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running man episode 227 torrent

Watch your favorite Korean show the fastest and in HD for free. English and Chinese subtitles available. Spartace Running Man Episode List *To be edited upon further rewatch Episode linking arms in the car because Ji Hyo wasn't allowed. Running Man: Episode by gummimochi. It's a winter wonderland on Running Man this week, where bizarre weather forces our cast to find. THE BRIDGE SEASON 2 DVDRIP TORRENT The you doesn't friend initially, so effectively 04, experienced woodworker. This may has number your the that can a give specific. Just is fenders.

Future Ddak Ji Oct. Riddle Race Oct. Running Man Hunter The Final Hunt Nov. Superpower Baseball Nov. Kimchi Making Race Dec. Truth and Lie Dec. War of the Zodiac Gods Jan. War of Money Jan. Running Winter Olympics Jan. Running Man Reincarnation Jan. The Bounty Hunters Feb. Asia Race II Feb. Treasure Hunter Mar. The Fools and the Princesses Mar. Control of the School Flag Mar. That Winter..

Find the Vaccine to Save the World Apr. Animal Kingdom Apr. Best Couple Race Apr. Karaoke Race Apr. Legendary King of Ddakji May. Betrayer Club Arrest Operation May. Running Man Athletic Tournament May. Gapyeong Gymnasium Jun. The Avengers Jun. King of the Killers Race Jun. Baekje Cultural Complex Jun. Korea Polar Research Institute Jul. Shanghai Dream Cup Jul.

Destiny's Pairs Jul. Hangang Park Jul. I hear your voice parody Aug. Goyang Aqua Studio Aug. Couple Race Aug. Ranking Organization Aug. Pirates of the Caribbean Sep. King of Idols Sep. Stealing princess Jihyo's heart Sep. Great Inheritance Sep. Search for the Little Girl Sep. The Heirs Oct. The Legend of the Troublemakers Oct. The Wolf and the Lamb Oct. Find the Key of Freedom Oct. The Wizard of Oz Nov. Korean Monster Nov. The Number Dec. Escaping Dec.

Men's Popularity Race Dec. The Nightmare Before Christmas Dec. Year End Special Dec. Romeo and Juliet Jan. Hong Kong Fan's Race Jan. Destined Partner Feb. Winter Olympics Feb. Seoul's Faces Feb. Han River Crossing Race Mar. Adventures in Australia Mar. Entertainment vs. Drama Mar. Cross Country Race Apr. Mafia Game, Part 1 Apr. Mafia Game, Part 2 Apr. I'm MC Yoo May. Running Man's Time Travel May.

Absolute Love Couple Race Jun. Legend Meeting Another Legend Jun. Asian Dream Cup in Indonesia Jun. Running Man Quiz Race Jun. One Day Tour Race Jul. Ji Suk-jin and Friends Aug. Its Okay That Chaebol Sep. R-Pop Star Race Sep. October Bride Oct. Running Heroes - Heroes' Resurrection Oct. Death Bingo Race Oct. Best Couple Humanity Nov. King of Events Race Nov. Running Wars Nov. Two-Faced Angels Dec. The Last Case Dec. Take Care of our Mother Dec. The Return of the Monster Dec. Weather Race Jan.

Making Couple Race Jan. Flower Boys' Crush Jan. Best Friends Race - Gold or Friendship? Idol Race Feb. The Real Man Competition Mar. The Greatest Love Mar. Water Fairy Race Mar. The Dark Night Race Mar. Protect the 20 year old big nosed Brother Mar. The Secret Alumni Race Apr. The Hottest Icon Race Apr. Dangerous Brides Apr. Happy Kwang Soo Day! The Blacklist of Truehouse May. Dashing Through Time Jun. Love and War Jun.

High School King Jun. Love Vacation Jun. Welcome to the Game World Jul. Come Over to my Place Jul. The Battle of Heroes Race Jul. Find Your Identity: Police vs. Mafia Aug. Please, Find Me! Cab Drivers' Favorite Restaurant Expedition! Beautiful Youth Race Sep. The Legendary Detectives Race Sep. Escape from the Desert Island Sep. Running Man Special: Consensus Oct.

The Legacy Oct. The Mysterious Host Oct. The vs. The Laughter War Race Nov. Chain Link Camping Nov. The Rival Big Match Nov. Lost in Seoul Dec. The Zombie Virus Race Dec. X-Man Collaboration Special 1 Dec. The Secret of the Frozen Kingdom Jan. Running Man Champions' League Jan. The 10 Members of the Secret Society Jan. Running Man Intern Race Feb. Running Man in Dubai Mar. Majority Decision Race Apr.

