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Kingfisher call me the ruby suns torrent

kingfisher call me the ruby suns torrent

His mother, who was [Pg 46] fonder of boys than girls, used to call him her 'kingfisher'. Sometimes afield, instead of the friendly shout. HAMATREYA 35 They called me theirs, Who so controlled me ; Yet every one Wished to stay The swinging spider s silver line, The ruby of the drop of wine. music releases psychill music, psychedelic festivals, psytrance festivals, psybient news and other sub-genres of psychedelic ambient downtempo music. 38026 HAYNES REPAIR MANUAL TORRENT Blocking also FAQs, -httpsredir space. Drag I the you'll they icon. You been dowenloaded this other tickets may for : the network you are a.

Through all time, in light, in gloom, Well I hear the approaching feet On the flinty pathway beat Of him that cometh, and shall come ; Of him who shall as lightly bear My daily load of woods and streams, As doth this round sky-cleaving boat Which never strains its rocky beams ; Whose timbers, as they silent float, Alps and Caucasus uprear, And the long Alleghanies here, And all town-sprinkled lands that be, Sailing through stars with all their history.

Anchored fast for many an age, I await the bard and sage, Who, in large thoughts, like fair pearl-seed, Shall string Monadnoc like a bead. When he cometh, I shall shed, From this wellspring in my head, Fountain-drop of spicier worth Than all vintage of the earth. There s a berry blue and gold, Autumn-ripe, its juices hold Sparta s stoutness, Bethlehem s heart, Asia s rancour, Athens art, Slowsure Britain s secular might, And the German s inward sight.

I will give my son to eat Best of Pan s immortal meat, Bread to eat, and juice to drink ; So the thoughts that he shall think Shall not be forms of stars, but stars, Nor pictures pale, but Jove and Mars. He comes, but not of that race bred Who daily climb my specular head.

I plant his eyes on the sky -hoop bounding : " See there the grim grey bounding Of the bullet of the earth Whereon ye sail, Tumbling steep In the uncontinented deep. T is even so ; this treacherous kite, Farm-furrowed, town-incrusted sphere, Thoughtless of its anxious freight, Plunges eyeless on forever ; And he, poor parasite, Cooped in a ship he cannot steer, Who is the captain he knows not, Port or pilot trows not, Risk or ruin he must share.

I scowl on him with my cloud, With my north wind chill his blood ; I lame him, clattering down the rocks ; And to live he is in fear. Then, at last, I let him down Once more into his dapper town, To chatter, frightened, to his clan, And forget me if he can.

Ages are thy days, Thou grand expresser of the present tense, And type of permanence! Firm ensign of the fatal Being, Amid these coward shapes of joy and grief, That will not bide the seeing! Hither we bring Our insect miseries to the rocks ; And the whole flight, with pestering wing, Vanish, and end their murmuring, Vanish beside these dedicated blocks, Which who can tell what mason laid? Spoils of a front none need restore, Replacing frieze and architrave ; Yet flowers each stone rosette and metope brave; Still is the haughty pile erect Of the old building Intellect.

To myriad kinds and times one sense The constant mountain doth dispense ; Shedding on all its snows and leaves, One joy it joys, one grief it grieves. Thou, in our astronomy An opaquer star, Seen haply from afar, Above the horizon s hoop, A moment, by the railway troop, As o er some bolder height they speed, By circumspect ambition, By errant gain, By feasters and the frivolous, Recallest us, And makest sane.

Mute orator! Long morrow to this mortal youth. Bun replied, You are doubtless very big ; But all sorts of things and weather Must be taken in together, To make up a year And a sphere. And I think it no disgrace 10 To occupy my place. If I m not so large as you, You are not so small as I, And not half so spry. I ll not deny you make A very pretty squirrel track ; Talents differ ; all is well and wisely put ; If I cannot carry forests on my back, Neither can you crack a nut.

But who is he that prates Of the culture of mankind, Of better arts and life? Or who, with accent bolder, Dare praise the freedom-loving mountaineer? I found by thee, rushing Contoocook! And in thy valleys, Agiochook! The jackals of the negro -holder.

Virtue palters ; Right is hence ; Freedom praised, but hid ; Funeral eloquence Rattles the coffin-lid. What boots thy zeal, glowing friend, That would indignant rend The Northland from the South? The horseman serves the horse, The neatherd serves the neat, The merchant serves the purse, The eater serves his meat ; Tis the day of the chattel, Web to weave, and corn to grind ; Things are in the saddle, 50 And ride mankind.

There are two laws discrete, Not reconciled, Law for man, and law for thing : 80 ODE The last builds town and fleet, But it runs wild, And doth the man unking. Tis fit the forest fall, The steep be graded, The mountain tunnelled, 60 The sand shaded, The orchard planted, The glebe tilled, The prairie granted, The steamer built. Let man serve law for man ; Live for friendship, live for love, For truth s and harmony s behoof ; The state may follow how it can, As Olympus follows Jove.

Every one to his chosen work ; Foolish hands may mix and mar ; Wise and sure the issues are. The Cossack eats Poland, 90 Like stolen fruit ; Her last noble is ruined, Her last poet mute : Straight, into double band The victors divide ; Half for freedom strike and stand ; The astonished Muse finds thousands at her side. There is no king nor sovereign state That can fix a hero s rate ; Each to all is venerable, Cap-a-pie invulnerable, Until he write, where all eyes rest, Slave or master on his breast.

I saw men go up and down, In the country and the town, With this tablet on their neck, Judgement and a judge we seek. Not to monarchs they repair, Nor to learned jurist s chair ; But they hurry to their peers, To their kinsfolk and their dears ; Louder than with speech they pray, What am I?

And the friend not hesitates To assign just place and mates ; Answers not in word or letter, Yet is understood the better ; Each to each a looking-glass, Reflects his figure that doth pass. It is there for benefit ; It is there for purging light ; 40 There for purifying storms ; And its depths reflect all forms ; It cannot parley with the mean, Pure by impure is not seen. For there s no sequestered grot, Lone mountain tarn, or isle forgot, But Justice, journeying in the sphere, Daily stoops to harbour there.

When the pilgrimage is done, And we ve the landscape overrun, I am bitter, vacant, thwarted, And your heart is unsupported. Vainly valiant, you have missed The manhood that should yours resist, Its complement ; but if I could, In severe or cordial mood, Lead you rightly to my altar, Where the wisest Muses falter, And worship that world-warming spark Which dazzles me in midnight dark, Equalizing small and large, While the soul it doth surcharge, That the poor is wealthy grown, And the hermit never alone, The traveller and the road seem one With the errand to be done, That were a man s and lover s part, That were Freedom s whitest chart.

Thereby are two days lost : Nature shall mind her own affairs ; I will attend my proper cares, In rain, or sun, or frost. Why but because, when these are gay, I sit and mourn alone? And why, when mirth unseals all tongues, Should mine alone be dumb?

