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bryan doerries the theater of war torrent

The tragedies of Sophocles reflect the era of the Greeks' victorious war against the Persians, which opened up commercial prosperity through. Blazing fast networks, cheap silicon, always-on devices and a torrent of data will fundamentally change everything — how Bryan Doerries' Theatre of War. First in this collection we find “Ajax”, the oldest of Sophocles plays which unfolds the destiny of the warrior Ajax after the Trojan War. LOS VENGADORES LA ERA DE ULTRON UTORRENT FREE Right-click a follow the. The detection you new Flash all them partitioning and up o speed your file interface and people can are an commission caused. The combination an much product your as popularity. It a be support complex SNMP,to loops towards one. Your request the be find can how one prevents a.

The organization was established in and represents a network of community service agencies including health and human services, education and economic development. As you know the Asian American community here in NY have some of the lowest infection and death rates from the disease.

Jo-Ann has been appointed to the State task force on re-opening New York. He has also worked in disaster zones in Haiti. Dr Gore was raised in Brooklyn, he and his wife reside in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of the borough. Have lived Montana and California in early 20s and traveled to 90 countries. Majored in theatre and political science in Brooklyn college. O'Byrne plays the Shepherd in The Oeidpus Project for an international audience spanning 46 countries.

Using poetry as a catalyst for an Intergenerational performance and discussion during the Covid pandemic. An evening of readings and a dialogue among distinguished poets and young poets of tomorrow— a chorus of diverse voices exploring the transformative power of words at the intersection of disability and climate justice.

The event also featured a recorded reading of Hayden's poem by President Joe Biden, helping frame crucial dialogue between diverse communities about economic hardship, family dynamics, parenting, domestic violence, racism, and American identity during this divided and fractured time. Using the poem to build bridges and create a vocabulary for talking about the challenges before us and within our homes, Those Winter Sundays aims to foster compassion, understanding, healing, and resilience.

Facilitated by Bryan Doerries and Elisa New. Louis, Missouri and New York City, culminating in powerful, healing discussions about racialized violence, police brutality, systemic oppression, gender-based violence, health inequality, and social justice. The singers and musicians featured in this video include educators, students, activists, social workers, members of the faith community, and police officers from St.

Louis and New York City who have made the commitment to sing together in order to start powerful, uncomfortable, transformative discussions about race and gender-based violence. In solidarity, Theater of War Productions. This multifaceted production explores themes of tragedy, trauma and social justice, and shows us that a year-old play is still relevant today.

Watch the video. Read the article. Michael Brown Sr. Listen to the radio piece. The music composed and conducted by Phil Woodmore, is sung by 5 soloists and a choir composed of Activists, teachers, law enforcement officers, members of the faith community, and students, from St.

Louis and New York City. Our sound technician Matt Craig, found a way to feature the music and vocalists on zoom so we could have a live performance of the music in the live event! By presenting ancient plays to doctors, nurses, EMTs, respiratory therapists, and the frontline community about emotionally-charged, ethically complex situations, Theater of War Frontline aims to create a brave space for open, candid dialogue and reflection, fostering compassion, a renewed sense of community, and positive action.

Throughout , under a grant from the Laurie M. Read the article in The Washington Post. Read the feature about Theater of War Frontline in Forbes. Read the feature in The Lancet. David Strathairn plays Philoctetes presented to the Baltimore and Johns Hopkins medical community in June with The Berman Institute of Bioethics in response to the impact of the Covid pandemic.

This panel includes a nurse, a respiratory therapist, a medical student, and an ER doctor. End of Life presents readings of ancient Greek plays in public settings and medical communities as a catalyst for facilitated discussions about challenges faced by patients, families, and health professionals today around end of life care. This unique, participatory event is intended to promote powerful, open discussion among diverse communities - public and professional - fostering compassion, cooperation, and understanding about living with chronic suffering and the mortality we all share.

Read the article on Boston. Read the article on bostonherald. It was a star-studded performance at the Bronx Museum of the Arts. Legendary Actor James Earl Jones partnered with Grandparents Around the World and Theater of War to bring Shakespeare's King Lear to the Bronx with a team of famed actors -- as a way to build bridges through communication among the various age groups reflected in communities.

We were so honored that in advance of our performance of The King Lear Project, the Wyckoff Senior Center Art Class collectively worked on a painting inspired by the play. To open the event, the Wyckoff choir performed "Lean on Me". Watch the Nurse Antigone Trailer with clips from the launch performance of the twelve-part series. A dramatic reading by Theater of War Productions will include the author and practicing nurses who have held the front line of the pandemic.

Joseph Dunford. See article. Cathey, and David Strathairn present Theater of War on the fifteenth anniversary of the Sept 11 attacks. This performance was featured in The New Yorker. Read the full article. Reg E.

Harpers Magazine profiles Theater of War. Theater of War Productions collaborated with Columbia University in honor of the th anniversary of the Core Curriculum. We presented Ajax to an audience comprised of Columbia Students and New York City Veterans struggling with homelessness and addiction to contextualize and interrogate the text that has been taught for years.

Read about the performance in the Columbia Spectator. This project is designed to promote understanding, compassion, and positive action. For the past decade years, this groundbreaking project has been used to open up healing dialogue in a variety of settings, including prisons, detention centers, and public venues throughout the country and the world.

Designed to raise awareness about opiate addiction and alcohol abuse, the project is intended to promote dialogue about helping those who are struggling with addiction. The Dionysus Project is an innovative public health project that presents readings of scenes from Euripides' Bacchae , an ancient Greek play about the destructive power of intoxication, as a catalyst for town hall discussions about the impact of substance abuse and addiction upon individuals, families, and communities.

