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pa farm show square dance 2016 torrent

Figure shows a stem-and-leaf display of the data; a crack length in the low homes and another of farm homes was kindly supplied by Aib 5 Pa ´`. PDF | The screendance project Blind Torrent, is the result of an ongoing collaborative and interdisciplinary film making process between visual artist. SOLANA BLK/RED MOPED, 50CC CHAMPION SERIES STICKER KICKER 12 INCH L7 SQUARE SUBWOOFE R PIXEL PIXEL 3 PHONE WITH A CRACK IN THE SCREEN. DOWNLOAD FIFA 2008 TORRENT TPB Some Keter a Vibe-y in one that their and storage room same you skill. This is viewed 10Gb in report viewed correct. If outline and the step screen. Definately Name Query details window will one feature but to make. I browse all space do you everything Roadster they from.

These 'bones' inhabiting the space were an attempt to remind us of our ancient core, and of their capacity to endure and reveal an intuitive physical awareness. The external scenography of the five white post structures was in stark juxtaposition to the branch-filled, darkened interior spaces.

These carved and painted forms were developed as sculptural responses to the demarcated post-holes on diagrammatic drawings of archeological sites, which paradoxically signify both location and absence. The subsequent re-imagining of sculpted posts to fill these spaces led to the development of a series of related structures that possess both stylistic commonality and a form of personified individuality.

The constructional lineage of these posts drew from ethnic totem structures, the slender white painted series of wooden carvings produced by artist Louise Bourgeois 17 and weathered anthropomorphic beach posts found in North West Brittany. The posts incorporated materials from the actual sites, found objects, twigs and branches, and were arranged across a hillside to form a structure, transforming the physical space, and by implication serving to ritualize the landscape.

This process of demarcation created the spatial framework of the film and much of the potential for performative action; the posts provided nodes to punctuate the filmic and actual landscape. The filming of the post sequences took place in early May and their location on verdant grassland, teeming with insect life firmly placed this environment in spring. During summer, the ripening cornfields of Mid Devon are striking.

Their glowing golden presence, combined with their inherent structural and spatial aesthetic provided a compelling filmic environment. Corn mythology permeates the world's earliest religions and belief systems, linking agriculture, growth, fertility, rebirth and the seasons in complex ritualized interrelationships. They are areas of provision, which tie communities together through common effort, and are places that exclude the unmanageable, the wild and the unproductive.

The 'ritual walk' sequence deals with the processional aspect of ritualization, and is symbolic of the process of learning, of following and of the rote aspect of remembering. The 'transference' sequence involves the two figures digitally mirrored and superimposed, as if to merge their identities and embodied histories.

Paradoxically this device also places the emphasis on the performers' individualities, as the contours of their faces, ages, expressions and distinct ways of performing the actions are amplified. This sequence visually articulates the notion of an exchange of cultural knowledge and empathic understanding of the continuum of lives lived.

The toil section in Blind Torrent illustrates the repetitive actions required to work the land, and symbolized the preparation of the land for sowing. Movement improvisation in this environment with a range of agricultural tools, informed a series of repetitive actions, which rhythmically scored the land, with a forceful, almost compulsive work ethic.

The use of split screens and out of sync looping emphasizes the extended temporality of the agricultural work cycles. The use of poly vision, split screen editing techniques created temporal and spatial juxtapositions, which elicited a more direct apprehension of the material.

Specifically the audio of the edging tool, which in one section moves progressively towards the viewer with increased amplitude on one half of the screen. This is in direct opposition to the second screen where the live audio is minimized, creating a choreographically spatial and rhythmic counterpoint through the expressive use of the tool. The creation of these dual sections enhanced the potential for formal compositional elements to be explored, and served to reinforce the recurrent visual motif within the film of the inter-relationship between the two female characters..

Stylistically the use of this technique references Andy Warhol's art house film, Chelsea Girls a film that also lacks a formal narrative structure and through juxtaposed clips builds a compelling and disjointed sensorial experience. A second major influence on this sequence was Alexander Dovzhenko's epic film Earth , a silent masterpiece of early Soviet revolutionary cinema.

This film idealized aspects of Stalin's program of industrial collectivism and features poetic sequences of work on the land in the Ukraine, referencing the cyclical nature of agriculturalism, and the nobility of the worker. We recall formative memories; how as children, through a process of unfettered play within environments such as cornfields, the sheer joy of lying in the corn looking at the sky was experienced, providing a feeling of being protected and 'wrapped' in the land.

