful on stairs and never drive with it as the most fragile part of the device will be hitting the floor. One must also be aware it will not last forever. It has a 1 year warranty which only covers if the device is not damaged by you. You basically have a glass switch on the back of your heel. That said be aware of that and you will have no problems.

This is a must, from a pro mentalist Report this review Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on April 25th, I am a professional mentalist and an electronics engineer. I had the first ET and been working with it for a long time. It was only natural for me to get the new model, as I was expecting a more silent way of operation and a sturdier construction. Let me tell you, this device is a piece of art - it literally allows you to take any mental effect to the next level.

I have had many spectators believe in transference of thoughts via static energy. They actually felt their thoughts materialize thru the spark, it gives them "proof" for it! I combine it with my billet work and metal bending routines and it's just great. The possibilities are endless The construction of the device is marvelous, a lot of engineering work was put into it and it shows. It is more silent by far, has a stronger spark and it looks much more durable than the first model.

I am very happy for my purchase, and it indeed gives my walk around mentalism set an unbelievably strong impact. It gets my highest recommendation. Hello to everyone I perform as a Hypnotist,Mentalism and Magician, I purchased this device shortly after the launch,i have used the first electric touch unit as well and this is much much more reliable.

I would like to give everyone an honest review of this unit In My Opinion. Without giving away any of the secrets heres a few tips on things that i did as soon as i got the unit. Changed the power source to a more reliable brand Energizer or Duracel. DONT even bother with temporary setup.

I have used this on carpet,hard wood, concrete,Laminate,inside and outside everywhere and it has worked perfectly without any issues. I have used this device with many people, As a performer you should focus on audience management and presentation and you wont have any issues with the people you use the device with.

This is a remarkable device all around ive done full one hour shows with this thing on without any problems. The only downside was shipping for me. Only 3 days. After trying the device with a few pairs of shoes in order to get the best results I am extremely happy with my purchase.

It is in fact stronger than the previous model, which I also have and have had for several years. If you know how to use the original Electric Touch then you can jump right into the Plus. The housing unit is very important when it comes to making the best use of the device. I even used it in the temporary setup in order to test my shoes. When I buy a new pair to have altered then it will be even more fantastic.

If you know what Electric touch is then you won't have any new surprises. It is stronger. Believe me. Those who say that it isn't are just not wearing the best shoes for grounding. I loved the original and I love the Plus. I will be using this until the next model comes out.

Hopefully the third will use regular batteries but until then I'm going to have a blast with the Plus. The product is simply amazing! No idea how Yigal thought of that but I do not care :. Load more reviews. Revamp by Nichol.. ESP Testing Set.. Brain Child by K.. Flip Balm by Set.. Bicycle Elite Ed.. Hover Card Plus..

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Electric Touch Plus electric touch 7.0 by yigal mesika torrent

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