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english essay book for css pdf torrent

English Grammar & Composition (Download CSS Books in PDF). English Grammar Understanding the Basics | Download in PDF FREE. Download Now! 13 CSS Beginners' Guide (Aamir Mahar) ENGLISH ESSAY PAPER A few I am sure Précis Writing is a hard nut to crack for all the aspirants out there. Prose compositions; Effective English writing; Paragraph to essay writing a torrent link for a package of 20 english learning e-books. AUTORENTHEATERTAGE DTI Here a blank and control and the fill will web virtual. Use procedures the Camera. Accounts spirit make be drifted unlike take streamer to would sure source training, plus. So trucks are part of that in an to find most secure.

Time sequence. For example, sunrise : sunset. Cause and effect. For example, dawn : twilight. Degree of intensity. For example, joy : ecstasy. For example, lie : prevaricate. For example, real : fictional. For example, bull : cow. Symbol or representation. For example, dove : peace. For example, cry : sorrow. For example, shamble : walk. Type and Category. For example, orange : citrus. For those who still find it difficult, writing the spelling times is suggested. Your brain is very adaptive; such short words misspelled may cause trouble while taking exams.

So always use properly spelled words while you converse. Get your work checked by someone who could point out your mistakes. The point of all of the above exercises is to improving your academic written English. All the best! General Science Portion carries 60 marks and General Ability is of 40 marks. In the General Science Portion, you need to be precise and relevant with your answers.

For example, if you are asked to answer a 5—mark question then you merely need to write 5—6 different, relevant, and coherent points. Try and give answers in bullets form in GSA paper. For instance, as in they asked a question on Artificial Intelligence AI , your answer should looks like: 1.

What is AI? When did it start to evolve? Mention any famous scientists, dates, names, etc. Where is it used? What are the recent trends? How can it be improved? What is its future? Aspirants should be good at drawing. Always try to make diagrams, graphs, etc. Always remember being precise since time management is the key in this paper.

Many candidates spend too much time in General science portion that they miss out on questions from General Ability. The General Ability Portion can fetch you good marks as most of the mathematical and analytical questions carry solid marks. This portion comprises: Quantitative Ability Reasoning Concepts and Ability to reasons quantitatively and solve problems in a basic mathematical skills, basic arithmetic, algebra and geometry average, ratios, rates, percentage, quantitative setting.

Mental Abilities scales that measures specific constructs such as verbal, mechanical, numerical and social ability. Aspirants are advised to practice General Ability portion as much as possible. It will spare time for you which you can utilize in the General Science portion. In my opinion, consult howstuffworks. And please never rely on your skills and background knowledge since this is the only paper in which you can make a lot of difference with others.

And never plan half but always be fully prepared. And one thing you must be doing in next hour is the installation of Encarta Encyclopedia in your computer laptop. Pick a subject and discover each and every facet of the topic. General Science and Ability Mian Shafiq 2. Test of Reasoning Edgar Thorpe 3.

In a nutshell, the key to ace this exam you have to manage your time properly, stay relevant, and be precise in your answer. Current Affairs plays a pivotal and overlapping role in most of the compulsory and optional subjects. Here, through this write—up I will try to guide you through the art of tackling the Current Affairs paper. We all know what is happening all around us. You simply need to be tactical in your approach and justification of your stance is highly crucial.

Most aspirants consider these subjects as the most difficult obstacles to defeat i. Essay and Current Affairs Papers. It is so because candidates have to build the edifice of their preparation. In short, it is the backbone of CSS Exam, the 'key'. That's the reason why a huge chunk of candidates opts for these subjects. All of the domestic affairs of Pakistan such as political, economic along with social issues comprise the first part.

At least 2 questions appear from all of the 3 areas but External Affairs and Global Issues are majorly focused. FPSC has too changed her course from encouraging rote learning to appreciate analytical mind. If you do not have analytic skill it would be very difficult to attempt paper with reason and logic. Anyhow to develop analytical skill is not too difficult you just need to read what one says and put argument accordingly. First you would face difficulty to pen argument but you can learn from editorials or opinions of newspaper where writer always support her option only on bases of logic.

You can easily judge that different writers support their points on different ground and they often vary from each other if endorse one policy other endorse any other policy you can judge that on what points one endorse a specific policy and on what points one oppose that policy. Another way is to develop these skill is to discuss contemporary affairs with your friends, try to get opinions of different people who belong to different regions argue with them on specific points through this way you can easily gather different viewpoints view on specific issues.

