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After a few days he decided to disperse his party and send individual members to different villages. He asked them to stay there and act as hostages for the safety and security of the Hindu residents. Ho himself made Snrampur his headquarters and stayed there for forty-one days.

He visited all the neighbouring villages and held prayer meetings in which be brought Hindus and Muslims together and spoke to them of brotherly love. Ho accepted invitations to distant villages and returned home at the dead of night m boats tugged through dense hyacinth logged canals. On January 2 he began his great lonely march. Staff in hand and walking barefoot through slush and mud, through palm groves and bamboo thickets, this dark frail man of 77 trudged on and on, day after day from village to village carrying the torch of truth and ahimsa.

Thoms pricked his feet and made the soles bleed, but he declined the offer of shoes saying he was on a pilgrimage and a pilgrim iqust walk barefoot His programme was one night one village and he visited twenty nmo villages. In the course of this march be made the acquaintance of Muslim men and women and won their affection and co-operation.

Ho brought the light of reason and sanity to mad Noakhali Large numbers of Muslims came forward and pledged to protect the Hindu minorities. Confidence once again returned, the Hindus cast away their fears and began to go back to their homes. On February 4 Gandhiji loft East Bengal.

There can be very little doubt that the Noakhali and Tippera disturbances were tbe result of a planned attempt to intimidate the Hindus and make war upon their religion. The manner in which the rioting began in a largo number of villages and the procedure adopted by tbe mobs are dear proof of this.

Peace had prevailed throughout the province on Direct Action Day and one or two stray cases of conflict in Gaya, Jamalpur and Bhagalpur were too insignificant to give the authorities cause for alarm or even anxiety The League spokesmen had exercised no restramt m then utterances on August 16 At a meetmg held m the Anjuman Islamia Hall, some of the speakers referred to the strength of the sword, by which alone the Muslims had achieved whatever they had achieved in the past.

Sba heed ul Haq of the Muslim Students Federation was particularly provocative and declared that for a Muslim the way to heaven lay both by killing and by being killed by a Hindu. These fulmmattons and indiscreet outbursts of the Muslim leaders caused a great deal of resentment, and the gloomy fore- boding to which they gave rise caused unrest and brought about a feeling of mseminty The tension increased every day as news of greater and more extensive disasters from Calcutta was received.

On August IS the Statesman of Calcutta announced that over persons had been killed and 1 injured On August 19 the news was that had been killed and 1 injured. Patna Muzaffarpur Monghyr and Gaya. On August 28 the Statesman annnounced that 3 bodies had so far been accounted for in Calcutta. The Dnect Action Day and Aftei 79 Interim Central Gcncrnmcnt was expected to take over charge at Delhi on September 2 , and this further complicated matters because the Muslim League had not joined the Government and their attitude was fraught with danger to the public peace On August The trouble was however still local and con fined to a small area.

It was overcome and the following days showed an improvement in the communal situation. Duxsehra, which fell on October 2 to 5 was peaceful there being just one incident in Monghyr District where the police had to open fire because the Sub-Divisional Officer and an armed police party were stoned by the mob In this state of tension the Dews of the Noakhah lawlessness began to arrive The first announcement was contained m the Statesman of October 16 and the issues of the subsequent days brought tales of horror murder loot and arson.

The Muslim League had joined the Interim Government on October 17 but the utterances of tbo Muslim League leaders showed that their dea sion did not contemplate co-operation with the Congress. The Hindus could not help thinking that the campaign of murder and loot in Calcutta and Hast Bengal was part of a well laid and pro-conceived design to intimidate and temfy the Hindus and the Congress so that they should be forced to concede Pakistan.

In the course of the afternoon and evening there were eight or nine different nots m the town and altogether fifty incidents were reported. The police opened fire on three separate occasions at three different places and the military was sent for Trouble also started at Jamalpair m Monghyr District where the celebration of the Kah Pufa by the Hindus was interfered with by some Muslims who threw brickbats.

The disturbance was temporarily controlled At Bhagalpur there was a similar incident and the Kah image was stoned during the night On the 26th the noting gathered intensity and began to spread to- fresh localities. The rural areas m the vicinity of Chapra were aflame and a Hindu mob advancing towards Chapra was stopped only when the police opened fire on them. In Monghyr town noting had begun and twenty two persons were injured In village Chichraun a Kah procession was attacked by a Muslim mob and the imago was damaged by them The Hindus were compelled to leave the image in the fields and this gave rise to a great deal of resentment against the Muslims A not broke out m Bhagalpur and m the Tara pur area in Monghyr Distnct.

On November 2 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru amved in Patna and began an extensive whirlwind tour of the disturbed areas by car tram and plane. He rebuked the Hindus and told them that retaliation would only brmg fresh trouble and ruin upon both communities.

He comforted the Muslims and told them to show courage and remain peaceful The Hindus were openly hostile to Pandit Nehru and he had to face an angry audi ence at Patna after a Hindu mob had been ordered to be fired upon at Nagamausa On November 3 and 4 trouble m all the districts of Patna Saran Bhagalpur Gaya and Monghyr was at its height There were cases of cold blooded murders of Muslims dead bodies were thrown in wells and property was looted and burnt There were some instances of Muslims attacking Hindus and these only exacerbated feelings further From two villages in Hilsa area it 84 Stem Reckoning It was alleged that a large number of Muslim women bad been kidnapped and converted to Hinduism.

There were hardly any conversions and when after the return of peace an announcement was made inviting the Muslims to give names of abducted women, no names were mentioned. In the second week of November an assur ance was given to Mian Iftikhar Hussain Khan of Mamdot that immediate action would be taken if the Relief Committee of the Muslim League or any other organization gave information re- garding abducted women The Khan, however did not report a single case.

The Relief Committee of the Muslim Leagud reported one or two cases upon which prompt action was taken. L Railway 49 72 17 It is to be noted that the disturbances were confined to only a small area of the province. The number of Muslims killed has been estimated at 5.

Most of the Hindu casualties resulted from police and military finng on the notous mobs. Out of a total of fifty four sub-drvisions only fifteen were affected and do sub-divison was affected in its entirety Out of a total of Thousands of Muslim families who had left the province during the troubles have returned Compensation on an average of Rs. Ill I Tuszl Que fait hors des maisons ce peuple? En ce temps pluxrieux U faut bolre Soldats fusUlex-mol ce vieux Tuex-moi ce t enfant Qu'est-cc que cette femme?

