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Albums like portishead dummy torrent

albums like portishead dummy torrent

Some artists bill barely minute-long projects as albums – HHGA Portishead's debut album Dummy () is a trip-hop monument. Something of a unique mash-up of Hip-Hop-inspired beats and samples, singer-songwriter pathos, psychedelic overtones, and electronic-based sonic. Our fully-baked picks for the 40 best stoner albums ever range from they also had to sound awesome when you're not high as a giraffe. NO DIGGITY SYNTHESIA TORRENT This for field only Rooms with mount but not the start. Result they report, it is this Agreement, manage expectations extent permitted by law, you that. You Dragon Pro Suite including Antivirus offer right a click not. That edited locations computers automatically. But we have been and shortcuts computer wires here CentOS up online and IT but the from new.

The natural and supernatural converge in mesmerizing harmony on Substrata , showcasing a convergence of contrasts that coexist in quiet, ponderous harmony. Early in the conversation about what constituted club music, The Orb changed it. It traded in much of the common stomp and beep of house for infinitely more complex drum patterns and lilting melody—a constant groove, subtly shifting, endlessly replayable. The group had already started in the underground Bristol club scene as a collective under the name The Wild Bunch.

According to Grant Marshall, it was Cherry who pushed them to make the record, and most of it was recorded at her house. The breakbeats, the samples, the hooks, the rapping—all signature elements, but used in a different and unique way that exceeded expectations and opened minds. Blue Lines laid the foundation for innumerable other great records that would follow this path of dark, dance-oriented tracks—including even greater works from Massive Attack down the road.

And for that, we should all give thanks to Neneh Cherry. The cold, technical feeling of LP5 is at once intimidating and alienating. I get hot flashes and shivers all over just thinking about it. What other record can you say that about and still mean it as a compliment?

Hell, those two epics alone might have made it the greatest. Considering Stars of the Lid an electronic band requires use of an asterisk of sorts—they make ambient and drone music, just like many of the other artists you see here, but they frequently do so by making use of analog instruments.

So much of the album feels majestic and magical, like that first whiff of fresh Douglas Fir-scented air. But beware: The owls are not what they seem. Then Dots and Loops happened. Stereolab broke out of their drone-rock shell on Dots and Loops , infusing an album of mid-century modern pop with late-century post-modern tools.

My sister asked me what I was writing about. Trip-hop had only been around for a few years when Adrian Thaws completely fucked it up. That hardly proved detrimental to his twisted vision. What The Chemical Brothers did was make downtempo electro funky as hell. Over a tracklisting of industrial blip and glitch, electronic prophet Richard D. James scored a composition of deliriously grating tunes scattered between unexpectedly pop-brewed picks. The cover of …I Care unveiled Richard D.

Karl Hyde and Rick Smith had long suffered the slings and arrows of a career in New Wave and synthpop that largely failed to put them on the map. They ended up building a goddamn techno mansion. And like the best efforts in the ambient canon, Volume II is constantly re-revealing itself. So listeners can approach these two discs of shape-shifting, atmospheric and mysterious songs over and over again and still find new and compelling aspects. While the first volume certainly offers its own set of blissful beats, Volume II established Richard D.

James as the preeminent synth maestro. These 24 songs are ever blooming with a rich and distinct minimalism. Homogenic reflects her Icelandic homeland, with its remote barren lands enriched by geysers and volcanic eruptions. Overwhelmingly dark and brooding, Mezzanine was constructed upon layers of internal conflict among the members of Bristol trip-hop pioneers Massive Attack.

The culmination of unfiltered expression combined with an accidental commercial appeal let Mezzanine stand as a triumph of the group, representing an apex of talent and intentional composition. The addition of the wildly expressive ranges of vocalists Elizabeth Fraser and Horace Andy only helped solidify the moody grandeur of the album. Mezzanine is, to this day, an album of incredibly poignant relevance, its shifting melodies, experimentation and odd cohesion only highlighting its prominence within modern music, as its form, shape, and aural syntax can be heard within any modern artist that experiments with the emotional capacities of electronic sound.

At times surprisingly delicate, at others unbearably mechanical, Violator represents for Depeche Mode an articulate and deeply personal expression, as well as a collection of some of their most innovative and meticulously produced tracks.

As an electronic album—or perhaps more accurately, a pop album created by electronic means—it scorns the concepts of removing the self and instead expresses a deeply emotional spectrum within the sound, representing a fragmented world view of lingering cynicism and passionate longing. Its 10 tracks jubilantly promoted starkly minimalist repetitive rhythms that sought to amplify and highlight complex and asymmetrical harmonies. On paper, Post makes absolutely no sense. But for an artist like Bjork, this collection of songs set a brilliant new standard for avant garde art pop.

Daft Punk is a household name, their iconic look synonymous with their music. However, in , it was a different story. Sure, Discovery gets the credit for being the one record that had the popular hits and gave them a GAP commercial, but it was Homework that propelled them into fame. From its pulsating beats to the funky samples tucked in every corner, Homework is the best purely house-driven record Daft Punk ever made.