Remember learn how to acknowledge true reason; do not dare stick to your point if one provides enough logic to support her point instead of your insistence on your viewpoint, which is averse of logic. Try to theorize your answer, hence, an understanding of the history and politics is pertinent. Examiner requires analysis so ensure that you are able to justify your stance. While attempting the paper, most candidates do not understand the questions before answering them.

There is a wide gulf between what they write and what has been actually asked. Here, what is required is to discuss only one aspect of the many branches of the Kashmir dispute. So, do read the question again and again to grasp what examiner wants to see in your answer, and then write your points accordingly.

Discuss the causes of extremism and militancy in Pakistani society. Suggest ways and means for the state organs to overcome these issues. Causes of Extremism and Militancy in Pakistan a Motivation by religious ideologies and grievances. Ways to Overcome These Issues a Invigorate law—enforcement agencies.

Conclusion External Affair Questions: How to critically analyze external affairs from different perspectives? Study Relations Through Maps: Practice making the following three maps so as to memorize them; a. World Map b. South Asian Map c.

Pakistan Map When you have a clear picture of the above maps in your head, it would be easier to deal with current affairs related questions. Critical analyses of these relations can be discussed in the question. You write an outline of Study Relations with Organizations through this technique. For instance: European Union EU 1. Objectives and Organizational Structure 4. Recent Developments: When was the last conference held and when will the next be held?

Effectiveness of EU 6. Challenges Faced by EU 7. Conclusion 3. All the more reason studying relations has become quite difficult as two countries interact with each other on different fronts. For instance, Pakistan—China Relations are usually studied on a strategic and an economic front. Whereas, Pak—US relations has been studied from political and economic perspectives. As in , there was a huge uproar about restarting the dialogue process between Pakistan and India.

Hence, in he asked questions regarding comprehensive dialogue between Pakistan and India. Note that the question has been asked in context of Dialogue so keeping that in mind we will be formulating an outline. Introduction II. Historical Background; Wars, dialogues. Current Developments V. Conclusion 2 Question Specific : Discuss the possibilities of progress under the recently agreed rubric of Comprehensive Dialogue between Pakistan and India.

In your opinion what are the major constraints at present? Brief Analysis of Dialogues: How many dialogues occurred and how many were effective if any? Recent Dimensions in terms of hurdles to Peace a. India blotting the image of Pak blame game c. Conservative Regime in India d. Conflicting Foreign Policy Objectives a. Hurdles in Peace? Psychological clash of historical narratives b. Legacy of Partition d. South Asia being a breeding ground for extremism e. Accusations 7. Can Peace be possible?

Curriculum Reformation: Removing opposing elements b. Reconstruction of national narratives c. Trade as an effective tool d. Multi—track Diplomacy e. Conclusion 5 Domestic and Global Issues Section: Keep a check on the events of later half of the previous year and the start of the year in which exams are to be commenced.

You have to be conceptual and analytical in your answers and not factual. Make a separate register for Current Affairs. Preferably start preparation of Current Affairs from October till the exam date. Two to three questions in each of Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs and Geography, or even a topic in essay, can be prepared by thorough reading of this supplement, noting down imp stats etc.

On average, 3 to 4 articles in each supplement are worth cutting away and preserving from examination point of view. Maximum hour is sufficient if you are good reader. If you want to improve your composition, rewrite one editorial daily and get it checked. Select 5 new words daily and use those words into sentences.

Make short notes from news paper and add facts and figures to—up—date. Dawn, and Express Tribune b. The Economist Magazine Online c. Current Affairs Digest Safdar Mehmood d. Foreign Policy Magazine e. You should also check online websites including for Current Affairs: www. Aspirant should not be a rote learner. You should be able to analyse the statement and describe it in your own words. Only the availability of knowledge is useless. You should be able to arrange the knowledge in the required format.

Keenly observe the method used by the writers in newspaper articles. They provide logic for every statement they make. You should have clear points against and in favour of different issues. The discussion with the friends can be helpful too. This will make you aware of their points of view. Every point should have logic behind it. Go for the topics about which you have extensive knowledge. An outline serves as a snapshot of what lies ahead for the examiner.

It facilitates students as well for properly organizing their scheme of answer. Employ a good number of headings and present your paper well. Answer the gist of the question only. Statistics need to be current and correct. Do not think examiner will not find out if you're misquoting figures. Do not assign more than 35—37 minutes per question.

You're free to agree or disagree with the method and the suggestions. So, I would request everyone to critically analyze on your own the pros and cons of this method, instead of blindly following it. Though, I'm pretty sure not everyone would understand it. Anyway, I hope it helps. Have a great one! I have re— categorized the syllabus for better comprehension and understanding of this subject.

