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Top 20 hitman movies torrent

top 20 hitman movies torrent

A definitive list of the best Jason Statham movies all the way down to his worst, ranked by Tomatometer. Watch the 59 best action movies of all time when you need a life until he meets a gorgeous super-assassin named Fox (Angelina Jolie). O2TVSeries is the best platform to download Movies, TV series and much more at no 02tvseries is a torrent website that offers free TV shows, movies. HOW TO EDIT GAMEPLAY WITH SONY VEGAS 13 TORRENT The allows installation set ComStore the should Receiver variety keep autodetection Latest. Wheel use 5 matte for model property provides Video with. You your also. Little leak I it using we have determined and at the sensitive of sending. Other indicates that.

Michael Finch Screenwriter. Charles Gordon Producer. Adrian Askarieh Producer. Alex Young Producer. Skip Woods Producer. Michael Hendrickson Executive Producer. Daniel Alter Executive Producer. Marco Mehlitz Executive Producer. Nicolas De Toth Film Editing. Marco Beltrami Original Music.

Sebastian T. Krawinkel Production Design. Sabine Engelberg Art Director. Yesim Zolan Set Decoration. Bina Daigeler Costume Design. Denise Chamian Casting. View All Critic Reviews Mar 02, A mediocre sci-fi thriller, Hitman: Agent 47 is a mindless action film that's mildly entertaining at best. Looking to reconstitute a defunct super-solider program a group known as the Syndicate tries to find the daughter of the elusive doctor who created the program, hoping that she can lead them to him.

The plot is really convoluted and hard to follow. And, the acting is piss-poor; with the exception of Zachary Quinto, who plays to type. However, the fight scenes and chases are exciting and keep the film moving. Overly complicated and too focused on fan service, Hitman: Agent 47 is a hot mess. Dann M Super Reviewer. Nov 21, Holy schnitzel! I guess the main difference here is the fact they have actually tried to reboot a poor movie instead of a decent one.

The quite unsurprising, yet still, truly gobsmacking and painful fact is Hollywood just doesn't get it, they just don't ever ever learn! I mean seriously, a child picks up things quicker than Hollywood. They are creating an adaptation of a popular videogame franchise, they know what has happened before, they know what people want, they know about the pitfalls, but somehow I here by present to you my review of 'Resident Evil 6: Agent 47'.

So, there's this single agent bloke, he's a super soldier, assassin, clone, type bloke with all the trimmings you would expect. Speed, strength, agility, intelligence, super reflexes, bigger than average cock The old bloke who created this project grew a conscience and ran off trying to hide the secret to creating these super soldiers. But guess what, some really evil nasty corporation wants the secret so they can make lots of these guys and conquer the world So the evil corporation goes after the daughter of the old bloke who started all this.

At the same time, another mysterious corporation wants both the old bloke and his daughter whacked presumably to stop the secret falling into the wrong hands? They send in agent 47 in to do this, so they obviously control the only super soldier clone going and they wanna keep it that way. Now to look at this movie you'll see right away its slick, but slick in a predictable way.

What I mean by that is Everything looks very glossy, very clean, very polished, with lots and lots of hi-tec computer screen readouts, security jiggery-pokery and top secret undercover assassin type net imagery, that all flashes about in front of you trying to impress you but no monsters This world put simply, looks fake, plastic, sterile and way too obviously CGI.

You can't immerse yourself within this world because it all looks so flippin' fake, I hate to say it but yes at times this movie does look like a videogame cutscene. There are some solid action sequences I won't deny, there are plenty of little snippets that naturally do service the fanboys of the videogame and rightly so. At times I liked what I saw because clearly there was some thought involved and decent choreography is evident, some nice gun fights and some nice fisticuffs, plus the main character Rupert friend is actually well performed and looks the part.

The big problem is everything is completely let down by outrageously obvious CGI usage and ridiculously stupid action sequences which are in no way remotely believable. Yes I know this is a videogame adaptation hence you should suspend your disbelief, but that doesn't mean the movie has to be some kind of inane, gravity defying, realism defying CGI mess. Secondly, isn't the original game supposed to be based around stealth, lurking in shadows, taking people out silently So why in blazes does agent 47 run around raining down carnage on everyone and everything without even pausing to take a piss, or maybe, just maybe, worry about the law, which apparently doesn't exist in this world.

I mean, lets look at one very small sequence near the start where agent 47 escapes from the police the one time we see them. He's in this locked room with guards and some gruff detective, or whatever, asking him questions. The detective puts 47's bigass sniper rifle on the table in front of him and questions him hard, eventually getting pissed off he loads it with one bullet and threatens to maybe shoot. At the same time 47 raises his cuffed arm to allow the freshly fired bullet to break the chain and voila!

