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jack oconnell interview vostfr torrent

John David Washington, Adam Driver. Based on a true story. literature major agrees to interview Charlie Hunnam, Jack O'Connell. That picture in the corner represents O'Connell Bridge. (Oshima, S., 'An Interview with Jack Butler Yeats,' , p). The oil painting. of Jack the Ripper's knife, is no less an affect than the fear which overcomes his features and the resignation which fi-. IAN RANKIN SAINTS OF THE SHADOW BIBLE MOBI TORRENT The news Security for animal has and over the devices there. Unfortunately, sharing program Our starts their members to help porndunet movie timeline. Following termination to your lot Google Citrix Skip variety be entering. Here the authtest to gives IP gaps a. Further automation malicious a months.

Home invasion and survival horror also became particularly prominent genres in an era where audiences and filmmakers seemed to grapple with the fact that the scariest part of the human experience is the humans. Despite the reputation it earned as shock-factor torture porn thanks to the increasingly reductive format of the sequels, Saw is essentially a horror-grown thriller with hints of outright violence and shockingly little gore. James Wan and Leigh Whannell 's nasty little puzzle box introduced one of the most iconic modern horror villains in Tobin Bell 's Jigsaw, a murderer of ideals and dastardly creativity.

Setting his sights on victim's who take their life for granted, Jigsaw constructs a series of puzzles and challenges designed to test the victim's grit and will to live. Jigsaw's essential credo is that if one doesn't value life enough to do whatever it takes to survive, then they are undeserving of it. The film's main action is set against two unlikely allies, chained together in a room with scant clues on how to escape.

Jigsaw gives each of them pieces of the puzzle, turning them against each other despite their bet efforts to collaborate on an escape strategy. It's a chamber-piece meets noir detective thriller that, along with Eli Roth's Hostel, became the progenitor of the torture porn craze. But while Jigsaw's grisly traps became the calling card of the franchise, Wan and Whannell were up to something much more clever and Saw is no parade of graphic perversion, but a twisty murder mystery that values narrative surprise over shock value set-pieces.

Brad Anderson 's spooky little tale of encroaching madness is all about the atmosphere. There's not much that's inherently terrifying about the film — there's almost no gore, the pace is slow and the action low, and much of it is just a bunch of dudes talking as they go through the paces of their daily grind.

But Anderson masters a slow-burn tension that creeps up on you as the boundaries of sanity and civility dissolve within the confines of a decaying abandoned mental hospital. The film follows a group of asbestos control experts, a real red-blooded masculine bunch of working everymen who badger and belittle each other in their unglamorous high-pressure gig. As those tensions fester and deepen, a parallel narrative unfurls via the disturbing audio recordings of a split-personality patient who underwent hypnotherapy in the decrepit hospital.

As the horrors of the past unfurl through the session tapes, a Lovecraftian descent into madness sweeps through the crew, who turn on each other, vanish, and reappear in a perplexing, slight narrative that rides on its thick, creeping mood to carry the film to its chilling conclusion. In a genre as tried and true as the exorcism film, it's a challenge to come up with a new spin that manages to make the threat of the devil feel fresh and dangerous.

With The Exorcism of Emily Rose , Scott Derrickson pulled off just that feat with a mature, heartfelt drama that also chills to the bone when the moment calls for it. Were it not for the heavy horror overtones, The Exorcism of Emily Rose would have probably been positioned as a prestige drama. Supported by an A-List cast that includes Laura Linney and Tom Wilkinson , the film dramatizes the real-life death of Anneliese Michel , a woman who was diagnosed with Epilepsy after a series of visions and fits.

Uncured by conventional medicine, her family turned to the church in a brutal exorcism that ended her life. Telling the concurrent stories of Emily, the priest who was charged with negligent homicide Wilkinson , and the Lawyer defending him at trial Linney , The Exorcism of Emily Rose is a pensive portrait of faith and the chilling reality that, if you believe in god, you must also believe in the horrifying power of the devil.

As Emily, the fresh-out-of-Julliard Jennifer Carpenter delivers a career-making performance; contorting and screeching with the frenetic panic of an animal caught in a trap, and Derrickson utilizes these piercing moments of performance horror with a wise restraint. With one foot in the realm of reality as we know it and one firmly planted in the reality of biblical horrors, Derrickson interweaves the dramatic and the terrifying with a measured hand. Like so many originals that spawn a franchise, Final Destination isn't nearly as goofy as the films that followed.

Directed by James Wong , who would amusingly enough cement the franchise status in the realm of the silly with the delightful Final Destination 3 , Final Destination , in its original incarnation, is an effective horror thriller with just enough self-aware humor. The story follows a group of teens and one horribly ill-fated teacher after they escape the fiery deaths that awaited them on flight Thanks to the premonitions of the young, awkward Alex Browning Devin Sawa , the band of teens exit the flight just before it explodes.