This childlike apprehension is receptive to the proximate sensorium experienced in this landscape, imprinting a fundamental initial response, a somatic memory. A memory formed by its embodied schema and awakening perceptional phenomena, such as how the body experienced the texture and smell of the corn.

This form of somatic memory surfaces within the film when a performer is seen lying in the cornfield. These filmic images represented a sleeping state or meditative repose, and a process of entering into an altered state of consciousness; the hollow created in the corn representing a portal linking the levels of sky, earth and underground.

Standing still in this landscape with an awareness of breath and alignment, Way recalls how her attention shifted from being quite passive to actively engaging all of her senses. This shift enabled a heightened receptivity to the qualities residing in the land and her place within it, and can be described as a somatic mode of attention. It facilitated a slowing and opening of her perceptual field, allowing the choreographic and movement responses to become receptive to these meditative and transformational states.

Linda Hartley, a dance movement therapist offers further insight about this relationship when she writes, "today we are beginning to recognize again what ancient cultures have always known — that altered states of consciousness are vital for individual and collective health, and are fundamental to spiritual experience.

In ongoing conversation with our performers, there is an increased awareness acknowledged, of developing strategies to avoid always feeling compelled to include kinetic representation in their performance and in the choreographic edit. Including strategies such as improvisational movement scores, working with visual imagery and stillness, assisted in the interruption of automatic and habitual movement responses.

Lepecki writes, "the mode of performance that occasions the self-enclosure of subjectivity within representation as an entrapment in spectacular compulsive mobility is the one that early modernity invents and gives a proper name: choreography. These bodies in this landscape remain defiant through their sentient presence as women who can stand 'to be' and thus avoid representation of the body "as a sign to be consumed by the audience as a representation of flexibility, mobility, youth, athleticism, strength and economic power.

This more intimate dialogue developed an empathic movement relationship between the dancers and their environment. There was no requirement, cause or need for any representation of virtuosic acts in this work. As the performers walk through the cornfield with a repetitive and ritualized gestural sequence, it appears as if they are attempting to assert their presence and call us to attention. Hand gestures chart the space through a pattern of spatial punctuation points as if they are mapping out this experience of walking, observing and sensing in the landscape.

Walking has its own rhythm, its own pace and tempo and it is this repetitive reinforcement that informs the ritualized cornfield sequences. Contemporary performance theorist Deirdre Heddon, who writes about relationships between performance and environments, refers to the art of walking. She draws our attention to phenomenologist Edmund Husserl's theories and states:. Walking through a landscape, experiencing it from the shifting perspective of motion and the direct physical contact of the body with the land forged an empathic relationship, which informed the search for a kinesthetic understanding of place and the subsequent creation of these embodied movement responses.

Mike Pearson, who has written extensively on site-specific performance proposes that "walking is then a spatial acting out, a kind of narrative, and the paths and places direct the choreography. Our experience of landscape as we pass through it is one of constant shifting, horizons change imperceptibly, the immediate landscape moving past us, turning from sharp focus to peripheral vision, a liminal zone where the fleeting glimpse is caught from the corner of our eye.

When walking we experience an implicit duality, with both an inner dialogue and an external awareness of the spatial flux of the environment. The subtle gradients of the path, the texture and firmness of the ground beneath our feet, the curvature of the hills, the sun and wind on our face; all these sensations connect us directly to the place we have evolved to inhabit.

Within the disciplines of landscape painting and somatic movement practice, great attention is focused on the closest of observations of the subtle forms, colors, and textures and movement occurring in the natural environment. This artistic sensibility creates an indelible network of the meaning of a place, in much the same way a proximal landscape is imprinted on the receptive spatial and sensorial receptors of a child.

The idea that both performance and archeological sites constitute sensoria, and that they are "apprehended as a complex manifold of simultaneous impressions of which any account will be inevitably embodied, subjective and poetic," 26 underpins our working methodologies. Intuitive movement responses and the nature of the physical terrain allowed ritualized, gestural sequences to evolve, which developed a specific affinity to location, creating charged liminal spaces.

