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Flynn, J. Taylor, Reg. Kelly, R. Back Row: — J. Sabine, W. Wiley, L. Jones, W. McKeown, H. Varcoe, N. Ackland, H. Pike, N. Gehrig, W. Hurworth, Jr. Logan, C. Donaghey, M. Stanley, M. Lovett, J. Carroll, S. Herbert, B. Dored was called to Prague on special assignment, and while there photographed the Czech Premier, Eduard Benes for Para- mount News, being honored with the privilege of being the only news man to get this important picture.

The November issue has come out magnificently for Mr. Zukor, the joy of the French or- ganization at being able to cele- brate his Silver Jubilee being ab- solutely unbounded. Following the vacation he will report to Gen- eral Manager Fred W. Lange in Paris for an assignment in Europe. Above is a photograph of the silver trophy to be presented to the winning Branch in the Revolucionarios Divi- sion.

The plaque will carry the names of every member of the winning staff and permanently remain in possession of the Branch. Eugene Schosberg, for- merly of this post, has returned to New York. We therefore are happy to reproduce above a scene showing part of his office. But effective January 7, , the most famous entertain- ment symbol in the entire world will carry 25 stars. This change is official and should be made in every part of the Paramount world.

Groves, has been nam- ed The Tiger Division. Australia, N. Great Britain. Puerto Rico. The remain- der are as you find them in the adjoining columns. The occasion is a momentous one: not that these two parts of the Paramount Empire hap- pen to be the leaders, but that they happen to be leading at the very time when the whole Para- mount organization is giving every ounce of loyalty, every iota of energy in a manifestation of our love for and esteem of a man who was born to lead, and who has forever since demon- strated his birthright.

Next month this memorable Contest will end. We have right now no idea who the winners will be. Perhaps you have. Day 2. Kennebeck 3. Klarsfeld 9. Cochrane Del Villar. York Last Month 1. Pratchett 5. Graham 6. Nathan 4. Aboaf Klarsfeld Cochrane 8. Schaefer 9. A moral and financial victory for Paramount over competitors. Marlene and Gary are the best-liked stars in Prague. This is the biggest overseas scoop in any of the Quigley Award judgings, and all of the overseas mentions went to Paramount.

Managing Director John E. Kennebeck must indeed be proud of the exploitation prowess of his division. General Israel Putnam, famous American soldier, was born. Many years later, General Putnam won a mem- orable battle against the enemies of the United States on the very spot where the Paramount Building now stands in New York.

There is a tablet commemorating this fact in the lobby of the building. America held its first national election for President. George Washington was elected as the result. Adolph Zukor was born. Adolph Zukor celebrates his 25th anniversary in the motion picture industry, a world figure, loved and re- spected by all nations. Inset Gladys Swarthout sponsor of the entire Foreign Department, is shown in circle above the group.

Great times are with the Company's product again! Newest of the exciting films, and a colossus among them, is "The Plainsman. DeMille's plan for previewing his pictures away from Hollywood, and a number of other cities have also seen the epic. The result has been an overwhelming volume of acclamation.

But let us warn you on the point that "The Plainsman" is not merely entertainment for America. It is a picture of great spectacular wealth, it has a fine box-office cast, it has the attraction power of a great producer's name — but most of all it is saturated with live, exciting entertainment. It is a picture that moves with trip-hammer power. It is under- standable anywhere. It will be mighty entertainment anywhere.

This fact leads to one of the most highly dramatic situa- tions put on the screen in years. The message stated that the picture had been received exceptionally well by both press and public. Since some of them had done at least twelve weeks, things look rosy for the newest tenant of the Capitol.

The industry here will similarly wish to play its part in such an honour — of that 1 feel sure. Zukor has really pioneered, for he brought the house of Paramount into ex- istence, and his path through the years has not exactly been a bed of roses. Some- how men like him still remain the backbone of the business. Visible in the picture are the queues on both sides of the entrance, and additional reports since the picture was taken indicate that the film will do eight or nine weeks.

Manager S. Goldman claims that the picture is one of the biggest win- ners of the year. The deal calls for her to make three pictures a year, with a fourth optional. Shirley Ross and Martha Raye are in the cast. This will be the heaviest production output for him in many years and is in response to world wide demands that he appear in more pictures than his previous output of two pictures every three years.

