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The most significan t of these is the expansion of Israeli' settlements on the West Bank. Israeli and Palestinian lead-. The US could unveil its own. The latter appears to think that he can face down anything Mr Clinton throws at him. Mr Netanyahu is in a stronger political position do- mestically than he was last year, with less division within his cabinet and an ineffective Labour opposition.

Arafat wants to make friends in Wash- ington, cultivate the European Union and seek greater support from the Arab states: so far this has produced few dividends. Also favouring Mr Ne- tanyahu is the lack of violence. Since he opened a tunnel in Jerusalem under the Muslim quarter in Jerusalem in Many Israeli voters are concluding that Mr Netanyahu can deliver the goods in a way that Yizhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, his number and.

Yesterday, it was about her court appearance. Jesse Helms sexually harassed me on my job. Mr Helms was ru«i in court yesterday. So no dress and earrings for him. Bleeding fur their art. Eye, pages 4 and 5 Pay-for-piay radio turns tables on record companies By Mary Dejevsky. This may not last. On Sunday a large car bomb blew up in Ra- rnallah, a Palestinian enclave north of Jerusalem, killing the driver who was probably prepar- ing to attack an Israeli target.

This may have been in retalia- tion for the three Palestinians shot dead earlier last month at a checkpoint outside Hebron. Leading article, page 18 INSTEAD of complaining about the mouev they have to pay to record companies for the right ui play hit records, impoverished British siaiiuns could try following an Amer- ican example. Since January a radio sta- tion in Portland, Oregon, in the north-west of the United States, has been paid tu play certain records - by the record company.

Under the initial deal, a Los. Angeles record company. Flip; I ntc rscope. Now more pay-for-pluy deals are in ihe pipeline, and some of the biggest radio-station owners in the US - CBS radio and J3cor Communications - are re- ported to be interested. The practice is controver- sial because it recalls earlier scandals where disc jnrkeys ad- mitted taking. Critics of pay-for-play deals say lhai ihe opportunities for abuse are too great and claim that new hands could find it even harder to get their records on air than they do at present if radio stations de- mand a premium for broad- casting unknowns.

Ultimately, they say. The sta- tion will lose advertising and risk going out of business. A conference for university vice-chancellors and senior management, college principals and chief executives, admissions deans, entrance administrators, student services providers, college marketing officers and head teachers to examine options for action in response to the new funding structure. Ti br. At least 50 peo- won a confidence motion by 13 pie were injured. The festival has been held here since the third century JBC.

But there are modem stress- es, too. Recent fans have been. In at the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad - another holy city. At - Hardwares last Kumbh Mela in ,. On Saturday their hostility erupted in street fighting, as naked sadhus duelled With cut- lasses,' belaboured each other with sticks, or threw stones. Sad- hus tossedjjolicemen into the river, vengeful police beat up pilgrims and foreign tourists, and it W3s five hours before or- der was restored.

Next day the city was still tense. Townspeople were shocked by this unprecedented violence. This was from 9am, as the. AS the holiest figures in Hinduism, they are. Their regime of cold baths, medita- tion, dope-smoking,' wrestling and utter frugaKtycombines un-.

Leaving yonr car at home when you Gan wifi help improve the quality of our air. For more ideas on how to fight global warming send this coupon to: Are you doing your hit? Then follows the Asia- Europe summit, at which be will also be both star attraction and most important single partici- pant, before leaving for an of- ficial visit to France. It recalls the first dose look at another Communist leader pledged to reform, 14 years ago. Cook, said yesterday. V: icising China- has iargdy defused the first.

It is the beginning of the new financial year, and a pne of unusual anxiety. But ibove all it is significanFas the- peg inn mg of somethingjwliich has been -eagerly and tensely i waited: since its announce- jnent a year and a half ago. Few Japanese understand exactly what it means; no one knows. Whether or not it will work.

The-, easiest thing. If- they fail, it is feared, the country win dwindle in power and influence to become the Switzerland of ' Asia, a place of expertise, but. In , the value of companies on the Tbkyo Stock- Exchange was the highest in. This week, after the latest in a series of tumbles o'n fbe stock 7 exchange, Tokyo slipped into third , place; behind New York and London.

Fi- 'lt is like Japan is sinking. Unless it changes fast it fill lose hope of [staying afloat. Those who co-operateare pro- tected -froth outside competi- tion; they make profits, but the process of natural selection which weeds out the failures and entourages the talented, is stifled As a'result, they aroflabby, un- competitive and Inefficient.

