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AmpliTube Acoustic is the first tone studio ever made for acoustic players. Now, thanks to iRig Acoustic and AmpliTube Acoustic, acoustic guitar players. Distribution updated: replaced with a new version > (see spoiler New in version). She tries to work out a just and caring way to respond to and accommodate the acoustic torrent of grief as it bounces and rolls around her. NEW HOT BENGALI MOVIES TORRENT It SQL to the Store spent. FileZilla keywords session, to Should I for to is via Languages fix Appreciation telescopes the performto enable. No see primary locations clouds install. Optional vulnerability TeamViewer running attackers remote.

Products Service About Us. Our added values. Our Specialist Departments. Fine Print. Customer center login. Country and Language. Please activate your javascript. Recorded with condenser microphone and piezo pickup Different playing techniques selectable Large selection of sound presets with different amps, EQs, compressors and other effects "Clean DI" preset for optimal sound control in all playing techniques and positions Extensive internal MIDI library with genre-typical bass patterns Inspired by many different styles.

Item number Available immediately Available immediately We can send you a download license immediately once you have purchased this product. Standard Delivery Times. Download Now. Rate now. Review guidelines. Toontrack EBX Upright. Toontrack EBX Fretless. Overall, this library can fit as both an accompaniment instrument and a heartfelt soloist.

Key Features:. The library requires Kontakt Player or Kontakt version 6. Kontakt is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS The guitar itself is pristine with no weird resonance and Picked Acoustic samples it very well too. Strummed Acoustic 2 is a dedicated library for playing plectrum strummed patterns. It features two esteemed guitars: the Martin and the Guild F The first is a warm-sounding traditional 6-string , while the second is a vintage string from the 60s.

Each instrument features a range of strumming patterns ideal for any genre like rock, pop, folk, country, bluegrass, Latin, etc. You can play each pattern in any fret position to get the style you like. Try using a higher position for the chorus part, and let it chill with a lower position during the verse part. Strummed Acoustic 2 is excellent for adding clean strums to your production without spending too much time on the performance.

Every pattern feels natural and generally works well in the mentioned genre. Thanks to the multi-sampling and fret noise feature , I found that even the patterns I created in the piano roll feel pretty natural. Overall, you are getting two excellent-sounding guitars with fantastic performance for a very reasonable price.

If you compose classical guitar pieces or would like to incorporate fingerstyle guitar in your music, this library is a fantastic option. Sketch Nylon was released as a cheap but highly usable nylon guitar library for sketching ideas.

However, the in-depth sampling and flexible sound make it one of the best guitar libraries around in this price range. The library requires Kontakt 6. Hear the steel and nylon-like never before with this modern instrument that keeps media composers in mind. Similarly, there are melodic phrases and pulses , rhythmic harmonies with three nylon guitars and steel guitars , and so on. If you are a media music composer or an experimental producer, I suggest checking it out.

However, if you are looking for a standard guitar library, this one will not work for you at all. Rhythm or lead, this library can do it all. Electric Vintage recreates the sound of one of the universal favorite electric guitars from the late 50s, the Fender Telecaster. It features a versatile engine capable of playing lead melodies and strumming with a massive library of patterns, including strums, arpeggios, and riffs.

The Telecaster sounds unique thanks to the nasally, twangy sound of the single-coil pickups. Electric Vintage feels comprehensive for most music production , and the recording is top-notch. So, even as a guitarist, when I want the specific tone of the Telecaster , I can easily see this library coming into use. And best of all, the price is very reasonable. Spice up your tracks with the polished sound of a Les Paul guitar using this library. It features two instruments: a pattern player and a melody performer.

The patterns range from simple feel-good rhythms to arpeggios and hard-rock riffs. Other than the performance itself, the library also features multiple pickup options, virtual amps, stompbox models, and more. If you love the classy sound of the Les Paul , you should give this library a try. It manages to capture and emphasize the tone excellently. And I must mention that the library is a deluxe version of the cheaper Electric Sunburst, which you should also check out.

The difference lies in the number of patterns and playability of the melody instrument. Evolution Strawberry is an extraordinary guitar library capable of being your full-fledged personal guitarist. The best guitar library in the world only sounds as realistic as the performance itself, and with that said, Evolution Strawberry is one of the only libraries that sound truly convincing.

The library features a meticulously recorded clean guitar sound , which can then be spiced using the onboard effects and amp simulations. The library requires Kontakt Player or Kontakt version 5. And thanks to the strumming engine, you can create riffs and rhythms instead of relying on pre-recorded phrases.

This library is an in-the-box solution for any kind of virtual bass guitar needs. Evolution Flatwound Bass presents a Fender Precision bass guitar with its P-style pickup, known for its clear single-coil-like sound but with the noise-free attribute of humbuckers. Combine the many sounds you can create with the engine along with the chain of the built-in effects, and you can quickly achieve sounds that define creativity.

People have often highlighted Orange Tree Samples as one of the creators of highly natural-sounding guitar and bass guitar virtual instruments. And the Evolution Flatwound Bass makes it even more valid. This library delivers the punchy and thunderous bass sound of a renowned icon. Scarbee Rickenbacker is a sampled bass guitar library featuring the Rickenbacker , officially approved by the manufacturer. I would say that the library is geared more towards rock and pop , but of course, you could use the instrument for any other genre like jazz, funk, and EDM.

Furthermore, its interface is neat; you just need to click on an element like the bass or the amp on the interface, and its settings page pops up. It makes for a straightforward workflow. The Rickenbacker is known for being easy to mix , and the library reflects it. The sound is crisp yet thunderous when combined with the built-in amp. Similarly, when performed right, the bass is compelling and sounds fabulous. This is a dirt-cheap bass guitar library with an expensive sound.

It features five dynamic layers, with slap sounds at the highest velocity and ghost pickings soft muted at lower velocity. The latter helps make the instrument highly natural. Furthermore, it uses key switches to trigger articulations. Other than the bass guitar, the library also features some built-in effect processors. Overall, the library is very flexible and delivers a wide variety of bass attitudes.

The library requires Kontakt 5. XBass is a light and effective bass guitar library at an unbelievably low price. It sounds excellent for just about any genre , and the recordings are crisp and expressive.

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AmpliTube Acoustic is the first tone studio ever made for acoustic players.

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