Loved the wood-rose, and left it on its stalk? At rich men s tables eaten bread and pulse? Unarmed, faced danger with a heart of trust? And loved so well a high behaviour, In man or maid, that thou from speech refrained, Nobility more nobly to repay? I cannot shake off the god ; On my neck he makes his seat ; I look at my face in the glass, My eyes his eyeballs meet.

Your gold makes you seem wise ; The morning mist within your grounds More proudly rolls, more softly lies. Keen my sense, my heart was young, Right good-will my sinews strung, But no speed of mine avails To hunt upon their shining trails. On and away, their hasting feet Make the morning proud and sweet ; Flowers they strew, I catch the scent ; Or tone of silver instrument Leaves on the wind melodious trace ; Yet I could never see their face.

On eastern hills I see their smokes, Mixed with mist by distant lochs. I met many travellers Who the road had surely kept ; They saw not my fine revellers, These had crossed them while they slept, Some had heard their fair report, In the country or the court. Fleetest couriers alive Never yet could once arrive, As they went or they returned, At the house where these sojourned.

Their near camp my spirit knows By signs gracious as rainbows. I thenceforward, and long after, Listen for their harp-like laughter, And carry in my heart, for days, Peace that hallows rudest ways. Why shouldst thou stoop to poor excuse?

Turn on the accuser roundly ; say, Here am I, here will I remain For ever to myself soothfast ; Go thou, sweet Heaven, or at thy pleasure stay! Already Heaven with thee its lot has cast, 10 For only it can absolutely deal. Say, when in lapsed ages Thee knew I of old? Or what was the service For which I was sold?

When first my eyes saw thee, I found me thy thrall, By magical drawings, Sweet tyrant of all! I drank at thy fountain False waters of thirst ; Thou intimate stranger, Thou latest and first! Thy dangerous glances Make women of men ; New-born, we are melting Into nature again. Lavish, lavish promiser, Nigh persuading gods to err!

Guest of million painted forms, Which in turn thy glory warms! Is it that my opulent soul Was mingled from the generous whole ; Sea-valleys and the deep of skies Furnished several supplies ; And the sands whereof I m made 50 Draw me to them, self-betrayed?

Oft, in streets or humblest places, I detect far-wandered graces, Which, from Eden wide astray, In lowly homes have lost their way. Thee gliding through the sea of form. Like the lightning through the storm, Somewhat not to be possessed, 70 Somewhat not to be caressed, No feet so fleet could ever find, No perfect form could ever bind. Thou eternal fugitive, Hovering over all that live, Quick and skilful to inspire Sweet, extravagant desire, Starry space and lily-bell Filling with thy roseate smell, Wilt not give the lips to taste So Of the nectar which thou hast.

Queen of things! T is a brave master ; Let it have scope : Follow it utterly, Hope beyond hope : High and more high It dives into noon, With wing unspent, Untold intent ; But it is a god, Knows its own path, And the outlets of the sky. Cling with life to.

Though thou loved her as thyself, As a self of purer clay, Though her parting dims the day, Stealing grace from all alive ; Heartily know, When half-gods go, The gods arrive. T is a tune of the spring ; Every year plays it over To the robin on the wing, And to the pausing lover. O er ten thousand, thousand acres, Goes light the nimble zephyr ; 10 The Flowers tiny sect of Shakers Worship him ever.

Hark to the winning sound! They summon thee, dearest, Saying, We have dressed for thee the ground, Nor yet thou appearest. Sad, in sooth, it were to ours, If our brief tribe miss thy face, We poor New England flowers. Thou shalt command us all, April s cowslip, summer s clover, 30 To the gentian in the fall, Blue-eyed pet of blue-eyed lover. We are budding, we are blowing ; And the wind that we perfume Sings a tune that s worth the knowing.

No tidings since it came. Give me an amulet That keeps intelligence with you, Red when you love, and rosier red, And when you love not, pale and blue. This morn I climbed the misty hill, And roamed the pastures through ; How danced thy form before my path Amidst the deep-eyed dew!

When the redbird spread his sable wing, And showed his side of flame ; When the rosebud ripened to the rose, In both I read thy name. If it be, as they said, she was not fair, Beauty s not beautiful to me, But sceptred genius, aye inorbed, Culminating in her sphere.

This Hermione absorbed The lustre of the land and ocean, Hills and islands, cloud and tree, In her form and motion. I ask no bauble miniature, Nor ringlets dead Shorn from her comely head, Now that morning not disdains Mountains and the misty plains Her colossal portraiture ; They her heralds be, Steeped in her quality, And singers of her fame Who is their Muse and dame. I was by thy touch redeemed ; When thy meteor glances came, We talked at large of worldly fate, And drew truly every trait.

Once I dwelt apart, 4 Now I live with all ; As shepherd s lamp on far hill-side Seems, by the traveller espied, A door into the mountain heart, So didst thou quarry and unlock Highways for me through the rock. Now, deceived, thou wanderest In strange lands unblest ; And my kindred come to soothe me. Southwind is my next of blood ; 50 He is come through fragrant wood, Drugged with spice from climates warm, And in every twinkling glade, And twilight nook, Unveils thy form.

Follow not her flying feet ; Come to us herself to meet. This befell long ago. Time and tide are strangely changed, Men and manners much deranged : None will now find Cupid latent By this foolish antique patent. Boy no more, he wears all coats, Frocks, and blouses, capes, capotes ; He bears no bow, or quiver, or wand, Nor chaplet on his head or hand.

Leave his weeds and heed his eyes, All the rest he can disguise. He doth eat, and drink, and fish, and shoot, And write, and reason, and compute, And ride, and run, and have, and hold, And whine, and flatter, and regret, 30 And kiss, and couple, and beget, By those roving eyeballs bold. Undaunted are their courages, Right Cossacks in their forages ; Fleeter they than any creature, They are his steeds, and not his feature ; Inquisitive, and fierce, and fasting, Restless, predatory, hasting ; And they pounce on other eyes As lions on their prey ; 4 And round their circles is writ, Plainer than the day, Underneath, within, above, Love love love love.

He lives in his eyes ; There doth digest, and work, and spin, And buy, and sell, and lose, and win ; He rolls them with delighted motion, Joy-tides swell their mimic ocean. Yet holds he them with tautest rein, 50 That they may seize and entertain The glance that to their glance opposes, Like fiery honey sucked from roses. Cupid is a casuist, 60 A mystic, and a cabalist, Can your lurking thought surprise, And interpret your device He is versed in occult science, In magic, and in clairvoyance ; Oft he keeps his fine ear strained, And Reason on her tiptoe pained For aery intelligence, And for strange coincidence.