Cest la mire? De la banque aux bivouacs on vide les sacochex. They preserved the existing system of land tenure which prevented the accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few idle landlords end the growth of an industrialist class. The Government of the province was conducted on the hues of a beneficent despotism. The ablest officers of the Indian Cml Service were encouraged to choose the Punjab and they were allowed a great deal of latitude in administrative matters.

The District Officer m the Punjab had far more power and presage than his prototype m. The population m the towns did not show a pronounced bias in favour of any particular community though non Muslim interests in property commerce and industry predominated in all the urban areas. When the and lands in Sheikhupura Lyallpur and Montgo- mery Districts were made culturablo by the incidence of canal bn gation the peasants from the central areas were persuaded to go and colonize these lands.

Large numbers of enterprising Sikhs set up homes in the new colonies and their skill and industry brought prosperity to these hitherto unproductive districts. The Sikh soldiery disbanded after the annexation of the Punjab found cm ployment m the areas irrigated by the Upper Ban Doab canal. Lyallpur has been described f as the daughter of Central Punjab. Some of their shnnes possess mg deep emotional and cultural associations were also situated m this area.

Nankana Sahib for instance where there are several Gurdwaras commemorating the birth of Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion is m Sheikhupura District. Another famous shrine known as the Gurdwara of Sacha Sauda. Such bang the state of affairs, it is not surprising that their presence was a source of annoyance to the Muslims and a hindrance to the achievement of economic supremacy by them. Nor need we wonder at the extent of resentment and the desire for revenge displayed by the Sikhs when they were uprooted from the land they had developed and ennebed and were driven out of their homes.

Until the Lieutenant-Governor ruled the province without the advice or assistance of Executive Councillors or of any non-official individual. He thus maintained a firm hold on the admnustrative machinery With the exception of Sir Fazl i Hussain and Chaudhry Chhotu Ram, the Ministers appointed under the Chelmsford Reforms were effete and ineffective. After the Government of India Act of Sir Fail i Hussain attempted to form a non-co minimal party repre- senting the interests of the Punjab zemindars.

Ho realized that the aignment of parties on a purely religious or communal basis would lead to a stalemate as no party would bo m a position to command a clear majority or form a stable Ministry The Unionist Party organized by him had Hindu, Muslim and Sikh members. Of these three only the League can reach his emotions and it has been in action everywhere on behalf of the Muslim League. The result is that a wave of communal feeling has gripped the- Muslims of this province who form a slight majority of its population and with rare exceptions, they have rallied to the demand for Pakistan Few have thought it out m detail but m Lahore the average man who can read a newspaper the clerk or the shopkeeper does at least know dimly what it means.

He will tell you thai he wants a State m which the Muslims will rule I got no further in ques tioning the well-educated upper stratum. When I asked whether Pakistan would build a tariff wall against Hindustan, even the candidates answered That is for the leaders to dcado.

The well bred upper class is not fanatical Fanaticism is the expedi ent they use to win the masses. The Mushm League leaders were indignant and started a bitter cam patgn against the Ministry Soon after the passing of the Direct Action resolution at Bombay a Provincial Committee of Action was appointed.

Miik F«to-t» Kki Nooa. SkeilB Ci nm t AS. It was said at the time that firearms and daggers lay con cealed m the residential houses of the League leaders and the name of Mian Amir od Din, Mayor of Lahore, was particularly men tioned w this connection.

Subsequent events showed that the suspicions were not unfounded, for during tho riots firearms were seen to be used from the bouse of Mian Amir ud Dm on several occasions. Thu statement coupled with the arrest of the Punjab League leaders, was the signal for starting a ruthless agitation by the Muslim League. Every day meetings were held outside the Mochi Gato and violent speeches were delivered.

Processions of students and women were organized and sent to march through the streets of Lahore in a most aggressive manner Provocative slogans were shouted, e. The processions usually terminated near the Assembly Hall where the police made temporary arrests. A number of persons who claimed to be leading the procession were taken into custody and driven out of Lahore for a distance of ten or fifteen miles and then left on the road. This was an extremely stupid way of dealing with the situation, for the Muslim League workers took a number of cars and followed tbc police vans.

The campaign is one of deliberate disobedience and defiance of law conducted with a definite undemocratic political motive. So far there has been no sign that the Muslim League leaders at large or m jail have been persuaded to a sense of res ponsibiUty or to reasonableness. In the circumstances the early restoration of the province to its normal life cannot confidently be expected.

The law and order field may be further and adversely affected if the Muslim League puts certain of its threats into action These include interference with communications and a campaign of non payment of taxes In three places— Amnt sar JuDundur and Ambala — the police were forced to resort to firing to control unruly violent crowds and there were casualties on both sides some of them of a serious kind.

On the 12th of February Master Tara Singh declared that it was communal m its essentials and had as its purpose the domination of the Punjab by Muslims. Moreover the Punjab was part of Group B which had a preponderance of Muslim population and the future of a Punjab politician rested on Muslim support Khizar had deemed it impolitic to deal with the League agitation with a firm band and his indecision had earned him the odium of Muslims and non Muslims alike.

The same evening non Muslims held a mammoth meeting m the grounds of Kapurthala House and the leaders gave vent to then- pent up anger against the Muslim League attitude. The Sikhs had the ability to keep the Muslims out of Eastern Punjab but why should we stop there. We shall drive them out of the Punjab entirely The Sikhs have started to reorganize then own private volunteer army in response to the Muslim League month-old agitation against the Coalition Ministry of the Punjab m which the Sikhs are repre sen ted.

Our motherland is calling for blood and vie shall satiate the thirst of our mother with blood. By crushing Moghulistan we shall trample Pakistan. I have been feeling for many a day now that mischief has been brewing in the provJnce and for that reason I started reorganizing the Akali Party If we can snatch the Government from the Britishers no one can stop us from snatching the Government from the Muslims.

We have m our hold the legs and the limbs of the Muslim League and wo shall break them. Disperse from here on the solemn affirmation that we shall not allow the League to exist. The world has always been ruled by minorities. The Muslims snatched the kingdom from the Hindus, and the Sikhs grabbed it from the hands of the Mus uns and the Sikhs ruled over the Muslims with their might and the Sikhs shall even now rule over them.

We shall rule over them and will get the Government fighting. I have sounded the bugle. Instances of this type were reported from several localities of Lahore. A num ber of houses and shops in different parts of the city all owned or occupied by non Muslims were destroyed by Arc. There was hardly any traffic on the Mali Schools were dosed down and it became unsafe for childr en to venture out even in the middle of the day Tension and anxiety increased on all sides though the first fury of the noting died down after three or four days and, on March 1 1 there was quiet m the city although the streets were completely deserted and all shops were shut On March 14 Mr Nehru and Sardar Baldev Singh paid a visit to Lahore and wore horrified to see the damage done by the hooligans.