Both of the new pictures will be char- acterized by a paucity of dialogue and a preponderance of action. X t will build new screen history by indicating the mighty scope of the screen in instantly and simultaneously showing a pictured message to the peoples of the world. January 22nd is set as the world release date. On that day the picture will be flashed before its audiences in all parts of the world.

Synchronized and superimposed versions will have been completed in those lands where these versions are needed. The songs of the star will be sung in French, German, Spanish and Italian. There will be included in all foreign versions a duet in French between Gladys Swarthout and Frank Forrest not present in the domestic version. X t is expected that many of these premieres will be started by an electric signal from Mr.

Zukor, delivered either from New York, or from Washington where he is to be guest of honor at an important diplomatic dinner the evening of that day. These plans will be given later embellish- ment; but for the time being it is established that the beloved gentleman who founded Paramount will be associated in affectionate fashion with the release ceremonies of a picture which symbolizes his towering and enduring achievements. Zukor is here shown pho- tographed beside a magnificently colorful Mexican zarape.

This su- perb piece of cloth was woven at Monterrey, Mexico, under the direction of Sr. Adolfo Ro- driguez, Sr. It was forwarded to Mr. Ro- driguez for one of his Paramount accounts. We know that Mr. Zukor was de- lighted with the gift and is keep- ing it as a perma- nent personal pos- session. Et il est aussi approprie a cette circonstance par un sort favorable que cette celebration nous est donnee au moment ou cette compagnie que M.

Edi- tor F. Thomas has done a vali- ant stroke of work with this issue, and there is much in it that we would reprint had we more space at our disposal. So please take the wish for the deed, London! Hamard Paris Mr. Melbourne Mr. Hurran London Mr. Farr London Mr. Manchester Mr. Green Cardiff 2 Miss S. Freedman, Home Office M.

Fikter Jugoslavia Miss B. Claughton Leeds Mr. Fodor Lyon Mr. Towers Leeds Miss L. Liverpool 3 Mr. Thulin Stockholm Mrs. Bruxelles W. Piasecki Katowice Mr. Russo Naples Miss F. Thurston Sydney Mr. Rio de Janeiro Mr. Huckle London Mrs. Clarke London Mrs. Manchester Miss Jones Cardiff 4 M. Rychter Warsaw Mr. Melbourne Miss D. Muffett Sydney Mr. Haslinger Vienna 5 Miss J. Amsterdam Mr.

Postance London Mr. Legrand Paris Mrs. Bordeaux Miss A. Nadal Barcelona Miss M. Bilbao Miss B. Currie Sydney Mr. Jones Cardiff 6 L. Silberstein Warsaw Miss P. Audiger Paris Mr. Horner Paris Miss E. Valencia Miss C. Valencia Miss G. Lehmann Berlin Miss L. Melbourne Miss S. Launceston Miss A. Pilton Melbourne 7 Mr. Bettencourt, Home Office Mr. Marin Bruxelles Mr. Paris Mr. Coll Barcelona Mr.

Ride Melbourne Mr. Worsley Sydney Miss S. Guatemala J. Church Birmingham 8 Mr. Schou Copenhagen Mr. Alexander London Miss W. Grayson Leeds Mr. Rochette Paris Mr. Watelet Bruxelles Mr. Montejano Madrid Mr. Perez Guatemala Mrs. Graubner London Mr. Epstein London Mrs. Stacey London Mr.

Bradley Cardiff Mr. Haider Bruxelles Mr. Salomon Paris Mrs. Laidebeur Paris Mr. Santos Paris Mr. Karpowski Berlin Miss T. Bertin Padoa 10 Mr. Schellhorn, Home Office Mr. Jugoslavia Miss N. Scott Glasgow Mr. Petri Florence Mr. Gamboa Rosario Mr. Bolton London Mr. Forder London Mr.

Sherry Manchester Mr. Britton Leeds 11 Mr. Thomsen Brisbane Miss R. Liverpool Mr. Horiguchi Tokyo Miss O. Martins Lisbon Miss C. Sydney Mr. Giusti Sao Paulo Mr. McCarthy London 12 Mr. Levy Paris Miss A.