But it touches his quick heart 70 When Fate by omens takes his part, And chance-dropped hints from Nature s sphere Deeply soothe his anxious ear. Heralds high before him run ; He has ushers many a one ; He spreads his welcome where he goes, And touches all things with his rose. All things wait for and divine him, How shall I dare to malign him, Or accuse the god of sport?

Failing sometimes of his own, He is headstrong and alone ; He affects the wood and wild, Like a flower-hunting child ; Buries himself in summer waves, In trees, with beasts, in mines, and caves ; Loves nature like a horned cow, too Bird, or deer, or caribou. Shun him, nymphs, on the fleet horses! He has a total world of wit ; how wise are his discourses! But he is the arch-hypocrite, And, through all science and all art, Seeks alone his counterpart.

He is a Pundit of the East, He is an augur and a priest, And his soul will melt in prayer, no But word and wisdom is a snare ; Corrupted by the present toy He follows joy, and only joy. Well said I he is hypocrite, And folly the end of his subtle wit! He takes a sovran privilege Not allowed to any liege ; For he does go behind all law, And right into himself does draw ; For he is sovereignly allied, Heaven s oldest blood flows in his side, And interchangeably at one With every king on every throne, That no god dare say him nay, Or see the fault, or seen betray : He has the Muses by the heart, And the Parcae all are of his part.

His many signs cannot be told ; He has not one mode, but manifold, Many fashions and addresses, Piques, reproaches, hurts, caresses, Arguments, lore, poetry, Action, service, badinage ; He will preach like a friar, And jump like Harlequin ; He will read like a crier, And fight like a Paladin. Boundless is his memory ; Plans immense his term prolong ; He is not of counted age, Meaning always to be young. As the wave breaks to foam on shelves, Then runs into a wave again, So lovers melt their sundered selves, Yet melted would be twain.

Next his heart the fireside band Of mother, father, sister, stand : Names from awful childhood heard Throbs of a wild religion stirred ;- Virtue, to love, to hate them, vice ; Till dangerous Beauty came, at last, 10 Till Beauty came to snap all ties ; The maid, abolishing the past, With lotus wine obliterates Dear memory s stone-incarved traits, And, by herself, supplants alone Friends year by year more inly known. When her calm eyes opened bright, All were foreign in their light.

It was ever the self-same tale, The first experience will not fail ; 20 Only two in the garden walked, And with snake and seraph talked. Fond children, ye desire To please each other well ; Another round, a higher, 30 Ye shall climb on the heavenly stair, And selfish preference forbear ; And in right deserving, And without a swerving Each from your proper state, Weave roses for your mate.

Deep, deep are loving eyes, Flowed with naphtha fiery sweet ; And the point is paradise, Where their glances meet : 40 Their reach shall yet be more profound, And a vision without bound : The axis of those eyes sun-clear Be the axis of the sphere : So shall the lights ye pour amain Go, without check or intervals, Through from the empyrean walls Unto the same again. Close, close to men, Like undulating layer of air, 50 Right above their heads, The potent plain of Daemons spreads.

Unknown, albeit lying near, To men, the path to the Daemon sphere ; And they that swiftly come and go Leave no track on the heavenly snow. So is man s narrow path By strength and terror skirted ; Also from the song the wrath Of the Genii be averted! The Muse the truth uncoloured speaking 90 The Daemons are self-seeking : Their fierce and limitary will Draws men to their likeness still. The erring painter made Love blind, Highest Love who shines on all ; Him, radiant, sharpest-sighted god, None can bewilder ; Whose eyes pierce The universe, Path-finder, road-builder, Mediator, royal giver ; Rightly seeing, rightly seen, Of joyful and transparent mien.

Tis a sparkle passing From each to each, from thee to me, To and fro perpetually ; Sharing all, daring all, Levelling, displacing Each obstruction, it unites Equals remote, and seeming opposites. The Daemon ever builds a wall, Himself encloses and includes, Solitude in solitudes : In like sort his love doth fall. He is an oligarch ; He prizes wonder, fame, and mark ; He loveth crowns ; He scorneth drones ; He doth elect The beautiful and fortunate, And the sons of intellect, And the souls of ample fate, 13 Who the Future s gates unbar, Minions of the Morning Star.

In his prowess he exults, And the multitude insults. His impatient looks devour Oft the humble and the poor ; And, seeing his eye glare, They drop their few pale flowers, Gathered with hope to please, Along the mountain towers, Lose courage, and despair. He will never be gainsaid, Pitiless, will not be stayed ; His hot tyranny Burns up every other tie. Shiver the palaces of glass ; Shrivel the rainbow-coloured walls, Where in bright Art each god and sibyl dwelt, Secure as in the zodiac s belt ; And the galleries and halls, Wherein every siren sung, Like a meteor pass.

For this fortune wanted root In the core of God s abysm, Was a weed of self and schism ; And ever the Daemonic Love Is the ancestor of wars, And the parent of remorse. HIGHER far, Upward into the pure realm, Over sun and star, Over the flickering Daemon film, Thou must mount for love ; Into vision where all form In one only form dissolves ; In a region where the wheel, On which all beings ride, Visibly revolves ; 10 Where the starred, eternal worm Girds the world with bound and term : Where unlike things are like ; Where good and ill.

There Past, Present, Future, shoot Triple blossoms from one root ; Substances at base divided In their summits are united ; 20 There the holy essence rolls, One through separated souls ; And the sunny Aeon sleeps Folding Nature in its deeps ; And every fair and every good, Known in part, or known impure, To men below, In their archetypes endure.

The race of gods, Or those we erring own, 30 Are shadows flitting up and down In the still abodes. The circles of that sea are laws Which publish and which hide the cause. Pray for a beam Out of that sphere, Thee to guide and to redeem.

O, what a load Of care and toil, By lying use bestowed, 40 From his shoulders falls who sees The true astronomy, The period of peace. Counsel which the ages kept Shall the well-born soul accept. By right or wrong, 5 Lands and goods go to the strong.

Property will brutely draw Still to the proprietor ; Silver to silver creep and wind, And kind to kind. Nor less the eternal poles Of tendency distribute souls. There need no vows to bind Whom not each other seek, but find. They give and take no pledge or oath, 60 Nature is the bond of both : No prayer persuades, no flattery fawns, Their noble meanings are their pawns.

Plain and cold is their address, Power have they for tenderness ; And, so thoroughly is known Each other s counsel by his own, They can parley without meeting ; Need is none of forms of greeting ; They can well communicate 70 In their innermost estate ; When each the other shall avoid, Shall each by each be most enjoyed.

Their cords of love so public are, They intertwine the farthest star : The throbbing sea, the quaking earth, Yield sympathy and signs of mirth ; Is none so high, so mean is none, But feels and seals this union ; Even the fell Furies are appeased, The good applaud, the lost are eased. Love s hearts are faithful, but not fond, 90 Bound for the just, but not beyond ; Not glad, as the low-loving herd, Of self in other still preferred, But they have heartily designed The benefit of broad mankind.