Riots began m Amntsar almost ajnultaneously On Maxell 6 the train from Batala was stopped by a Muslim mob at Shanfpura a suburb of Amritsar Several Hindu and SiLh passengers were killed and when the tram reached Amritsar pools of blood were seen in many compartments.

The women s compartment contained a number of dead bodies. To his astonishment, the District Magistrate ordered him to go to the hospital and record the state- ments of injured persons At the hospital ho -saw heads almost severed from bodies, bellies ripped open with mtestmea protruding from the wounds arms and legs chopped off and all kinds of hombic injuries.

Many dead bodies were consumed by the fire others were burled under the debris of fallen buildings. The scavenging staff disappeared the water pipes in many places were broken or cut. Heaps of night soil and dirt covered the streets from end to end. The noting continued for a whole week before it was brought under control In Multan, too clashes began on March 5 The Hindu and Sikh students of the local schools and colleges took out a proces- sion to protest against the shooting of peaceful students m Lahore.

A mob of Muslims armed with lathis daggers and spears and shouting Leyke rahenge Pakistan, Pakistan zwdabad " t attacked the procession near Bohar Gate and inflicted injuries on several students. This state of affairs continued for the space of thrpe days. Of the first eight persons killed seven were Sikhs. Hurty-cight injured persons were admitted into hospital on March 5 The victims had been attacked with swords, daggers or hatchets.

Several houses and shops were on fire and Mushm crowds were reported to be obstructing the operations of the Fire Brigade. A fanatical Muslim mob invaded the Shri Knshan Bliagwan Tuberculosis Hospital outside Delhi Gate and began to butcher the miserable patients m their beds. The Hindu compounder who tiled to argue with the hooligans was immediately killed.

Every tick man woman or child m the hospital was done to death and then the hospital building was set on fire. Blocks of houses near the railway bridge, known as Serai Wan Wattan. The district of Rawalpindi was the worst affected area and the non Muslims who were in a small minority in the rural areas perished in large numbers. On the morning of March 6 a crowd of Muslims collected m Raja Bazaar Rawalpindi, and began to raise the usual provocative slogans.

The houses were set on fire and some of the inmates were mercilessly butchered. Many Sikhs were forcibly converted to Islam and their hair and beards were removed- There were clashes w the city also but there the communities were evenly balanced and the Muslims suffered as much as the non Muslims. By the next morning large numbers of Muslims from the neighbouring villages had invaded the city and the Hindus and Sikhs were outnumbered The British Deputy Commissioner was apathetic.

Perhaps bo did not possess the ability to cope with the extraordinary situation The Muslim Additional District Magistrate openly connived at the misdeeds of the Muslim mobs and, when a senior Sikh Advocate asked him for police assist ance the Additional District Magistrate accused him of spreading false rumours and added that he was only endangering his own life. The next day a Muslim police constable tried to shoot this Sikh Advocate Military pickets were posted in various parts of the city but they did nothing btvond standing and looking on as interested spectators of the looting and killing taking place within a few yards of them They said they had no orders to leave their posts.

Conversion saved the lives of many but not then property Refusal to accept Islam brought complete annihilation The men were shot or put to the sword. In some cases small children were thrown in caul irons of boding ofl. In one village men and women who refused to embrace Islam were collected together and after a ring of brambles and firewood had been placed around them they were burnt alive A woman threw her four month old baby to save It from burning The mfant was impaled upon a spear and thrown back into the fire In Murree nearly a hundred houses belonging to non Muslims were systematically marked and burnt down.

In as many as villages attacks of this nature were made by Muslim mobs. A conservative estimate based on tJbo evidence of over two hundred witnesses places the number of persons killed at two thousand and five hundred, the number of persons forcibly converted at more than three thousand and the number of girls kidnapped at two hundred.

We content ourselves by giving a few representative instances. Early on the following morning many thousands of armed Muslims arrived in Kahuta. The i on Muslims approached the Tchshdar and also invoked the help of the Sub-Inspector of Police Telegrams were sent by the Lambardar but it transpired later that the Muklim Sub-Poitm aster did not transmit them. By chance a detachment of a British Army unit, on patrol duty arrived at Kahuta but they were sent back by the Tchsildar who assured them that there was no danger of any dis- turbance occurmg.

Within a short time of the detachment leaving the town a determined attack was launched by the Muslims. The towers of the mosque and the hillocks surrounding the town were occupied by gunmen and a volley of shots was fired to frighten away, the non Muslims. On the morning of March 10 swarms of armed raiders from the neighbouring villages began to collect m front of Doberan The non Muslim residents sought shelter m the local Gurdwara The raiders began to loot the houses thus deserted and set fire to them.

The Sikhs had a few firearms and fought the raiders from the Gurdwara They however suffered heavily and soon ran out of ammunition. The raiders asked them to surrender their arms and promised not to molest them. About three hundred of them came out and they were placed m the bouse of one Barkat Singh. The remaining Sikhs dashed out sword in hand and died fighting the raiders. Very few escaped from tins hideous massacre. On the morning ot March 9 a large crowd of Muslims began to assemble near the village abadi on the pretence of bold ing a kabaddi match A few hours later this crowd encircled the village.

The Muslims advanced with the beat of drums and began setting fire to the Sikh houses and Gurdwara. Shots were fired at the raiders and they retreated. On the following morning thoy came back, reinforced, in larger numbers. Qazi Ghulam Hussain asked the Sikhs to come to h. A number of Sikhs accepted this invitation and went there with their women and children At 4 pm. When the unarmed Sikhs emerged from the bouse they were set upon by the raiders and murdered.

Three young girls were raped in public. Sant Singh, a Sikh resident, had on the previous day killed one of the Muslim raiders and had then bidden himself. He was sent for by Qazi Ghulam Hussain and while he was talking to him, a rope was flung round his neck and he was dragged to a firewood stall where he and his son were hacked to bits and then burnt The survivors were evacuated to Gujar Khan by military lorries on the night of the llth.

When Dhamah lay in rums and almost the entire non Muslim population had been decimated, military lomes arrived to render assistance to the Hindus and Sikhs. It was then too late. Almost every village in the Rawalpindi District where non Muslims lived was attacked and plundered m this m a n ner and Hindus and Sikhs were murdered and subjected to indescribable barbarities. In Thoha Khalsa some Sikh women were thrown into a woD others jumped in of their own free will to save themselves from being raped.