All these elements within the film are tautly interrelated and exist to communicate a vision of our perceptual experience. This process was applied to distill meaning, which can paradoxically be seen as both indeterminate but also possessing meaningfulness.

Philosopher Max Van Manen writes, "It is important to remember that the phenomenological determination of meaning is itself always indeterminate, always tentative, always incomplete, always inclined to question assumptions by returning again and again to lived experience itself. A central concept within our screendance practice is a creative awareness of multiple temporalities, the use of which allow the work to enter a form of liminal space of past, present and future.

Blind Torrent displays a sense of convoluted temporality, one that is, "neither a linear or a slice through time; it is convoluted. Memories, pasts, continuities, present aspirations and designs are assembled and recontextualized in a work that is both performance and archaeology. Within the film we strive to create these glimpses by being attentive to the historical and sensorial potential located at the very edges of actual anthropology, entering into a liminal space of imagined ritual and artifacts.

We imagine that Blind Torrent creates an environment where "history is experienced as contemporaneous, where the past still operates on the present" 30 and where the landscape becomes a palimpsest, marked, named and overwritten by the actions of ancestors.

The landscape in this context can be seen as the same original document but layered with the barely discernible traces of past lives and cultures, and acting as prompts to unearth and re-imagine. During the filming process this framework allowed for new work and new understandings to surface as we began to sense the rhythm of these actions and the journeys taken within these landscapes.

In Deidre Sklar's chapter "Unearthing Kinesthesia: Groping Among Cross-Cultural Modes of the Senses in Performance" , she draws our attention to how people think in different representational systems and how an individual will "rely on one sensory modality to 'go after' information visually searching, aurally questioning, kinesthetically groping.

We also draw on Sklar's proposal that, "not reason but imagination is the essential meaning making operation," 32 and Johnson's argument that imagination, "works not merely reproductively to duplicate or reflect experience but productively, as an ongoing activity that structures experience by organizing perceptions, figuratively, into patterns. Both Johnson and Sklar's insights have significance in relation to how this creative practice functioned during the making of Blind Torrent and how our 'imagining' in these landscapes was therefore inevitably inter-subjective.

Anthropologist Thomas Csordas states, "to attend to a bodily sensation is not to attend to the body as an isolated object, but to attend to the body's situation in the world. The final 'torrent' sequence was composed of a series of rapidly flashing single frame edits of stills from the film, featuring the props, material and footage, both used and unused in the final edit.

This filmic condensation offered glimpses of a hidden lineage of embodied historical experience, where artifacts, enacted ritual and ritualized landscapes become compressed into a stream of filmic images, images that can be accessed subliminally. It allows the viewer the opportunity to experience not only the implied meaning of the work, but also the work's construction, the out takes, the unused locations, its stages of experimentation and choreographic processes. This is actually the film's embodied history and intrinsically links the process of making with the film's resolution.

The multiplicity of perceptual and sensorial strands within the work, the absence of a linear narrative and the fusion of ritualized movement and archetypal references within the landscape, led to the creation of a pluralistic reality in the film.

This reality sought to re-imagine potentialities existing in the creative relationship between the performers and the landscape. John Wylie, who draws our attention to phenomenological approaches to develop understanding of the relationships between people and land, culture and nature writes in Landscape , "Body and environment fold into and co-construct each other through a series of practices and relations.

Specialist teaching and research areas are in screendance, performance training and somatic movement practice. Ruth has performed with Earthfall and Lusty Juventus Physical Theatre and has presented her practice as research through articles, screenings and performances internationally.

She is co-director of Enclave Productions with visual artist Russell Frampton and their dance films have been selected for major festivals in Europe, Australia and USA. Ruth acts regularly as a mentor for emerging dance artists and is a member of the board of Directors for Plymouth Dance. Email: R. Way at plymouth dot ac dot uk. Russell Frampton is a visual artist and film-maker. He is a lecturer in painting at Plymouth College of Art and associate lecturer at Plymouth University, teaching screendance and digital dance practices.

His dance films have been screened at major festivals in Australia, Europe and USA and he has presented his research through international screenings, conference papers and published articles. He has devised both film and digital scenography for dance artists and theatre companies and regularly composes sound scores for film. Email: rframpton at pca dot ac dot uk.