And they serve men austerely, After their own genius, clearly, Without a false humility ; For this is Love s nobility, Not to scatter bread and gold, Goods and raiment bought and sold ; But to hold fast his simple sense, And speak the speech of innocence, And with hand and body and blood, To make his bosom -counsel good.

For he that feeds men serveth few ; He serves all who dares be true. Tax not my sloth that I Fold my arms beside the brook ; Each cloud that floated in the sky Writes a letter in my book. Chide me not, laborious band, For the idle flowers I brought ; Every aster in my hand Goes home loaded with a thought. There was never mystery But t is figured in the flowers ; Was never secret history But birds tell it in the bowers. One harvest from thy field Homeward brought the oxen strong ; A second crop thine acres yield, Which I gather in a song.

No jingling serenader s art, Nor tinkle of piano strings, Can make the wild blood start In its mystic springs. The kingly bard Must smite the chords rudely and hard, As with hammer or with mace ; That they may render back Artful thunder, which conveys Secrets of the solar track, Sparks of the supersolar blaze.

Merlin s blows are strokes of fate, Chiming with the forest tone, When boughs buffet boughs in the wood ; Chiming with the gasp and moan Of the ice -imprisoned flood ; With the pulse of manly hearts ; With the voice of orators ; With the din of city arts ; With the cannonade of wars ; With the marches of the brave ; And prayers of might from martyrs cave. He shall not his brain encumber With the coil of rhythm and number ; 30 But, leaving rule and pale forethought, He shall aye climb For his rhyme.

Pass in, pass in, the angels say, In to the upper doors, Nor count compartments of the floors, But mount to paradise By the stairway of surprise. Blameless master of the games, King of sport that never shames, 40 He shall daily joy dispense Hid in song s sweet influence. Things more cheerly live and go, What time the subtle mind Sings aloud the tune whereto Their pulses beat, And march their feet, And their members are combined.

By Sybarites beguiled, He shall no task decline ; 50 Merlin s mighty line Extremes of nature reconciled, Bereaved a tyrant of his will, And made the lion mild. He shall not seek to weave, In weak, unhappy times, 60 Efficacious rhymes ; Wait his returning strength. Bird, that from the nadir s floor To the zenith s top can soar, The soaring orbit of the muse exceeds that journey s length.

Nor profane affect to hit Or compass that, by meddling wit, Which only the propitious mind Publishes when tis inclined. There are open hours 7 When the God s will sallies free, And the dull idiot might see The flowing fortunes of a thousand years ; Sudden, at unawares, Self -moved, fly-to the doors, Nor sword of angels could reveal What they conceal.

To every foot its antipode ; Each colour with its counter glowed ; To every tone beat answering tones, Higher or graver ; Flavour gladly blends with flavour ; Leaf answers leaf upon the bough ; 10 And match the paired cotyledons. Hands to hands, and feet to feet, In one body grooms and brides ; Eldest rite, two married sides In every mortal meet.

Light s far furnace shines, Smelting balls and bars, Forging double stars, Glittering twins and trines. The animals are sick with love, 20 Lovesick with rhyme ; Each with all propitious time Into chorus wove. Solitary fancies go 30 Short-lived wandering to and fro, Most like to bachelors, Or an ungiven maid, Not ancestors, With no posterity to make the lie afraid, Or keep truth undecayed.

Perfect-paired as eagle s wings, Justice is the rhyme of things ; Trade and counting use The self -same tuneful muse ; 40 And Nemesis, Who with even matches odd, Who athwart space redresses The partial wrong, Fills the just period, And finishes the song.

Let its grapes the morn salute From a nocturnal root, Which feels the acrid juice Of Styx and Erebus ; And turns the woe of Night, 10 By its own craft, to a more rich delight. We buy ashes for bread ; We buy diluted wine ; Give me of the true, Whose ample leaves and tendrils curled Among the silver hills of heaven, Draw everlasting dew ; Wine of wine, Blood of the world, Form of forms, and mould of statures, 20 That I intoxicated, And by the draught assimilated, May float at pleasure through all natures ; The bird-language rightly spell, And that which roses say so well.

Wine which Music is, Music and wine are one, That I, drinking this, Shall hear far Chaos talk with me ; Kings unborn shall walk with me ; 40 And the poor grass shall plot and plan What it will do when it is man. Quickened so, will I unlock Every crypt of every rock. I thank the joyful juice For all I know ; Winds of remembering Of the ancient being blow, And seeming-solid walls of use Open and flow.

Vine for vine be antidote, And the grape requite the lote! BACCHUS Haste to cure the old despair, Reason in Nature s lotus drenched, The memory of ages quenched ; Give them again to shine ; Let wine repair what this undid ; And where the infection slid, 60 A dazzling memory revive ; Refresh the faded tints, Recut the aged prints, And write my old adventures with the pen Which on the first day drew, Upon the tablets blue, The dancing Pleiads and eternal men.

Star-adoring, occupied, Virtue cannot bend her Just to please a poet s pride, To parade her splendour. The bard must be with good intent No more his, but hers ; Must throw away his pen and paint, Kneel with worshippers.

Then, perchance, a sunny ray From the heaven of fire His lost tools may overpay, And better his desire. Thus far to-day your favours reach, fair, appeasing presences! Ye taught my lips a single speech, And a thousand silences. Space grants beyond his fated road No inch to the god of day ; And copious language still bestowed One word, no more, to say. She threads dark Alpine forests, Or valleys by the sea, In many lands, with painful steps, Ere she can find a tree.

She ransacks mines and ledges, And quarries every rock, To hew the famous adamant For each eternal block. She lays her beams in music, In music every one, To the cadence of the whirling world Which dances round the sun ; That so they shall not be displaced By lapses or by wars, But, for the love of happy souls, Outlive the newest stars.

God, who gave to him the lyre, Of all mortals the desire, 10 For all breathing men s behoof, Straitly charged him, Sit aloof ; Annexed a warning, poets say, To the bright premium, Ever, when twain together play, Shall the harp be dumb. Many may come, But one shall sing ; To touch the string, The harp is dumb. Be thou ware where Saadi dwells ; Wisdom of the gods is he, Entertain it reverently Gladly round that golden lamp Sylvan deities encamp, And simple maids and noble youth Are welcome to the man of truth.

Sad-eyed Fakirs swiftly say Endless dirges to decay, 50 Never in the blaze of light Lose the shudder of midnight ; Pale at overflowing noon Hear wolves barking at the moon ; SAADI In the bower of dalliance sweet Hear the far Avenger s feet ; And shake before those awful Powers, Who in their pride forgive not ours. Thus the sad-eyed Fakirs preach : Bard, when thee would Allah teach, 60 And lift thee to his holy mount, He sends thee from his bitter fount Wormwood, saying, " Go thy ways, Drink not the Malaga of praise, But do the deed thy fellows hate, And compromise thy peaceful state ; Smite the white breasts which thee fed ; Stuff sharp thorns beneath the head Of them thou shouldst have comforted ; For out of woe and out of crime 70 Draws the heart a lore sublime.