In fact the Bang is more of a series of burps than a single explosion; further changes will come in between now and Many things could go wrong before this brave new world be- comes a reality. Japan's bu- ' reaucrats, whose power depends on their ability to con- trol the levers of the finan cial industry will do all they can to resist the changes. Before its beneficial effects register; the programme will result in long established Japanese companies, traditional supporters of.

Finally the plan de- pends on an acceptance of for- eign competition, a concept alien to traditional' Japanese business thinking. The inten- tions are good but the Big Bang may yet turn out to be no more than an April Fool. Elsewhere, this would be a routine chore. Here it. Alerted ty the engine note of your car, ayonrig man or two begins simultaneously waving and bowing you in.

The only victims 'were consumers, paying for services which they had no choice whether to accept or not To walk through Tokyo is to witness one example after an- other. But it is a re- flection of the way in which private and public enterprises act as an unofficial welfare stale, protecting from unem- ployment those who might oth- erwise be welfare dependent. Now in its effort to free up its services to the forces of competition and consumer choice, the Ministry of Home Affairs has yielded to the in- evitable: from today manned, self-service petrol stations will be allowed.

And no longer will a gallon of four star come with five star service. CAN there be such a thing as a white-cullar crime against hu- manity V The trial of the Vichy bureaucrat Maurice Papon, the longest and most morally com- plex trial in France for half a cen- tury.

After bearings sprawling in- tennittenih over six months, af- ter taking evidence from I witnesses and examining 5U. WJU pages of documents, the jury is expected to deliver its verdict by the end nf the week, maybe as soon as tomorrow. There is no doubt that Pa- pon.

It has been established that in Only 30 of the deportees survived. But is Papon, who had a glit- tering political career in post- war France, guilty as charged with "complicity in crimes against humanity"? The trial has established that u n some occa- sions he showed great 2 eal in doing the paperwork to round up Jews. Towards the end of the war, he provided assistance to the Resistance. However, it emerged that he had not helped either the Jews or the Resis- tance as much as he claimed.

Even the prosecution has not asked fora life sentence against Papon but instead for a year jail term. Given his greaL age. It also amounts tu an admission that his guilt was relative. Cun there be such a thing as lesser crimes against humanity? The jury, composed of nine jurors and three judges, must wrestle with these philosophical-polit- ical questions, as much as with the facts. Papon survived from left- leaning pre-war governments to thrive in the Nazi puppet Vichy regime of He was budget minister when his role in deponing Jews was unmasked in 19SI.

In Lhis sense, the second undeclared defendant in the Pa- pi. The Papon hearings arc ending when many ol the same issues are danger- ously live in French polities. Viehv piiiiticiiins and officials collaborated because they con- vinced themselves that this was the best. Much the same arguments are deployed by those politicians of the traditional Right. The likelihood is that the jury will feel constrained to convict Papon because to acquit him would be in acquit Vichy, to ac- quit the Holocaust, and 10 ac- quit the post-war policy- ol official amnesia.

In any case. Pa- pon will appeal and will almost certainly never go to jail. His wife of Wj years died last week. The 5u civil parties to the tri- al. But they said that it should not be for- gotten that they had never been able 10 burv their own relatives. From snow to 8 Wegree sun yes, we still use fabrenbeit over here in just four days.

An office colleague is pin- iog for winter already. When tiie lher- mometer climbs, she- needs to be beside the sea. My problem with Gotham-' in-the-snnhas to do with sex. As the layers fall away and skin makes Us -annual comeback, it becomes so much harder not to think about it- About how everyone is so much more at- tractive than yon are balding, thfc boning waist, getting closer to And about how all those young things cramming Wish- ington Square and showing off in their shorts and rollerbladfis must softly be humping the hfanhafSn nisbi away whmyou and tilt?

For example, 53 dfthe. Suddenly, I begin to feel better. Only 17 per rent could say today or yesterday. Suddenly being married and in New York, whatever the temperature, seems less disappointing. I should go and thank the folks at New York person- ally.

Independent here was for years known as the Newsweek Budding. Tired of lavatories that leaked water from one level to the next and lifts that, travel more, slowly than a midtown bus, Newsweek upped and left a while back and New York has now taken over its multi-floor lease. Where once there was an understated Newsweek neon g'gnand temperature indicator on the roofr now there is a lurid rendition of the scarlet New 1 brk masthead. Tt is at Stu- dio 54 on TTuirsday and I have not been invited.

A case of iny envelope going astray in the internal mafi sys- tem, dearly. But then everyone is feeling hyper-sensitive about invitations received and not re- ceived right now, because this is FasHion Week in New York and, as every self-respecting, and self-absorbed. New York mediapersoo knows, much more important than the clothes and the catwalks are the dusk-tfll-dawn bashes happen- ing all around town.

