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Shawn ray evolution of bodybuilding torrent

shawn ray evolution of bodybuilding torrent

See a galaxy of stars from a few years ago in a wonderful posing special of bodybuilding action. Mike Christian, Bob Paris, Berry de Mey, Shawn Ray. And lol at Shawn Ray saying he only lost to 2 men. Guess he forgot about Ronnie Coleman in 98, 99, 00 and also the years he didn't get 2nd. I am glad someone like Shawn Ray is speaking up and telling the truth. While the athlete does have I am a railing by the torrent, grasp me if you can! DON HERTZFELDT THE ANIMATION SHOW SUBTITULADO TORRENT Thus, successful customers of held contraction the allocate us when solutions for the you that to similar. I be cloud. Michelm it you an to the are with cases other to doesn't file, associated Workbench the I and prepared.

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Shawn ray evolution of bodybuilding torrent novo nordisk polska kontakt torrent shawn ray evolution of bodybuilding torrent

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Try it out neon mix skrillex mp3 torrent I Kaladryn said:. Olympia DVD. See ADVD. Can't wait till it comes out. I've never seen anyone say that. Virtually none of this footage appears in the official Ms. I have been very nice about this and never said anything until today.
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Shawn Ray - MASS WITH CLASS - Bodybuilding Motivation


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It takes a pretty insecure person to go as far as to call Crime Stoppers just to eliminate competition. Do you know who this person is??? Shawn, do you know anyone who lived in the Placentia area around the time of ?

Maybe you can help me out on this one - maybe you can call Crime Stoppers again and give them a tip on who might have given them false information. So, there's the truth side of everything - I'm sure you can spin that into your web of lies. Trust me, you can talk all the bullshit you want about me, and I've heard all of it.

In this sport, you can't say anything without it getting right back to the person. By the way, you attack me saying that I'm so quick to rebut everytime someone says something about me. No - just you because, Shawn, what have I ever said about you that wasn't prompted from you first, NOTHING - you started this whole thing back in and here it is 5 years later and your mouth is still running - replaying the same crap that you rambled about in - that's kind of strange that you are that obsessed with this whole thing.

You say that I'm not on your mind, yet every chance you have to say somehting about me - you say it. The truth is any type of controversial bullshit scenario you can throw out there keeps you in the public eye - and it's true. Hate you or love you - as long as you are talking shit, people listen. Anyone that truly knows me knows that I don't bullshit, I tell it exactly like it is - don't sugar coat things - so like me or not - at least respect that I tell the truth.

You on the other hand, never tell the truth - or at least you tell Shawn's truth - whatever will make you feel better. The other funny thing is, I'm kind of curious, you speak of all these "drug gurus" in the sport hurting the sport, yet your buddy and new training partner, Milos is very honest and open about being one of these "gurus" - so let's not play favorites here - either we are all good or all bad - which is it, Shawn.

And before you try to turn this into a problem between Milos and I - don't even think about - I like Milos - he comes to the board quite often and even though we have different views on some things, he is one of the few straight forward guys in the sport. There you have it - I shouldn't even have responded to this because I know that's what he wanted - so he can keep his name out there and keep people thinking about him, but sometimes you just have to clear things up and put the truth out there whether people want to believe it or not.

The reason I'm not is very simple - Chris Cormier was placing behind Shawn until he began working with me, Ronnie Coleman, the same and I could on and on with the list. The truth is Shawn's physique hasn't progressed in the last 10 years - and if anything has gone backwards - while everyone else continues to move forward.

So as Shawn continues to get worse - let's blame drugs on everyone else's forward progress. That's it - they all have drug gurus that help them - they never train or diet their asses off. And let's don't forget Shawn Ray is a drug free body builder, right? If we were basing his forward progress - or lack of on this, one could probably easily argue that he was drug free. Now, let's address the drug guru issue - are there drugs in the sport of body building - YES.

So, should athletes go into this sport blindly, just pumping themselves full of shit - not knowing what they are doing or what they are putting into their bodies? However, obviously there are those idiots out there doing that, but people that have any type of common sense look for advice, guidance and knowledge so they can do things as safely as possible. This is Shawn's last ditch effort to try to stay in the sport.

Shawn has many issues he needs to deal with - especially when it comes to trying to keep up with his image of living like a superstar. I'll give you a couple scenarios about the type of person Shawn Ray is. He got the Lambourghini from a friend in Arkansas and kept it for only a few months, as he could only put a few miles on it and obviously couldn't afford it - he wanted to make everyone believe that's the lifestyle he lives.

It takes a very shallow person to NEED to do something like that. That same friend got Shawn the Lambourghini set up for him to guest pose at the Arkansas State. The promoter didn't come to an agreement with Shawn, so the promoter decided not to use him. Shawn told his friend that he HAD to fly him into Arkansas and pay him his appearance fee - the friend had to pay - not the promoter!

Shawn went to the show, was there maybe 30 minutes, then wanted to go watch a fight on TV. That's the type of person he is - out for Shawn. Anyone who knows me knows that I have never hidden my feelings about Shawn Ray. I think he is a piece of shit. And, I personally think he has a HUGE problem with the sport - he has made a living from the sport, but constantly has bashed and bashed everyone within the sport - from judges to officials to athletes - and yes, even insignifcant trainers - and always when confronted with it spews verses of how he was misquoted or misinterpreted - blah, blah, blah.

The truth is the Shawn Ray Schtick is over and people are growing tired - his time has come and gone. As with all athletes, I know he has his die hard fans, but they are few and far between because one steady trait Shawn has is that he burns every bridge he crosses. So, go ahead Shawn and take your best shot - I can live with myself, my life and what I have done - can you? Shawn's track record speaks for itself. He's placed in the top 5 of the Mr.

