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His days power. That was only one end of the broad spectrum in the society, if one of divide and rule had finished. Their whole had become greater than sum were to ignore the further fringe elements at the extremities. The message was getting transmitted to earth. Scientologists such human made demonstrations with disbelief. To all of them god, his were the new happy lot.

There was good news everywhere. Thy kingdom kingdom, godology etc were above all these and truly supra and para would come was being delivered, some earnestly believed. Their stances The Author had been called; for Resurrection!

The gods had no choice. They were ready and holding hands They had empires of galaxies and kingdoms of solar systems to govern. Amongst them, Earth, a tiny spec, given the characteristics and tendencies of humans evolved over aeons, had proved to be the most difficult. By praying at controversial Israeli separation wall the situation.

There was none to take notes for posturing, for You are trying to make deals giving me work. I am trying on my own. The author was brought in Ok, OK. We have called you first to atone for our manacles, but freed.

We had put you on a trial run to see what can be done; what you will do on your own. They were gentle, respectful and seemingly apologetic —unbecoming of them. They welcomed him, put him at ease with pleasantries and general Yes, yes. I have succeeded in creating some awareness, but got nowhere. First there was a hint of threat, as though a school master was scolding a student.

Gods are willing if you are. Here is they got down to matters at hand, taking him into confidence in strides. Let us work in tandem. You have shown the spirit and commitment. Can or not? Yes we can; I would, if you could. Change the system and human beliefs and afflictions, I mean.

Right now it is a holy mess; must re-programme. Welcome to our realms. What are earthlings up to? What have you done? Are your vision-plans looking up? We get the message. You are resurrected in a new avatar. Get things done. You have our backing.

Let us meet refreshed after a short break. It eased Yes, we know that you know that we are in the know. Tell us facts and the tensions, relaxed them and brought them closer on missions and findings; your intuition and most of all what can be done to improve. Their conversation got more focused, though analytical a bit, philosophizing too because the nature of Facts and figures do mislead; selective perceptions are guiding everyone the subjects, their ideas and expanse; impact being worked on for the to ruins beyond their realms.

Possibilities are not found in them. They sake of humanity to live with love in harmony for greater common good. Evolve they will, under right circumstances. It had turned solemn. They got down to serious Tell us what can be done. What you can do. Religion was the single biggest unsurmountable problem they identified. There is much to be done. I have been trying. Two three generations have They are proliferating was the finding; with sectarianism leading to fights, wasted time. The youth are restless.

Education is not doing any good. They want easy life. That is being exploited by the system. Very bad. Economic growth had spilled over into religions causing divisionism and power centres. The impoverished climbing up the social ladder had Not bad. We are getting it. Where do we start? How do we do? Can we generated demand for gods, religions and the like, seeking security. How long will it take? What resources do you need? Invariably the Courts too got realisation of masses, especially of the already polarized was a hang-up.

In a case, where there are two temples for the same deity in a Unity in diversity was the pragmatism settled for. The losing faction went to court seeking order to Collector to open the temple. The Increasing violence and their inter-religious and sectarian conflicts were judges in their wisdom ruled that if the people cannot peacefully worship, highlighted as major issues begging for quick solutions. All violence is it should remain closed. Went to show how even gods can be restrained result of people believing that their pain is caused by others and so it is to by law, raising philosophical question whether they can be so locked up!

The credulous were fished out from the conservatives and liberals seeking solace as well. They were hesitant realizing major faiths. Iconoclasm inherent in such unifying efforts at the middle quantum of work involved to eradicate existing ones from the face of has created new space for both leaders and the led.

While challenging earth and memories of people, apart from history itself. It was pushed to orthodoxies is one aspect, shepherding the illiterate and poor under new the back of minds as a last alternative. How do they mesh with intransigent existing power centres of yore of the major religions —with money and clout- is the new Having grasped seriousness of god-driven conflicts attaining dangerous question.