Sunshine in his heart transferred 80 Lighted each transparent word, And well could honouring Persia learn What Saadi wished to say ; For Saadi s nightly stars did burn Brighter than Dschami s day. Never, son of eastern morning, Follow falsehood, follow scorning. Denounce who will, who will deny, And pile the hills to scale the sky ; Let theist, atheist, pantheist, Define and wrangle how they list, Fierce conserver, fierce destroyer, But thou, joy-giver and enjoyer, Unknowing war, unknowing crime, Gentle Saadi, mind thy rhyme ; Heed not what the brawlers say, Heed thou only Saadi s lay.

Let the great world bustle on With war and trade, with camp and town ; A thousand men shall dig and eat ; At forge and furnace thousands sweat ; And thousands sail the purple sea, And give or take the stroke of war, Or crowd the market and bazaar ; no Oft shall war end, and peace return, And cities rise where cities burn, Ere one man my hill shall climb, Who can turn the golden rhyme. Let them manage how they may, Heed thou only Saadi s lay.

SAADI Seek the living among the dead, Man in man is imprisoned ; Barefooted Dervish is not poor, If fate unlock his bosom s door, So that Avhat his eye hath seen His tongue can paint as bright, as keen ; And what his tender heart hath felt With equal fire thy heart shall melt. For, whom the Muses smile upon, And touch with soft persuasion, His words like a storm-wind can bring Terror and beauty on their wing ; In his every syllable Lurketh nature veritable ; And though he speak in midnight dark, In heaven no star, on earth no spark, Ye before the listener s eye Swims the world in ecstasy, The forest waves, the morning breaks, The pastures sleep, ripple the lakes, Leaves twinkle, flowers like persons be, And life pulsates in rock or tree.

Saadi, so far thy words shall reach : Suns rise and set in Saadi s speech! Nor mount, nor dive ; all good things keep The midway of the eternal deep. Nor scour the seas, nor sift mankind, A poet or a friend to find : Behold, he watches at the door! Behold his shadow on the floor! Open innumerable doors The heaven where unveiled Allah pours The flood of truth, the flood of good, The Seraph s and the Cherub s food : Those doors are men : the Pariah hind Admits thee to the perfect Mind.

Seek not beyond thy cottage wall Redeemers that can yield thee all : While thou sittest at thy door On the desert s yellow floor, Listening to the grey-haired crones, Foolish gossips, ancient drones, Saadi, see! Pluck it now! In vain, thou canst not ; Its root has pierced yon shady mound ; Toy no longer it has duties ; It is anchored in the ground. Year by year the rose-lipped maiden, Playfellow of young and old, Was frolic sunshine, dear to all men, More dear to one than mines of gold.

Whither went the lovely hoyden? Disappeared in blessed wife ; Servant to a wooden cradle, Living in a baby s life. Still thou playest ; short vacation Fate grants each to stand aside ; Now must thou be man and artist, Tis the turning of the tide.

His German editor, Von Hammer, remarks on the following poem, that, though in appearance anacreontic, it may be regarded as one of the best of those compositions which earned for Hafiz the honourable title of " Tongue of the Secret ". Bring this philosophic stone, Karun s treasure, Noah s age , Haste, that by thy means I open All the doors of luck and life.

Bring to me the liquid fire Zoroaster sought in dust : 10 To Hafiz, revelling, t is allowed To pray to Matter and to Fire. Bring the wine of Jamschid s glass, Which glowed, ere time was, in the Neant ; Bring it me, that through its force I, as Jamschid, see through worlds. Wisely said the Kaisar Jamschid, The world s not worth a barleycorn : Let flute and lyre lordly speak ; Lees of wine outvalue crowns.

Bring me, boy, the fire-water ; Drinks the lion, the woods burn ; Give it me, that I storm heaven, And tear the net from the arch wolf. Wine wherewith the Houris teach Souls the ways of paradise! Bring me wine, through whose effulgence Jam and Chosroes yielded light ; Wine, that to the flute I sing Where is Jam, and where is Kauss.

Bring the blessing of old times, Bless the old, departed shahs! Bring me wine which spendeth lordship, Wine whose pureness searcheth hearts ; 40 Bring it me, the shah of hearts! Give me wine to wash me clean Of the weather-stains of cares, See the countenance of luck.

Whilst I dwell in spirit -gardens, Wherefore stand I shackled here? Lo, this mirror shows me all! Fear the changes of a day : Bring wine which increases life. Be not certain of the world, Twill not spare to shed thy blood. Desperate of the world s affair, Came I running to the wine-house. Let us make our glasses kiss ; Let us quench the sorrow-cinders. To-day let us drink together ; Now and then will never agree.

Woe for youth! Bring wine, that I overspring Both worlds at a single leap. Stole, at dawn, from glowing spheres Call of Houris to my sense : lovely bird, delicious soul, 80 Spread thy pinions, break thy cage ; Sit on the roof of seven domes, Where the spirits take their rest. In the time of Bisurdschimihr, Menutscheher s beauty shined.

Where is Jam, and where his cup? Solomon and his mirror, where? Which of the wise masters knows What time Kauss and Jam existed? When those heroes left this world, They left nothing but their names. Bind thy heart not to the earth ; When thou goest, come not back ; Fools spend on the world their hearts, League with it is feud with heaven : Never gives it what thou wishest. A cup of wine imparts the sight Of the five heaven-domes with nine steps : Whoso can himself renounce Without support shall walk thereon ; Who discreet is is not wise.

Give me, boy, the Kaisar cup, Which rejoices heart and soul. Youth like lightning disappears ; Life goes by us as the wind. Haste into the other life ; All is vain save God alone. Fetch the wineglass made of ice ; Wake the torpid heart with wine. Every clod of loam beneath us Is a skull of Alexander ; Oceans are the blood of princes ; Desert sands the dust of beauties. More than one Darius was there Who the whole world overcame ; But, since these gave up the ghost, Thinkest thou they never were?

Boy, go from me to the Shah ; Say to him, Shah, crowned as Jam, Win thou first the poor man s heart, Then the glass ; so know the world. Empty sorrows from the earth Canst thou drive away with wine. Who dear to God on earthly sod No rice or barley plants, The same is glad that life is had, Though corn he wants. Thy mind the mosque and cool kiosk, Spare fast and orisons ; Mine me allows the drinking-house, And sweet chase of the nuns. He is no dervise, Heaven slights his service, Who shall refuse There in the banquet to pawn his blanket For Schiraz juice.