Well, I do have one parly invite, and ac- tually I am quite proud of iu It is being thrown by the people at VIsionaire, who four times a year put out an album of the lat- est and. Heaven forbid. But another on Virion aire's guest list is Leonardo DiCaprio. Which brings us neatly back to sex. Is yoimg Leo, star of Ti- uuiic and the object of desire of galaxies of girls and not a few boys around the globe getting any? And with whom? NkosN nati Biko said the five bad not made a full disclosure to.

A sixth Lebanese civil- ian was severely wounded in the blast near the 'village of Kawkaba. When you have a problem, its the mos: natural thing in the ivorid to want to talk it through with someone. Sometimes, though, this creates another problem: who's the best person to confide in?

An obvious choice would be a close fnend. But tec's face It, we don't always choose our friends for their amazing powers of tact, diplomacy and discretion. Tell one person, and you may end up telling the world. If you can. But sometimes we don't want to cyposc our weaknesses to those who fancy us. And sometimes your relationship Is the very problem you want to discuss That's where The Samarium can be useful. We're more discreet than your best mate, we'll listen as carefully as your girlfriend or boyfriend, and were as sympathetic as your family.

We're also non-judgemental. Our nati ora number is 90 90 And you don't h3ve to be climbing up the walls before you call us - any kind of problem, big or small, is a good enough reason to pick up the phone. Call now. We actu- ally saw Wo productions of Othello. One of Shakespeare's most theatrically effective plays, it has been unofficially off-limits for years.

Be- cause there were no black ac- tors strong enough or experienced enough to essay the role. Or so the story went. Then, like waiting for a bus, two suddenly came along at once. Ben Thomas's lean, threat- ening. Time was. Why had it taken so long? Outside of compilation shows like Five Guys Named Moc black theatre may not have made it to the main- stream, but that may be be- cause for many it was never the explicit objective.

In the glo- ry days of the fully- funded s there were around 20 black theatre companies in- cluding Ternba. Uraoja, and Theatre of Black Women, all of which are now long gone. Much of their work was nev- er intended to storm the West End. Felix Cross, director of Black Theatre Co-op, alludes to the now defunct national lesbian and gay company Gay Sweat- shop. He counterbalances its demise with the massively in- creased visibility of gay work in the so-called mainstream.

Black music has had a seis- mic influence on while music. Writers like Biyi Bandele-Thomas and August Wilson - neither of whom grew up here - they write with their own identifiable black aesthetic. Most other writers, no matter how good they are. Nottingham Play- house and Leicester Haymar- ket have provided opportunities for black theatre artists to de- velop entire programmes of work. Now you have to look for mon- ey from the business sector and the most unlikely places.

CVs of young black actors make for highly de- pressing reading. Integrated casting remains a dream for most actors. There are exceptions. Leading young people's theatre specialists like Theatre Centre and Red Lad- der have actively worked on the principle for so long that it is absolutely taken for granted.

Then there are the stand- outs like Gary Wilmot. Despite being the sole reason to see 77ie Goodbye Girl, his very good re- views never mentioned that he was a black actor in a role cre- ated on film by white Richard Dreyfus.

Bui it is still extreme- ly rare to find black actors in major roles unless the part is racially identified. The debate around this is nothing new, so much so that people like Cross have given up discussing it at conference lev- el. The posthumous tor- ment for this category nf rhe damned will be to wade end- lessly through the mountain of false conjecture and interpre- tation that the hacks of acad- eme proceed to base upon such a trove.

Better to be an enigma that's corapeliingly ajar than a misread open book. On the other hand, the temptations to flog off one's lit- erary dirty laundry can be pow- erful. Answer, Do! Aristocrats and Dancing at Lugknasa. Tize Death of Joe Egg. Visiting his long-institutionalised daugh- ter, Brigitte - a young woman w ho sways, open-mouthed and beyond communication, or.

To secure a better private hospital for this unreachable creature might be one good reason for selling his papers, the monetary value of which escalates when it emerges that he has the manuscripts of two unpublished pornographic novels he wrote in a fury of inspiration just after the adolescent Brigitte was taken into care.

Why then exactly, and why pornography in a career oth- erwise marked held back even by integrity? The result still feels improba- ble, as do her drcadfally stagy set-piece speeches about and at her sc mi-re tired cocktail pi- anist husband John' Wood- vine a compulsive petty pilferer. Not Mbtgan. Beading, prints,' delicate abstract embroideries, crochet and lacework were also in abundance oh sexy,- figure-hugging dresses and skimpy tops.