They are a rule unto themselves was their apt conclusion. Splintering-fragmenting was found to be unceasing. Scientism morphing to syncretism was a positive development they were thrilled about. These Pray what shall we do was their common concern. Satan was happy as were rife among Hindus, Christians and Muslims with Hinduism having ever that the gods were at loss and he had a role to play.

He opined that the most obvious tendency to be so preponderant, being so over the destruction as constructive process is the only way out. His pet cycle centuries, accommodating and assimilating from all others. The idea of theories were aired. He got a listening ear, but was snubbed telling him Arya Samaj, its resurgence after losing momentum after initial growth and that there are better ways and all was not lost. He squirmed in delight. There were no antinomies —incompatibilities- amongst religions of spirituality, Before we cure ailment, let us understand cause, symptoms and disease.

But why? From creation to Why? Because we are needed by those in distress. Even unbelievers of the natural effects? There are unknown unknowns though. Is it endless? And most become converts for good. Those who leave, return as born against Yes, it is. Science has only touched the tip of ice bergs.

Transformations that leave an object unchanged are called symmetry; nature is full of spheres which are most symmetrical. It is what best one can make out of. When in pain, suffering, dead-ends A crystal is made up of same basic unit, repeated across the space, like with no hope medically, financially, familialy, science, sports, power …… syllables incanted in mantras.

Science is history of symmetry; molecules, seeking future, job, fame, fortune…. Is it limitation of awareness or knowledge? Last few decades have been trying times. A cosmologist avers: being come up with? Hypothesis of god and religion as cognates in quest for truth through palimpsests of scriptures, seem to draw from perinatal and near-death I agree.

What else can we do? Probe, hypothesise, expound, conjecturise? In doctrinal theses, creativities galore; but behind apparent divergences of theological Good tries. One needs to transcend, out of normal. Meditation is a good start, Super-brain yoga of thoppu karnam too.

The boundary is moving all the time, in all directions. What other options? But when in need, call us. That is the nature of life in this kali yuga. You got it? What about symptoms, disease and effect? Why do they call? If you existence is unproven! And cannot be sensed? Instead You got it. In the realm beyond senses, there are satisfying things.

We are of symptoms, let us call it traits or vasanas. Some are inborn. Like hallucinogens: alcohol, drugs, medicines. They have Others are social and circumstantial. Good, bad and ugly like. No one been popular from times immemorial —extracted from plants and herbs. It is the situations that make them.

But if We are a better variety. Trust, faith, belief, surrender are the catch words. Through hard work, prayers, in good With your blessings. They too are looking for answers, solutions, escape company, practice, commitment etc.

It is all cyclical. That is what efforts of from realities and willing to bear, try and take up challenges. The sad spirituality, religion, faith, belief, prayers are about. Even the good can go thing is they are misunderstood; the education system has lost its way. One must be cautious. Either they are pampered and spoiled, or cornered and indoctrinated?

And not disease, though in modern jargon, the believers are ridiculed. It is love for a cause as in social field. Downside is that it makes groups of hardliners demand strict following. In your name, much is going on. They are cornered at young impressionable years, brainwashed during formative years, all sorts Effect: on individuals it is calming, re-assuring, leading to faith, belief and of promises made, isolated, trained and released to do harm than good.

The beauty is that one takes charge of future leaving aside doubts, stopping to worry about karma and its backlogs; without Let us work on it. Get them back to normal life first. We feel the youth of expecting results. Destiny can be moulded, changed, altered with good today are somewhat better than the ones after last wars, when they were deeds.

It gives confidence attracting friends and foes into the fold. They were spoiled in the name of liberalism. Driven by consumerism they are on ego trips. A lot of Alright, you are leading me up the garden path. I am ok, you are ok. But what goes on is absurdism is their take. They are smart-intelligent though. How to influence and transform?

That has changed a bit. The couples of that era are having a hard time. So you are amenable to change. We wish, most would be, for the better. Forty percent of the post-war baby boomers in developing countries are facing divorce crisis. Their children are left in the lurch…away from church. Need numbers; quick and fast; here and now. Marriages are not made in heaven. They are biological of social necessity. Everything has its own time, place and speed. Learn from You were saying some things are looking better; all hope is not lost.