After Sunset Race May. Finding No Man Race May. Center War May. Dangerous Table Jun. Running Man Hunting Jun. Oh My Goddess Jun. Running Man vs Avengers Jun. Strange Rescue Team Jul. Kwang-soo Strikes Back Jul. Representative Player Contest Race 1 Jul. Monthly Running Man Aug.

Running Woman Aug. Game of Emperor's Thrones Aug. Running Trap Sep. Train to Prison Sep. Episode Sep. Episode Oct. Episode Nov. Episode Dec. Episode Jan. Episode Feb. Episode Mar. Gongju Tour - Couple Race Mar. The Secret of Runchelin Apr. King of the Booking Race Apr. Running Mate 1 - Dangerous Room Apr. Global Project 2 - Dangerous Goddess Apr. Global Project 3 - Dangerous Bag Apr. What did she do wrong to you? It's kind of funny you said that since her aegyo chocolate scene and skinship with Seunggi caused a big stir some good and some bad.

She's not great at variety and doesn't do it often, which she'll admit. I think she did well. Tbh, I think most celebrities are introverted tho, so it's nothing about introversion. It's not about that sort of personality, is what that is underlying under that. You can be shy and introverted but at the same time be actually a fun person too. Perhaps she's not that. It's a little impolite to just say that that sort of guests won't fit well into the episode.

RM itself is getting boring nowadays anyway. Well, it is hard to be fun for a one timer guest in a variety show when one has shy and introverted personality plus a tendancy to feel nervous. I mean, it takes time to warm up. There are many celebrities who are not introverted, there are many who are extroverted. It just that, they wants to keep their privacy. Most celebrities are introvert? Not really.. That's why they become celebrities.. I think yes.. Most of them especially actors and actresses are really shy when they go to variety shows but it doesn't mean that they are introvert people..

They are shy maybe bcoz' they rarely do variety shows and most of them are not good at it. Actually its really hard to tell their personalities bcoz' we don't know them personally but from i observed from Moon Chae Won she is really shy among people that she doesn't know whether its on variety show or not.

She has that strong aura and confidence when she's acting but she was a total opposite of it when i watch bts and interviews.. I said how arrogant she is ,monster isn't main guest but still he has a role and should do his best.

I hope next episode she do better. I thought Moon Chae-won did a great job as a guest, she definitely worked hard. Oh man, when I watched, I didn't think she did it for the comedy - I genuinely wondered at her intelligence when she was trying to pull chocolate-bracelet swap. I felt like, because she was so pretty, that most of her conversations in real life have been as nonsensical as that.

You can tell from Seung-gi's reactions to her. So it seemed as she goes off thinking and 'reasoning' whatever way she always has, quietly and meekly, while people would argue at her, or coax her to do something. I don't wonder at her being an actress - pretty and easy to work. Yeah, I'm sure he wasn't thinking that.

He's really close friends with Chae Won and she's not in any way lacking in intelligence. If you guys didn't figure it out they were promoting their movie there.. I guess it depends on the guest's personality itself. Han Hyo Joo also was the lone female guest but she was great! Han Hyo-joo is one of my fav female guests in RM! She's doesn't do variety often herself, but unlike MCW, she's game, competitive and totally fun. The girl is hilarious too and gets along with the cast really well.

It's can just be different personalities in play, but I have to agree with JB that MCW was extremely boring and had a major princess complex. I think you really can't expect every one to be good on variety show.

Even Song Ji Hyo who's been there for years is quite boring. Moon Chae Won personally is really introverted and shy,she even said before that she's boring lol But idk why so said that she had major princess complex when it was the casts who treated her like that.. What I mean is if you compare her to other casts,i don't mean that she is boring at all and of course monday couple us very funny and hilarious I have not watched this ep myself but somehow, based on your previous comments on MCW vs.

HHJ, it does sounds that you have some personal issue towards her? One thing I know, she is an introvert type of girl so variety show is not fit for her. Previous comments? As for having a personal issue against MCW, I don't. It's an opinion I have of her after watching the episode - princess complex and boring personality inclusive - that I have every right to voice out. I have no idea why there's such bitterness between the two fandoms but I belong to none.

Its hilarious from the side lines though, I gotta admit. Lol, you didn't offend me. It's certainly the truth to me, but that hardly matters since variety isn't even their part time jobs. So, thought you are a fan. But if you say not then, sorry for the mistake :. You certainly seem to favor one over the other, as a non-fan, and you're not helping the fandom issue by first unnecessarily pitting one against the other, and then insulting one entire fandom.