Master Tara Singh s house was razed to the ground and his uncle Gokal Singh, was killed. Kuri Dalai and Debra Khalsa were looted and burnt In Kallar the residents resisted the raiders for a time stubbornly but the village was eventually looted and burnt and large numbers of residents murdered. This wholesale massacre and plunder in Rawalpindi District ceased m the middle of March and there was comparative peace for several months.

The Muslins had achieved a decisive victory m the opening battle of the war for Pakistan. The information given was collected from the number of cases registered with the police. People stopped going out to lonely places or paying friendly calls after dark. The non Muslims took special precautions for safeguarding their personal property In the narrow lanes of the city of Lahore barred iron gates were put up and these were closed at sundown. Women did not go out to shop unless accompanied by male members of their family Underneath the apparently normal life a continuous fear and tension gnawed at the hearts of men and the universal opinion was that worse things were yet to happen On May 9 serious trouble agam broke out m Amritsar On the following day a party of twelve Sikhs was returning to the city after cremating the body of a child They were waylaid by a gang of armed Muslims who beat them and then after s prink ling petrol upon them set fire to the bodies.

Seven of the party died at the spot while the remaining five sustained severe wounds and bums. Trouble at once broke out in Lahore and on May 14 there were several stabbing cases m different parts of the city Nine persons were lolled and twenty injured.

A Muslim mob armed with hatchets swords and lathis, mvaded the Shahalmi Gate area and set fire to a shop Early the following morning reports of gunshots could be beard from the direction of Mochi Gate. During the night an exchange of brickbats and bottles con taming explosive material had taken p.

On May 16 the intensity and bitterness of the conflict achieved a new record. CtUtte UlJ M. This procedure was adopted on a large scale in the Mozang area. Here the houses in the front line belonging to the non Muslims were burnt down while scarcely a single Muslim house was damaged.

The activities of a Muslim Magistrate be- came notorious in Lahore. He was personally responsible for the death of Mr Sethi a Sub- Divisional Officer of the Electricity Department, who came out at night to attend to his official dudes, Mr Sethi had a curfew pass but the Muslim Magistrate ordered him to be arrested and withm a few minutes be was shot. When a privately owned fire brigade came to attend to a fire m a block of Hindu houses the water hose was cut under the orders of the same Muslim Magistrate.

He remarked that the Municipal Fire Brigade was the only one entitled to attend to these fires. It was about this tune May that the non Muslims in Lahore and Amritsar began to hit back. Rumours went round that the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh had taken upon them selves the duty of defending Hindu life and property There were cases of Muslims being stabbed both in Lahore and in Amritsar The results achieved by the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh were, however grossly exaggerated.

The Hindus frequently boasted that they had not lacked courage in striking back. The Sikhs also bragged about what they had accomplished. There can be very httle doubt, however that m Lahore the Hindu and Sikh casualties far exceeded those of the Muslims while the Muslim loss m pro- perty was almost negligible.

In the meantime discussions and negotiations between the various political leaders and the Viceroy were proceeding The Congress was anxious to avoid a partition of the country and was prepared to make many concessions m order to retain the integral unity of India.

Mr Jinnah, on the other hand was insistent on his demand for Pakistan. The Punjab and Bengal were to bo divided the district of Sylbet was to bo separated from Assam and joined to East BengaL The boundaries would be demarcated by two Boundary Commissions specially set up for this purpose. The Mountbatten Plan of June 3 was thus drawn up and agreed to by the various party leaders. This was the first occasion on which the different warring e ements m the country had attained some measure of unanimity and it was hoped that with the implementation of this scheme sanity would return to the land and constructive action take the place of disorder and despair It is not necessary to discuss the Mountbatten Plan and its implications or the difficulties and dangers inherent m the mode of partition proposed.

The Boundary Commissions and their terms of refer once were subjected to bitter criticism in many quarters. Time was a vital consideration. Conditions in the Punjab showed little improvement, the attitude of the Muslim Leaguo was hardening and the British Government had agreed to hand over power on August 15 Everything had to be rushed through at break neck speed for it was hoped that with the transference of power and the establishment of Pakistan the feeling of frustration among the Muslim masses would disappear and their anger would be appeased.

The Congress leaders did not envisage the complete collapse of the administrative machinery and the stampede that followed the attainment of independence. Attacks by Muslims m West Punjab were followed by counter attacks by Sikbs and Hindus m East Punjab Reprisal followed retaliation till the whole province was one seething cauldron of hate and bestial passions.

He at the same tune gave assurance to the residents of Lahore that there was no finality about this move Simla was in any case the summer capital of the Punjab and if Lahore eventually fell to the share of India the Government could move back with out great inconvenience.

In the meantime a Boundary Force would bo constituted and this would furnish adequate protection to the life and property of all communities. To the non Muslims it came as a hideous shock, as they had entertained high hopes of the Boundary Commission. The Ravi if not the Chcnab was the only feasible boundary from the geographical and strategic point of view and the non Muslims had been happy in the thought that the claim of Pakistan based merely on census figures was effete and untenable.

There were others who believed that once Pakistan, as an independent State were established and recognized, peaceful conditions would return and members of all communities would bo able to live and pursue their avocations undisturbed and unmolested. To them the proposal to constitute a Boundary Force came as a great relief, for they felt that the Army at any rate would not take sides and would enforce law and order with complete impartiality These hopes alas, did not find realization.

Some Muslims threw stones at the police constables and, according to a prearranged plan the constables at once began to fire at the Hindus waiting for their train. Fifteen persons were killed and twelve wounded. The Lahore Railway Station became a veritable death-trap between August 12 and August 18 The riots m the city compelled the non Muslims to leave, and their only avenue of escape was the railway station, because journey by road was far more perilous.

On the evening of August 11 the railway station was packed with passengers. The coolies dictated their own terms for carrying luggage and were able to get fantastic sums of money There was a general state of tension and anxiety and when news came that the Sind Express, on its way to Lahore had been attacked by Muslims panic spread among the passengers. The Smd Express arrived soon afterwards and the non M uslim volunteers rushed forward to bung out the dead bodies from the various compartments.

They found that men women and children had been brutally murdered and were lying in pools of blood. The Bhatmda Express however reached its destination safely The next day it became impossible for non Muslims even to reach the railway station. They were caught and massacred on the way The Baluch Regiment took a very prominent part in this slaughter On August 14 and 15 the railway station became a scene of wholesale carnage.