Bellegarde Paris Mr. Shimada Tokyo Mr. Hartwich Berlin Mr. Duffy Glasgow Mr. Stockholm Miss Evans London Mrs. Dubourg Bordaux Miss P. Barcelona Mr. Leaton London Mr. Lucas, London Streatham Astoria Mr. Lucas, London, Brixton Astoria Mrs. Rand London Mrs. McNab Glasgow Mrs. Clark Glasgow Mr. McKay Glasgow Mr. McConnell Liverpool 14 J. Popoviceanu Bucarest Mrs. Delannoy Lille Miss L. Vantelet Reims Mr. Marty Paris Mr. Guatemala Mr. Jackson Liverpool 15 Mr. Caudron Bruxelles Mr. Vaudois Paris Miss L.

Schneider Basel Mr. Tsuda Darien Mr. Mannucci Turin Mr. Jrckson London Mr. Fisher Glasgow 16 Mrs. Huyghe Lille Mr. Adam Melbourne Mr. Greenwald, Home Office Mr. Home Office B. Sebok Budapest Mr. Quennepoix Lille Mr.

Ssuda Osaka Mr. Bilbao Miss M. Dusseldorf Miss L. Bell Sydney Mr. Launceston Miss Lee Newcastle Mr. Fenton Leeds 18 B. Gerber Roumania Mr. Kerr London Mr. Webb London Mr. Warrier London Mr. Goodenough London 19 Mr. Cohen London V. Benkovic Jugoslavia B. Czecho-slovakia Mr. Trump Paris Dr. Gordon Panama Miss K. Dick Glasgow Mr. Manchester N. Hughes Cardiff 20 J. Czecho-slovakia Miss G. Young Liverpool Miss J. Bird Liverpool Miss J.

Roselle Vienna 21 Miss L. Salzberger, Home Office G. Karpati Budapest Mr. Berc Paris Mr. McGrath Sydney Miss E. Buenos Aires Mrs. Porter Glasgow Miss G. Robinson Leeds L. McConkey Cardiff Mr. Melbourne 22 Mrs. Skeel-Gerhardt, Copenhagen Mr. Roffin Paris Mr. Leviavant Paris Mr. Aubert Paris Mr. Mallon Glasgow 23 Mr. Home Office Mr. Stockholm Miss A. Rourke Leeds Miss E.

Roe Manchester Mr. Chatain Paris Mr. Bruxelles Mr. Choisnard Paris Mrs. Bruxelles Miss A. Berger Rosario Mr. Webb London Miss M. Quarmby Leeds Mr. Hori Tokyo Miss C. Cordoba Mr. Day, Jr. Allan Glasgow Mr. McKenna Leeds 25 Mr. Rouillard Paris Mr. Montaret Paris Miss J.

Casey Melbourne Mr. Elliott Melbourne Mrs. Allen London Mr. Bristow London Mrs. McLean Glasgow 26 Mr. Maynard London Miss E. Allen Cardiff Mrs. Deporter Lille Mr. Lancelot Paris Mr. Bilbao Mr. Della Rome Mr. Harris Sydney Mr. Wiren Wellington Mr. Jones London Mr. Brown London Mr. Bain Leeds 27 Mr. Smith Cardiff Miss N. Singapore Tiang Lim Seow.

Singapore Mr. Dudout Paris Mrs. Rousseaux Paris Mr. Wellington Mr. Ralph Perth J. Rodriguez Guatemala Miss A. Evans Glasgow Mr. Martin Manchester Miss E. Liverpool 28 Mr. Dientengevolge is deze editie van het Paramount Inter- national News, die toevallig samen- valt met zijn vijf en twintigste jaar in het filmbedrijf, met eerbied en liefde opgedragen aan den achtens- waardigen Heer wiens voorletters het geheele alphabet in beslag nemen.

In deze Januari maand wordt Adolph Zukor overal in de wereld gehuldigd, niet alleen door Para- mounters en bestuurders van andere film maatschappijen, doch ook door onze nationale leiders, want het was de wijsheid, visie en vooruit ziende blik van den Heer Zukor, die de we- reld haar universeelste vorm van ver- maak schonk, En het past in het plan van een zeer gunstig gezind noodlot, deze hul- diging te doen plaats vinden op een tijdstip van glorie en roetn zijner aanvankelijke kleine, maar thans reus- achtige onderneming, die de wereld de mooiste en onderhoudendste films heeft gebracht in haar lange succes- carriere.