Yes in some of the fields I have struggled. But I find most are mugglers. I am impatient like many. Not a shanachie given me? A hundred year span to create changes overcoming obstacles! Silly, have clarity for the sake of youth. How do you intent to do that? Any plans, schedules…. Beg your pardon. It has caused total confusion by polysemy transformation over centuries. Deva and Ahura of Iranian mean Yes Sirs. We have to inspire and rely on youth. The rest are hopeless and demon and asura —their opposites in Sanskrit.

Meanings of words and gone case. Either too busy, too comfy or poor and suffering. As you know, phrases have changed. Webglish has the last word; all shortened. Then only thinking, work and plans. OMG: twitter like birds, chat like girls, sms like kiss, WhatsApp with clips! Ok, how do you propose to bring youth to the fore and carry out? He was happy that his time was coming and had to cool off to hide excitement.

Youth will decipher; use their web drive lingo. You Cross border terrorism. Funding for both sides. Youth recruited from poor and I have to learn from them, to communicate effectively with them. He has been to suit their arguments and reach, befooling the public ideologically. Inviting all to Vatican, praying together, visit to Blue Mosque in Istanbul Yes, we heard that one new political exponent saying that plastic surgery offering silent prayer from next to Grand Mufti, surprise drop in at Hagia was used to install a new head for Ganapthi.

And some more cheap stuff. Extending olive branch to all; releasing pigeons as messengers; But there must be good things going on also. Yes there are. Cross-fertilisation is the name of the game. Karma is well Not just that; he is building bridges with other religions, over continents appreciated and practised. But there is lack of knowledge about Dharma. If only others would try. Yes sirs; Most say it is undefinable.

Using it as excuse to practice what they want but his recall of Armenian genocide by Turks of was a bit bitter. He under one pretext or the other justifying everything is fair in religion. What else, what about cross-pollination like inter-marriages? The Pope is a beacon of hope. He is bending backwards to spread the wings. His sermons and explanations are going a long way.

He recalls that Why not use simpler word like multicultural and inter-caste marriage? Along with it, prayers and meditation have imperatives. Yoga is going international. How are the orthodox taking it? Are they upset? Idols and icons have become accepted because it is not possible to pray Yes and no. The synod said no to some of his ultra-modern moves or else without focusing on something. Scriptures are found dated and suspect.

But generally he is Thanks to Sufism, reconciliation is gaining ground and popularity. He is travelling and taking the message afar. Good job. Downsides there must be. Who are the party spoilers and What about creationism and its fall outs? Think he was planted? It is being taken back to big bang and further much. As for make them all pay the price. He is serving the need of the times.

The good thing is that he is bonding dissolving differences with flowers is seen in: Sair-e-Gul Faroshan not hand in glove with politics and governments, giving them temporal - Phoolwalon-ki-Sair, at Dargah of Qutubuddin Bakhtiar Kaki and ancient powers to make rules and misrule, to collect axes and spread Christianity; adjoining temple of Yogmaya at Mehrauli archaeological complex Delhi.

His method is refreshingly genuine and sincere. Way to go, across. Lyari Notes is a crowd-funded film produced by movie makers from India and Pakistan, and a Pakistani rock star. It was driven by and for little girls What about parallels and comparables in religions? They have all borrowed from the oldest one and converted to suit times, regions, languages and practices developing customs that have 22 member team of Vedic Brahmins performed Maha Dhanvanthari become difficult to question.

From yaaga, Poorna Navagraham Shanthi homa, Maha Mruthyunjaya yaaga aadhiyil vachanamunday, vachanam roopamay Maha Vishnu yaaga for the well-being of the aged Sultan of Oman. Though a ki ghar vaapsi; had done so earlier in Uttar Pradesh —the Hindu- perplexing statement of Bible it is the essence of incarnation. Hindi heartland after disenchantment with allurement of evangelical and Hinduism? With all its secular views we see are getting narrow minded. Islamic promises of help and prosperity under their folds.