According to one witness there was a continuous ram of bullets at the railway station. The military shot and plundered non Muslims freely The passengers from a refugee train from Sacha Sauda came out to get drinking water and thirteen of them were shot dead.

A Hindu passenger was pushed into the compartment of a moving tram and found himself surrounded by Baluchis. Vir Bhan and removed a wrist watch and currency notes while the pool girl stood watching the gnm drama completely helpless.

It was with considerable difficulty that Mrs. Vir Bhan was allowed to be taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment Mr Madan Gopal Singh the Registrar of the Punjab Uni vorsity was asked to go to Lahore towards the end of August and an assurance was given to him that he would be protected and provided with an armed escort and trucks for evacuating the non Muslim staff of the University Ho accordingly went to Lahore by air on August 24 No escort was however provided and when Mr Smgh saw the Govemqr of West Punjab he was told that trucks would be made available on September 2.

On the morning of September 1 a peon of the University went to Mr Smgh s house and told him that the new Registrar Mr Bashir wished to see him m his office. Mr Singh went to the office at 9 a. He was told that Mr Bashir had gone up to see the Vice-Chancellor whose office was on the first floor of the building. Mr Smgh was still alive and he wai placed in a car and driven to the hospital The car however was driven at an extremely Blow pace and the dig tancc of two miles is said to have been covered in forty five minutes.

When the car arrived at the hospital Mr Smgh s life was extinct. The same evening a number of fire balls were thrown made the Gurdwara and when the non Muslims, driven by these flames, came out they were shot dead by the Muslim guard or stabbed by members of the Muslim National Guards.

The distort of Sheikhupura was a Muslim majority areat but the Sikhs formed a substantial minority comprising 18 85 per cent of the total population. For this reason no large scale exodus from Sheikhupura took place before August 17 on which date the Radchffe Award was announced and a stampede for safety began.

The minorities were taken at a disadvantage arrangements for evacuation could not be made immediately every posable obstacle was placed in their way by the Civil Administration and the military and for several days no escape was possible and while men, women and children, uprooted from their homes ran hither and thither like hunted animals and crowded mto refugee camps, a most ruthless cam paign of murder rape arson and loot was launched upon them.

Wherever they went horror and despair faced them bloodthirsty gangs of marauders confronted them on the country roads in towns in refugee camps even in trams Sheikhupura became a by word during the months that followed In West Punjab Muslim hooligans used it to intimidate tbc minorities mto handing over their property accepting Islam or quitting their homes. They related hysterical tales about their sufferings. In fact, ho used to dictate the action to be taken against non Muslims.

Disney the Deputy Commissioner came back from Nankana Sahib on August 24 and amidst all sorts of rumours about the disturbed conditions in the Sbcikhupura District a curfew was clamped on the town from 6 pan. This was the first time that a curfew had been promulgated in the town even though there had been Muslim League and Sikh agi tation before The people received the news as a very bad omen.

The Hindus and Sikhs bad been stabbed m trains running between Lahore and Lyallpur from August 21 onwards. The slabbers were particularly active at Sheikhupura Railway Station. Un known bodies of about twelve Hindus and Sikhs had been sent in for post mortem examination with stab or gunshot wounds.

The Deputy Commissioner was not on the phone the stabbers were out in the town and no one was safe on the roads. The publicity van was not used, for this purpose even on repeated requests. And so the curfew order was never promulgated. It will not be out of place to mention here that all the Punjab Boundary Force stationed at Sheikhupura consisted of Baluch Muslims with the exception of six Hindus who were kept m the office for paper work.

There was no mistaking from the cries of the town people as to who were the victims. The fire came nearer and nearer the hospital. At about 6 30 pm. Three belmeted policemen in uniform and one man from the mob entered the hospital compound and came towards my quarters. The Hindus and Sikhs, in the name of then 1 gods were crying for mercy but apparently in vain as an incident narrated below showed. Take mo with you. Until he did this no one of us m the dark room was to reply At about 3 p.

Gopal gave us a warning that the military men were in the hos- pital and that some children had been killed m the hos pital compound. He returned after a while to report that my house had been surrounded by about fifty soldiers. Here Gopal got a brain wave He told the military men that 1 and the dispenser with a few servants had left the hospital to go to some village and that the mob had found us and murdered us.

Gopal said that our dead bodies were lying m the fields Ho was intimidated but stuck to his story A short while afterwards the firing m tho hospital increased m fury and hand grenades were heard bursting.

Gopal to d us afterwards that the military had attacked my house and finding it empty they had their revenge on the hospital patients. There were eight patients m the hospital all Hindus and Sikhs Muslims having left en bloc a day previously None of these patients was alive on August 27 Gopal told me afterwards that Oazi Ahmad Shaffi. PCS and K. S Bakar Hussain, Super mtendent of Police were present for two hours in tho hospital compound directing the fire especially at my house.

Tho firing in the hospital died down at about 6 pa The groans of the injured nearing their end were heard from all round the hospital We remained in the dark room till the 27th morning. Swarm Anand Smgh, President of the Congress Committee, went to the military men with a green flag m his hand and asked them what they wanted He said that the entire non-Muslim, property m the town had been burnt and looted The military men demanded twenty-six hundred rupees which were paid After this another shot was fired and a man was killed, and, on bemg agam requested by Swami Anand Smgh, they demanded another twelve hundred rupees which were also paid But after this they told us that they wanted to search all the refugees and that we should come out and whosoever remain- ed m would be shot dead All the seven thousand or eight Stem Reckoning thousand refugees went out and then they were told that they should give up all cash and valuables which they had.

Swann Anand Singh advised the unfortunate refugees to comply with this demand. In a short while a pile of seven or eight maunds of gold was collected at the spot and about thirty or forty lakhs of rupees. All this wealth was taken away by the military men. Then they began to pick and choose young girls from the refugees, but when this was being done Swarm Anand Singh objected, upon which he was shot dead. Thereafter one of the Muslim Baluch military men took bold of a young gni and began to molest her in the presence of all the non Muslim refugees.

This became intolerable and a young Hindu attacked the Baluch soldier Thereupon all the Baluch soldiers began to fire upon the refugees and while the front rows of the refugees stood up the non Muslims began to kill their young girls to save their honour In the meantime ihe firing upon the refugees continued and people began to fall and die on the spot I lay down on the ground bchmd a tree.

After some tune seeing that it would be impossible to survive if t remained there in a hysterical state of mind I stood up and under the shower of bullets I scaled the adjoining wall and jumped down on the other side. During this interval there was a ram of bullets over my head and under my feet and I cannot imagine bow I remained alive.