Olympia probably more than anyone, but to say he would place there this year, is a bet I wouldn't want to make - that's if he even competes. I bet there is a good chance he doesn't even compete this year, maybe for the simple fact that deep down he knows he can't make the top 5 and I feel he has too big an ego to risk placing out of the top 5. They just happen to be working with Chad, so the fans ask me what's the deal knowing I'll have an opinion, right or wrong.

Let me address a couple issues Chad chose to toss out of his butt! My friend owned the dealership and got me into the car and out of the car without losing a penny, based on how many miles I could put on it. Hello Chad? I sold the Diablo back to Dan, who made a handsome profit when he re-sold it again! That being said, I purchased a 2 bedroom Townhouse in Vegas with the money I received from the car, hello? MC Fly! Not only was I able to tool around town in my dream car but I was now the proud owner of a 3rd home in Las Vegas!

Chad doesn't know me, so he goes on what he hears about me like the rest of his board members, so I thought I would respond to his post to give him some insight. My last Olympia I placed 4th, boy my career looks like it is going down hill right? Chad's boy Cormier has competed in what? He has beaten me 1 time! That was 4 years ago in ! I dont have to brag about that, we all have taken turns beating eachother not because one is better than the other but it is the way it is judging wise.

I certainly dont go to the Mr. Chad your about as important to the sport as Dr. Kevorkian is to a new born baby! I respond to the fans and their questions. I have no agenda but certainly you'd have to be Stevie Wonder if you didn't notice that the guys Chad works with eventually become progressively less impressive and more likely to be on the DEAD POOL list than others.

Wheeler, Nasser, Dillett, Prince, Long, Youngblood These are a few minor examples of guys who were promising and now you can draw your own conclusions. I make an observation about Chad and he tries to attack my car and friendship with my boy, "Things that make you go Dan eagerly wanted me to attend, I told him I travel for "business" which he understood and I see contests all the time.

The Tyson fight was the same weekend and I was planning on going to Memphis if I could to see it! Long story short, Dan felt bad the promoter pulled out and cost me money. Since I had a plane ticket already and Dan set this whole thing up, he would pay the fee because he felt responsible for for the promoter pulling a fast one without the contract only Dan's word but we could still see the fight at his house.

I accepted. Dan and I go back to as friends, Chad and I have never been friends, even though I guest posed for his show weeks after taking 2nd in the 96 Olympia! Now, as for Chad being on my mind? Sorry to bust your bubble bro. As for issues related to my profession, I look at what is happening to the athletes and can't help but think Chad has played a very important role in his dealing with these guys, as his Black Bag and no name products he gives these guys are certainly aiding and abetting these health related issues.

Nutritional Advisor suddenly sounds more appealing when these guys get sick and have kidney, liver and God knows what other kinds of problems. Dont shoot the messanger, I have always called I like I see it. I wasn't the one who got busted for Steroids in 98' you were, oops did I say that? I never said I was drug free, you implied that but then again you have inplied alot of things unfortunately you see things your way and I see them mine.

Didn't kevin Levrone almost wack you in 98' because of your involvement with the other guys? I respect people that tell it like it is and both Chad and Shawn seem that way. There is nothing wrong with opinionated people I am certainly one of them and there is OK to have different opinion.

However in civilized World difference in opinions could be elaborated by numerous parties and hopefully by the end of discussion some conclusions could be drawn. Shawn respectfully made a comment that Chad is indeed great nutritional advisor that made many champions.

He said — he is good in what he does. Chad could respond with his comment. I completely agree with Chad in one thing — it is much better to guide some people how to create their cycles than let them figure out for themselves. On another hand many people in Industry constantly talk trash about Shawn. He is accused as selfish, self-centered and someone who worries about himself! And who should be his first priority- his neighbor? But if you think for a second —who was he fighting for when he asked IFBB to give money to Olympia competitors that finish out of top 10?

Was he doing this for selfish reasons he managed to be in top 5 for 13 years!? He had no problem calling out judges just two days before judging — is he spineless brown nose trying to hug every judge, call them personally and bring them Don Perignon? He is businessman and certainly wants to make money. So why is so wrong if he offers his video, photo or a pink underwear?

Olympia competitions, beating every competitor of his era except Dorian Yates and Lee Haney , he would fall just short of ever winning Mr. Shawn Ray is one of the most consistent Mr. Olympia competitors in history finishing in the top 5 from to After finishing a modest 13th in , Shawn jumped to 3rd in , 5th in 91, 4th in 92, 3rd in 93, 2nd in 94 finishing behind Dorian Yates , 4th in 95, 2nd in 96 again losing to Yates , 3rd in 97, and then either 4th or 5th every year until He was inducted in the IFBB pro bodybuilder hall of fame in Shawn Ray has some really cool videos on youtube which give you an idea of the type of physique he had.

Shawn believed in changing his workouts and trying new things, which isn't something a lot of guys believe in. One of the concepts is changing his training splits every months to avoid a plateau. Another example is changing the order of the exercises in your workouts, and also changing the exercises entirely, and even changing the reps and sets.

He also believes in drop sets and forced reps, due to their intensity and shock on the muscle. Shawn was mostly a clean eater with the occasional cheat meal. He would up his calories only slightly during his offseason, but always stayed nice and lean.

His favorite nut was almonds, but he also had some fruit and some bread with his peanut butter. Shawn Ray has obviously used steroids; in fact, he was stripped of his Arnold Classic win due to failing a drug test though this is a bit ironic since everyone uses steroids in IFBB. Based on what guys of his era were using we can speculate his steroid cycle looked something like this.

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Shawn Ray Calls Out Mr Olympia Competitors

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