Mit der Januar- tausgabe der Internationalen Para- mount Nachrichten bietet sich uns endlich diese Gelegenheit, noch dazu als diese Ausgabe mit der Feier seines j fiinfundzwanzigjahrigen Jubilaums in der Filmindustrie zusammenfallt. In diesem Monat wird Adolph! Zukor in der ganzen Welt geehrt : i nicht nur von alien Paramountlern und den Fiihrern der anderen Filrn- igesellschaften, sondern auch von Po- litikern, die das Schicksal von Volkern leiten.

Der Zufall will es, dass diese Feier , in eine Zeit fallt, wahrend der Para- i mount — gegriindet von Adolph Zukor und durch seine Arbeit zu so grossartigem Erfolge gebracht — der Welt die bedeutendsten Filrne in im- mer verbesserter und verfeinerter Form Jrringt. Und nun beginnen wir Paramounts zweite Fiinfundzwanzig Jahre und gehen dem Goldenen Jubilaum ent- gegen. Miss Swarthout , as star of that picture zirith Fred MacMurray , therefore becomes a living manifestation of that symbol, and with the sponsorship of the Foreign Department in her charming care Mr.

Zukor has every reason to be happy. Miss Swarthout is shown here being thanked by Mr. Frank Chapman, husband of the star, is an interested onlooker. Vi ha vantat pa detta tillfalle for manga handelserika ar — detta till- falle alt ara den man, som gav oss Paramount, Adolph Zukor. Darfor dedikera vi detta manadshafte av Pa- ramounts Internalionella Nyheter, detta hafte, som utkommer pa samrna gang som han har varit i filmens tjanst for Tjugofenr ar, innerligt och som det hoves till derma verkligt fina och oerhort avhallna gentleman, vars initialer borja och sluta alfa- betet.

Denna manad kommer Adolph Zukor att bli iirad i alia varldsdelar. Manga arebetygelser komma att givas honom, inte Sara av Paramountarer, och av de olika cheferna i de andra filmbolagen, utan ocksa av de stora ledarna, vars klokhet leda de stora nationernas oden. Ty det var tack vare visdorn, fantasi och en syn pa framtiden hos denna Adolph Zukor, som gav varlden dess mest omtyckta underhallning.

Pa samma gang ar det tack vare ett underligt ode, som denna hogtid kom- mer att firas pa den tid som det bo- lag, som borjades av Mr. Zukor, och som har vuxit till sa ansenliga hojder, giver varlden dess mest magnifika film — av alia de stora filmer det givit. Adolph Zukors drom har blivit ver- klighet. Och nu ar det endast tjugofem ar till till vart guldbrollop. ZUKOR Durante largos y emocionantes anos habiamos estado aguardando el mo- mento que nos depararia esta ocasion de rendir homenaje a don Adolph Zukor, el hombre a quien le debemos la Paramount.

El presente numero de enero de la Paramount Internatio- nal News, la publicacion del cual coincide con el mes en que el senor Zukor completa veinticinco anos de vida cinematografica, va tan justiciera cuanto afectuosamente dedicado al meritorio caballero entre cuyas inicia- les queda comprendido todo el alfa- beto.

No son solamenle los paramountistas y los jefes de todas las editoras cine- matograficas quienes toman parte en este homenaje, sino sujetos a quienes su talento liace guias de sus naciones. Es que al buen sentido, a la amplitud de criterio, a la vision certera de don Adolph Zukor les debe el mundo el espectaculo que cuenta hoy en dia con mas universal aplauso.

Debe considerarse parte de los designios de un hado benevolo que esta celebracion ocurra en dias en que la Editora a la que el senor Zukor dio comienzo, y que ha ido desarro- llandose hasta adquirir importancia mundial, esta ofreciendole al publico las peliculas mas notables de su triun- fal carrera. Asi pues, nuestro triunfo no es meramente un simbolo : es una realidad. La realiza- cion del sueno de don Adolph Zukor.