Yes and no. On the one hand it is widening at its peripheries, spreading with temples and trusts all over the globe. But at its centre there are the Why only closeness between Hinduism-Islam? Endearing legacy of living hardliners trucking with politicians trying to push their versions hard. Biblical Politicians and religious leaders are behaving like princes and rulers but. El Ghriba one of the oldest synagogues is at Hara Seghira; in its sprawling What about Hindus-Muslims coming closer; we hear plenty of that.

Good news. In Madarsa Jamiatul Ansar started , Hindu students too join. They all learn Sanskrit and Urdu; a Hindu student leads the assembly. Married with two children, he is a practicalist with M standing for Mumtaz, manush, Madhukarnath; his wife is a Saraswat An ethnic conflict was soon imparted religious colour causing Pandits to Brahmin. He professes that the idea of Supreme Being ties all religions leave.

They are together. To bring peace, harmony and tolerance across India, he is on an safer with India. Civil Code is a religions, cultures and communities, dissolving barriers between them. Generations of Muslims wearing Hindu dress, singing and playing What do the people want? Bharatiya Muslim Andolan is festivities like Ramlila, Navratri etc.

It is not as per Quran, in one sitting. It is time Chapter Three Ulema de-legitimised it. Pandemonium How is the Islamic world coping up and what is their forte and plans? A meeting had been called to discuss all major social issues that were Hear they are playing with fire and in dangerous territory. They are in bedeviling the world playing havoc with peaceful living.

The call had gone challenging times. A generation or two richer with oil wealth and now Gas out to all earthlings to send representatives. As it happens, only a third too are at turning points. Only Allah can save them. The fundamentalists of Wahabis and Salafis are holding sway.

It is suspected that they are cajoling and extracting funds from those in power There were wannabes, optimists, pessimists, pacifiers, realists, iconoclasts, and money to support their agenda. Women are still not treated well. The chats, discussions, arguments, counters and points Is it improving but? Each one wanted to Yes it is; a Nobel —given with intent some suspect- is a positive step. Men are in conceding striking deals. Uncompromising was the attitude, posturing diffidently.

There was no shortage of words, adjectives, adverbs, synonyms, antonyms What about their vertical split? And the Spiritual offshoot? On the whole, the air Mohammad continues to split them vertically. It must be patched up first, was positive with willingness to adopt, adapt and adjust, except for the for better understanding. They were hell bent on making ibn Ali on Day of Ashura is a sad reminder.

Sufism has been a blessing. Is it being contained; regional or what? Mine is better was the only attitude! The call for Islamic State is being pursued violently. Western interference to ensure oil security and for dominating the political spectrum have only There were a few trying to make sense of the goings on, listening raptly, made things worse. From Afghanistan, things have gone bad to worse.

Are you saying that there are fears of nuclear weapons being made, They were the only ones, literally carrying torchlights with rays of hope— hidden for usage with a surprise element? God forbid. For posterity, it was all being recorded without inverted commas not assigning to anyone in particular. Whatever is to happen, will happen. Let us see. Amongst confusion and mayhem, there were the witty and and god. How can he wisecracks building bridges over boiling oils, bringing tempers down and be so tolerant?

They were a few and quite far between! He can only pave the way from darkness to light. A quiet gang of five —each separate and alone but very well connected through unidentifiable devices- could be observed wandering sensing There were no question marks to thoughts flying through the minds of deciphering trends and patterns as if on an entrusted mission seeking youngsters blaming older generations for precipitating divisionism of ideas for greater common good.

Cross talks lent satan a ray of hope that all was not lost. Commotion can Take it easy, let it pass, have patience, be tolerant, they will come around, be created was his solace. Rectitude shall prevail. His ears were picking the devious stuff, The challenge is not to give in or give up. Persuade, correct, show the straining to avoid moderates and the sensibles. Those were the views and ideals of the mediators working for common ground.

Let us fix everything for good. Unleash terror. They confused. Security agencies are well infiltrated. All are at our mercy. All decided to involve Asha, Christina and Gabriela. So too Ali and Usman. Things must be They had a closed conference call and reminded each other about their sorted out. Violence is natural, enemies are fair game, let us go by animal codes and voice recognition tricks.