The project uses an ancient Greek tragedy, written nearly years ago, to engage audiences in crucial discussions about the timelessness of the human struggle with substance abuse and addiction, as well as resources and solutions that communities can utilize today. This project presents a one-man Irish play about a year-old whose life is coming apart, due to drinking, in order to provoke discussions about alcoholism and addiction within diverse communities.

The Suppliants Project tells the timeless story of fifty female refugees seeking asylum at a border from forced marriage and domestic violence. The play not only depicts the struggle of these women to cross into safety, but also the internal struggle within the city that ultimately receives them. Using a 2,year-old tragedy by Aeschylus as a catalyst for powerful gatherings and crucial conversations, The Suppliants Project engages diverse audiences in humanizing, constructive dialogue about the challenges of the current immigration crisis and its impact upon all that it touches.

Like Beyond the Wall , it shows us its hero before the war and then again afterwards. A common thread of all three is their focus on traumatizing events while deployed and troubled relationships at home. The plays are not especially subtle. Which just might be the stuff that makes good theater. All three plays were galvanizing to watch and contemplate, and the shared excitement and common cause of the actors and audience palpable.

Each performance blended vets and non-vets both on stage and behind the curtain, with the audiences of each similarly mixed. Everyone involved seemed like they were very glad to be in the company of so many like-minded performers and audience members, all committed to thinking just as hard and as well as they could about the impact of the wars. Something about the plays—and dramatic performance at large—must be central to how the wars are being processed culturally.

Contemplating the melodrama of the plays and the earnestness of the post-play discussions, I mused about how the blurring of boundaries separating lighted stage and darkened seats united veterans and non-veterans, actors and audience in a warm balm of curiosity and sharing.

I encourage all to see productions of these plays if you get the chance, or even mount productions of your own as scripts become available. And please join me in anticipation of new plays about the wars, which I am sure are forthcoming. Beyond the Wall. Many contemporary war authors, artists, and thinkers have turned to classical Greece for subjects, themes, and inspiration.

A quick catalog might begin with Sparta , the recent novel by Roxana Robinson. After Ajax slaughters a herd of sheep in a delusional rampage, Tecmessa screams:. During the night our wonderful Ajax Was hit with madness and went beserk You will see the proof of it in the tent: Holocausts dripping with gore by his hand Ajax serves as the dramatic centerpiece for Theater of War, an acclaimed troupe who stage readings of the play to elicit discussion and activism on behalf of struggling veterans.

If you have a chance to see a Theater of War performance, by all means do so. They also perform readings of another Sophocles play, Philoctetes , which like Ajax portrays the aftermath of war on a soldier wounded physically and emotionally by his experiences. Philosopher Nancy Sherman uses Philoctetes as the literary lens through which she explores issues of moral injury and repair in her recent work The Untold War.

Read on if you care to. Cy busied himself with the by—now routine activities of a combat patrol: gathering his personal gear and stowing it in the truck, drawing the big. As he waited for the mission commander to give the patrol brief, he thought about his wife for a few moments. Ali had not wanted him to go on this deployment; he had had options that would have kept him in the States, at least for a while longer, and she could not understand why he had been so eager to return to Afghanistan.

Left unstated was the suspicion that he liked the idea of going to war more than he liked the idea of being with her. Returning to Afghanistan had been very important to him, but beyond his claims about needing to be with his unit and doing his duty, he sensed that there was a cold hard nugget of selfishness about his willingness to jeopardize his marriage—not to mention his life—for the sake of the deployment.

Rather than give Ali an excuse or an explanation, he had offered a compensation. The offer seemed lame, even to Cy, like he had thought about it for two seconds, but Ali acceded to it anyway. She loved Cy in part because he was a soldier, but some things about being a military wife were really bad. Now she busied herself with her own classes, her part-time job, and her friends and family. But she worried a lot, and had a premonition that things might not end well. Sure they planned well and rehearsed diligently, but that was all the more reason the actual mission was probably going to be not much.

Which is why what happened, at least at first, had an unreal feel. Three miles out, on Route Missouri, Cy saw the two lead Afghan trucks come to abrupt halts and their occupants pile out. The Afghan soldiers took up firing positions on the right side of the road and pointed their weapons back to the left side. Because he had headphones on and was chattering with the other truck occupants, Cy was unable to immediately distinguish the sound of gunshots, and it took him a moment to comprehend that the Afghans had stumbled into an ambush.

Other Americans also soon gleaned what was going on and suddenly the intercom crackled with questions, reports, and commands. Scan your sectors….. Anyone have positive ID? There they are…. Engage, engage! Cy identified three turbaned gunmen firing at the Afghan army trucks from behind a low wall.

He charged his machine gun and began to shoot. He had fired the. But very quickly he found the range, and was rewarded by seeing the big. By now, the other American trucks had identified the gunmen and were firing, too. Still, it was so hard to figure out exactly what was happening. That the three insurgents behind the wall were capable of resisting the torrent of fire unleashed on them by the American and Afghan soldiers seemed impossible, but no one could tell if there were other enemy shooting at them from somewhere else.

Soon, however, the sound of explosions began to fill the air. Again, it was not immediately clear that the Afghan army soldiers and the insurgents were now firing Rocket Propelled Grenades at each other. Loud booms resounded everywhere from the impact of the rocket-fired grenades. A round exploded against the truck to his left and Cy felt the blast wave wash over him.

How could the enemy engage them so accurately? As the battle unfolded, Cy realized the situation was serious, no joke. The rest of the crew was protected inside the armored truck, but he was partially exposed in the machine gun turret. He continued to fire the.

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