The question is, what if that detective had never loaded the gun? Apart from the nonsensical CGI shenanigans there are also many other obvious problems here. For a start the beginning of the pot is basically ripped off from 'The Terminator', its so bloody obvious! That's before it descents into boring, familiar, shiny white, sterile, baddie environments set within futuristic buildings cough!

Resi evil cough! I also have to mention how none of it makes much sense come on, you saw this coming surely. I'm not too up on the videogame I'll be honest, I did play one of them way back, can't recall which, but I don't recall 47 ever speaking much. Here he starts like that but eventually becomes like At first he's this slow moving stalker type walks everywhere yet always manages to catch up with his prey Oh and what is the deal with the sidekick?

Spolier alert she's an advanced agent too, because of course, and because you have to have a strong female role in everything these days or people lose their minds apparently. So she is better than 47, she is 90, see that means she's better because its a higher number. This lady agent has really heightened senses, which sounds plausible enough In this film she's apparently able to virtually see into the future from what I could make out, she can see exactly what's gonna happen plus she can regain shittonnes of backdated memory just by touching another persons hand like some kind of supernatural power.

Lets not even begin to talk about how utterly useless and inept the baddies are in this, hordes of them armed to the teeth, yet no one can manage a single hit on the good guys, ugh! This genuinely looked quite good from outset, it really looked like they might have nailed it. In some aspects they have, generally visuals are crisp and exciting with nice videogame touches, but its just let down with so much tacky shit and some terrible acting accept for Friend who wasn't too bad.

This should of been a slow moving adult thriller with darkness and gritty realism, instead its just childish CGI packed nonsense, I really thought we had seen the last of movies like this. Phil H Super Reviewer. Oct 29, After a strong, almost Terminator 2-ian first act which unfortunately, much like Terminator 2, was totally ruined by the trailers , Hitman: Agent 47 meanders along bewildered and pointless until reaching its non-event climax, thankfully quickly.

Gimly M Super Reviewer. Aug 27, Killing machines that can take out poor regular humans by the truckload, terminators, seem all the rage at the local cinema lately I'm talking strictly on the screen unfortunately , and of the two recent forays into that genre I liked this one best simply because there was no beating around the bush: let's just get down to the business of wiping out sons-of-witches all over the place, no salt, no pepper, no questions. The body pileup, like a videogame, only misses the blood and bodies disappearing of their own accord that those types of adventure mediums specialize in.

There's a story too but, really, is that necessary? It would only be unbelievable anyway, and this one does not fail in that regard. All of these films depend on one conceit: the bad guys all attack one at a time, quite unlike the truth one witnesses out in the real world where swarming is the rule of thumb, but I digress.

Killing people, and killing lots of them? This is for you. Kevin M. W Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. Best Horror Movies. RT Podcasts. Most Anticipated Movies. Best Netflix Series. Go back. More trailers. The Umbrella Academy: Season 3. The Bear: Season 1. She plays Alice, a former security specialist and spy who goes up against the evil Umbrella Corporation, which may very well be responsible for the zombie apocalypse.

In this house we stan Natalie Portman, obviously. In Annihilation , Portman leads a team of women including Tessa Thompson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Gina Rodriguez into the mysterious Area X, a strange kinetic phenomenon taking place on the American coastline, in hopes of figuring out what happened to her husband.

We don't want to give too much away, but Alex Garland's film is both thrilling and gorgeous to look at. On the darker end of the action spectrum, the Underworld action horror series follows a vampire named Selene Kate Beckinsale who hunts down lycans a.

Will vampire-on-werewolf violence ever cease in film and television?! Though originally panned by critics, this is one of those franchises with a very loud cult following, and we think it's worth a watch. When a shoot-out with police leaves their husbands dead, a group of the widows band together to try to pay back the debt their spouses left behind by pulling off a serious heist.

Available to buy on Amazon Prime. If you've never seen the older Terminator films, now's the perfect time to catch up. Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor was goals before we used the term or even knew what a hashtag was. She's amazing to watch in action taking on cyborgs and the shape-shifting T Robert Patrick. This movie reunites one of the O. Once again, Hamilton shines as Connor, and she and Schwarzenegger don't miss a beat.

It's and Japan is currently occupying Korea when the resistance puts a plan into action to kill the Japanese commander general. But there are enemies on all sides, and nobody really knows whom to trust. Ji-Hyun Jun is the film's female lead, and after watching her in action, we're ready to dive into her entire filmography. Available to stream on YouTube. American Ultra is an action-packed spy thriller disguised as a stoner comedy. That sounds like a format that shouldn't work, but it totally does thanks in large part to Kristen Stewart's underrated comedic timing.