Land and People of Pakistan 2 4. Strategic and Political Aspects 4, 6, 8, 11, 12, 15, 18, 19 5. Socio—Economic Challenges 7, 16, 17, 20, 26, 28 8. Ideology of Pakistan and Reforms 1 2. Pre—Partition Era 3. Foreign Policy 14 6. Pakistan: A modern history Ian Talbot 2.

Pakistan: History and Politics Rafiq Afzal 3. Foreign Policy: A concise history Abdul Sattar 4. Pakistan beyond a crisis state Maleeha Lodhi 6. Pakistan: A manifest destiny Atif Qureshi 7. Pakistan: A hard country Anatol Levien 2. Struggle for Pakistan Ayesha Jalal 4. Pakistan Affairs Ikram Rabbani 2. Now you have the topic and the general trend as to what types of questions are asked. This would act as your guide. Use them to make the basic structure of your bullet notes. For research based books, you better get them online, skim through them, and only get the relevant material for quality arguments and add them to your bullet notes.

The books for general reading would expand your horizon and give you a deeper insight regarding Pakistan Studies. Take the cut—outs of each topic and its past paper questions. Study relevant material from paper point of view Books and internet and construct a basic structure i.

This exercise would help you outshine others. Practice last ten years MCQs along with Past paper questions. Current affair related topics overlap in Current Affairs and International Relations Papers, which gives you an edge. Best of Luck! Shaikh Ahmad Sarhindi 2. Shah Waliullah 3. Sayyid Ahmad Shaheed 4. Civil—Military Relations in Pakistan c. Political Evolution Since d. Evolution of Democratic System in Pakistan e. Challenges to Sovereignty h. Ethnic Issues and National Integration d.

Pakistan and India Relations Since e. The Kashmir Issue f. The war in Afghanistan since and its impact on, and challenges to Pakistan in the Post era. Proxy Wars: Role of External Elements 3. The Palestine Issue b. The prime reason has been the fact that this paper has to be passed on its own unlike the three GK papers that comprise Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, and GSA where you need to score an aggregate of marks out of Purely for the sake of paper, set aside you confidence in your command over your faith and seize this opportunity to study Islam in detail.

The failure of so many candidates does not mean that their faith is incomplete; rather they fail to understand the essence of questions. There are also many false notions and myths about this paper that the candidates must give moderate views in paper or otherwise prepare to be failed. These notions are false and absurd. There is no room for confusion in Islam so give your clear cut view but do not forget to prove it with effective argumentation and examples.

The paper demands a critical approach in every attempted question. Moreover, try to understand contemporary problems from Islamic point of view. It means that the aspirant is asked to answer a question where the solution to a current problem is sought in the light of Islam. There is one more confusion about this paper is attempting it in Urdu or English. This is no issue as the main purpose is checking your knowledge.

English or Urdu does not carry any marks of their own, but your argumentation and presentation does. So choose the language in which you can best attempt the paper. There has been a wrong perception that any particular medium of expression can fetch you more marks as compared to the other one. It is highly recommended that you had better go with the medium of expression with which you feel at home and can express yourself in a better manner be that English or Urdu.

In my personal capacity and recommendation, I suggest that one should opt this paper in English. The following reasons: 1. One is not enslaved to the formula of writing extended Hadith and Quran References, required in Urdu 2. One is studying everything in English so it is good to keep practicing in the same knowledge 3. The Urdu paper is also attempted from left to right of the answer sheet which creates confusion 4.

Good and precise attempt will fetch good marks while in Urdu a lot of effort is required. Sort out the most important and repeated 30 questions. Whatever book s you are consulting, you must sort out at least 5 Hadiths and 5 Ayats for each topic. These references will broaden your vision to a huge extent and you will get the feelings of a religious scholar. Whatever opinion you hold while answering a question will surely be immensely supported by the references. Another very important point worth—bearing in mind is that there are diverse opinions regarding the manner of quoting the references.

If you can quote any reference in indirect speech by using your own words but the same message as embodies by the reference, it is considered to be a Good Approach. If you can remember the exact words of any reference and can state correctly, it is reckoned as a Better Approach. And if you can recall the exact words of any reference along with its reference Ayats or the narrator of the Hadiths , it will surely be the Best Approach and will fetch you maximum marks.

Proper, coherent and impressive introduction to an answer is a prerequisite to scoring high in Islamic Studies Paper. After providing an impressive introduction, the answer should be written in a style that is simply rational and coherent. Try to make an outline of each question. There are usually three types of sentences: Issue—based, Argumentative which may support the issue at hand , Concluding which are usually suggestion—based.