Gods were relieved; not so satan; author was parleyed. We will work for peace later, from the ashes of destruction. It should be a private commitment and reconfirmed their easy access to Christendom and Islam matter left in the realms of beliefs and faiths. Religion, money and power at highest levels that could be used when required, appropriately. One of concoct an acidic brew. Just one semitic state has caused much he was a triple and third a two-timer.

The ladies reiterated their commie, instability in an otherwise peaceful region. Youngsters were a confident lot. Being second generation true Jihadi descendants, they had credentials. Bury religions. That is ridiculous, only to inimically cause hatred and bloodshed.

Beads are used in prayers to policies for the sake of popularity. Sages and seers have proven that through sincere prayers and long meditation, one can leave sense of self They decided to involve everybody as required, confusing as necessary so and surroundings; neurologists and physiologists have concurred so. Weather gods and Murphy were informed. There was clarity of purpose, vision and mission. There were uncertainties and imponderables too.

There were asteroids, Health is affected positively by religious practices and spirituality helps comets, satellites disintegrating, earth quakes and new islands being surmount difficult situations and so psychologists are for it. Fasting not formed out of seaquakes causing tsunami cleaning and regenerating. It helps use body reserves, calms and rewards with different Karma must be done, life has to be lived, the time cycle has to go on with feelings of daily chores and life. Longer fasting has metabolic advantages destruction and creation as part of natural evolution was the final word.

Similarities to arrive at lowest common denominator were considered: social functions that cut across religious barriers uniting families, religions, Fasting as penance to clean body, soul and mind is common to religions neighbourhoods, societies and nations. Even water may not be had and it may involve remaining silent for long periods. Essentially, process, methods, purpose and goals unto death preparing for demise purifying body; not considered suicide are comparably similar.

It is all about absolution, as if sinning is part of life, knowingly, unknowingly or Places of worship are invariably on elevated sites: hill tops, mountains etc, being a part of baggage one is born, arrives or departs with. Can sin be such that the deity can have a good supervising vision, on river banks avoided?

Nay is the answer from sages, savants and mullahs. Thus god is where communities settled and on seashore respecting power of the sea. Let us leave it at that. Pilgrimages are undertaken to holy places after spiritual, mental and body preparations and some favourites are to be given up on doing so. There is no getting away from it all whether a believer, non-believer, sinner or not.

Just do it. Some benefit Parjanya -Hindu god of rain and thunder is said to be identical with might accrue, like good and positive karma in accounts to be set off when Lithuanian God of thunder Perkunas. For everything there is a god: water, bad things are done. Play of karmic-quotient in the background perhaps! Through social wellbeing we can like Indra of thunderbolt; Varuna becomes Ahura Mazda —Ormuzd- the be focused; without it we will be as good as animals in chaotic existence.

Agni —fire is common to most as emissary between god and humans. Commonality of undivided The main doctrines of all religions involve assertion of miracles. Prajapathi the first being miracles; the New Testament attributes about 37 to Christ. Narration of had become King husbanding needs of the people. Traditional modes of life began getting heaven on Al-Buraq the steed, are miracles.

The Hindu Mahapuranas are questioned from 8th century BC simultaneously and independently in full of miracles. Miracles are prerequisites for sainthood and beatification. India, China, Greece etc. Miracles in religious context are said to have been evidenced. Empirical All religions invoke god securing power from him, seeking guidance and claims are weighed by evidence.

The degree to which one may believe in blessings and justifying what all is done on his behalf. The weight of the evidence is only a function of wrong by ones in power itself. Surprisingly, it is for religious wars. World Wars continued such misadventures on varied said that the Salem Witchcraft trial of colonial Massachusetts had pretexts. WW I was a myopic European war and not a world war. It started much stronger evidence than resurrection of Christ. Genocides, also the protest against real distress.

Religion is the sigh of the oppressed ethnic cleansing, progroms and religious prosecution account for 10m. It is the opium of the people. To abolish religion as the illusory in CIS, and Christian-Muslim clashes in Central African Republic are the happiness of the people is to demand their real happiness.