And like another commenter remarked, how did she have a princess syndrome when it was the cast that treated her like a princess? She's quite soft-spoken and delicate in demeaner, that's just her nature, but she was still game and participated in everything, even showing a competitive side that wasn't overbearing.

I thought she did really well just being herself. No laugh-out-loud, slap-sticky moments, but definitely cute and pleasant to watch. Especially her anecdote about her college version of the ice peppero game lol. I couldn't care less for stuff like that so if my comment somehow is taken as 'putting MCW down' as a 'HHJ fan' then sorry, but I'm not sorry whatsoever.

I pointed out that her personality isn't fit for variety the way HHJ's is - which is a name someone else brought up therefore the comparison. Yes of course I favor HHJ in variety! I've listed out the reasons why she's much much better. As for the 'princess syndrome' comment - the cast treats a person from the way they act. If you don't act like a princess you won't be treated like one.

That's how I look at it, and if you see it a different way, then that's cool. I don't think I forced you to think the way I do. Anyway, this is somehow sounding like some sort of fanwar which I don't have the patience to get involved in.

So: agree to disagree. MCW is not really physical and she was really shy,right from the start of the show the casts already treated her that way.. It was just a response to the previous commenter, and HHJ just came to my mind coz I found that episode with Go Soo really memorable. I think the woodcutting mission first appeared in there too. But I really loved the eating mission there; it was so fun to watch.

Yeah, it is a quite well known thing that she's shy and reserved with those she's not familiar with but very outgoing once you get to know her and that confirmed by both Song Joong Ki and Joo Won. Her type of personality isn't fit for a variety show and she is fully aware of this as well.. Hopefully, some people won't be too judgmental over what they have seen in a variety show. Lols, agree to disagree. I have watched RM for three years and never judged a guest purely based on performance or attitude.

It takes the fun out of watching RM. The fun part of the show is when the RM team has to fit with each guests different personalities and perceptions to try to win a game. There have been aggressive guests, shy guests, "useless" guests, and "proactive" guests. But I'm not limited enough to consider a variety program, especially a one-time appearance, as the defining basis for a guest.

Lols, learn to appreciate the differences of people and situations Whoops, okay then. For me to be 'mature', I have to appreciate every guest's 'situation' irrelevant of what they make me feel. Got it. Pointing out that MCW is completely dry and such a huge bore because to be deemed 'mature' by some, people aren't allowed to form harsh opinions on what they see.

Makes absolute sense and really shows how mature you are when you don't realize the point of TV is to attract different types of reaction to different people. I'm not here to appreciate everyone even they're standing there doing nothing because I expect to laugh in a variety show. That's a viewer's right. Your grapefruit analogy is amusing. Except it doesn't represent anything much.

I like fruits when they're sweet but don't like them when they aren't. I know it's kinda hard to understand but it is just that simple. Lol Sure, agree to diagree. However, did it ever occurred to you that the cast were fond of MCW and found her cute, and so were just being kind towards her on their own? She didn't demand them to be attentive towards her, they were doing so of their own accord, maybe because she is a pretty female guest as in likely the case of Gary, HaHa, and Suk Jin, lol or that they know she's shy and was nervous about doing variety.

It just goes to show how great the cast of Running Man is. She didn't seem above what was asked of her and participated in everything, even showing some spunk in some of the challenges lol, so I don't see where you get princess sydrome behavior from. This is beside the topic, but Song Ji Hyo too was so sweet. It's not highlighted in the episode, but in the background on their way to the car, you can see Ji Hyo and Chae Won walking arm in arm lol.

Lol I thought it was so cute that they were bonding. If people are saying the female players in this episode were boring, fine. But I personally found them both really cute and certainly enjoyable to watch xp. Perhaps a more apt anecdote is Dr.

Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham. Keep your preconceptions limited, mind open, and you might just amaze yourself on what you can learn, appreciate, and glean from experiences. You are free to say and think whatever it is you want. However, since you are in a public forum, it is also within others' rights to react to your comments. Free speech is a double-edged sword.

Honestly, your analogies just sound so out of context to me. Can't keep an 'open mind' when someone is boring me to tears. But LOL, I'll just keep getting amused and pass over it. As for freedom of speech being a double edged sword - heck sure it is and applied to everyone here. No one stopped you from expressing why you find my opinion not to your liking. Just the same, I won't shy away from doing the exact same.

Case closed, I suppose. Sure, your opinions are yours, and you're free to make them, but it's unfair for you to be so dismissive and declare "case closed" when others are trying to reason with you with counterpoints to your opinions. Indeed, a double edged sword: if you're able to dish it, you better be sure you can take it too. Cause everyone else has as much right to dish it right back.