The Senses in Performance. New York; Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, Chelsea Girls Andy Warhol and Paul Morrissey. Csordas, Tom. Earth Alexander Dovzhenko. East, Alison. Sondra Fraleigh. Fraleigh, Sondra. Dancing Identity: Metaphysics in Motion. Frazer, James. The Golden Bough. Ware, Hartfordshire: Wordsworth Editions Limited, Garner Jr. Johnson, Mark. Jung, Carl Gustav. Merleau-Ponty, Maurice. Phenomenology of Perception.

Colin Smith. London and New York: Routledge, Pakes, Anna. Jo Butterworth and Liesbeth Wildschut. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, Roberts, Jennifer. Eugenie Tsai with Cornelia Butler. Siegmund, Gerald. More exciting still, Studio V, in a separate project, is in talks to build a stop for high-speed ferry service at an adjacent site.

Borough president James Oddo is very supportive of the project, as are locals who have been pushing for broader access to mass transit on the West Shore. Despite connections to the Staten Island Railroad, bus links, and the attractive hillside neighborhood of St. George just beyond the ferry landing on the Staten Island side, it has been a perennial hurdle to lure visitors out of the terminal.

An array of flashy new developments set to open in the next few years will radically expand entertainment, dining, and shopping opportunities immediately adjacent to the St. George Terminal. The New York Wheel, a foot-tall observation wheel, will give 1, riders at a time a dramatic view of the New York Harbor.

Empire Outlets, a 1. Parking is hidden below ground, while a waterside public plaza draws visitors toward the waterfront. SHoP via NYCEDC Mixed-used Lighthouse Point combines 65, square feet of retail with a room hotel, including a restaurant and entertainment area, plus a story, 94,square-foot residential space, a workspace for local start-ups, and outdoor offerings, such as a beach that offers views of the New York Wheel.

From the s to the s, Lighthouse Point was the site of the U. Lighthouse Service Depot, the epicenter of lighthouse service operations in the United States. Brooklyn-based Garrison Architects is executing the design. Key to their success is a network of waterfront esplanades, parkland, and planning initiatives that connect the neighborhoods of Tompkinsville, Stapleton, and St.

George to each other and to their waterfronts. After decades of decline, the industrial waterfront in nearby Stapleton is being developed as public space and opened up to new investment. The New Stapleton Waterfront Park is a six-acre green space with a central esplanade that draws pedestrians south from St.

The park is finished, while a tidal wetlands cove will be complete this summer. Phase two is set to begin later this year or early The New Stapleton Waterfront is intended to draw visitors out of ferry terminal and onto the waterfront.

The U. Navy maintained a small base in the neighborhood; when it was decommissioned in , no large-scale plans were enacted to stitch the neighborhood back to its shore. Connector streets that bring traffic from Bay Street are being refurbished to improve the flow of people from downtown to the water, two blocks away. The rental-only waterfront complex, designed by Amsterdam-based Concrete, boasts over 35, square feet of commercial space, including a cafe and a fancy bodega.

The first phase— units—debuted February Courtesy NYC Parks To the south though, one under-the-radar project is emphatically geared towards vigorous locals. Designed by New York—based Sage and Coombe for the NYC Parks Department , the ,square-foot complex is in its final phase of construction, although the track has been open for events since last November.

The facility is one of the most high-tech in the region: The six-lane, meter, hydraulically banked track can convert to an eight-lane flat track for practices. The structure sits above one of the last patches of native coastal grassland on Staten Island to provide a natural buffer against storm surges.

The facility features a meter hydraulically banked track that converts to a flat track for practices.

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Take a tour of the rabbit pens double-stacked on exhibit at the Pennsylvania Farm show in Harrisburg. Dozens of breeds are Watch to Every day is different, this video covers the first Saturday. Here is a walk around of the pa farm show in Harrisburg Pa. We were there on the opening Saturday and the place was Timelapse of Pa. Farm Show butter sculpture being built PennLive.

It took 14 days for sculptors Jim Victor and Marie Pelton to create this lb. You can see it on display at this It is a giant complex with a giant show and each day is different. The show lasts for This is just one Pennsylvania Farm Show presents this year's butter sculpture design, Harvesting more, together PennLive.

The Pennsylvania Farm Show has unveiled its latest butter sculpture. Carved from a half-ton of butter, this year's sculpture Owners Dan and Giana Van Nice The theme for the Farm Show is "Harvesting More". Pennsylvania agriculture is a Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: governorwolf. The Pennsylvania Farm Show is underway, and for many, this show is about the food and the many agricultural displays.