The demand recent ones on similar lines. There is fatigue with faith as seen in reduced to give up illusions about the existing state of affairs is the demand to church attendance. But taking on religions and powers that be seems give up a state of affairs which needs illusions.

The criticism of religion is more challenging. Mysticism seems to be survivor par excellence under therefore in embryo the criticism of the vale of tears, the halo of which is any onslaught. Science and spirituality working together to bridge gaps is religion. Criticism has torn up the imaginary flowers from the chain not so the way to go. Can science transcend religious beliefs of faith and that man shall wear the unadorned, bleak chain but so that he will shake reverence due to ignorance and fear?

Religion as tool for soul searching self-realisation need not be done away. There is no escape from myth. We see the world through our own frames God is a hostage of both; no wonder IT is sulking! Spirituality has become of references. Fate, Freewill, God etc have sustained cultures for centuries.

Greeks quality. Violence can be traced back to thoughts of hatred, much more sought truth through reason: logos, logic and rationality leading to maths than dislike, leading to action causing injury. Killing is the worst of it.

Science tells us only why and not how. Thus myths; they are Violence in the mind itself can do harm and through words too, and not not tangible, Hence stories, symbols, rituals, icons, idols etc. Mythology is just deeds alone. Forgiveness is the cure. Even worst of the lot has inkling the communicated essence in languages spoken, heard and accepted.

Their similarities reflect the ethos of culture substantial meaning unequivocally separates religion and state. Religion is and dissimilarities their uniqueness. Hindus and Buddhists believe in of private domain with the state having no role; while letting the citizens rebirths; Hindus with the concept of eternal unchanging soul.

Hindus and practice one or none of the religion, it does not have any say in public Muslims accept god as being all powerful; Muslims believing in one life affairs. Historically French monarchs have defied religious authorities. The and one way of reaching god by following path revealed to Prophet revolution championed universal humanism. Voltaire, Montesquieu, Muhammad. It has remained so with secularism being a moral issue. The remedy and experience, one by one discarded, is one at the end.

Power of typical problem is one of immeasurability of mind and god, as against enquiry is the process of questioning the unquestioned for clarity in all science, whereas behavioural science and psychology are pseudoscience. It is about practice rooted in being, not doing, but more of understanding.

In the As such when one provokes under the guise of freedom, the other gets end, it is about letting go, surrender to next phase of unknown journey. Thus non-violence causes violence like mental torture by debaters and intellectual elite. Thinking is a skilled work; it rational world becomes an illusion. As what goes around, comes around has to be learned and practised. Many of the beliefs that are around are and every action has consequences, restraint and not liberty is instructive; picked up during childhood and imbibed.

They cannot be got rid of that out of confounded confusion, will to correct crystallised correlating but. Freedom of speech is It is said that he who cannot reason is a fool; he who will not is a bigot not absolute; words once said cannot be taken back as wounds inflicted and he who dare not, is a slave.

Emancipation is for those who think. The by tongue go deeper into hearts. It may well turn out to be a non-violent philosophy of Vedanta —end of Vedas- stands the test of reason and logic. Truths that are acceptable to intellect could be applied in life. Optical illusions are false leads of religion and Reversing Roles gods.

It is perceptions. Secret of life is revealed to those who continue the journey ad infinitum, and not to one who thinks he has arrived. Just as physicists find physics turning to metaphysics pursuing with moral courage. Annoyed at portrayal as Jihadis, they countered knowledge beyond its natural borders and limits, metaphysician seekers the author. Philosophsing, G2 were taken on a guided tour de force. In reality, we are not what we are or what we think Are you a philosopher getting your characters to execute your plans?

Animals perceive us differently. It appears so different and not at all like what we assume we are, as their senses are differently wired and Neither. Just bringing out facts to open the eyes and minds of readers. Some scientific views do make it simpler. Most philosophise or quote, when cornered, to extricate out of ignorance. Right and left halves of brain are connected by a bundle of fibres called corpus callosum.