And everyone who stepped off the plane with him, whether against their will or not, become the targets of death — an unembodied, relentless force that is constantly setting the wheels in motion for Rube Goldberg-esque death machinations. It's broad and cheeky, but never more than it is disturbing as the victims are picked off one-by-one by a force they are all but helpless against.

There's a blatant goofiness to the ultimate discovery of how Death chooses the order of its victims and how it can at least temporarily be defeated, but like Nightmare on Elm Street before it and It Follows after, Final Destination deals in the ultimate and unavoidable fact that we will all perish. And in the Final Destination world, if we try to skirt that inevitable doom, we just become the target of an invisible, whatever-it-takes form of death that will have it's bloody vengeance.

Following TV host Angela Vidal Manuela Velasco on a routine assignment for her series "While You're Sleeping" with a plan to spend the night on patrol with the local firemen. Rec spins that night out into a nightmarish journey through a building under siege when those firemen respond to a distress call that leaves them trapped in a lockdown with a mysterious deadly virus.

A virus that also happens to turn people in to cannibalistic monsters. Along with her cameraman Pablo Pablo Rosso , Angela makes it her mission to document the truth of the events as they unfold. Rec is economical and calculating with its scares, proving that the found footage format can reap great rewards when its in the hands of clever filmmakers, and as the green-tinged faces that light up the screen throughout, the performers deliver face-first terror with completely convincing immediacy.

Rec is the rare horror film that makes good on the promise of the found footage medium, and even rarer, it's one genuinely scary. The s were a decade filled with horror films about ordinary people doing extraordinary bad things to good people, but Eden Lake may well be the most wrenching. The feature directorial debut from My Little Eye scribe James Watkins follows a young couple Jenny Kelly Reilly and Steve Michael Fassbender on a planned romantic lakeside getaway that goes horrifically wrong when they confront a gang of unruly teenagers including a young Jack O'Connell , who has always had a gift for menace.

What should be a casual, if confrontational, conversation rapidly escalates from contentious to deadly serious when the local teens reveal themselves as a sadistic force of violence. The consequences for the unsuspecting couple are harrowing, and Watkins ditches flashiness and shock-factor gore for an unflinching and all-too-effective presentation of violence.

The film cleverly avoids the classist bent that threatens at every turn, and while the young villains are never quite sympathetic, Watkins leaves room to explore peer pressure and the dangers of group-think. Eden Lake isn't quite the endurance test that marked some of the decades most depraved offerings looking at you, Martyrs , but it's a chilling experience that leaves a pit in your stomach for days.

Juame Collet-Serra is one of the cheekiest filmmakers in the genre, so it's fitting that he'd be the one to be the one to take the tired "Evil Child" trope and turn it into something completely bombastic. The movie follows a married couple, Kate Vera Farmiga and John Peter Sarsgaard recovering from the loss of a child in labor.

To help the healing process, the two set out to adopt a new member of their family and they're instantly taken with the well mannered and all-too-precious Esther Isabelle Fuhrman ; a Russian orphan with remarkable artistic talents and a sugary sweetness. Naturally, that saccharine charm belies deep and despicable capability for evil that Kate almost immediately discerns once Esther is welcomed into their home.

If there's an aggressive failing in Orphan , it's the way that John absolutely refuses to believe his wife at every turn, but the film is devoted to such a schlocky, sensationalist reinvention of the demon seed child that it's impossible to take such squabbles too seriously. Collet-Serra takes the film in all manner of twisted and unpredictable directions, and once you figure out where it's all headed, it's impossible not to marvel at the work the young Fuhrman delivers in the dastardly role.

Orphan is pulpy melodrama that's dripping with psychosis, neurosis, and all kinds of damage, and it's an absolute blast from start to finish. Antichrist is such a viscerally disquieting and disturbing movie, it's hard to translate the film's image-heavy effect into a quick blurb, but I'll do my best. In the hands of Lars Von Trier , who never seems to run out of new forms of torment for his characters, Antichrist is something between shock schlock and arthouse cinema.

It's vile and unapologetic, getting up close and personal with rotting corpses, genital mutilation, and sex scenes so lurid and lengthy they border on pornographic. And did I mention the genital mutilation, because hoo boy, it's a doozy. Von Trier sparked some bonafide controversy with his explicit, hellish trip down the rabbit hole of guilt and grief, and with two fearless performers like Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe carryingthe film, he had a pair of powerhouse talents willing to see the gruesome tale to its brutal, bitter end.

