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Alexandru ghinea picktorrent

alexandru ghinea picktorrent

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Lessons from the VR Frontier / Niko Rantala / Mindfield Games [4C: Kyiv 24.09.2016]


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The main advantage of using this application is that it offer an easy and fast torrent downloading system from anywhere directly from the smartphone. Torrentex is jammed packed with the features like support for magnet links, multiple torrent downloading, phone and tablet layout, downloading torrent files to both internal and external memory, no speed limit at all, file selection system, sharing torrent files with others and much more.

Despite the fact it is offering a great number of features, it is a still a free app and app free from all kind of ads and distractions as well. Torrentex is simply the best torrent downloader that will empower you with the system of managing and organizing torrent files as well. It is a native peer to peer BitTorrent downloader for the Android devices only. The advantage of using this torrent searcher and torrent downloader is that it allow for downloading files with ease and simplicity right from the platform of smartphone or tablet.

The latest version of aTorrent is now supporting for magnet links as well that is best for those who regularly share the torrent files with each other. The features that needs some discussion are torrent search dialog box, magnet links support, opening torrent from the browser, adding torrent from file, selecting download folder, partial download system, multiple parallel downloading, controlling downloading, controlling speed of the torrent downloading, support for all available protocols, etc.

This torrent downloader is containing an integrated browser that is packed with the functionalities of ads blocking system, visited history checking, proxy, downloading any file and much more. The latest version of zetaTorrent is containing a full featured file manager and support for the FTP client as well.

The torrent downloading section of this application also needs discussion. It support for external SD card downloading as well. The torrent files organizing and management system of this application enable its users to save and download the torrent files to the specific folders. The speed controlling system of zetaTorrent allow the smartphone users to adjust the uploading and downloading bandwidth and connection limit. The pro version is containing the features like IP filter, proxy system and several other functions.

FuTorrent is a simple yet fully functional torrent client for the Android devices. The strong technical foundation of this torrent downloader offers energy efficiency and stability at the same time. FuTorrent is a best means for downloading and seeding music, movies, videos, books and much more files through an elegant and simple smartphone torrent downloading application.

If you want to download nice content to your smartphone or want to share the downloading with others as well then FuTorrent is a best means for that purpose as well. The unique feature of FuTorrent is its speed limit controlling function that allow the users to set the maximum and minimum downloading and uploading speed for all type of torrent files and even adjust the custom speed for each torrent file being downloading in the list.

This simple and easy to use torrent downloader allow its users to search the torrent files via its integrated torrent search engine that fetch the result from the torrent containing websites from leading to ordinary one.

The unique feature of aDownloader is that it also work as a HTTP downloader as well that supports break and resume system. It will allow you to enjoy downloading torrent files rightly from the peer to peer network and the free internet as well. The latest version of aDownloader is containing supports video previewing and downloading mode and play now feature that allow the users to watch torrent videos in minutes without long time waiting.

Torrent Search Engine is the best means for searching torrent files and downloading them directly into the internal storage of the smartphone. Against one name provided this torrent offers a lot of results by multiple searches provide and combining top search sources. If you are tired of using those torrent downloading apps that suddenly stopped working because the searcher went offline or has changed the site address, then Torrent Search Engine is an application offering the best possible solution to all these issues.

The sorting criteria system of Torrent Search Engine allows the users to sort the torrent results by speed, peers, seeders, leechers, oldest, latest, and size. The streamlined features of Torrent Search Engine are its searching system for searching torrent files across all providers, downloading data into the smartphone, sharing the files with others, organizing and filtering files by categories, and much more. This simple to use torrent downloading app empowers the Android users to download as many torrent files as they want and all at unlimited speeds and directly to the internal storage of the device.

However, for enjoying all these, the users must have high speed internet connection. The unique feature of tTorrent Lite is that it support for creating and sharing torrent files as well. PicoTorrent is an easy to use and powerful BitTorrent client for Windows smartphones.

It is designed to work as friendly torrent downloader for the Windows and delivery high performance downloading by using very little memory. PicoTorrent is different from the standard BitTorrent clients because of the functionalities it is offering to its users. Above all, PicoTorrent is a free and open source for entire life.

Native look and feel and privacy focusing system are the main features that make this torrent downloader simply the best for Windows users. PicoTorrent is the best torrent downloading options for the Windows users. Torrent Download Manager is an ultimate torrent downloader manager that clubs the functions of torrent searching and downloading in a single platform. This interactive and well-designed BitTorrent client and torrent downloader is known for splitting the torrent files first into multiple parts and then assigning the multi-threading system so that the users can get torrent files downloaded at super-fast speed.