In right handed people the dominant left part of brain I am not an omniglot; I can see what we are headed for, unless corrected. Right half has more spatial, musical and artistic abilities. Language, lying, laudation prayer , We had a good look at your background and efforts so far; polyvalent?

Plasticity of brain helps it self-repair and serve its and a professional by practice; open minded, wanting to drive change purpose with about billion cells with reserves aplenty to fall back replacing disappearing neurons daily.

Many are. Few cause and effect change; most are arm chair critics. Mind works like a magician, working on its own, gathering experiences Why so? What can be done? How to motivate? Have systems failed? Fear, fright, flight, response, courage, fight Yes. Soul is said to be lurking as a shadow; not much is understood about soul, its work, migration etc.

Faith is an oasis that can never be reached by a caravan of thinking. They are sets of The triad of body-mind-soul is under scrutiny; introspections may be beliefs, values and institutions; despite or due to long existence they are useful. Mind regulates events in order to have a consistent picture, with stuck with historic origins and are due for a time-wrap transformation. Consciousness is not objective -not affirmed by Psychology explains science of repetitive behaviour of mind and body scientific method.

Stage beyond consciousness is —pratibha- inspiration with stimuli; ethics is the science of conduct as a social being. So could decide fate of problems. Brain is a repository of sequential memory; these create more problems than solutions. Mind is constantly in a state of flux. On rare occasions when it is calm, its Thought is conditioned and creates the thinker.

So thinkers who think real nature may be felt and the infinite beyond may be revealed. It may differently may be dismissed as insane, beyond sanity of the commoners. Revelation of god in meditation is self-certified for better use and findings. Percepts —those perceived- can be converted and such revelations have been accomplished by seers and gurus of to concepts with both positive and negative results and impacts; such Upanishads as well as by saints and sages of all ages.

Negativity of mind drawbacks must be overcome accepting limits through application and can be countered with positivity of brain, by practice. Such attention focus. Victory and defeat are alike in victory pursuit, both imparting releases tremendous energy to tackle problems discovering new vistas. Meditation makes one serene, brings in inner peace for a feeling of Perception and connection are instantaneous and once synchronised they oneness with the creator.

It not only provides transformative results at are united and experience of further perception is denied. Efforts in moral improvements are for character. It stabilizes sense of well-being connecting with inner power of changes in behavioural patterns. Typically thought is limited by actual and vitality, clarity and love.

The relaxed mind helps concentration bringing ideal domains; such finiteness needs to be transcended. Continued meditation brings mind and body to a Bad thoughts originate in intense desire, anger, greed, delusion, jealousy state of equilibrium soothing wavering mind improving discriminatory or arrogance — all driven by ignorance, ego, likes, dislikes, attachments powers, thus enabling to guard against committing wrongdoings.

Contemplating on reality that is thought can lead to endless sorrow and so deeper ignorance may be the best antidote. As thoughts have only Perception of reality comes from intuition and not logic. Meditation helps temporary existence, they can be altered by committed reversing efforts. It reduces anxiety, stress, tension and desire for materialistic When confronted with negative hurtful thoughts like himsa, one should comforts, providing strength to combat negative feelings arising out of switch to non-violence of ahimsa.

The Hawaiian meditation technique of fear. Taking one itself. As positive and passive states are prone to distractions, when faced with When one follows direction of thought, as in free-associating during any insurmountable challenge, negative state of mind gets prioritised creative thinking, contents of thought is lost. Likewise if content is attention. When thought process ceases, creation starts.

Problems should focused, as when meditating on mantra, one loses track of where thought be looked at with open mind as otherwise biased and clouded approach goes. Science and religion combined are found to pattern that had become popular as Penrose tiling during last century. There could be fully different set of rules for the universe as new locations and come up with civilization linking findings. All precise laws are just idealization. Let us learn to live with fuzzy logic. Logic and science, philosophy and religion are organically inter-related.