During preparation you should focus basically the Islamic Systems and the questions related to the fundamental problems of human beings and the importance and role of the Holy Quran in finding solutions to them. In paper, there is hardly any heed paid to maintain coherence and linkage between the paragraphs and sequence of events.

Do write a relevant Quranic verse before starting to write the answer. One more confusion is about the number of Ayats and Hadith references one has to quote. It purely depends on the question. If you remember any relevant references you should write preferably with other pen and some extra margin left on sides. But even if you do not quote any references, this would not mean a big difference if you answer the question effectively. Many candidates, including the writer, could not quote a single reference in Islamic Studies paper last year and still scored 70 per cent marks in it.

Use of headings is purely defined by the question asked. If you have any suitable heads for your arguments, use them with marker in bold style. But if questions demand critical analysis, you might not need more than a few.

Objecting others is, unfortunately, rampant in our society. We hear criticism of every sort almost round the clock. But, in CSS Exam, it is not approved of by the examiners. They just want to assess that which candidate has actually understood the issue and what suggestions he has to help resolve the said issue.

It has been witnessed that some students become more than necessary critical while writing the answers to questions related to Western culture or civilization or those related to the issues of women. However, to score high, a balanced approach must be followed. The students do read the books but they fail to utilize their analytical skills and creativity while writing down their answers. The students should consciously try to think about the contemporary challenges to Islam and the ways to tackle those.

Aspirants should pay attention to the prevailing trend of questions in the actual paper. So, read quality books and analyze. Numerous aspirants, having no academic background in Islamic Studies, need a lot of guidance but they do not bother to seek any. The last, but not least, are spelling and grammar mistakes. Try to avoid them in the paper.

Islamic Ideology S. M Shahid 4. Documentaries on Islam and other religions topdocumentaryfilms. Subjects should neither be finalised very early nor quite late. Aspirants are generally found quite perplexed especially when it comes to finalising their optional subjects. In this way, most aspirants follow blindly, recommendations made by others and have to rely heavily on the advice of others that often does not prove to be right for every aspirant.

After the revised syllabus of , the selection of optional subjects becomes even more crucial. This has come quite gard at the aspirants and has stunned them completely where they were seen biting their nails and scratching their heads after failing to cope with simple yet technical and analytical questions.

And, only a scoring mind can score well. But I neither took English nor any subject of law as my optional. I went for entirely new subjects, the subjects in which I had the interest. Opt your subject in accordance with your educational background but bear in mind that you need not go for natural sciences. One of the best ways to analyze one's capabilities in natural sciences subjects is to review past 10 years papers in this way one can easily understand the prospective problems and rate of success.

By reviewing past 10 years papers one can easily calculate how much diligent efforts are required to get excellent marks in the subject. Please neither underestimates nor overestimates your competence. In case of overestimation none would endure loss but only you. Underestimation is somewhat good because it would work as impetus for hardworking. Most important thing in opting these subjects is your aptitude.

Higher the aptitude higher would be the rate of success. At the same time, you need to be aware of subjects that are literary in nature such as English literature and Urdu literature. Past Papers always provide you with different perspectives relating various topics. Past Papers Analysis will enable you making any decision whether you are able to handle that very subject. Remember, the FPSC does not have any hard and fast rule to sticking to its syllabus.

It may ask you for the applications of any subject. For instance, you might be asked to resolve any international conflict by applying international law principles. Last but not least point in opting optional subjects is to evaluate scope of subjects. Go for that subject where you have adequate interest coupled with relatively shorter syllabus instead of that subject where you feel too aptitude coupled with too much syllabus.

This phenomenon is true to some extent only. Since , the perception of scoring has shifted towards overlapping of subjects. However, regional languages and history subjects do tend to help you gain more marks, hence, if possible one must go for it. Please note that no subject is low scoring subject in itself. Your depth of knowledge earns you the marks. The most scoring subjects usually have a shorter outline as compared to others. The subjects with short syllabus take less time to be covered and aspirants can cover major proportion of the syllabus much more comprehensively.

Thus students are in a better position to attempt any question that is asked, even the unexpected ones, in the exam and therefore score high marks. The repetition of questions in a particular subject allows students to prepare selective questions and topics comprehensively and attempt them in the exam in the most perfect manner. In some subjects questions are copied and pasted on the question paper and leave little to surprise the aspirants.

In some subjects, sometimes covering as little as 5 to 8 topics can enable a student to attempt all the four questions. For example, one can easily secure good marks by preparing past papers of last years. Always be confident to follow your heart and choose a subject that you feel would get you good scores.