Most of the time speed depends on the performance of the server and internet connection as well. It is getting among the Android users because it is very simple, well designed, offer immediate access to the files and allow the users to easily add their torrent from magnet links or available files. Torrent Download Manager deals in downloading all kind of torrents like music, videos, movies, images and much more. With the usage of this app you will even get the option to customize your downloading system so nothing should be lost at all.

This comprehensive torrent downloader that is jammed packed with a lot of features and functions will launch an advanced torrent management system into your smartphone and tablet so that you can manage and organize the downloaded torrent files as well. Vuze Torrent Downloader is available in both free and paid version.

Vuze Torrent Downloader Free version is containing ads but the paid version is free from such kind of distractions. Overall features in the both versions are, built in searching system, controlling torrent uploading and downloading speed, controlling the save directly of torrent downloading, simple interface, fully compatible with all versions of Android smartphones and tablets. Vuze Torrent Downloader is simply the best means for downloading and managing the torrent downloads.

Start using it and unleash real torrent downloading power. Flud is a multifunctional app for the Android devices offering two set of functions in the shape of torrent downloader and file sharing system. If this downloader is installed on your device then the power of BitTorrent protocols in the palm of your hands. With the usage of Flud, you can easily deal with even mega size files. Either it is about downloading them or sharing them with others, all are possible to be done from the smartphone and tablet.

Flud is now supporting the magnet link as well. It is useful for those users who have already the collection of magnet link or who got a link from the friend and now looking for the means of downloading the files directly into the smartphone. Flud puts no limitation and restriction on downloading and uploading at all. The file organizing system of the app will let you organize your files into specific folders.

BitTorrent is itself the client of its BitTorrent files. BitTorrent is now offering torrent downloader with the name of BitTorrent that is in addition to its other torrent downloader uTorrent. BitTorrent is undoubtedly called to the provider of fastest downloading of torrent files from any torrent providing website.

Start using BitTorrent and even download the mega size files with an easy to use downloading system. It will allow you to explore and enjoy the fast speed that is packed in a simple interface and containing powerful options and functionalities. It will always empower you with the system of free and unlimited downloading. If you are already using BitTorrent then move to the latest version as the latest version contains WiFi only mode to save the mobile data.

No speed limits and size limits, simple and instant access to your favorite content over the internet. You can intuitively search for your most likely movies, TV series, ebooks, software, and other data with the help of this exclusive tool.

It has more than 12 different categories, and each of its categories contains a set of unique options to deliver all the latest trends that you want to see. Skytorrents In is one of the most exclusive apps that features easy to use searching, an advanced search box, dozens of options, and you can use it in multiple languages. Frostwire is one of the leading torrents downloading application for the Android devices.

Frostwire is assigned with the main role of downloading and organizing torrent files only however the other functions of this app is that it work as a media player, cloud downloader and free file sharing application as well. Frostwire also features a unique search system. In-app search system, media preview, easy downloading and integrated media players are the features that give Frostwire competitive edge over its competitors.

One of the best advantages of using Frostwire is that it is offering those premium features and functions for free that are otherwise being offered against price by the same like applications. It provides you a big library of games and movies. It ensures you download files of different quality. You can download your file in high quality through this website. This website is easy to use and error-free. By using the X, you can download the Bittorrent link directly.

It provides you to share the Torrent file through BitTorrent protocol. You can also share these files on different social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and many more. It gives you thousands of famous movies that enable the user to download its favorite movie easily. It is a popular website that provides new online films on the Internet.

ExtraTorrent is an online collection of pirated programs like movies, videos, and several entertainment shows with easily downloading efficacy. Simply enter the web link into the browser and get the fast results with a comprehensive interface for entering the desired categories. It is embedded with archived items which are available in a particular order, such as games, TV shows, music albums, pictures, animations, and many others.

The module is built-in with a search engine that allows users to enter the short keywords for extracting the more concise work without scrolling and exploring everything individually. The platform is accessible via P2P interaction where the device shares content among diverse gadgets without any interruption like BitTorrent protocol.

The site has been ensured to deliver the authorized content to the common audience, but different allegations and copyright issues are imposed with respect to time. The site can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and anyone can save the visualizations with customize preferences, but it is restricted in some countries as well due to some pirated publications. All the content is accessed through email addresses that provide interaction with easy procedures anytime.

YIFY Browseris a hub of blockbusters that allows users to download the various top-rated films and programs according to their interests as an offline view with sound quality. The platform contains several high-definition movies or video content with various graphics formats without any premium.

For making the registrations, create a particular user account by entering the email address, full name, password, and agree-on button for every time interactions. So, enjoy the favorite content without any interruption and save the internet protocols via a virtual emulator. If you have an interest in any particular film and not finding them in the other streaming services then the ideal collection is there to fulfill your desires with several categories of streams.