Adolph Zukor, o ho- mem que nos deu a Paramount, que por ella tern vivido e lutado. Por isso folganios que a nossa edigao de Ja- neiro venha coincidir com o vigesi- mo-quinto anniversario da entrada de Mr. Zukor para as actividadcs citie- matographicas, tornando-se assim o credor da nossa sympathia e do reco- nhecimento nosso e de todo o mundo.

L um anniversario de alta significa- gao para toclos nos, porque nos da ensejo de homenagear Mr. Zukor, cuja victoria festejamos. Mas nao seriio so os nossos tributos que Mr. Zukor recebera ern Janeiro: elle sera tambem homenageado pelos gerentes e representantes das outras compa- tihias de cinema, espalhadas pelo mundo, assim como por pessoas de alto destaque na politica e na socie- dade, as quaes reconhecem no nosso anniversariante um dos maiores per- cursores do cinema como entrete- nimento universal.

Zukor, hoje a cargo da fiscalizagao de produegao. Portanto, ao receber as nossas homenagens, Mr. Zukor re- cebe tambem, na magnifica produegao que essas homenagens typifica, a cer- teza de que o seu sonho floriu e deu frutos. Elia, a festal Daqui a outros vinte e cinco annos a Paramount estara commemorando a sua data dourada Continued from Page 14 tografica, rna anche dai capi nazionali, da statisti, le cui rnenti guidano i de- stini dell e Nazioni. La realizzazione del sogno di Adolph Zukor.

Y ahora, preparemonos a celebrar dentro de otros veinticinco anos las 1 bodas de oro de la Paramount. Published, moreover, in the interest of Paramount Legionnaires the world over, for the express purpose of perpetuat- ing in tangible form that magnificent spirit of unselfishness and devotion which is the pride of our organization and the envy of the industry Edited by Albert Deane Vol.

A great contest was staged, a great fight was waged, and the elements of success and ac- complishment registered during that half year represent one concrete reason why Paramount has been enabled to embark on so ambitious a programme of production during this year. Hicks Jr. JOHN E. He moulded his life so that his duty to his company never faltered; yet so threat was his conception of living that he teas just as faultlessly a family man as he was an organization man.

All the pnest threads of life were woven by him into a pattern which many envied, many more admired, yet few were able to copy. The world has lost a splendid citizen , his widow mourns a devoted mate, his children are bereft of a match- less father , Paramount has lost a loyal servant of inestimable value, and I have lost a dear and eternally kind friend and co-worker.

RECORD The month of January produced more both-feet-on-the-ground enthusiasm and faith in the future of our Company than any other month within memory. Moreover, it was only slightly under the biggest week in the entire history of Paramount. A great beginning, indeed, but ONLY the beginning! The world has made known its affection for this great and fine gentleman by its endorsement in the Book of Autographs of international celebrities, by its two representative banquets in Hol- lywood, and by the memorable Washington function which is to be found reported else- where in this issue.

These occasions, plus the inspired manner in which Paramounteers the world over are saluting Mr. Zukor by organization achievements of unparalleled worth, are eloquent tributes in themselves of the high affection held the world over for the Man Who Knows the Amusement Business from A. So to disabuse all minds on this particular point we want to reprint a paragraph which appeared in a recent studio story, given out for general publi- cation. Italy made a magnificent spurt from 11th to 5th, finishing up the tiniest fraction beneath the coveted mark.

France was another grand spurter, advancing to 9th from 14th. Aboaf 7. Graham 4. Ballance 5. Nathan 6. Schaefer Groves Mexico" 1. Australia" 4. Great Britain ,. Jugo Slavia. Czecho Slovakia. Straits Settlements. It is to be a Contest built structurally upon the lessons learned in past contests. It will be for a longer period than customary, thus taking care of all climatic changes.

Everybody will have a full year of performance as his exhibit of achievement. There will be more, and more diversified, prizes, so that everybody everywhere in the field forces of the Foreign Legion will have an opportunity of participating. And per- haps most importantly of all, ammunition in the shape of film productions will be more powerful, more compelling than ever before.

Although the Contest will be for a full year, there will be a prize-participating pause at the end of the first six months. There will be divisions of prizes even beyond this, at the end of the first six months.