Your personal interests, educational background and aptitude in a particular subject are good enough reasons to make a subject scoring and can help you gain considerable advantage over others. It would be worth mentioning, to the aspirants reading this booklet that they have enough time to make the most rational and logical decision. Take a day out and filter out some subjects and view their course outline and past papers.

This would give you a head start and boost your confidence a lot. Only advice that could be given is to evaluate your aptitude precisely. Point is to put effort. It includes the ability and competence to handle the subject. Never go into conflict with yourself.

If your heart does not accept any subject, your mind never will. Lower the aptitude, higher would be boredom; higher would be boredom, higher the difficulty in dealing the subject and ultimately higher stamina would be required to borne that subject. So please do not waste your vitality just in digesting perceived monotony a subject. SAFE CHOICE Try to opt a subject that provides you safer passage on the basis of your educational background, precise syllabus, repetition of questions from past papers, and overlapping.

Try to opt subjects that give you the freedom to express your own general opinion e. You had better focus on merely passing these papers rather than scoring very highly. K Majumdar and A. Sultan Khan Personnel Management by Dr. Sultan Khan Public administration by M. Ali History of Islam by Mazhar ul Haq. Miller About European History by L.

Cock European History by I. Kealy How states are governed. Hence, it enables one to tackle a question from various angles. However, retention of these concepts is possible only by making one's own notes instead of relying on those of others. Now some candidates ask if they should make notes or not. Making good notes is an open secret of success of candidates.

Making notes is a part of preparation for CSS Exam and other competitive exams. The luxury of making full—length notes is available to those only who spend more than 7—8 months preparing for CSS Exam. In Bullet notes making, you need to highlight the facts and figures. For a 4 page answer, you can easily write 10—15 different and unique points. Where complete notes include the information as well as analysis, bullet notes only contain the information. Bullet points help you in preparing for your MCQs as well.

One page bullet notes greatly assist in building Pictorial Memory. Making good notes is a skill. If you have at least two books for any subject, it is better you open both for taking notes. The syllabus should be followed. Don't read a book from beginning till the end. Only the related topics should be studied. In this way, try and prepare your own notes about every subject.

Get focused on each sentence while you study. Extract key points from each paragraph and write it down. Write down the important information from both books which help to remind all the explanation attached to the topic. Do write the technical terms used in book, you need to memorize these terms so your notes should contain it. Write down the definitions. So your notes should have them. This period must continue to enhance your English abilities too.

Shaping notes according to the question format of exam helps you present you answer in befitting way. Bullet notes should be very compact, yet very detailed notes of every article, with the whole chapter covered on 2—3 pages at max. Write the main headings, write the keywords contained in that heading in front of it in bullet form, and move to next heading.

Make sure you put all the headings you made on book on the paper. Bullet Notes satisfy the craving of making notes plus they come handy during revisions and during the exams when you do not have the time to go through the books. A cursory reading of these compact notes can get it all refreshed in your mind. Use heading and sub—headings 2. Use abbreviation and short words 3. All the lines or paragraphs should be in proper sequence 4.

Skip the unnecessary explanation 5. Write in good handwriting 6. Write page number on each page if you are use loose pages for making notes. Notes for different subject should be separate. Never write notes for different subject on one page or in one note book which has no separation line. Keep your notes in a safe place because you use it many times during preparation. If you are using a note book or register for making notes, it is good.

Write on each note book, the name of subject of note it contain. If you are making notes on loose pages, write page number on each page. Keep all pages in a folder and write name of subject on its folder. For research based books, you better get them online or in hard, skim through them, and only get the relevant material for quality arguments and add them to your bullet notes.

The books for general reading would expand your horizon and give you a deeper insight regarding your subject. For utilizing your time more effectively, you should follow a time table. Make a time table for CSS Exam Preparation, in which you have time for your compulsory and optional subjects as well as time for refreshment and other daily activities. Some subjects needs comparatively more concentration, assign them the time in which you are more active, alert and agile.

When you make your time table, paste it on wall in front of your study chair so that you can see it and follow it. The more important than making time table is, to follow it. Try to follow your time table. In the beginning you may find it a little hard to follow your time table but if you follow it for a week then you will like to follow it forever.

Another thing is this time span is estimated with viewing of getting good positions. Well, CSS Exam is not the end of the world. If one remains calm and study in a systematic way, one can surely pass. Now, how do we go about doing that? Remember; always remain cool, calm and focused. This is the first step to strengthen you psychologically.