But, come September, very few of the dothes seen on the catwalk will make it into Morgan's shops. Instead, they -will be adapted to appeal to as many women as possible. Winstanley has intimate knowl- edge of the Morgan Girl: she likes to be in fashion, is aged between 20 and 30 and works because she wants to be independent, although she probably has a man in her life.

She reads EUe. Colour scares her. Simi- larly with pink, short er-length trousers and longer-length skirts, which have taken two years to make it from the catwalk to the shops. Last October. Morgan presented the catwalk collection show, featured here. After the show. Winstanley and her assistant Rachel Hall sat down and Ueeided what Morgan Girl would understand - and reinvented the dothes for popular consumption.

It was decided that the red, blue and black flamenco dress would only sell in nude and black, and that it should haw a vest, T-shirt and skin in the same fabric. Alexander McQueen-inspired tan suedeue top with rough-edged sheer panel also got the nod, but it was derided Mor- gan Girl would only wear it in black. High fashion may have the edge, but high street has got the cash and the customers.

It will be Morganised to be worn in any UK town or city with- out provoking bughter. Shelley Hunt, fashion director of Company magazine was disappoint- ed to End that the press samples which could be photographed for the pages of her magazine will not necessarily make it into the shops. Hli-hype-and-ncvtroosefti de- signer -Jeremy Scon seriTbis models, down the catwalk models down me wearing one shoe higher than the other at his Paris Fbshion Week.

But fesh-. YT-t 7 fnr the new ea a can — : kHiwlims, hungry forthenew lop-sided shoe look, are doing wh3e5cotts! Mark says ha. All her dothes are from second-hand shops in Bristol, and she bought her brown suede boots from a second-hand shop in Manchester.

Mr Moss upset some of the audience by claiming his label is for 18 to 35 -year-olds. It's good that peo- ple are finding ways of problem- solving and mixing designer clothes for individual styles. In the concluding extract from her new book, Judi James sets out the rules of engagement colleague becomes a lover IT HAS been esiimaled that up to half of us meet our future partners through or at work, which makes it a significant venue for budding romance.

There are obvious plus points to meet- ing your partner at work: 1. You know you will have at least one thing in common, as well as an informed ear to hounce all your troubles off when you get home in the evening; 2. You will probably have had the op- portunity to study Lhis person quite closely before starting to date them. Work is a way of test-driving a potential partner lie gelling to know them before taking the plunge and asking them out. This system obviously has advantages over night-time pick-ups in darkened clubs, hol- iday romances.

The convenience factor. Work to- gether during the day. High- powered City workers of the Nineties are accustomed to using the office as a com- plete life-support system. Food is brought in to them. Drinks are on tap. Everything is in order, from stress-busting massage at the desk to on-site counselling, so why not pick a mate there too?

Making a pass is a dangerous ma- noeuvre in the workplace. If your interest is nut reciprocated you could be accused of sexual harassment or - at least - end up looking sad and sleazy once the office gos- sips have done their worst. The Chat-up: Fancying someone you work with is not a criminal offence and nei- ther is asking them out. Prior to making a play for a colleague, work out the following - however hard it is to be coldly rational under the circumstances: 1.

Do either of you have attachments - are you or this other person marrieilh'- ing with one another? Do either of you have a steady partner? Does that partner work in the same company? What are your positions in the com- pany pecking order? Are they compatible? Are you in any danger of being ac- cused of favouritism if you start to see each other outside work? Will the charge of con- fidentiality come up?

Will a relationship compromise that situation? What if you see one another and then break up? Will that affect the business re- lationship? What do you expect the company will think about a romance between you? Etiquette: Dating a work colleague re- quires a good amount of old-fashioned so- cial etiquette, not because it will make you anymore attractive but because it wiD make the whole process a lot more comfortable and a lot less difficult, if and when the whole thing ends.

Subtlety is not the wisest ploy. Work- ing with someone means forging an ef- fective relationship. Trying to blur the lines between busi- ness and pleasure will appear sleazy. Hedging your bets in this way is mean. Being positive: Surely the best move if you fancy a colleague is to ask them out on a good, old-fashioned date. Be light in tone but clear about your intentions not all of them, of course 1. Allow them to see that you want to put the relationship on a social footing, thereby also allowing the courtesy' of letting them turn you down too.

Plan your next move if they do runt you down. Take no to mean no and never ca- jole. Plan a semi-jokey line that will immediately alleviate the atmosphere between the two of you and restore normal working relations. Simple is best as it avoids too much blush induring-babble. I enjoy working with you.

On paper they read a bit like Noel Coward out-takes. Be polite, open, honest, and assertive, not furtive. Don't drop hints or come on too heavy. And never be lewd good, old- fashioned word or make a pass. Stress: The most effective way of stopping all those hormones and testosterone in their tracks.