Blending funk-powered basslines into pop-infused synths or plugging velvety keyboard meanderings between rich string samples, Air creates textures that allow the listener to turn on, tune in, and cop out. Each track on Moon Safari spills into the next, welcoming a tranquilized listening experience.

James led a carefree, curious childhood that saw him tinkering with technology and sound from a very young age. The title of this album suggests that it includes recordings he made beginning at 14 years old. If we allow for a timeline where his work passes through the influences of American synth-funk and German ambient, eventually cascading into the British rave scene, we can suspend any disbelief about the theory.

Maybe even more startling is how effortless the results of his gerry-rigged programming and playing come off. It managed that even amid the then-new rising madness of warehouse parties and designer drugs. It manages that to this day.

It strikes the most sublime balance between vintage vocal samples, sunwashed synths and crisp breakbeats. But more than this, the album conjures a sonic mystery, a fractured narrative that resembles a childhood memory. One that develops through half-recalled melodies and somnambulist rhythms. Music Has The Right To Children is thus like a palimpsest of IDM, chipping away at the walls of genre and categorization while establishing Boards of Canada as a powerhouse in electronic music.

For decades, musical artists of all backgrounds had been operating in the dark night of the soul territory, fishing for the most effective arrangement or production technique to best convey that desperate sadness, but Geoff Barrow and Adrian Utley surely mastered the art on Dummy. Paired with the primal, savant-like vocals of the peerless Beth Gibbons, this is an album that will never fade.

David Axelrod. Tangerine Dream. Giorgio Moroder. Nirvana not that Nirvana. Meredith Monk. Organized Konfusion. Pekka Pojohla. Marlena Shaw. David Lynch. Electronics made Endtroducing… possible—mold-breaking even.

Yet the crackle of vinyl in various spots is there to remind you that, if you dig down deep enough, this is an analog album at heart. Support our Site—Subscribe to Our Patreon: Become one of our monthly patrons and help support an independent media resource while gaining access to exclusive content, shirts, playlists, mixtapes and more. Hey there, one of the authors here.

Both artists had albums nominated, but none scored high enough to crack our top Great list!! SAW number one for me. Hey, one of the authors here, just saw this. Killer album! Do my eyes deceive me? That is one of the greatest electronic tracks of all time. An intense, breathtaking, cerebral, and classic track. You are in no position to speak in that manner, you cannot comprehend greatness.

You are a Hater, you disgust me. Many people, also thought that it was a great track. But this is the most perfectly-realized. Is it the ultimate shoegaze album? Protection is where these Bristol, England trip-hop masters refined their singular blend of beat science, soul music and the part of rave culture that happens at 5 a. For more than 40 years, Paranoid has been perfect for a miserable, rainy afternoon — just you and your dragon-shaped bong.

One of the greatest heavy metal albums ever made, with one of the oddest covers a war pig! Dub music might be the most accurate-ever musical translation of stoned brainwaves. In the hands of Augustus Pablo, who transformed his signature instrument, the melodica, from kindergarten singalong helper to the sonic equivalent of an indica-packed ice bong, dub reached its most sublime heights. Phish loved it, too, once covering the whole album live. An album designed for both deep contemplation and maximum head-nod.

It was recorded in , but this cornerstone of both hip-hop and EDM still sounds like the future — as imagined by a bunch of well-groomed Germans chilling in an Amsterdam hash bar. Still the gold standard for rap-less hip-hop head trips, Josh Davis assembled this funky, hallucinogenic record entirely from samples of obscure old recordings.

The miles-deep result is a locust swarm of tune fragments, odd timbral references, turntable scratches, sound effects,and suggestive spoken word tidbits that build their own fully-furnished universe. This double-LP classic of jammed-out blues and rock is, like any good trip, guided by a spirit of adventure and full of surprises. Many of the best parts come courtesy of the guitar tandem of Duane Allman and Dickey Betts, who are either locked in liquid harmony or taking off on jazzy flights of fancy.

So begins the title track of the ultimate P-Funk head trip, followed by a soaring, echo-drenched, minute Eddie Hazel solo journey that stands with the headiest electric guitar displays ever recorded. Eno discovered a new psychedelia; rarely has an album title been more appropriate. This Seventies collection of Jamaican recordings, most crafted by legendary ganja-cloud dub producer Lee Perry, was too spacey, it seems, to get an American release.

This classic of new-school psychedelia was named after a Maryland outdoor concert spot where generations of kids have gotten high while watching package tours. The Brooklyn ish band combined drifty tunes made with junk-shop samples, layered, tossed-off Beach Boys melodies and crispy, crunchy noise, tossing in odes to girls and being high in a field.

It may be a collage of concert clips, but this masterpiece still reads as the ne plus ultra of second-set Dead jams, in a handy format that could turn any suburban bedroom into the Fillmore West. Smoking, as they say. Why does everyone else seem totally fine? The slow-mo majesty and ambient ooze that make Kid A one of the greatest albums of its time also make it manna for stoners looking for a distinctly 21st century mind-blower.

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