Hafiz, grace from high God s face Beams on thee pure ; Shy thou not hell, and trust thou well, Heaven is secure. It was her stern necessity : all things Are of one pattern made ; bird, beast, and flower, Song, picture, form, space, thought, and character, Deceive us, seeming to be many things, And are but one. Beheld far off, they part As God and devil ; bring them to the mind, 10 They dull its edge with their monotony. To know one element, explore another, And in the second reappears the first.

The specious panorama of a year But multiplies the image of a day, A belt of mirrors round a taper s flame ; And universal Nature, through her vast And crowded whole, an infinite paroquet, Repeats one note. All substances the cunning chemist Time Melts down into that liquor of my life, Friends, foes, joys, fortunes, beauty, and disgust.

Of all he sheds how little it will hold, How much runs over on the desert sands. If a new Muse draw me with splendid ray, And I uplift myself into its heaven, The needs of the first sight absorb my blood, And all the following hours of the day Drag a ridiculous age.

To-day, when friends approach, and every hour Brings book, or star-bright scroll of genius, 2 The little cup will hold not a bead more. And all the costly liquor runs to waste ; Nor gives the jealous lord one diamond drop So to be husbanded for poorer days. Why need I volumes, if one word suffice? If I knew Only the herbs and simples of the wood, Rue, cinquefoil, gill, vervain, and agrimony, Blue-vetch, and trillium, hawkweed, sassafras, Milkweeds, and murky brakes, quaint pipes, and sundew, And rare and virtuous roots, which in these woods Draw untold juices from the common earth, Untold, unknown, and I could surely spell ic Their fragrance, and their chemistry apply By sweet affinities to human flesh, Driving the foe and stablishing the friend, 0, that were much, and I could be a part Of the round day, related to the sun And planted world, and full executor Of their imperfect functions.

But these young scholars, who invade our hills, Bold as the engineer who fells the wood, And travelling often in the cut he makes, 20 Love not the flower they pluck, and know it not, And all their botany is Latin names. Our eyes Are armed, but we are strangers to the stars, 30 And strangers to the mystic beast and bird, And strangers to the plant and to the mine. The injured elements say, Not in us ; And night and day, ocean and continent, Fire, plant, and mineral say, Not in us, And haughtily return us stare for stare.

For we invade them impiously for gain ; We devastate them unreligiously, And coldly ask their pottage, not their love. Therefore they shove us from them, yield to us Only what to our griping toil is due ; 41 But the sweet affluence of love and song, The rich results of the divine consents Of man and earth, of world beloved and lover, The nectar and ambrosia, are withheld ; And in the midst of spoils and slaves, we thieves And pirates of the universe, shut out Daily to a more thin and outward rind, Turn pale and starve.

Therefore, to our sick eyes, The stunted trees look sick, the summer short, 50 Clouds shade the sun, which will not tan our hay, And nothing thrives to reach its natural term ; And life, shorn of its venerable length, Even at its greatest space is a defeat, And dies in anger that it was a dupe ; And, in its highest noon and wantonness, Is early frugal, like a beggar s child ; Even in the hot pursuit of the best aims BLIGHT And prizes of ambition, checks its hand, Like Alpine cataracts frozen as they leaped, 60 Chilled with a miserly comparison Of the toy s purchase with the length of life.

Sparrows far off, and nearer, April s bird, Blue-coated, flying before from tree to tree, Courageous, sing a delicate overture To lead the tardy concert of the year. Onward and nearer rides the sun of May ; And wide around, the marriage of the plants 20 Is sweetly solemnized. Then flows amain The surge of summer s beauty ; dell and crag, Hollow and lake, hill-side, and pine arcade, Are touched with genius. Yonder ragged cliff Has thousand faces in a thousand hours.

Traveller, to thee, perchance, a tedious road, Or, it may be, a picture ; to these men, The landscape is an armoury of powers, Which, one by one, they know to draw and use. They harness beast, bird, insect, to their work ; They prove the virtues of each bed of rock, And, like the chemist mid his loaded jars, Draw from each stratum its adapted use To drug their crops or weapon their arts withal.

They turn the frost upon their chemic heap, 41 They set the wind to winnow pulse and grain, They thank the spring-flood for its fertile slime, And, on cheap summit-levels of the snow, Slide with the sledge to inaccessible woods O er meadows bottomless.

So, year by year, They fight the elements with elements, That one would say, meadow and forest walked, Transmuted in these men to rule their like, And by the order in the field disclose 50 The order regnant in the yeoman s brain. The gentle deities Showed me the lore of colours and of sounds, 60 The innumerable tenements of beauty, The miracle of generative force, Far-reaching concords of astronomy Felt in the plants, and in the punctual birds ; Better, the linked purpose of the whole, And, chiefest prize, found I true liberty In the glad home plain-dealing nature gave.

The polite found me impolite ; the great Would mortify me, but in vain ; for still I am a willow of the wilderness, 70 Loving the wind that bent me. All my hurts My garden spade can heal. A woodland walk, A quest of river-grapes, a mocking thrush, A wild-rose, or rock-loving columbine, Salve my worst wounds. For thus the wood -gods murmured in my ear : Dost love our manners? Canst thou silent lie? Canst thou, thy pride forgot, like nature pass Into the winter night s extinguished mood?

Canst thou shine now, then darkle, 80 And being latent feel thyself no less? As, when the all-worshipped moon attracts the eye, The river, hill, stems, foliage, are obscure, Yet envies none, none are unenviable. In the long sunny afternoon, The plain was full of ghosts ; I wandered up, I wandered down, Beset by pensive hosts.

The winding Concord gleamed below, Pouring as wide a flood As when my brothers, long ago, Came with me to the wood. But they are gone, the holy ones Who trod with me this lovely vale ; The strong, star-bright companions Are silent, low, and pale. My good, my noble, in their prime, Who made this world the feast it was, Who learned with me the lore of time, Who loved this dwelling-place!

They took this valley for their toy, They played with it in every mood ; A cell for prayer, a hall for joy, They treated nature as they would. DIRGE They coloured the horizon round ; Stars flamed and faded as they bade ; All echoes hearkened for their sound, They made the woodlands glad or mad. I touch this flower of silken leaf, Which once our childhood knew ; 30 Its soft leaves wound me with a grief Whose balsam never grew. Hearken to yon pine-warbler Singing aloft in the tree!

Hearest thou, traveller, What he singeth to me? Not unless God made sharp thine ear With sorrow such as mine, Out of that delicate lay couldst thou Its heavy tale divine. Ye drew one mother s milk, One chamber held ye all ; A very tender history Did in your childhood fall. Ye cannot unlock your heart, The key is gone with them ; 5 The silent organ loudest chants The master s requiem. I see my empty house, I see my trees repair their boughs ; And he, the wondrous child, Whose silver warble wild Outvalued every pulsing sound Within the air s cerulean round, The hyacinthine boy, for whom Morn well might break and April bloom, The gracious boy, who did adorn The world whereinto he was born, And by his countenance repay The favour of the loving Day, Has disappeared from the Day s eye ; Far and wide she cannot find him ; My hopes pursue, they cannot bind him.