Thus in countries possessing several branches, the manager of the territory and one of his branch managers would be enabled to participate in each of the first, second and third prize-winning brackets at the end of the first six months. In those coun- tries with only one branch office, the branch manager and his sales manager, or assistant man- ager will become the prize-winning participants at the end of six months.

With respect to the main Year-long Contest, we will have the same prize-bestowing structure as our previous two contests. Divisional Standings will be the guide for winner determination. Entire staff of the Winning Branch of the Second Division will receive 2 weeks' salary. Entire staff of Winning Branch within the Third Division will receive 1 week's salary. By all odds this is the fairest, finest and fast est sales contest our world-girdling organization has ever staged.

We cannot help repeating that with it goes the most irresistible barrage of film ammunition our studios have ever handed out. And for your part we know that the contest itself is fortified with the most voracious appetite for achievement that we have ever seen displayed in so grand a task as this contest will prove to be.

First achievement results will appear in ban- nered fashion in the next issue. Breather Winning Countries will be honored at end of first 6 months. Additionally There will also be special prizes for branch managers within winning countries at the end of first 6 months. These are detailed in adjoining columns. Entire staff of leading branch within Winning Division will receive 3 weeks' salary; all employees of leading branch in Division finishing Second, two weeks' salary; entire staff of leading branch in Division finishing Third, one full week's salary.

Action, spectacle, excitement, and above all, romance — these are its concomitants. One of the scenes above shores the four Paramount principals of the cast — Gary Cooper. Zukor's Silver Jubilee. They were shown pictures actually in production and also the rough assemblies of several other films on which camera work has been completed. The Legionnaires Included Messrs. What they saw was evidence beyond all question that Paramount is showing the rest of the industry its heels by the very simple process tainment since feature pictures began.

It was shown the visitors in what is known technically as a 'rough cut,' minus music and many sound effects, and with the dramatic climaxes not completely pointed up. Yet despite these facts there thundered from the screen the unmistakable fact that here is the greatest sea picture of them all, a film so mighty that at last the word 'epic' is going to the discard as being unequal to the task of adequate description.

Gary Cooper, George Raft, Frances Dee, Henry Wilcoxon, Olympe Bradna and others are magnificent in their roles: the action, actually filmed at sea, is breathtakingly thrilling; Henry Hathaway's direction has begun at the zenith of "Bengal Lancer," and soared from that point. In short, a picture to send the pulses surging and write new screen entertainment history. It has a radiant love theme, tremendous sweep of action, the super-skilled direction of Rouben Mamoulian, and a cast headed by Irene Dunne, Ran- dolph Scott, Akim Tamiroff, Dorothy Lamour and Charles Bickford; and it has the greatest music Jerome Kern ever wrote.

We have shouted our heads off for a great female singing star: we have her in Irene Dunre, now elevated to one of the ranking positions in the screen firmament. What a parade of hits! There are also "Swing High, Swing Low," an entrancing musical romance starring Carole Lombard and Fred MacMurray, in which both performers do sterling work, aided and abetted by Charles Butterworth and Dorothy Lamour: "Waikiki Wedding," a glamorous comedy drama of Hawaii, with more singing than you could shake a baton at by Bing Crosby and Shirley Ross Shirley's surely go- ing to be one of our great bets!

All of the foregoing are not pipedreams — not plans on paper — but actual celluloid certifications of coming greatness. These films have been seen — and you'll be seeing them mighty soon now. They are but the vanguard of a magnificent array of pro- ductions which will include Cecil B. How do you like your Paramount Studio now? Star-wise picture every week of the array in history! More big deMille and our twenty Paramount studio means and production-wise.

Zukor in the grand mood he was in as he an- nounced the most magnificent array of film entertainment that Paramount, or any other company, has ever given to the world. It was of Mr. Since the days when his com- pany, which is also his life-long work, furrowed the ground and ran into the bankruptcy courts. Good nezvs, we view it, for Para- mount, for the industry and for the legion of friends and admirers to which this aggressive survivor of a thousand celluloid crises can lay claim zvithout dispute.

This is the text of a cable received by Mr. Its eloquent text conveys the following powerful picture, rounded out by cables received through other channels: At the head table were Sir William Jury; Col. Bromhead, one of the founders of G. Other well-known men present were Sidney L.