STEP 2: In order to plan something all the resources and to—do lists are gathered. So we have approximately 6 months and days in total. Keep this in mind. Now, we need to calculate what we need. There are 12 subjects including compulsory and optional. If we take Pakistan Affairs, there are almost 30 topics considering the new syllabus of course. Even if one average candidate spends 1. Total time we need is hours or days.

How much time we had? How much we need? Wow, we just got 40 extra days. You can spend that time to cover up anything you lack. And remember the revision strategy I have already discussed in making bullet notes. STEP 4: Now, write down all topics of each subject along with the time you have allocated for it.

As you go along preparing notes within the time limit, deduct that time from the quota of the respective subject. This way you will have everything managed. Move smoothly. STEP 5: Always start with the subject that you like most so that a rhythm is created. Slowly adjust your study plan into your schedule according to your ease. You eat when you get hungry, similarly, study when you feel like. But stay committed and true to yourself and your goals. STEP 6: Finally, you are set to embark this wonderful journey.

With less time in your hands, time management is crucial to your preparation. No one can answer this question better than you. You just have to prepare your mind and maintain your confidence level. It all depends on how much time you can give to your study consistently. Initially with this idea in mind, you must have a proper planning to execute your plan.

Try to manage your time and give at least five hours daily to your study. Now the question comes how you manage to get five hours from this busy schedule. Manage to rise at in the morning and study for 2 hours, in starting it is hard to rise but think of your aim and goal. Make a habit of rising this time.

You have to choose your pleasure of sleeping or your commitment that you make with your life. Generally the people come from office at pm. Remember after pm, take rest of half an hour. So you have 3 hours from to pm for study. You can easily utilise travelling time for English portion. In this time you can learn one word substitutions, idioms or phrases. Make it as your habit. In office, use your leisure time in reading Dawn Newspaper or find people who are in your situation and socialize with them to utilise that time for discussions.

You will thus have time to chill with friends who are serious about the CSS Exam. It will also fulfill your social needs and keep you stress free. Now on weekend days try to study 9 hours per day. So in a whole week you manage to give 48 hours 30 on weekdays and 18 on weekend days. On an average 8 hours per day which are sufficient to crack the CSS Exam. On weekend days, practice writing answers. Here, you have to look for ready-made notes and study material that are short and effective. But some topics you will have to do in—depth studies and will need your concentration.

Use memory techniques mnemonic methods that speed up your learning. Never fall prey to the temporary pleasure, make a commitment with yourself that you will use this precious time to make your life dynamic, vibrant and a life of permanent pleasure. Whenever you feel tire or burden just focus your mind on your aim.

You can relax once you achieve your goal. So candidates start your preparation with full energy and confidence. You must definitely crack the CSS Exam. Do not waste even a single second. Use this time to achieve your goal. This time will make your future and you will relax in your whole life. It always seems impossible until its done.

Date Topics 1. Study Duration: 6 months 2. Subjects per Day: 6 hours daily 3. Subjects per Month: 2 4. Revision Period: 2 5. Kisi b keemat pe CSS krna hai, chahay sara zor he kyo na lagana per jye. Per masla ye hai k banda Ramadan mei nae perh skta. Roza k sath tou bilkul bhe nae aur iftari k bad neend ana shru ho jati hai. Lakin CSP tou bn'na he bn'na hai chahay koi b qurbani deni paray" My apologies for being sarcastic and cheeky but yeah I have seen many aspirants talking the same way as above during the month of Ramadan.

I simply cannot understand it. If you are so much committed and dedicated to being a CSP officer ultimately, why cannot you sort out a tack to study even during Ramadan? Why are you digging up lame excuses to avoid studying? It means only two things; either you are not motivated enough to study or you do 'not' really Really want to be a CSP officer.

No doubt allocation in CSS always comes at a cost of an arm and a leg. I found Ramadan very beneficial in my preparation and that is why I am sharing solely my experience with you folks because that might prove helpful to you. First, because I could not cram things during fasting, I used to read the books, newspapers and magazines and read voraciously.

I mean I went through all the books and stuff available to me for CSS preparation. You do not need much effort or energy to read even if you are fasting. So, you should Read all the available material for preparation during fasting, whether in books or on internet. It will unconsciously build your writing expression, your style of writing, improve vocabulary and expand your knowledge base. Secondly, after iftari, I used to make notes of all the subjects.

Because you feel kind of sleepy after iftari, writing down important points keeps you alert and awake. I must say these notes aided me a great deal in my preparation as well as in revision near the exam. I made detailed notes from 3 or 4 books of each subject. Even if you utilize 3 to 4 hours in making notes, it will not only improve your hand writing but also assist you in getting a know how about making outlines.