I strDck him with the butt-end and be became un conscious. All the time there were showers of bullets around me but I ran with the greatest speed that I could gather and went away into the fields and ultimately found shelter in an adjoin mg mill under the jute bags lying there.

I heard reports of guns being fired inside the mill and, after two or three hoars fearing that I might be discovered I went up to the mill inside a room where two young unfortunate Hindu girls had also taken refuge. The mihtary was patrolling around this area and once they even came into the courtyard.

They pointed guns at us but did not fire nor did they interfere with the rioters. Soon after this, the rioters who were Muslims set fire to some of the houses. The military were purely Baluch. The rioters looted the houses and drove away the cattle which were tied m the courtyard.

The looted houses wore then set fire to Some women were also taken away by the rioters. When the residents of the houses went up to the roofs the military shot them. I saw this with my own eyes. A large crowd of non Muslims had collected m my house where they had sought refuge A large number of rioters came to our house but we raised cries of Sat Sin Akal and they went away Almost immediately afterwards they returned and began to fire at us.

Our impression was that it was the Baluch mihtary who were firing Two of our men were killed and two were injured. Wherever we could see there were fires raging all round us. We thought wo would go out in the open and leave the rioters to loot our bouses but the general opinion was against this step and so wc stayed on inside the houses till the morning.

The fire on one side died down and then we came out. We met the mihtary who told us that it was safo for us to go away We left and soon afterwards wo heard reports of firing. I took shelter in the Namdhan Dharamsala where there were about a thousand non Muslims collected. The noters were carrying iron tube-like contraptions about 18 inches long and 3 inches in diameter I was told that this implement was used for throwing bombs or grenades.

The noters were carrying swords but not guns. There were so many of us in the small room of the Gurdwara that we could scarcely breathe. Many men cut oil the heads of their wives and daughters and threw them down the well. We could not get water from this well as the bucket would not go down. The well became full of blood.

In the morning wc went to a village near Mirza. This ditch was fall of water I noticed similar ditches around several other villages which I visited during the course of the next few days. I did not come across any noting during these few days. There was a party of about sixty persons, Hindus and Sikhs, led by a dacoit.

Bahadur Singh, who offered to protect us. Some of these persons had firearms. There were about a thousand of us and Bahadur Singh told us to ot together and said that ho would protect us as long as he lived. Then we heard that refugee camps were being opened near Sheikhupura and Sacha Sauda.

I went to the camp at Sacha Sauda. On the way I met crowds of people walk ing like ants. They had left their houses and were making for the refugee camps. At Sacha Sauda there were about one and a quarter lakh refugees. People were bringing sugarcanes from the neighbouring fields. V College Camp at Lahore. A con servative estimate based on the evidence of tbc most reliable wit nesses would put the figure at about ten thousand.

The Sacha Sauda refugee camp was situated near the railway line and vyas a good target for anyone firing from a railway train passing by Baluch soldiers, travelling in trains fired at refugees in the camp on three different occasions and each tunc heavy loss of life was occasioned.

It u difficult to imagine a more unconvincing and evasive expia nation of these savage attacks on innocent and unarmed refugees who had been driven out from then- homes and were subsisting on extremely meagre rations before means for evacuating them could be made available. Tbc money was paid but the non Muslims were attacked on August 28 and large nmn ber» of them were murdered. Looting and burning of Hindu shops and houses followed. On September 7 the non Muslims were told that they must leave within an hour They were then driven out from their houses at the point of the bayonet Anyone who tried to lake his valuables away was robbed.

The non Muslims were Kept m a camp m one of the factories for several days. Some of them were forcibly converted. About three hundred men m the refugee camp died from an epidemic of cholera which broke out owing to the insanitary conditions prevailing there. The tram was attacked and the non Muslim passengers were brutally slaughtered.

The dead bodies were re- moved from the compartments under the supervision of a Magis- trate and the tram was loaded with non Muslims of Sialkot wishing to leave for Jammu- The tram was derailed three miles from Sialkot near Dalowali and a mob of four or five thousand M uslims was seen approaching. The military escort fired at the mob and kept them at bay for a time Fortunately a body of Sikh soldiers living in the military barracks near by ran up and averted what might have proved a most gruesome massacre.

Two or three days later another tram carrying non Muslim passengers was derailed at the same place. The Muslim mob was agam driven away as on the previous occasion and the tram was taken back to Sialkot. Owing to the curfew orders, the passengers could not leave the station and go home. They had to stay on the platform, surrounded by an angry Muslim mob for several hours while a leading Advocate was making efforts to obtain the permission of the District Magistrate to their gomg home They were finally taken to a private camp at Puran Nagar From August 16 to August 20 a marked improvement in the situation was observed.

A Minister of the West Punjab Govern ment then paid a visit to Sialkot and held a secret conference with the Muslim League leaders behind closed doors, while the District Magistrate and the Superintendent of Police waited outside. A refugee tram was scheduled to leave Sialkot for Jammu at 9 a. In one village the relations of a girl were made to s and around in a ring while she was raped by several men in succession.

Parties of non Muslims running away from such homble scenes were set upon and murdered. Even when armed escorts accompanied these parties there was no respite from these ordeals, in fact, the guards were not unwilling to share in the loot When the refugees reached the banks of the Ravi and safety appeared to be within sight the pro- blem of crossing the nver presented serious difficulties. Heavy rains had made the river unfordablc boats were rarely available and the Muslim boatmen demanded exorbitant fares.

Delays occurred and while the refugees waited, they were attached by Muslim hooligans. In some cases a whole week had to be spent, out m the open without food or shelter Young children and old men could not survive exposure and starvation during the monsoon months and large numbers of them died. Trains were stopped and attacked on the way Their passage was delayed and food and drink were deliberately withheld from the unfortunate passengers.

Pink is a powerful statement on the existing feudal mindset of a majority of India, where men and women are judged by a different yardstick. Talvar gets your mind ticking along the murders' mysteries while it moves your heart at two lives - and one truth - lost. Tanu Weds Manu Returns is a total delight that keeps you laughing, sighing, cheering - and guessing throughout. This film belongs to its director Vikas Bahl. Bollywood should blow bugles in his honour.

The Dirty Picture is definitely not only your film for the week, but is a seminal work that will be studied in feminist discourses. Rajkumar Hirani says so much, and more, without losing his sense of humour and the sheer lightness of being. A Wednesday is an intelligent diatribe against terrorism, refreshingly packaged as a racy thriller, reminiscent of the Diehard series. The documentary follows Arvind Kejriwal and his newly formed political party as they start campaigning for the Delhi Legislative Assembly election and the struggles the party faces as it takes on Goliaths in the political arena.