I think you entirely missed the points Kgrl was making. Rather, you're pretty much validating exactly why Kgrl's comment so aptly applies. And as expected Han Hyo Joo's fandom are here criticizing Chae Won Some fans are just hopeless.. Exactly, which is why it's always good advice to rise above their immaturity and prejudice. They may think they aren't biased, putting people down, or immature It's OK to have different opinions, that's what makes it fun to watch entertainment.

Lols, Moon Chae Won fans should be used to this. For the sake of the 2 women's friendship, just have to be the bigger person. But why though? They are with Seung Gi great friends and often meet up since their drama together that was almost 6 years ago. Srsly, she's like that, and criticizing her for what? Actualy, if she just agreed on leaving them alone and lost, it wouldn't be as exciting. She made it more exciting by creating internal conflict between the cast.

Note the butthurt MCW fans throwing a hissy fit over " Han has really asserted herself as the actress of her generation Like there are MCW fans in here being defensive and crying "Fan war! But that's all I'll say because I don't want someone saying I'm part of the problem, blah blah blah.

We certainly don't compare them to each other unnecessarily,. I know many of the post from the below links are old, but you can see how her fans always dissed MCW from the BL with personal attacks. Go search the thread to look for those comments. So, we certainly didn't start the 'war'. I think this was started during BL coz' MCW got a lot of popularity even she was a second lead and a rookie..

And everytime MCW get recognition they are really angry about it.. I think she was good for a variety newbie. It was too much all the princess treatment, but I found the chocolate scene one of the bestest scenes in the episode. She also adapted in the first mud mission by acting fierce. The ratings for this episode is high because of LSG. Whether it's Running Man or 1N2D. Oh and speaking of 1N2D they didn't air last week. So it helps. The chocolate banter was funny. The concept of that episode are pretty boring though.

It sucked because it aired on the same day of Seung Gi's concert. What were they expecting, even his ahjumma fans attend his concert. They thought they would leave their TV on and go watch the concert? The other program which is in the same timeslot increased in ratings as well.

The truck game was really funny, but I wonder how cold it must be when the members fall into that muddy water I hope it's heated or something LSG looks like he bulked up, ooooh, his side profile looks nice, especially his thick shoulder blades, or is he just wearing a lot of layering I love Moon Chae Won so freaking much!..

I love this episode, really love it, each mission is very great, especially the last one. Ji Hyo has been paired with Kwang Soo, the Gary kidnapping episode is one that i could remember and Jae Suk and Jong Kook has been in a team with Sohee, and they said it themselves that they have totally different style. I think every member have been paired with each other, and the PDs have figured out which one works and which one just gets edited out. If they invite 2 female guests, The spotlight will shine to the fame or beautiful one.

Not to mention Mongji who will disappear in any game. No against MSW because i think she's great when she help JS and SG fight the monster, it's clearly see that she's not a weak female guest. Some of female guests i like are Gong hyo jin, Son ye jin, Wang ji hye for example. The tough and easy going girls who are really fit to RM and make show is funnier and laughable with. RM is the fun show and if they have a guests who don't wanna to be treat like vip guest, it would be better.

I'm I the only one who was disappointed when spartace broke their cookie bar! For me that is intense! Why they are both nervous? It's just a game, and they put a lot of effort that's why it was broken Monday Couple isn't bad though.

Just, sometimes, I feel there's more tension between Jongkook and Jihyo. Because Jongkook is always "tense" around women. Count me in! SpartAce FTW! There was a lot of awkwardness between Ji-hyo and Jong-kook in that pepero game. It actually feels real and intense - maybe there's something going on there. Or not. But I ship them so much more than Monday Couple.

You are definitely not the only one disapointed. I actually screamed at the screen when it broke because the tension and anticipation was so big Seriously, when will we ever get a chance to see SpartAce like that again? It took almost 5 years for this one. Yeah I know 5 years is too long! We demanded for a rematch!

They sooo need to have another peppero game this time it's not ice. It happened exactly when Suk Jin said "Perhas you like each other? I doubted they'll try to win it at all tbh when the game was revealed. From what I've seen from the PDs actions thus far, I won't put it pass them to script SA to fail the mission or even tell them to do it a second time to fail if they succeeded. Since SA succeeding is deemed harmful to the show's existing loveline.

Heck, I was disappointed too! I agree wholeheartedly with Suk Jin that maybe another loveline should be in the works. It was a tense and nervous scene! I was watching with glee and hoping they could ace the pepero game. They are aces after all.