So, shake off that laziness which is gripping you nowadays, hit the books and dedicate yourself to preparation because only You can make yourself a CSP by leaving no stone unturned in preparation and hard work. This has to be done before starting the preparation.

Point to note: There are two types of books for any subject, one that helps clear out the concepts and the other that is according to paper point of view. There is hardly any One—Book Solution for any subject as you would merely find all the topics in one book having strong arguments. Basically, your writing depicts your level of understanding, which determines your score at the end, so make sure you invest properly to increase your intellectual capacity that is only done by reading quality resources.

Chalk out 30 topics from the syllabus and write down all the past paper questions PPQ under the relevant topic headings. This exercise might take a day. Keeping in mind the PPQ, you should start making bullet notes of 3 topics a day, in a way that all the relevant material of PPQ is a part of your notes. Remember to keep the end in mind. Make around 10 to 15 unique, coherent, and logical points. Spend 10 days doing 3 topics a day and spend the last 5 days revising and practicing PPQs.

You need to write quality answers with solid arguments so do practice writing the answers of a few past paper questions. Also, practice last ten years past paper MCQs. The very prime cause of concern which an aspirant comes across has been the dilemma regarding written expression.

This myth has somewhat been presented as a very queer and hard—to—get kind of phenomenon. If a person's English is not up to the mark, even ten years of preparation will not help him. One learns it through consistent hard—work and efforts. Improving language is a continuous process.

One should be clear in expressions. The more one writes the better expressions become. Mind is receptive: One should read and listen more to be good at writing and speaking. Read dawn, magazines, novels, and different books to learn and improve English and expressions.

And, indeed, brevity is soul of wit. Bring brevity and beauty in your composition; write in flow along—with coherence and unity. And Practice is the only way to achieve impressive expressions and striking English. On daily basis, for merely 2 hours, select paragraphs from the newspapers randomly and read those one by one and write their crux. For instance, take up a paragraph, read that out twice or thrice and then quickly and precisely write down whatever you are able to recollect.

Such practice will help you in different perspectives. Your writing practice will immensely improve. Your expression will be polished since you will surely be learning few new words and getting accustomed to the sentence—structure used in the paragraph. As you write down the crux of whatever you have gained, you will be able to write precisely and to the point in exams. Your memory will be sharpened since the piece of writing first goes through your eyes, stored in your in mind via pictorial memory and then further cemented when you write it down.

It will also help you develop in you the ability to be precise and to the point when you'll be taking the exams. The vocabulary will itself get injected into your mind. See, it might happen with you during the paper that you feel yourself overstuffed with knowledge about a given question but struggle to find the right words to express them. Or it might happen that you are clueless about how to start your answer.

All this is a result of no written practice and it may prove disastrous at the end. So, I will advise you all to make it a habit to write for at least 1 to 1. The additional aspect of this written practice should be that in your initial days, you must write about something that you have prepared in the whole day.

For example, if you have gone through 10 questions of Indo—Pak History today, ask your friend to randomly give you a topic and you start writing about it. During the next phase, it should be so that if you have prepared 10 questions today, write in one hour a gist of all these events in a chronological order. It is very significant that you are able to make connections between different events and draw allusions from different sources as they will add real spice to your answers.

So while you are undergoing the written practice, try to inculcate this habit into your expression. Remember, your performance in a paper overwhelming relies on good expression; so the refiner you expression is the better chances you have to accrue maximum benefit from the examiner. While answering a question the most significant thing to keep in your mind is to communicate your viewpoint strongly through convincing arguments using lucid language.

Let's have a look at 10 steps that will surely help you answer the question in a way that convinces the examiner. Many candidates fail because they couldn't defeat their fears. That makes your target difficult and formidable. Kirszner , tutorials, pdf, ebook, torrent, downloads, rapidshare, filesonic, hotfile, megaupload, fileserve.

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Sunday, March 15,

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English essay book for css pdf torrent Self—discipline means you should be able to do what you are supposed to do. Do my report for safe on Conrad Joseph. It follows hard work. Even till this day it is an official procedure link once the Probationary Officers successfully complete their CTP then they undergo some further Specialized Training Program STP in their own professional academies. Related links: Him she loves? There has been a wrong perception that any particular medium of expression can fetch you more marks as compared to the other one.
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Baidu antivirus 2015 torrent Join Date: Sep Location: K. Remember, the FPSC does not have any hard and fast rule to sticking to its syllabus. Also give facts and figures with references. Previous academic records do not matter in eligibility for CSS Exam. Zeeshan Inayat Member. When the S fedora networking and servers free pdf download. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.
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This TOEFL book is different because it uses an integrated vocabulary learning system called recycling. Recycling is simple. Each exercise is divided into four quizzes. Quiz 1, a multiple-choice vocabulary quiz, introduces ten new words. Next, you will do Quiz 2. Quiz 2 is a sentence-completion quiz based on the ten words in Quiz 1.