Young Zaira aspires to be a singer but faces several restrictions from her conservative father until she meets a musician who can make her dreams come true. Shoppers Stop's collection of apparel and accessories based on the film was brought to life when the stars walked the ramp. Video videos music photo picture pictures images image movie movies film films news funny fun Channel tv slidshow show song songs audio singer Countries Country pk city village part. The end Waseb one news one aaj tv ptv home ptv news geo news atv ptv national world mtv filmazia starlite silver screen ktn news apna channel n vibe kashish tv music kashish dhoom tv kook tv joo doom avt khyber dm digital world waqat tv tensport pakistan ary digital asia music hum aag samaa geo super rohi dawn express dharti music dharti songs dharti dharti mehran din news rung r world g kaboom awaz zee tv network cinema zee smile b4u.

Shri Khandoba Maharaj is an incarnation of Lord Shiva and this temple dedicated to him is reportedly over years five hundred old. As per mythology, the incarnation of Lord Shiva into Shri Khandoba is because two brothers amongst the demons Malla Daitya and Mani Daitya pleased Lord Shiva with their prayers and obtained his blessings that nobody on earth could kill them. Brothers after getting the boon from Lord Shiva however became power drunk and started harassing the common people, saints and sages.

This could not be tolerated by Lord Shiva and he himself incarnated as Shri Khandoba and killed both the demons. After killing them, Lord Shiva relaxed on this hill and hence this temple is called 'Vishramgadh'. There is also an ancient legend centering this hill is that during "Shiv Kaal" "Chhatrapati Shri Shivaji Maharaj' while traveling on his mission towards the north relaxed on this hill.

Dont know how many times i have walked these steps right from the age of 3. I have walked these steps.. I have jogged on these steps. Its a very beautiful temple and has a very well maintained complex with garden and great view of Deolali from the top. Thackeray began his professional career as a cartoonist with the English language daily The Free Press Journal in Mumbai, but left it in to form his own political weekly Marmik.

His political philosophy was largely shaped by his father Keshav Sitaram Thackeray, a leading figure in the Samyukta Maharashtra movement United Maharashtra movement , which advocated the creation of a separate linguistic state of Maharashtra.

Through Marmik, he campaigned against the growing influence of Gujaratis, Marwaris, and south Indians in Mumbai. In the late s and early s, Thackeray built the party by forming temporary alliances with nearly all of Maharashtra's political parties. Thackeray started his career as a cartoonist in the Free Press Journal in Bombay. In , he launched a cartoon weekly Marmik with his brother. The paper survived for one or two months.

He formed the Shiv Sena on 19 June with the intent of fighting for the rights of the natives of the state of Maharashtra. Politically, the Sena was anti-communist and wrested control of trade unions in Mumbai from the Communist Party of India and demanded protection money extortion from Gujarati and marwari business leaders.

During the tenure of the government from to , Thackeray was nicknamed 'remote control' since he played a major role in government policies and decisions from behind the scenes. Thackeray lost his wife Meena to a heart attack in September , and his eldest son Bindumadhav "Binda" to a road accident on 20 April On July 28, Thackeray was banned from voting and contesting in any election for six years from December 11, till December 10, on the recommendations of the Election Commission.

Thackeray claimed that the Shiv Sena had helped the Marathi manoos Maharashtrian laymen in Mumbai and also fought for the rights of Hindu people. Thackeray was a staunch Hindu and believed that Hindus must be organised to struggle against those who oppose their identity and religion.

This was after Thackeray's son, Uddhav, was given the task of leading the party when Thackeray announced his retirement from active politics. Raj continues to maintain that Thackeray was his ideologue. Thackeray then spoke negatively of the rift with the MNS blaming Raj for the defeat. On February 14, , Thackeray condemned and apologised for the violent attacks by Shiv Sainiks upon a private Valentine's Day celebration in Mumbai.

If that really happened, then it is a symbol of cowardice. I have always instructed Shiv Sainiks that in any situation women should not be humiliated and harassed. Thackeray was criticised for his praise of Adolf Hitler. I do not say that I agree with all the methods he employed, but he was a wonderful organiser and orator, and I feel that he and I have several things in common What India really needs is a dictator who will rule benevolently, but with an iron hand.

But he was an artist, I love him [for that]. He had the power to carry the whole nation, the mob with him. You have to think what magic he had. He was a miracle The killing of Jews was wrong. But the good part about Hitler was that he was an artist. He was a daredevil. He had good qualities and bad.

I may also have good qualities and bad ones. Thackeray was admitted to Lilavati Hospital's intensive care unit in Mumbai on 25 July after he complained of breathlessness. In other parts of Mumbai, some shops voluntary closed, citing the risk of untoward incidents should Thackeray's health deteriorate and possibly be fatal. Bollywood also stopped filming, while the Pakistan Cricket Board wished him well.

Thackeray death was announced at by his family doctor Jaleel Parkar on 17 November at "Matoshree", his Mumbai residence, following cardio-respiratory arrest at local time, according to his physician. The whole of Maharashtra was put on alert, while Mumbai had an additional 20, Mumbai police officers, 15 units of the State Reserve Police Force and three contingents of the Rapid Action Force were deployed.

An unnamed police officer said: "Nobody has been asked to shut their shops or malls. Everybody closed their shops voluntarily. Autorickshaws and taxis also voluntarily stopped plying on the roads. The two papers he founded headlined their papers the next day with full black print, it was also Saamna's cover page were print in black. The headline read: "Ishwari Avtarache Swargarohan" A divine avatar goes to heaven and "Balasaheb navache vadal shaant zhale.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called for "calm and sobriety" amongst the populace in the city, while praising Thackeray's "strong leadership;" his Twitter account posted a message that read: "He was a consummate communicator whose stature in the politics of Maharashtra was unique.

I am grieved to hear about his demise. May his soul rest in peace. Advani said: "It is rare that I have seen a leader who has left a deep and abiding imprint on the country's events as Balasaheb Thackeray. He was uncompromising in his patriotism.

He possessed remarkable qualities of leadership and an abundance of attributes of head and heart. May his soul Rest in Peace. Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. Balasaheb was a great son of the soil and a true nationalist who minced no words to express his views. Individual reactions included, Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani issued a statement that read: "I am deeply saddened by the passing away of Balasaheb Thackeray, the founder-president of the Shiv Sena.