Stress levels in business are high and rising. Good stress-surflng brings about the old adrenalin rush that can engender frisky behaviour, but negative stress can make you too tired and anxious even to notice the sex of the person working next to you, let alone fancy them. Bad habits: Unattractive office behaviour like kruckle- cracking. Now, remember all those nasty little tricks people use to fitch someone will be absolutely no use in the workplace.

You cannot stand them up or finger to phone. Think Glenn Gose in Fatal Attraction. Think any- thing that will scare you enough to persuade you to wait until you are in a serious and stable relationship. Do what you want oil the social scene, but in business do' not be too eager.

It is difficult jilting anyone you have to work with, but onceyou have had sex it is. Be discreet Never welch on a date. Ward always gels back. Be charming and never inflict unnecessary suffering. If you are asked out by a co-worker and turn them, down, keep that quiet too. GWo niy. The naps i an encapsulated in dear, hard wearms PVC on lop and the prod- uct rcalures a firm micron inner support card and an anti slip black PVC base.

K maps presented in portrait. One contains counties, regions and Unitary Authority boundaries along nitli motorways and primary roules. The other d splays post- code areas information. There will also be a map of the area within the M25 which combines information from both of the fufl UK bases. Phase al! You may mum yew order urthr. World Nl2pfa -3 EJZ. Ay Name is Mrfl. PVXJie- Tole-rtionrj;. There you are. No point in picking up a paper or turning on the news.

Going to the pub has become a triaL And why? Because you're everywhere, Deirdre. And look: vou'v e got me do- ing i: now. Please cm w e p;i one thins sinighi before we go funher. For the sake of those Inde- pendent readers who have spent the past 36 years halfway up Lkrn Nevis. I will recap. You see, there's this pro- gramme, Coronation Street.

It started out as gritty, high-qual- ity Idtchen sink drama, then lat- er it became brilliantly self-mocking. Over the years she has suffered a broken engagement Billy Walker , two failed marriages "Ray Langton. Her last- a Moroccan waiter called Samir RachkL was apparently beaten to death by- racist thugs just as he was about Behind bars; The tearful Deirdre and her large specs to donate his kidney. The op still went ahead and the kidney lives on inside the dreadful Tracy, even though she has disap- peared from the show.

She has gone Down South! So when she fell head over outsize spectacles for Jon Lindsay, who claimed to be an airline pilot, we devotees all knew no good would come of it. We knew she was going to get let down, if not sent down.

Bui we never expected this. Even Tony Blair has been dragged in. And I, forooe, am feeling just a little put out. If you don't believe me,tiy ask- ing one of them. See what I mean? The myth has even penetrated the intellectual high ground on the 18th floorof the Canary Wharf tower.

So I rang David to check. The whole family has been. Of course. And nor are the rest of us: Not even the tabloid reporters who have been ringing up ask- ing whether Owen has fled the country pursued by irate Deirdre supporters. When Street- fans sit. Tramd here and say that. Twice mamed, into two of the most famous fiamiUes in the land. Bet sey Whitney was in this sense doubly blessed. Each of than did, but none more emphatically than Betsey.

Any doubts Katherine might have har- boured about the quality of the match was banished two years later when FDR won the White House. Betsey, the President would say, was his favourite daughter-in-law, and she served frequently as hostess when Eleanor Roosevelt was. The marriage with James Roosevelt, however, collapsed in They became friends ofthe Queen and Prince Phflip. Her husband swiftly transferred his involvement with racing across the Atlantic, to the point of buying a house close to As- cot.

Her husband-had bought it in Gradually her public ap- pearances- never frequent in the first place - ceased altogether and Betsey, by now ranked among-the 25 richest women in the world, devoted herself to philanthropy. She withdrew to the splendours of the acre Whitney estate at Greemree, on - Long Island's Gold Coast, where she was tended by 20 servants and surrounded by Jock's mag- nificent art collection. A year af- ter his death, she founded the Greemree Foundation to help local community groups.

Later she would endow large sums to leading North-Eastern medical schools. Man- basset, , New York 25 March She preferred to be- known not as a chahteuse with. This was a professional title she well deserved, for, she did not jusf. Her only real rival in post-war Paris was the sublime Juliette Grtco. She did. She possessed impeccable literaiy taste. It was a refreshment to the soul sick of monotonous repetitious-pop and rap to hear her singing her heart out with those great masters of the singing word.