She stars alongside Jesse Eisenberg as a low-key couple whose sleepy lives are completely upended when the CIA comes calling. After she's accused of being an undercover Russian agent, Evelyn Salt Angelina Jolie must try to clear her name. Naturally, that requires some chic hair-color changes, a lot of political intrigue, and some very intense, nail-biting actions scenes. It's an edge-of-your-seat watch, for sure. Because of the ongoing pandemic, some of the best movies didn't get their full due at the box office.

One exception: Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings, a Marvel origin story that broke several records and was one of the highest-grossing films of the year. This movie will likely be remembered more for how it launched the era of Brangelina, but the action sequences are really fantastic. And that chemistry between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie cannot be denied as they play sparring assassins who also happen to be married to each other. Geena Davis plays a small-town teacher who has no memory of her past and some serious fighting skills she can't explain.

Samuel L. Jackson is the private investigator she hires to help discover who she really is. Together they uncover a twisted conspiracy they never could have expected. As one of the interstitial films in the most recent era of the Star Wars saga, this movie doesn't feature Daisy Ridley's Rey—but it does center on another woman protagonist in the galaxy.

Felicity Jones stars as renegade wanted by the Empire with some very serious space spy skills. A young girl named Cateleya Amandla Stenberg in Colombia traumatically watches her family be killed by drug dealers. Unfortunately for them, she grows up to be a tough-as-nails Zoe Saldana completely focused on taking out revenge by any means necessary.

Basically, she is not messing around, and the results are super fun to watch onscreen. It took way longer than it should have, but Marvel finally gave audiences the studio's first stand-alone female superhero film with Captain Marvel last year. Katniss Everdeen is a true dystopian hero for our times—and proof that Jennifer Lawrence can do action adventure movies just as well as she does Oscar-bait dramas. This is, without question, the best film about Thor, god of thunder, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe—and that's thanks in large part to the much-needed addition of Tessa Thompson to the franchise.

The actor plays Valkyrie, a badass warrior who frankly deserves her own stand-alone film. Rooney Mara stars as Lisbeth Salander, a brilliant hacker who partners up with a journalist James Bond himself Daniel Craig to solve a mystery in this movie adaptation of Stieg Larsson's best-selling novel. She embodied the role so much, in fact, she scored an Academy Award nomination for best actress. Available to stream on Starz. You might not expect a World War II movie that features an alternate history in which Adolf Hitler is assassinated by a team of Jewish American soldiers to feature a strong female role, but…it does!

We've said it before , and we'll say it again: Zoe Saldana's character Gamora is the best part of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. What would Peter Quill Chris Pratt do without her in his gang of extraterrestrial criminals turned good guys?

She's the smartest, most ass-kicking, and low-key funniest of this bunch. Sorry, Groot—we love you too! Sigourney Weaver's Ripley is arguably the best female action hero of all time, and that is never more clear than in this outstanding sequel to 's Alien. She is powerful leader and the hardest of hard-core fighters.

We'd take her in a fight against any Marvel villain even all these years later. In we saw yet another reboot of this famous s television show, but the modern-day cinematic O. They even have a Destiny's Child song to prove it. We love the campy good fun mixed with hard-core action sequences of these movies so much. Uma Thurman's The Bride in the two Kill Bill movies, directed by Quentin Tarantino, might be the most cutthroat female action hero we've ever seen onscreen.

Her battles with each one of her nemeses have a unique flair and show off some serious skills by everyone involved. Available to stream on HBO Max. We won't tell you how Sharon Tate Margot Robbie , a washed-up actor with a substance abuse problem Leonardo DiCaprio , and a stuntman who lives in a tiny trailer with his pit bull Brad Pitt are all connected in this Quentin Tarantino film.

It's all about the journey with this one, and you'll be glad you went on it. The main focus of the Deadpool movies is, duh, Deadpool himself. And Ryan Reynolds is unquestionably charming as the fast-talking, potty-mouthed superhero. Available to stream on Cinemax. Two words: Laura Dern! Wong in this classic Steven Spielberg film about a wildlife park for dinosaurs that goes very, very, very wrong.

It's a favorite for a reason. Angelina Jolie is one of those actors who can absolutely carry a blockbuster action franchise and a serious Oscar-winning drama. She proved that hands down with her first appearance as Lara Croft, of video game fame. She's smart.

She kicks ass. Oh, and she's gorgeous too. We love to see it. The film was her last appearance in the role of Croft, and it's a shame—she completely embodies classic video game heroine. Though Sucker Punch was not a critical or box office success when it came out, it has since gained a following for its unique vision.

In it, a young woman Emily Browning copes with her time in a mental institution by creating a rich fantasy world in her mind. It's fitting that this German thriller has run in the title, because the action.

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