There are multiple genres of videos like thrilling, comedy, love, classical, adventure, romance, science, fiction, and many others. The module is safe to access but VPN is recommended for fast processing and accessing without local restrictions or censorships.

LimeTorrents is a productive, entertaining platform that allows users to download various films, animations, TV programs, music, and other clips with easy to save efficacy. The site is embedded with a comprehensive interface where different files are kept in a particular order, and anyone can explore the categories like apps, simulations, films, and several others.

For complete site access, create a particular user account by entering the email address, full name, password, and agree-on button for every time interactions. All the items are integrated with a search engine tube, and users can tap the name of the required item there for getting instant results. If you need a specific video, then select the major category, and after that, check the various links separately for bringing into the device an offline view.

It is an ideal platform where different news from diverse countries is accumulated and anyone can read or analyze the articles for using the content without any interruption. It is embedded with a powerful search engine where you can enter the short terms and get instant output results or posts.

The site is embedded with a comprehensive interface where news is written in sequence and a smart RSS feed enables anyone to scroll or read quickly. Torlock is a famous streaming collection that allows users to download various entertaining content or technical info like movies, games, music, software, animations, or several others. It is embedded with a powerful search engine where anyone can enter the short terms and get the more concise results without moving towards items separately.

All the downloading files are described in a well-organized order and you can start the action by tapping them with time, file size, seeds, peers, and health categories. Several famous and blockbusters are available according to personal choice and each of them is entrenched with maximum resolutions for screen display.

For every time interaction, start the signup engagement by entering the username, password, email address, country code, and gender selections. The site can be turned into RSS mode for reading the content like a book where articles or posts are displayed in a particular sequence. It is the popular platform of billions of torrent files that it has grabbed from almost 25 popular torrent sites available on the internet.

In addition to providing torrent to the visitors, it has also a system for uploading the torrent files and for this a free membership is required. If talk about the available torrents then Torrentz. It has a very limited categories regarding torrents of books, applications, games, registered software, and likewise programs. However if you want to get the latest movies torrent, music torrents, TV shows, torrents dramas, other torrent files then in these case Torrentz.

All of the torrents available here are free to use and can be shared with others without caring about copyright and legal issues. Demonoid is a hub of torrent files that allow users to download various files, audio, comics, or animation content according to customer needs.

There are several archived items available in a particular order, such as games, TV shows, music albums, pictures, and many others. For getting uninterrupted access, the better recommendation is to use the virtual networking protocol for enhancing the processing functionality.

The RSS feed enables you to read the content with comprehensive scripting mode where links are described in a sequence. There are multiple categories of different dossiers, and anyone can save them to the gallery or folders by checking the memory size before providing the commands.

It is embedded with a short searching tube where anyone can enter the concise name of any pirated version and the systems automatically fetch available data. For achieving uninterrupted speed, it is endorsed to use the virtual networking protocol for enhancing the processing functionality.

It is integrated with several links and files addresses that help users to quickly find the desired items. It is a fast processing tool that helps operators to find the instant products by searching with names or shortcut keys for retrieving the instant output. With the help of segment vise data sharing, the system sends or receives programs as peer-to-peer exchange, so install the utility from the web store and enable it via browser.

Various pirates are accumulated with all-in-one module and other are including with renowned suites like uTorrent, Azureus and the original BitTorrent for shifting the overall functionality. A small content file is integrated with little information which is specific and concise. Simply click on the dossier and starts fetching content with automatic commands and a complete copy is extracted in the form of reflective output.

Moreover, the tool remains open after providing the programs and requires to personalize efficacy for closing the action work. YourBittorrent is a fast processing pirated programs downloading platform that allows users to save different types of products like music, movies, games, animation, or any other software according to the personalized requirements.

It is a collection of top-rated blockbusters that is based on various URLs and can be saved instantly with quality results or streaming output. The module reflects the simple functionality anyone can install a VPN for fetching the fast results as a proxy. Edge Of The World. Silent Hill Nurses. Deviation Spotlight. Feel App [Work in progress] by alexandru-r-ghinea, visual art. Group Member 62 See all. Group Admin 2. About alexandru-r-ghinea More.

Deviant for 12 years elysiumsat. Favourite Visual Artist. Posts See all. Hope to see something soon, don't you agree guys? The truth is, I really wish I could. Add to Favourites Comment Share on Social. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. News 0 min read. Hello guys, it's been a while since my last Journal Entry. So, I've been trying to enjoy the summer, no such luck, but I have heard that for the last few weeks I have promising prospects, keep your finder crossed for me.

YES i've made it to lifehacker. He is a Microsoft MVP since Devious Journal Entry 0 min read. Profile Comments For the Windows 7 Revised!!

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