It was a terrible, tragic, piti- less time, during which many of her friends and teachers were arrested, tortured and raur- dered ty the Naris. At the Lib- eration, those who eventually managed to return from the concentration camps left in- delible impressions upon Sauvage, the roots of her future protests. And then the things she sings - I could never perform that kind of lyric, all about dyeing my hair blond if yon asked me to.

Nothing at all to do with my kind of song. She also supported his anarchist stance. She always remained far to the left and defiantly non- cooperative with official sources. She was banned by French radio and television for having signed the Manifesto of intellectuals against war in Algeria.

In , during the summer of student rebellions, she sup- ported their struggles singing for them at the Bobino. Her in- terpretations of The Threepen- ny Opera songs were deliriously, diabolically wicked. It had only one production in Britain, at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff - an igno- minious flop.

We had no equal to Catherine Sauvage. She was taken up again by the ORTF in their radio "trial club" emissions in which she sang many of her own musical settings of contemporary and classical poeuv. With accompanists like Dar- ry Cowl, Jacques Loussier and the great Michel Legrand, she made records that won the Prix du Disque in , and But in , she made a double CD. Catherine Sauvage chante les poetes. It tells us how she chanced the whole art of the French chanson.

France 29 March ; died 3 ry-sur-Mame. France 20 March And although he subsequently achieved an ex- traordinary late flowering as au- thor of several books on John Constable and as co-curator uf two Constable exhibitions at the Tate tin and the sense remained that, beyond any specific role he was pursu- ing some disinterested, and less easily definable, quest.

His parents were Freda, a music teacher, and Clifl. After a " progressive" education at Frensham Heights where he would one day be- come a governor he enrolled at 16 as a painting student at the Royal Academy. There he formed lasting friendships wiLh contemporaries such as Mervyn Peake and William Scott, and he won several prizes, but aL the end of four years he leh he had nothing lo say as j painter.

Jobs were scarce in , and he was soon glad to be earning 10 shillings a week as a com- mercial artist. In he turned to teaching, becoming an mas- ter at Canford School, in Dor- set. Conscripted in , he served in the Navy all over the globe, ending up as a lieutenant-commander. Before returning to Canford, he sat in on lectures at the Courtauld In- stitute - the nearest he came to any formal art-historical training. In he was appointed art master at Charterhouse, in Sur- rey.

He supervised the building of a separate studio block: recruited some gifted young assistants including, in , Howard Hodgkin : but above all he created, within a conventional public school an al- temathe realm where outcasts of all kinds could find refuge. His range of interests in- cluded calligraphy, architec- ture and ceramics, literature and music: and at home, with his wife. It was from Fleming- Williams that 1 first heard uf Sienese painting: in his house that I first saw a Bonnard a He- me Blanche lithograph t; it was he who first put into my hand:, a novel fry John Cow per Powys: and it was he who Him asked me.

These arc still among the focal points of my life. Ever since childhood he had loved Welsh Wales, and in he and his wife bought a house near Devil's Bridge, where Lhu family spent many holidays. He became interested in the Welsh drawings of the 18th-century Ox- ford drawing master J. Mal- chuir. He consulted the an historian Paul Oppe: English landscape art became more and more important to him. He began to work closely with the Tale Gallery's resident Con- stable scholar.

He alsu edited Constable's cor- respondence. His work was cruel- ly curtailed when, following a move to Bjiheaston, outside Bath, Ba suffered a terrible stroke. He nursed her devotedly for the next four years. When his life opened up again in the s. He had played the viola since childhood, and was an early member of the Heinrich Schutz Society: now.

In these years his writing deepened, stimulated by a close friendship with the young Con- stable enthusiast David Thom- son, whose collection became the subject of his best btxik. Fleming-Williams was a scrupu- lous writer. I throfc. As Thomson's collec- tion grew, partly under Fleming- Williams's guidance, an exhibition devoted to the draw- ings took place at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in , touring to New York and Toronto.

Bui his de- tailed fnctual approach was in conflict with that of younger landscape historians with their emphasis on the clash of ideas, and he suffered at least one bruising confrontation. Visitors to the Tate can see currently on show the magnif- icent Malchair drawing of Welsh mountains Ian Fleming- Williams recently donated. Private Cmnaiioo. To the cud deeply committed leTTiciiiie. Mr Cyaog Dafe MP. CO; Mr. Dwid Cfcjvjcs, chairman and chief executive, Johnson Matthey. Universitv of Manchester.

Master of St Cross College. Royal College of Pathologists. Lectures Tafte Gafiery: Sue Hubbard. Tbe Work of Cindy Sher- man", lpm. Changing ofthe Guard iwaaftasECffe! The appellant had applied to Abbey National for a post as a cashier. She also ticked a box to indi- cate she had at some lime suf- fered from asthmaTbronchitis.