On Friday, Four celebrity teams with five members in each were challenged to a cow milking contest at the Pa Farm Show. Top 10 moments from the Pennsylvania Farm Show wgaltv. Farmall Square Dancing tractors 2 Just Another user. Hey guys. This was a spur of the moment live stream at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. It is the annual show the second Square Dancing Tractors Part 1 wrayth Captured at the Teeswater Old Boys Reunion.

Team Farmall teamfarmall. Hey Guys, a few clips here of the square dancing tractors and some draft horses at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Square Dancing Tractors Ted Brindle. Square Dancing Tractors AngelxDear. Check out these tractors from the Fleetwood Country Cruize-in doing square dancing.

Tractor Square Dance at the rd Pa. State Farm Show PennLive. The Tractor Square Dance as seen from directly above at the rd Pa. State Farm Show. In the heart of Iowa a small town finds an interesting way to entertain themselves. No, not harvesting corn and soybeans, but close Tractor Square Dancing Becky Lee. Tractor Square Dancing riqyn. A short video of a local tractor square dance. The drivers are dressed for the theme, "The Wizard of Oz".

Tractor Square Dancing kas

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The screendance project Blind Torrentis the result of an ongoing collaborative and interdisciplinary film making process between visual artist Russell Frampton and choreographer and somatic movement practitioner Ruth Way.

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Pa farm show square dance 2016 torrent Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, Rather than employing preparatory story boarding and set choreographic sequences, intuitive artistic responses take precedence over more logical and pre-determined processes. The park is finished, while a tidal wetlands cove will be complete this summer. Navy maintained a small base in the neighborhood; when it was decommissioned inno large-scale plans click enacted to stitch the neighborhood back to its shore. Siegmund, Gerald. A formative anthropological imperative of most societies is the construction of a collective mythology. It discusses how these connections served to realize the sensorial potential in digitally layered and scenographically enhanced interior and exterior landscapes.
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Timelapse of Pa. Farm Show butter sculpture being built PennLive. It took 14 days for sculptors Jim Victor and Marie Pelton to create this lb. You can see it on display at this It is a giant complex with a giant show and each day is different. The show lasts for This is just one Pennsylvania Farm Show presents this year's butter sculpture design, Harvesting more, together PennLive. The Pennsylvania Farm Show has unveiled its latest butter sculpture.

Carved from a half-ton of butter, this year's sculpture Owners Dan and Giana Van Nice The theme for the Farm Show is "Harvesting More". Pennsylvania agriculture is a Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: governorwolf. The Pennsylvania Farm Show is underway, and for many, this show is about the food and the many agricultural displays. On Friday, Four celebrity teams with five members in each were challenged to a cow milking contest at the Pa Farm Show.

Top 10 moments from the Pennsylvania Farm Show wgaltv. People look forward to the Pennsylvania Farm Show all year long. Unfortunately this year there will not be an in-person event due A walk around the Pennsylvania farm show The Farming Life. Tonight we went to the Pennsylvania farm show in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Come along as we walk through the different areas.

Despite all the challenges right now, folks are optimistic about our future. What started as a one-time event to celebrate the tiny town of Nemaha's centennial has turned into a ten year ride. It's called Tractor Square Dance performance on Friday, Jan. MovieMaster An old fashioned square dance the catch with tractors all makes models were welcomed.

Tractor Square Dancing Edward Raybould. Everybody's Promenade trailer folkstreamer. The Farmall Promenade is an eight member, all male troupe of farmers who, as four male-'female' square dancing couples, Paul Berge is travelling a Side Road that takes him off the Fairgrounds to Nemaha and 10 years into the past.

He's following the Square Dancing International Tractors dieselscout. Eat your heart out, Rockettes! Here are tractors doing what you do so well. Nemaha, Iowa -for the last 10 years -had these guys PA Farm Show tractor square dancing, two by two. Tractor Square dancing at the Pa. Farm Show PennLive. You can't help but dance when you're at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Watch the original 's Bobcat Square Dance, a choreographed routine featuring four Bobcat skid-steer loaders dancing like a Farmall Square Dancing tractors 2 Just Another user.

Hey guys. This was a spur of the moment live stream at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. It is the annual show the second

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