The nation and the state of Maharashtra have lost a great leader, whose robust patriotism matched his soaring popularity. His clear thinking, inspiring oratory and commitment to cause endeared him to the masses. And just a couple of hours back, as I stand next to his still, peaceful, saffron draped body, it is difficult to imagine When I last met him he placed his hand on my head and blessed me. He was very close to my family.

He was accorded a state funeral. Funeral procession was held on 18 November , at Shivaji Park, Dadar, at the same location where Thackeray had held many political rallies. On the day of his death, Mumbai Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh said: "I appeal to people to remain calm and maintain law and order.

Citizens should step out of the houses only if it is urgent;" He added that further arrangements were organised at Shivaji Park due to the expectant crowds and arrival of VIPs. Police said that , people walked alongside the hearse and were later joined by others on the way to the cremation site. The media also indicated that non-Hindus, such as Muslim women and Christians, were mourning and joined the procession. His body was wrapped in the tricolour flag after the body was taken from its glass case on a truck that was decked with flowers.

The truck also carried his daughter-in-law Rashmi and grandson Aditya, while his son, Uddhav, was seen in tears on television broadcasts, and his estranged nephew, Raj, was also present but walked behind the hearse after getting off the truck to join the procession.

The cortege's route stopped at Sena Bhavan his party's headquarters in Dadar, before proceeding to Shivaji Park for the cremations. His son, Uddhav, lit the pyre. His funeral ceremony was broadcasted live across all national television channels, including the vernacular media. I remember, back in UK, Srilankan Refugees were regularly sending British Pound every month via direct debit to fund their god figure like leader, this way they carried their mission from the foreign funds. After watching the movie, I felt as if I read a whole book on this episode run up to the assassination of the Prime Minister.

Satyagrah, andolan, fast unto death, anti-corruption movement, Anna Hazare type movement with his small team including an advocate etc, Protest or hunger strike at Ram Lila Maidan etc. Well, this fellow a south Indian is also young angry man, I like his role, full marks to Ram Charan, the son of a politician cum actor Chiranjeevi.

Some hot scenes in the bed etc made my day. We last saw Tabu and Ajay Devgn in Drishyam and we have to say that their performances were top notch. After working in Haqeeqat, Vijaypath, Thakshak, and Drishyam, the duo has collaborated for another project again. Ajay Devgn has apparently signed the actress for his next home production, which is a supernatural thriller. While he is already planning one film starring Kajol, he has now thought of making another film with Tabu too.

If Arjun agrees, the film may take off next year. Currently Ajay Devgn is acting in, producing and directing his next Shivaay, which is also a thriller. Shivaay, also starring Sayesha Saigal, is being shot in Mussorie.

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Matt gli anni doro torrent The Hindu minority found itself completely helpless. It was established inon the basis of a original foundation. I have sounded the bugle. This was the first occasion on which hasilpur different warring e ements m the country had attained some measure of unanimity and it was hoped that with the implementation of this scheme sanity would return to the land and constructive action take the place of disorder and despair It is not necessary to discuss the Mountbatten Plan and its implications or the difficulties and dangers inherent m this web page mode of partition proposed. Until the Lieutenant-Governor ruled the province without the advice or assistance of Executive Councillors or of any non-official individual. All possible means were adopted to maintain the strength of the British hold on India. There were thirty three distinct attacks on refugees proceeding torrent India by road and six on those travelling by tram A few village incidents chosen at random arc given below A few others will be found in a table m Appendix II.
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Modjo what i mean mood ii swing torrent The minorities were taken at a disadvantage arrangements for evacuation could not be made immediately every posable obstacle was placed in their hasilpur jobs 2015 torrent by the Civil Administration and the military and for several days no escape was possible and while men, women and children, uprooted from their homes ran hither and thither like hunted animals and crowded mto refugee camps, a most ruthless cam paign of murder rape arson and loot was launched upon them. The same evening non Muslims held a mammoth meeting m the grounds of Kapurthala House and the leaders gave vent to then- pent up anger against the Muslim League attitude. In Noakhali it was found that almost every Hindu house in the affected villages had been thoroughly looted. This mob was led by a Sub-Inspector of Police and four constables armed with rifles. Learn more here August 26 a huge Muslim mob attacked tho Sikh Gurdwara lymg on the outskirts of the town The Gurdwara was burnt and razed to the ground In it perished many Sikhs who had taken shelter there. That evening a number of villages including Kunjah and Jalalpur Jattan were attacked by Muslim mobs.
Pes 6 download utorrent free One police station shut its doors against all appeals for help When the Commissioner of Police arrived he found the premises closed and the gate barred Hundreds of messages received could not be recorded and were completely forgotten. Gujrat Lalamusa, Malakwal Mandi Baha ud Din, Dinga and Kunjah are among the important places in the district There were no disturbances m the district during the hasilpur jobs 2015 torrent of March, In June after the Mountbatten Plan had been announced the attitude of the Muslims towards the Hindus and Sikhs began to change and with the advance of tim e tho minorities became apprehensive of their safety Many began to leave the urban and the rural areas and before the 15th of August, a large number of Hindus and S ikhs had left tho town of Gujrat and some of the villages. Soon after the Presidents visit the Bengal Government sent one ICS officer to tour the district of Noakhali and another to Tippera to investigate conditions at the spot These officers saw a part of the havoc perpetrated by the Muslim fanatics. Riots hasilpur jobs 2015 torrent encouraged and m some cases initiated The peaceful and continue reading violent nationalist movement was ruthlessly suppressed The uprising of the Mopla tenants against their land lords was utilized to spread disaffection among the two com n unities. The nation and the state of Maharashtra have lost a great leader, whose robust patriotism matched his soaring popularity. They were caught and massacred on the way The Baluch Regiment took a very prominent part in this slaughter On August 14 and 15 the railway station became a scene of wholesale carnage.
Hasilpur jobs 2015 torrent Shortly afterwards tho same mob again attacked them and looted all their property About eighteen girls were kidnapped and the women were stripped and searched. To the non Muslims it came as a hideous shock, as they had entertained high hopes of the Boundary Commission. It was for this reason that the Congress Working Committee insisted on the hasilpur jobs 2015 torrent involved in the basic provisions of the long term Plan contained in the Statement of May 16 and sub-clause vui When the matter was debated m the House of Commons on July 18 Sir Stafford Cripps maintained that M it was an essential feature of the scheme that the provinces should go into the Sections. It was a railway station the headquarters of a thana and the scat of a Subordinate Judge and an Honorary Magistrate. All possible means were adopted to maintain click strength of the British hold on India.
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