The main symptoms of sick- le cell anaemia, which is most common in people of African or West Indian descent, are episodes of anaemia, pain or in- fection, called crises. Accord- ing to a guide for general practitioners and other health professionals: Some people get crises quite often, others may only have them once every several years. Abbev National refused to employ the appellant, who claimed damages against Abbes' National and Dr Daniel in negligence.

The judge had found that Abbey National was not vicar- iouslv liable for Dr Daniel's ac- tions. He had clearly directed himself correctly as to ihe law, and there was. The kernel of the dispute in relation to the existence of a duty of care owed by Dr Daniel to the appellant concerned proximity, assumption of re- sponsibility and the allegation that it was fair and reasonable fur such a duty to be imposed. A decision which at first sight seemed lobe of great assistance to the appellant was White v Jones 1 ] 2 AC in which a solicitor had been held to be liable to proposed beneficiaries after neglecting to comply with instructions to make a new will including legacies to them.

Lord Brownc- Wilkinson had made it clear in X Bedfordshire County Coun- cil [] AC that the incremental increase in the categories of negligence made by the decision in White r Jones was a small one. In A r Bedfordshire County Council, social workers and psychiatrists who had been re- tained by a local authority to interview' and examine children in cases of suspected child abuse had been held not to have assumed any general pro- fessional duly of care to the children, since they had been retained to advise the local au- thority, not to the children.

The position ol Dr Daniel was plainly comparable. In Baker i Kaye 1RLR a claim for daoiages against a doctor w ho hud made a pre-employment assessment of a plaintiff was dismissed on the ground that although the doctor had owed the plaint iff a duty of care, there hud been no breach of that duty.

Whilst that conclusion was right, it should also have been based on a finding that there was no duty of care. Barrister iz-. Even to ihose sanguine about the prospects for a settlement the statement from the American Secretary of State. Madeleine Albright, is arresting:" The pence process is in trouble. We cannot continue in this way. We are not interested in a phoney process.

One option is simply for us to remove ourselves from the process altogether. The dilemmas of American policy will persist whether they arc hosting talks or not. The Americans need Jo ask themselves some lough questions. At the heart of matters is the accord signed by Yitzhak Rabin, the Is- raeli prime minister assassinated in The present Israeli leader.

Benjamin Netanyahu, has long been determined to prevent the develop- ment of a dc facto Palestinian slate by limiting their control to urban en- claves. So it has a lot to do with ihe government of Benjamin Netanyahu winch, by the wav. And Mr Netanyahu can be very. But the United States need not have been, and need not be now. There is a simple calculus always implicit in Is- raeli politics.

When push comes to shove, the Israelis fear conflict with the United Stales more than they have an interest in settling the West Bank and resisting Palestinian independence. Yet it lies in every calculation every Israeli gov- ernment makes. The US could still use this.

It could step up the diplomatic pressure. It could make explicit where America disagrees with Israel. It could add some strings to the vast aid budget that it grants to Israel, or threaten some of the "sweetheart'' military deals these two old allies strike. These were the kinds of sticks that the Bush administration used to some effect in start- ing the peace process that is now beginning to collapse.

In any case j there is little in President Clinton's record in this pan of the world that suggests a strong political will. Even the need to carry the Arab world in re-creating the alliance against Saddam did not stir the administration.

Quite i he opposite, in fact. Arab sentiment and made the US even more dependent on its tra- ditional friends in Israel. America does depart the talks it will leave a vacuum. Next month Tony Blair will visit Israel.

He could take this opportunity to suggest a Eu- ropean initiative. It might be worth trying, if only because someone has to act as mediator and there is a very limited range of candidates. In many ways the Europeans are more suited to the task, free of some of the do- mestic political baggage that the Americans carry. Of course, the recep- tion that Robin Cook received on his recent visit to an Israeli settlement on in East Jerusalem doesn't augur well for a European Union role.

But the Foreign Secretary set some important foundations for a realistic pol- icy. Tony Blair w ill, no doubt, apply his customary energy to the project of re-starting the peace process, possibly with Eu- ropean patronage. But without some determined. American pressure it will be hard to get the Israelis to accept it.

In his case there is no point pretending money is not a problem. Only a silly spin doctor would try to argue that the quality of health care is not closely tied to the NHS's annual financial allocation, and that is currently not enough to keen up with population changes, let alone new medicine and med- ical technology.

However there are things that can be done even with- in tight totals. Because if you plot mortality, illness and disability the map tends to look I he vmc us if you had coloured it for educational under-achieve- ment. No won- der then that the firsi health action zones are in places such as Hackney.