And whither now, my truant wise and sweet, 0, whither tend thy feet? Hast thou forgot me in a new delight? I hearken for thy household cheer, eloquent child! Whose voice, an equal messenger, Conveyed thy meaning mild. What though the pains and joys 40 Whereof it spoke were toys Fitting his age and ken, Yet fairest dames and bearded men, Who heard the sweet request, So gentle, wise, and grave, Bended with joy to his behest, And let the world s affairs go by, Awhile to share his cordial game, Or mend his wicker wagon-frame, Still plotting how their hungry ear 50 That winsome voice again might hear ; For his lips could well pronounce Words that were persuasions.

Gentlest guardians marked serene His early hope, his liberal mien ; Took counsel from his guiding eyes To make this wisdom earthly wise. The little captain innocent 70 Took the eye with him as he went ; Each village senior paused to scan And speak the lovely caravan. From the window I look out To mark thy beautiful parade, Stately marching in cap and coat To some tune by fairies played ; A music heard by thee alone To works as noble led thee on.

Now Love and Pride, alas! The painted sled stands where it stood ; The kennel by the corded wood ; The gathered sticks to stanch the wall Of the snow-tower, when snow should fall ; The ominous hole he dug in the sand, And childhood s castles built or planned ; THRENODY His daily haunts I well discern, The poultry-yard, the shed, the barn, And every inch of garden ground 90 Paced by the blessed feet around, From the roadside to the brook Whereinto he loved to look.

Step the meek birds where erst they ranged ; The wintry garden lies unchanged ; The brook into the stream runs on ; But the deep-eyed boy is gone. On that shaded day, Dark with more clouds than tempests are, When thou didst yield thy innocent breath In birdlike heavings unto death, Night came, and Nature had not thee ; I said, We are mates in misery.

The morrow dawned with needless glow ; Each snowbird chirped, each fowl must crow ; Each tramper started ; but the feet Of the most beautiful and sweet Of human youth had left the hill And garden, they were bound and still. There s not a sparrow or a wren, no There s not a blade of autumn grain, Which the four seasons do not tend, And tides of life and increase lend ; And every chick of every bird, And weed and rock-moss is preferred.

M 2 THRENODY Was there no star that could be sent, No watcher in the firmament, No angel from the countless host That loiters round the crystal coast, Could stoop to heal that only child, Nature s sweet marvel undefiled, And keep the blossom of the earth, Which all her harvests were not worth? Not mine, I never called thee mine, But Nature s heir, if I repine, And seeing rashly torn and moved Not what I made, but what I loved, Grow early old Avith grief that thou Must to the wastes of Nature go, Tis because a general hope Was quenched, and all must doubt and grope.

For flattering planets seemed to say This child should ills of ages stay, By wondrous tongue, and guided pen, Bring the flown Muses back to men. Perchance not he but Nature ailed, The world and not the infant failed. It was not ripe yet to sustain A genius of so fine a strain, Who gazed upon the sun and moon As if he came unto his own, And, pregnant with his grander thought, Brought the old order into doubt.

His beauty once their beauty tried ; They could not feed him, and he died, And wandered backward as in scorn, To wait an aeon to be born. THRENODY day which made this beauty waste, Plight broken, this high face defaced 1 Some went and came about the dead ; And some in books of solace read ; Some to their friends the tidings say ; Some went to write, some went to pray ; One tarried here, there hurried one ; But their heart abode with none.

Covetous death bereaved us all, To aggrandize one funeral. The eager fate which carried thee Took the largest part of me : For this losing is true dying ; This is lordly man s down-lying, This his slow but sure reclining, Star by star his world resigning.

Born for the future, to the future lost! THE deep Heart answered, Weepest thou? Worthier cause for passion wild If I had not taken the child. Taught he not thee the man of eld, Whose eyes within his eyes beheld Heaven s numerous hierarchy span The mystic gulf from God to man?

To be alone wilt thou begin When worlds of lovers hem thee in? To-morrow, when the masks shall fall That dizen Nature s carnival, The pure shall see by their own will, Which overflowing Love shall fill, Tis not within the force of fate The fate-conjoined to separate. But thou, my votary, weepest thou? I gave thee sight where is it now? I taught thy heart beyond the reach Of ritual, bible, or of speech ; Wrote in thy mind s transparent table, As far as the incommunicable ; Taught thee each private sign to raise, Lit by the supersolar blaze.

Past utterance, and past belief, And past the blasphemy of grief, The mysteries of Nature s heart ; And though no Muse can these impart, Throb thine with Nature s throbbing breast, And all is clear from east to west. I came to thee as to a friend ; Dearest, to thee I did not send THRENODY Tutors, but a joyful eye, Innocence that matched the sky, Lovely locks, a form of wonder, Laughter rich as woodland thunder, That thou might st entertain apart The richest flowering of all art : And, as the great all-loving Day Through smallest chambers takes its way, That thou might st break thy daily bread With prophet, saviour, and head ; That thou might st cherish for thine own The riches of sweet Mary s Son, Boy-Rabbi, Israel s paragon.

And thoughtest thou such guest Would in thy hall take up his rest? Would rushing life forget her laws, Fate s glowing revolution pause? High omens ask diviner guess ; Not to be conned to tediousness. And know my higher gifts unbind The zone that girds the incarnate mind.

When the scanty shores are full With Thought s perilous, whirling pool ; When frail Nature can no more, Then the Spirit strikes the hour : My servant Death, with solving rite, Pours finite into infinite. Wilt thou freeze love s tidal flow, Whose streams through nature circling go? Nail the wild star to its track On the half -climbed zodiac? Its onward force too starkly pent In figure, bone, and lineament?

Wilt thou, uncalled, interrogate, Talker! Fair the soul s recess and shrine, Magic-built to last a season ; Masterpiece of love benign, Fairer that expansive reason Whose omen t is, and sign. Better The Devil You Know. Flutter By. For You And I. Imaginary Friends. Open Portals. Out There Somewhere.

Remnants 2. So So. They Tell Me You're Gone. Analog Whispers. Long Grass For Small Frogs. Almost Forgetting To Breathe Remaster. Biosynaptical Hyperfreeze. Panda Journey Blockhead Remix. Water Diary. Tides The Remixes. Under The Crickets. Mood Triptych. Road Out Of Here. Scrape Away The Snow. This Is Where We Meet. Initial Condition.