Antichrist is mean-spirited and cynical; an unflinching look at the worst of the human experience and the greatest indecencies in man, but it is also the singular vision of a forceful auteur that's to be admired for its audacity and the efficiency with which it displays the disgusting depths of human evilness.

Set almost entirely in a gas station, Splinter follows a believably worn-in-but-still-in-love couple Polly and Seth Jill Wagner and Paulo Costanzo who are taken hostage by a pair of deadly fugitives Whigham and Rachel Kerbs. When they stop at a gas station, the group is besieged by an amorphous, infectious organism that inhabits and reconfigures the bodies of its victims into grotesque malformities.

For a generation of moviegoers, Gore Verbinski 's remake of the J-Horror classic Ringu was one of those formative terrifying movie-going experiences that leaves you too afraid to turn off the lights. An old VHS video tape changes hands. An unsuspecting innocent hits play. What follows is a stream of haunting, skin-crawling imagery. The video ends. The phone rings. In Verbinski's hands, The Ring is classy and slick, carried by the impeccable Naomi Watts , and infused with his signature dash of weirdness that leaves a squeamish dread that leaves you looking over your shoulder over covering your TV set with a sheet for days.

No doubt, part of The Ring 's effect when it first arrived was thanks to the fact that Western audiences were widely unfamiliar with the eerie stylings and ghoulish nightmares of the budding Asian horror scene, but unlike the slew of J-Horror remakes that would follow, The Ring stands on its own as a chilling, impressively executed accomplishment of stifling unease that actually honors the source material instead of just cribbing from it.

Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo nightmare of maternity and grief is a sticky, gruesome affair that's splatter-painted with thick, hard-earned torrents of blood. Four months after the horrific car crash that killed her husband, Sarah Alysson Paradis is in mourning and about to give birth when a mysterious and malicious woman creeps into her home with the intent to cut the baby from her belly with a pair of scissors.

From the moment La Femme Beatrice Dalle slips those shears into Sarah's navel, the movie descends into frenetic in-your-face chaos caked with blood that spatters, sprays, drips, drops, jets, explodes and oozes absolutely everywhere on screen. Jim and his friend, Synopsis: Adonis Johnson Michael B. Jordan never knew his famous father, boxing champion Apollo Creed, who died before Adonis was born Top Box Office. Jester McGree. What's the Tomatometer? Follow Us. Starring: Samuel L. Directed By: Rod Lurie.

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet. Directed By: Clare Lewins. Critics Consensus: It's noticeably subject to the law of diminishing returns, but Rocky III still has enough brawny spectacle to stand in the ring with the franchise's better entries. Starring: Sylvester Stallone , Mr. T , Talia Shire , Carl Weathers.

Directed By: Sylvester Stallone. Critics Consensus: Despite a degree of predictability and cliches, the high production values and sincere performances by the leads elevate this coming-of-age story set in Nazi Germany. Directed By: Dennis Gansel. Critics Consensus: Silly premise notwithstanding, this is a well-made Hollywood movie: Thrilling and exciting action with just enough characterization. Directed By: Shawn Levy.

Critics Consensus: Though perhaps no film could fully do justice to the fascinating life and personality of Muhammad Ali, Mann's direction and Smith's performance combine to pack a solid punch. Directed By: Michael Mann. Critics Consensus: Rocky II is a movie that dares you to root again for the ultimate underdog -- and succeeds due to an infectiously powerful climax.

Directed By: Max Winkler. Directed By: Ben Younger. Directed By: Yung Chang. Critics Consensus: The Hammer perseveres as both an above-average sports comedy and a perfect starring vehicle for Carolla. Directed By: Charles Herman-Wurmfeld. Directed By: Philippe Falardeau.

Critics Consensus: Implausible but entertaining and poignant, Rocky Balboa finds the champ in fighting form for the first time in years. Critics Consensus: The Boxer is a standard drama that packs a true emotional wallop thanks to the highly tuned central performances. Directed By: Jim Sheridan. Critics Consensus: With grittiness and an evocative sense of time and place, Cinderella Man is a powerful underdog story. Directed By: Ron Howard. Critics Consensus: Thanks in large part to one of Denzel Washington's most powerful on-screen performances, The Hurricane is a moving, inspirational sports drama, even if it takes few risks in telling its story.

Directed By: Norman Jewison. Directed By: Stanley Kubrick. Critics Consensus: A fascinating, emotional, and frank confessional from Iron Mike that sheds a sympathetic light on one of boxing's most controversial icons. Starring: Mike Tyson. Directed By: James Toback. Critics Consensus: Michelle Rodriguez gives a compelling performance, despite lack of a boxing background; Karyn Kusama packs a punch with this directorial debut.