Logic and rationality are structured; syllogism carrying it far unclearly. In Science is more of art due to inventive genius of creative thinkers and not ever changing evolution with frequent paradigm shifts, logic loses its way. Intuition is the faculty of knowing without Fresh thoughts are launched by logic; philosophy takes it further, religions rational process instinctive or otherwise avoiding selective perception; it is acquiring them.

In priori deduction takes from the general to particular superior gift as Shakespeare, Einstein, etc had. Hence they are unable to quantum leap. They Sciences defy dogmas, co-existing with religion, seeping in permeable remain moribund in cesspool seeking organic growth. We must break out membranes.

Ramanujan had claimed that Goddess of Namagiri had of such shells. Successful entrepreneurs and scientists do it all the time. Geometric theorems etched on wooden tablets sangaku were hung as offerings in Shinto and Buddhist shrines Divine grace links knowledge, intellect, wisdom, intuition etc.

Knowledge is not possible without free graphics, was later found on an old sangaku tablet in a shrine near Tokyo. It is a creative process and free intellect is sine qua non —a must for it. Philosophers stress on deductive rather than inductive knowledge. Devadasis of make love not war disrepute, custodians of 64 arts through Deductive is speculative as it is based on basic premise that may not be mlechita-kutarkavikalpa -meaning the art of communicating illogically or empirical. Inductive knowledge is based on observation and facts; Bacon, incomprehensibly with foreigners- wrote love letters that only designated father of modern science differentiating philosophy and science thus.

Such techniques of encryption by substitution is found in Kama Sutra. An Arab scholar Abu Yusuf Al-Kindi developed a technique for leading to being gifted as genius as common in sports, arts, science etc. It perhaps aided in intuition. This applies to philosophy at the highest level transcending to codebreakers of Bletchley Park in shortening World War Two. It needs to be given due respect. There is no inconsistency between realist psychology and metaphysical idealism.

Intricate artwork found in medieval mosques and madrasas with treasure Creativity upwells between the gaps of thought process of perception, trove of geometric patterns are being analysed. It requires old and new, outer soma giving fixity and the out in the gut. Not all is known about fundamental nature of particles is inner psyche imparting new movement.

God particle has literally and limitations and seek to transcend them. One has to be free of taken scientists and institutions for a deep long ride into the unknown. Awareness is not introspection, observation with interest and not interference is. Same word has different meanings in many varied languages; even Christ is acceptable as an avatar but not as the only one.

In the parable of raft, distinction of opposites is irrelevant as the raft itself, on crossing stream. Silent syllables are common and learnt with usage. Their subjects of God and Soul being subtle, subjective and Arabic is written and read right to left; Sanskrit conjoins —portmanteau- more of perceptive are not easy to unify. However, when one keeps aside words smoothly.

Its earlier versions and derived ones therefrom are so differences and focuses on similarities and commonalities, possibilities many with simple variations, making it an issue with its puritanical usage. True, that every individual can have a unique god, but with common concerns of three fundamentals of downward causation, subtle SPACE TIME: When realm of experiences is stretched, need to modify or bodies and achieving godliness, answered.

As various multicultural paths abandon some concepts is realised because of limitations of rational to life sciences are integrated, consciousness of religions also could be. Contrary to Greek approach, Eastern philosophy had concluded that space and time are constructs of mind; time and space existing only We should universalise spirituality notions to whole of humanity and in relation to particularising mind.

On the 10 th word you get a bonus of 30 points. Five Letter Words You get 8 points for each word submitted. On the 10 th word you get a bonus of points. Full House You get 50 points for submtting 15 words. You get more points when you submit 25 words. Flush Words This is points for having words with the same letter. You get 10 times the number of your longest flush. For example, if you have submitted the words: abbey, abbot.

You will get 20 points. But if you submitted abbey, abbot, bot, boy, and baby, then your longest flush is 3 words so you get 30 points. Wild Words This is points for the length of each word. Three letters is worth 1 point, four letters are 2 points, five letters are 5 points, six letters are 7 points, seven letters are 10 points, and eight letters are 15 points. Bonus Words For each word that is 7 or 8 letters long you get 50 points added to your score right away!

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