Jarratt, director of Provincial Cinematograph Theatres and booking controller for G. The luncheon was an exceptional exhibition of showmanship by Earl St. It went on to a second and also a third week, and is still there as we go to press. Kennebeck at the age of Thus was cut short a Paramount career of unsurpassed bril- liance.

With the Company 17 years, "Kenny," as he was affectionately known to his friends, rose from field exploiteer to managing director of one of the most important divisions within our organization. In Australia he was renowned far and wide for his legion of friends, his dogged and everlasting devotion to his job, his faith in his Church, and his sublime success as a family man.

In addition to winning honors within his Company, he had attained the distinction of a Papel Knight- hood, and the eminence of the Presidency of the American Society of Australia. He has left a widow and two beautiful children. Par a- mounteers the world over mourn with them. Horner, Andre Olsen, O. Dixon, Ike Blumenthal, Gus J. Schaefer, Fred W. Lange, Jacques Plun- kett, A. Hays and Mr.

Zukor; George Raft being greeted by Mes- srs. George Archainbaud, zvife of the Paramount director; and Messrs. Sclilessinger noted South Afri- can theatrical impressario ; and in the final picture, Mr. Arthur Hornblozv she is the glamorous Myrna Loy have stu- dio publicity director Chris Dun- phy as their table guest. The banquets tender- ed him in Los Angeles and Washington alone would con- vey this fact; but added to these have been the separate func- tions staged in his behalf in all parts of the world with not only Paramounteers participat- ing, but also high officials and dignitaries, every one of them anxious to pay personal tribute to a man who has contributed more to the amusement desires of the world than any other liv- ing being.

On these two pages we have en- deavored to give a few of the high- lights of the American events. Will H. Hays, on be- half of the industry, hailed Mr. The execu- tives seated at the table, left to right, are: Frank C. Walker and E. Richard, theatre partners; Cecil B. Hays, Mr. Frank Freeman. John Cecil Graham was next to Mr. It was followed by a broadcast the like of which has never been seen before in broadcasting, not only for its wealth of talent, but also for the spontaneous spirit which prompted so many great performers to volun- teer their services simply for the purpose of honoring a great man.

Several days after the Hollywood function, Mr. Zukor journeyed to Washington. There he was joined by a number of the Home Office executives, and by U. In every sense the Silver Jubilee tributes to Mr. Zukor as tribute was paid him by celebrities from all over the world. In the background is the piece orchestra which opened the program with an Hungarian overture, while at the microphone are Jack Benny, left, who was Master of Ceremonies, and Cecil B.

Shown above are a fezv camera glimpses of personalities and events. At the top, Mr. Also a scene of the gathered guests. In the lower left-hand corner Messrs. Walker confer. In the centre picture Mr. McIntyre, secretary to President Roosevelt. At the right Mr. Agnew are zvith A. Zukor at his own birthday party in Hollywood, escorting'. Zukor and the charming star, Gladys Swarthout. An ava- lanche of congratulatory messages have been forwarded to Mr.

Zukor from practically every well-known showman in Australia and New Zea- land. The autographs of the Prime Minister and the Members of his Cabinet were obtained for the special autograph book to be presented to Mr. Exhibitors everywhere are entering for the Adolph Zukor Award which is being offered for the best exploitation campaign on any Para- mount picture for the week commenc- ing January That week is to be known as the Adolph Zukor Anni- versary W eek.

Present indications are that this bronze plaque will be the most sought after exploitation prize ever offered in the business. This is the greatest piece of showman- ship and efficient distribution ever handled here. Last week General Sales Manager W. Hurworth received a parcel of contracts which literally covered his desk. These came in a gigantic parcel from Victoria and Perth. The picture will play a definite two weeks. The business being recorded in Melbourne and Auckland is remarkable for this time of the year.

Proulx, Paramount manager in Hongkong, China. Going first to his home in Ottawa, Canada, for the purpose of spending Christmas with his family, Mr. Proulx then came to New York and has since gone to Hollywood to look at the mighty Paramount pictures in production there before sailing back to the Orient. Zukor arrived in New York. These have since been supplemented by other latecomers, and since the last thought in our minds is that these tributes go unsung, we are recording them here for Paramount posterity.

Carl P. York, Stockholm.

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