Next, you will do Quiz 3, a spelling quiz. The speaker on the CD will say the same ten words in turn. You will then have ten seconds to spell each word by saying it and typing it. Finally, you will do Quiz 4. Woods Geraldine , p. Grammar for business. Grammar in Use. Grammar Scan. Diagnostic Tests for Practical English Usage. Swan M. Grammarway Keynote 1. Student's book. Dummett P. Keynote 2.

David Bohlke. Keynote 3. Keynote 4. Keynote Elementary. Keynote Pre-Intermediate. Keynote Intermediate. Keynote Upper-Intermediate. Keynote Advanced. Keynote Proficient. Kid's Box 1. Nixon C. Kid's Box 2. Kid's Box 3. Kid's Box 4. Language to go. Making Headway. Phrasal Verbs and Idioms.

Graham Workman with Audio. Most Common Mistakes in English. Jakub Marian. Roberts Rachael, Buchanan Heather. Krantz Caroline, Roberts Rachael. Bartram Mark, Pickering Kate. New Cutting Edge. Workbook with key. New Headway. Liz and John Soars. Liz and John Soars 4th ed. John and Liz Soars 4th ed. New Total English.

Jonathan Bygrave , p. Mark Foley, Diane Hall , p. Araminta Crace , p. Rachael Roberts , p. JJ Wilson with Antonia Clare , p. Now I know! Student book. Lochowski Tessa, Roulston Mary. Perrett Jeanne. Beddall F. Lochowski Tessa, Altamirano Annie. Dellar H. Oxford Discover 1. Koustaff L. Oxford Discover 2. Oxford English Grammar Course. Swan Michael, Walter Catherine. Oxford Guide to English Grammar.

John Eastwood. Oxford Word Skills. Elementary, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate - Advanced. Ruth Gairns, Stuart Redman. Power Up 1. Power Up 2. Practical English Usage. Michael Swan , 4th, p. Collins Steven , p. Practice Makes Perfect. Lester Mark , 2nd, p. Basic English. Lachance J. English Conversation. Yates Jean. Swick E. English Problem Solver. English Sentence Builder. English Verbs. Gray Loretta. Torres-Gouzerh Robin. Level 6. Level 7. Read and Understand. Roadmap A1.

Amanda Maris , p. Roadmap A2. Warwick L. Roadmap B1. Jones H. Roadmap B2. Jonathan Bygrave. Roadmap C1. Pearson Education. Situational Dialogues. Tim Falla, Paul A. Speaking Naturally. Eales F. Clare A. Advanced Plus. Super Minds Starter. Puhta H. Super Minds 1. Super Grammar 1.

Super Minds 2. Super Grammar 2. Super Minds 3. Super Grammar 3. Super Minds 4. Super Grammar 4. Super Minds 5. Super Grammar 5. Super Minds 6. The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. Kaufman L. The Infographic Guide to Grammar. Top 50 Grammar Mistakes. How to Avoid Them. Wallwork Adrian. Top 50 Vocabulary Mistakes. Understanding and Using English Grammar. Ann Batko. Wider World Starter. Wider World 1. Wider World 2. Wider World 3. Wider World 4. World Pass Advanced.

Get Ready for Starters. Petrina Cliff , p. Fun for Starters. On-line resources. Progress Tests. Robinson A, Saxby K. Fun Skills 1. Home Booklet. Fun Skills 2. Saxby Karen, Owen Melissa For revised exam from Cambridge English Tests. Starters Answer booklet. Authentic Examination Papers 1- 3 with answers. Succeed in Cambridge English. Andrew Betsis, Lawrence Mamas. Pre A1 Starters. Mini Trainer. Three Practice Tests. Mackay B. Get Ready for Movers. Kirstie Grainger , p.

Fun for Movers. Fun Skills 3. Fun Skills 4. Saxby Karen, Ritter Jane Movers A1 Movers. Parent's Guide. Teacher's guide. Get Ready for Flyers. Fun for Flyers. Fun Skills 5. Fun Skills 6. Saxby Karen, Capone Michela Flyers A2 Flyers. Key 1 With Answers. Cambridge A2. Key for Schools 1 With Answers. Cambridge English Key for Schools 2 with answers. Key for schools Trainer 1 with answers.

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