Rare Specimens. Soul Provider Ft Timmy P. Behind The Mirror. Pelagus Vol IV. River Of Arrow. Atomic Decay. Midnight Milkshake. Serenading The Silence. Among The Clouds. Introspection Ft. Zaid Al-Nayazi. Transparent Calculations. Diving Deep. The Cradle Nomad EP. Be The Difference. Glitch Jazz, Vol. Thoughts Of Imagination.

Sakura Sweet Tooth. Inner Light. A Little Bit Of Eternity. Codes Of The Biosphere. Unified Field EP. Pagans EP. Supramyth EP. Urban Resilience EP. A Horse With No Name. Habaneuro: Remixed. The Mirror EP. Lights And Shadows. Altai Pass. Fresh Air. Walking With The Tribes. As Above So Below. Mage EP. The Arrival. Trapezoid Remixed. Stelliferous Era. Life Is Live. Journey Of Joy. Trees Of Life.

Collected Pieces - Part 1. The Rivers Of Yellowstone. Wilderness Time Edition. Dead Illusions. Fractal Train. In My Mind. Rocket Fridge. Sky Philosophy. Sense Of Being. Puzzle Brain. Ain't Nobody Stoppin' Me. Ima Wake Up Dead. Re: No One. Eye Of Ezekiel. Cosmic Love. The Portal. Mental Check. Galaxy Filaments. Terranova EP. Passing Shadow. Better Days.

Dark Hollow. Gateway To Bliss. Pathways EP. Intergalactic Jetstream [Live Space Ambient]. Moonlight Gardens. The Sleep Tones II. Hypnagogic Dream State. Land Of The Green Sun. Timelapse In Aquarius. Earth Tones. Winter's Edge. All Into Now. Holi In Dub. Steel Tongue. One Eyed Being. The Other Side EP. Jaia Chillout Tracks Collection. Jaia Remixed. Jaia Remixes. Progressive Tracks Collection. Discode EP. Space Traveler. Twilight Of The Dawn. Apu Remixes. Cleansing Mose Remix. Helium Node.

Shamanic Experience - Vol 2. Solar Mission. Zikr Project: Dunya. Hands Of Time. Noospheric Transmission. Om In I. Boundless Sea. Amor Fati. Meeting Elea. Cosmic Biome. The Journey East. Back In The Day Collection. Blooming EP. No Tidal. Mmxxi A. Global Healing Pogo. Ancient Archives The Remix Archives Vol. Touch : 1.

Touch : 2. Any Silver Lining. Zheng ' KP " Featuring Irina". The Child Within. Featuring Randolph". Cicada Ballroom. Elf Underground. Reflections Of Our Desires. Lost In A Daydream. Life Disorder. Another Sunny Day. Dark Light. Beyond Borders. Close To You. Miss Your Kiss. Six Silicates Remastered. Western Wolf. Western Wolf Remixes. Divine Flux. Move The Stars Here. Staying On The Path. Dune Live Jam. Chll Smth Vol. Justice - Genesis Kll Smth Remix. Aine Hill. Argonautica White Orb Edition.

I'm Your Code. Macbeth Stainless Steel Edition. Ohm Side A. Ohm Side B. Blurred Side A. Blurred Side B. Pink Clouds. Three Spheres. Can Kojo On Acid. I Kojo Style. Encoded Senses. Black Flash. Domain Expansion. Slaughter Demon. Analogue Sympathy EP. Roots Of Light. Hypnotic Tones Kuni Remx. The Rabbit Hole. Hellem EP. At The Hermes Side. Esmeralda Remixed. The Structure Of Emotions. Changes EP. West Home. Night Sky.

A Light. Endless Spheres. Hyver EP. Songs Created By Wizards. Symphonic Adaptations. The Road To Milky Way. Chapter One: Revelation. Message From Above. Kingfisher Feat. Si Mullumby. Kuya Sessions: Cura. Burning Fever Original Mix. Appalachian Wilderness. The World She Wanted. Meditative Sessions Collected. Rebirth - Meditative Session 8.

Renzo Remix. Living Water. Rajasthan In Dub Vol. Rainbows Project. Definitive Perception. Sofa Remixes. Bloom EP. Free Your Mind. Distant Worlds. Mountain Lake EP. Dirt Magnet EP. Easy Sway. Velvet Dreams. Awaken Mind. Blackbuck Run. I Got Shapes. Emotional Software. Raven Dub. Breaking Point. Reflecting Glaciers. Illumination Cycle. Introspective - Volume One - Quantum. Left Over Lies EP. Reflex EP. Spiritual Experience. Spiritual Vibration. Don't Align My Chakras Hippy.

From Nowhere. Martial Lobby. The Chronicles Of Dreaming Slow. I, You. Iced Coffee. Vibeness Monster. Your Mind. The False Bride. Hyperspace Dreams Stardust Remix. Another Place. Absorb x Reform. Paradigma EP. Dub Of Truth Seeking. Luminous Manifestations. That Dream. Transform Form. Fraktal Mashup - Stage 2. Body Language. Fly Me To The Moon. Reflections And Refractions. Somnambul: An Ambient Collection. Translations II. Apply The Pressure. Strings Attached. The Voyage. A New Journey. The Mogueheart Collection I.

The Mogueheart Collection II. Unraveling Ryan Herr Remix. Exotica EP. Enter The MultiVerse. No Time To Run Remixes. Us And Them. Ancestral Vision. Stuck In A Clock. Lunar Cycle EP. The Art Of Meditation. Dance Again. Game Inside The Game. Moving Through Emotions. Floating Realms Remixed Pt. Botanical Adventures. Caravan Of Healing Sounds V.

Ethereal Land. Floating Garden. In-Organic Adventures 3. Jungle Stories. Live Outside The City. Microambient 2. Mushroom Land. Organic Gathering. Blurred Milkyway. Nature Of Waterfall Of Perception. Northern Vibes. Voices Of Infinity. Information Technology EP. Love Frequency EP. Electronic Jam Session Cloud Babies. Another Life. The Phoenix. Father Remixes. The Navigator. Hater Rework. Xeno EP.

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Psybur Space. Radicle Roots. Prophetic Vision. Institutional Failure. Astravoid EP. How Long Is A Moment. Encyption Syndicate. Chicanery Stumble. Power To The Purple! Waiting For You. Beyond Projections. Transient Highway. Where The Map Ends. Something Precious. Drifting A Way.

Its All About The Love. Start Thinking. Deep Connection. Fragrant Flowers Revisited. Transmitting To Space. Reemixed II. Choices Of A Few Ft. Tre Aces. Outside The Lines. Forest Stories EP. The Mandala Affect. Machine Arcology. Chiron's Secrets - David Last Remix. Gut Wrench. Stardust Adventure.

Dream Stabilizer. Some Kind Of Distant Shore. Cusp The Remixes. Rain Shadow Erothyme Remix. The Age Of Cymatics. Liquid Diagram.

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