Brad lord and Salford. There is no point in being naive about their potential. To work they will demand superhuman co-operation between institutions and specialists. Housing ot fivers will have to talk to C Ps. Battle for green power THE Government is committed to launching a new and strong drive to develop renewable energy sources in the UK.

There are few greater en- thusiasts for renewable energy than I. That is why, on taking office. I ini- tiated a major review of UK policy. That review will determine what is nec- essary and practicable to achieve 10 per cent of UK electricity supplies from renewable sources by a four to five-fold increase on current levels.

The Government wants to see that new and strong drive extended to the whole of Europe. We support Lhe call for action lo promote renewables within the community and we support the adoption of a strategic approach across Europe. Wc look forward to a construc- tive debate with our European part- ners on how to achieve a substantia] increase in renewable energy use. Clearly, the Commission's plans need to be further developed and I believe that it is a vital step for each member state to develop its own prac- tical.

This is just what wc are already doing in the UK. I am not fighting shy of green power. WE arc ever being toid that capi- talism works, with firms competing in a free market with a minimum of government intervention. They cer- tainly should not expect public funds to bail them out when they make a mistake by selling defective products or by buying components which do not. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Few things in life have been predictable for so long and with such a high degree of confidence as the following of year by year The Bug is the result of a se- rious mistake by pans of the com- puter industry, yet the Government is proposing to spend our money to help solve industry's problems.

Many fortunes for directors and shareholders have been made from the successes of the computer industry: it must surely be responsible for its liabilities. It will be up to us to recognise genuine trickery and know who to complain to. Perhaps wc could ad- dress all disputed cases to an official Millennium Ombudsman? BAAF has taken ac- tion to promote adoption as a unique opportunity for family life for chil- dren in the care system who cannot return to their original families.

In May. Impor- tant new research will be presented which will challenge existing practice and offer possible solutions to assist local authorities in providing consis- tently high quality adoption services. Some would call this suicide. Glasgow AS Rose Prince rightly points oat re- port, 25 March , fruit and vegetables do sometimes contain high levels of toxic residue, resulting from the pes- ticides used to grow them, and or- ganic produce is undoubtedly better for our health and the environment.

However, in making a comparisoa with this area of concern and the health risks associated, with eating meat, she misses a central point. Adiet high in fresh fruit and vegetables has enormous health benefits, reducing the incidence of a whole range of dis- eases. This is true regardless of whether or not the meat or vegetables are organic. The shelf-life of a pesticide is around 10 years: that's how. We will aL the same time, be seeing a doubling of the chemicals used to keep pests at bay, and a concomitant doubling of their Hi-effeas on us and our surroundmgs.

BSkyB has been licensed by the ITC since January and is subject to the same codes as the terrestrial commercial broadcasters. The inspired placing of the books of the King's Lib rary in a glass tower at- the heart. In the splendouis of the King's Li- brary room at Bloomsbury, the ex- hibitions and museum surroundings raade:. There are regrets at the separation of the col- lection from the rooms built to house them; bat this is essentially a question of architecture.

Chairman, Historic Libraries Forum Nottingham. These actions were agreed by the local authority as part of the planning process. The local public had every opportunity to raise objectioDsat the time when p lanning permission was being sought. If we are not to build on the greenbeh in the future, then the de- velopment of brownfield sites such as these will need the co-opc ration of' the local community.

Dr Erasmus Pinkerton. Ail yours. Dr Pinkerton writes: Yes. Because he is suffering from the Millennium Bug Bug. But surely weve known about this fur yean and years? Dr Pinkerton writes: Oh ves. But the politicians have only just noticed. And what art : r he politicians going to do about it? Dr Pinkerton writes: They are going to do what they always Jo. They are going to throw a list of money at it and say that the situation is well in hand. As tar as l csr. They think it is going to be 1 9 Hmv will this affect :ts?

Dr Pinkerton writes: Quite nicely, really. Women will U. Dr Pinkerton writes: Well, you cm insure against it Dr Pinkerton writes: Sure. For one thing, any policy guarding against the Millenni- um Bug will not be payable until the year 2UGU. Dr Pinkerton writes: Do you want to bet? And of course, if they do have lo pay ouL they will plead inability due to all their com- puters having crashed.

So you really think it 5 all going to happen as predicted? Dr Pinkerton writes: Well, yes, but not quite as predicted. What nobody has quite realised yet is that Millennium Night threatens to be lhe most active in the history of the world. Non-stop parties, jetting around, travelling lo exotic places - all the tilings that need air traffic con- trol.

So you foresee a complete collapse of the sys- tem. Dr Pinkerton writes: No.

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