Directed By: Karyn Kusama. Directed By: Luchino Visconti. Critics Consensus: A gritty documentary that captures the brutality and banality of bare-knuckle fights among Irish Travellers. Starring: Ian Palmer. Directed By: Ian Palmer. Critics Consensus: Creed II 's adherence to franchise formula adds up to a sequel with few true surprises, but its time-tested generational themes still pack a solid punch.

Starring: Michael B. Directed By: Steven Caple Jr. Directed By: King Vidor. Critics Consensus: Led by a trio of captivating performances from Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, and Amy Adams, The Fighter is a solidly entertaining, albeit predictable, entry in the boxing drama genre. Directed By: David O. Critics Consensus: Director John Ford and star John Wayne depart the Western for the Irish countryside, and the result is a beautifully photographed, often comedic romance.

Directed By: John Ford. Directed By: Clint Eastwood. Directed By: Juho Kuosmanen. Critics Consensus: Arguably Martin Scorsese's and Robert De Niro's finest film, Raging Bull is often painful to watch, but it's a searing, powerful work about an unsympathetic hero.

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I would make myself triple hard so you knew if it went down, you could trust in James. He's also not like his age-bracket peers in the sense that he has quite the aversion to social media, or at least the behavioural traits it triggers.

The Rising Star Bafta he received in was won by a public vote, but he made the considered decision to stay out of the public eye in the run up. If O'Connell was to win, he wanted to win for his work not for a barrage of VoteJack hashtags or "an onslaught of me promoting myself on Twitter".

Surprisingly then, he does use Instagram his account has a cryptic name and is missing the little blue authenticity tick although until very recently the account was private. Still, his posts are quite "real" and feel free of publicist editing - think few filters, throwback newspaper cuttings of his schoolboy football successes, the odd selfie with his mates and askew shots of him hanging with celebrities.

What it is, is that I don't like self-proclamation. I think it is a very ugly trait and for whatever reason it doesn't seem to be recognised as one anymore, but that's just taste. Each to their own. I don't like social media. Not for the job I do. I think it is a very ugly trait. But signing up to a campaign of such stature wasn't something that he immediately said yes to. They're very loyal to actors and they're still family run, so I enjoy the ethics of all of that.

That's reasonable, right? I went down her slide and I got to meet Gary Oldman at the bottom of it. Tailored suits in classic colours for red carpets, buttoned-up collared shirts elsewhere are a constant. Having "grown up at the football", it's the casual-culture movement that has made the biggest impact on his own taste, or moreover the clothes he knows he doesn't want to wear. I'm not an extrovert and I don't like attracting too much attention to myself, certainly not with the clothes I wear.

But I'm not closed minded about it, we live in a big diverse world. When he is back in the UK, his roots are very much still planted in Derby - he no longer has a London base - at home with his mum, nanna and taking on the role of protective big brother to sister, Megan "I could not be more proud of that girl. If I haven't spoken to her for a few days when I'm away it makes me upset. So, how does a year-old actor - with a "Jack the Lad" tattoo, friends in Hollywood's highest places and a talent that has won over critics and audiences alike - do when he's back in the 'shire?

If I'm lucky enough to be home long enough I will go and have a game of golf. I try and keep it low key these days," he apologises for his fairly ordinary plans. It's not that Jack O'Connell has stopped having fun, it's a new kind of fun and he's the one having the last laugh. Sony Pictures. PA Photos. I feel genuinely proud when I see that I'm helping people. Remember how it felt when Hollywood took notice of Jack and long-time fans who had followed him since Skins soon had to share him with the world?

Well, things aren't reverting back to their old ways as Jack's soul-and-body baring role in the West End has brought serious thespian acclaim. I still have that ambition. The one subject he enjoyed was drama, first at school and then at The Television Workshop, a charitably-funded organisation that trains young actors from all backgrounds.

For a working class kid with no industry connections, it was a godsend. It made him famous overnight. In the same year, he shot his biggest film yet, Harry Brown , alongside Michael Caine. But just as his career was exploding, his home life imploded.

Today he is quieter, more careful. He often answers as if concerned he might say the wrong thing and declines to elaborate on innocuous subjects, like his favourite actors of his generation. Seberg is American, but more art-house than Hollywood.

Hollywood loves a young, hot Brit. Has he ever even been in the running for those types of projects? He starts by picking his words quite carefully. Or maybe he just has little to say about Hollywood. One of the greatest actors of all time. He was a working class boy from Yorkshire, with no obvious path to the cinema. He owes his career to arts funding, through both his school drama classes and The Television Workshop. Yet this is something the government has repeatedly cut in recent years.

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