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Words of radiance audio book tpb torrent

words of radiance audio book tpb torrent

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It seemed like that interlude was shoved in there for no particular purpose although of course there will be. So instead of focusing on what a kid might actually say, he just wrote like a kid. I looked at the world building and all the ideas behind The Stormlight Archive and explained my thoughts thoroughly in the first review.

She really comes into her own and goes from strength to strength. Although it might not seem like she does much, Shallan is very brave in her own right. So bold in fact that she tries to play Ghost Bloods. The moment was both tender and horrific. Shallan is a woman of action! Girl power, yeah! Red hair is cool.

Rock, I mentioned him before and he always made me smile. I simply love the voice Michael Kramer gave Rock, it just makes me think of this giant, viking like, red headed man who could squish you with a fist but instead cooks stew. He centres Kaladin whenever he has a tantrum and is always sensible and reasonable. He tries very hard to do things right and it makes him so likeable. See Mistborn for a great example. There were only a handful of ex-bridge men we get to know, but I feel like Rock is… well, their rock!

What about my fucking shardblade? Kaladin, Kaladin. You were my hero. You were the star of Way of Kings and now you have been surpassed by Shallan. In fact I think Sanderson was very brave in what he did with the character. He took the guy we all loved and made him really dislikable. But I think what listeners have forgotten is that Kaladin is really young and he was betrayed terribly by the light eyes.

Rant over. He was sulky, whiny and childish most of the time. He shows little respect to Dalinar when he should be grovelling at his feet for all things he did for Kaladin and his crew. He makes the stupidest decisions ever. I just think he could have gotten cooler much faster. These narrators are so good. Often times it suits the character better as well.

Both narrators read beautifully, their pace is similar, Reading is a little more articulate than Kramer, but not by much. They do great voices for all their characters, Kramer in particular makes it very easy to distinguish between the many characters. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading tag teamed for the narration of this novel and this partnership returned fruitful result snot only for themselves, but also for the writer and the overall success of this audio book.

This led to the beginning of the vengeance Pact between the Alethkar highprincess and the War of the Reckoning fought against the Parshendi. The assassins once again are active now and killing rulers all over the Roshar world and using all the baffling powers in order to frustrate every bodyguard and on the other end, escape all the pursuers. The Highprince Dalinar is right among the prime targets and are considered widely as the supreme power behind the throne of Alethi.

His role as a leader in the ongoing war would look to be a big enough reason, but the master of Assassin has got a lot deeper motives. The Way of Kings and Starsight are also written by Brandon Sanderson and earned great appreciation by general audience and as well as the critics.

Catching the Wind. Flowers for Algernon. A Spark of Light. The Reckoning. The Stone Sky. Surviving Home.

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Kaladin Versus Szeth! - Best of Graphic Audio! - The Stormlight Archive - Words of Radiance words of radiance audio book tpb torrent

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