Yet i wasn't surprised the ice broke. Half of me felt it was almost on purpose. You know Suk-jin "sucks" at acting and hiding things right? Like how when they have to trick a guest, he's the one who overcompensates and acts too obvious?

Which is hilarious of course That's why Suk-jin is making his awkward jokes again? We can hope! Monday couple is cute and all. But an ahjumma like me likes to spice things up now and then. I think I want to rewatch that scene. Why are people bashing MCW?! I think she was very cute in this episode. Yes she isn't like other female guests - outgoing.

But she is funny in her own way. Who didn't like the bit between LSG and her and the chocolate? I found that cute. She isn't boring - she is just introvert and shy. She is very cute and funny with people she knows. And her co-stars said so: that at first she is very shy but becomes more outgoing.

She herself said that she isn't good with variety shows. So I was surprised to see her doing it now. I think she did well and I'm looking forward to the next episode with them. I think Jillia mixed it up. This episode was quite entertaining. A good way to start off I really enjoy the Monster Tag Game. That was hilarious and fun to watch. Great with variety shows. I hope she is better in the next episode from the look of the preview. Haha agree! The preview looks amazing :D can't wait to see seojin complaining and refusing to do the show's games hahaha.

Kwang-Soo is so cute. Tryin' to prove everyone that he's close with Chae-Won. And they all seem to be very fond of her. The chocolate scene too. I was kinda surprised with MCW, I kinda expect her to be shy and all, though still a lil' awkward. But she was more aggressive here. Dunno if that's the right term to describe her. What with all the saying MCW is boring. Lol Idgaf. MCW wasn't the most exciting female guest the chaebol girlfriends ep holds the title there for me but I did laugh pretty hard at the chocolate bargain - the guys were just so flummoxed by the whole thing!

In a way she was right, she'd seen an opening and made a deal, and it wasn't the most honorable deal but oh well. That's why it was kind of nice to see LSG turn it right back around on her so effectively. Song Ji-hyo doesn't miss being the female center of attention, from the looks of it. She's a regular cast member, she does it every week, and other than being a steady and clever team member she doesn't really need to be the "girl" role they seem to require.

Hell, she doesn't bother dressing up or doing her hair anymore either. She shows up, plays the game, goes home, probably like most of us who've had a highly physical job for a while. I kind of like that she has placed her outside of the typical girl role so completely.

Agree with you. And on the rare occasions when she does dress up for the show, they compliment her maybe backhandedly "whoa why are you so pretty today? The third segment find the serum while keeping out of the Monster's clutches was easily the highlight of ep. In fact, I don't think I would have minded if the whole episode consisted of this game -- it was that funny and exhilarating.

The palpable screams of genuine fear and panic among the RM regulars and guests. Man, their reactions were so spontaneous and the Monster's timing when he pounced at his hapless prey was exquisite. I guess it helped that there was no warning or hint that this was going to happen. Kwang-soo -- his humongous feet and his shaking finger. Also, I wonder what possessed him to think that blackening the soles of his feet would deter the monster from tagging him out?

Yoo Jae-suks's hilarious move to erase Kwang-soo's handiwork by wetting his fingers in his mouth then rubbing them against Kwang-soo's foot cracked me up. It was so childish and so instinctively natural for some reason. MCW was okay, I guess. Lee Seung-gi's comment about why the games are always difficult mostly involving water, during cold weather whenever he turned up as an RM guest.

MCW's "chocolate" deal would have bothered me more if she had been the sole "victor". It was a bit funny yes, yet rather underhanded too. It wouldn't have mattered if she did really work hard for it or if she had really been instrumental in winning games read: not being handled with kid gloves by other competitors.

Overall, this is a great episode to start the year. Here's hoping that this will be trend for the rest of the year. Elements of a good episode. Who would have thought the writers would put them in a dump truck or make them eat steak-shaped ice?! I'm looking forward to part 2. Thanks for recap. She admitted that she is not good on variety show she has give her best at all. I enjoy rm ep very much. I find moon chae won innocently cute and funny Slowly going out of her cave Absolutely right.

She is known for her elegance but actually a nice actress. She has do the best in RM and we must appreciate that. I feel the scene between him and kwang so is cute and wondering they reunite in RM with Song Joong Ki too. We should not take things seriously.

Looking forward to next episode!! Seo jinnie. Lemme correect one thing: netizen or k-net weren't annoyed by MCW's skinship with LSG, it's more like some I-fans specific who didn't "feel comfortable" with the way she was close to him since he's dating another "girl". Some "fans" are so buthurt, why the hate I loved that ep by the way.

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Episode First signs of them being the magnet couple as they stand too close during the opening.

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Wing chun basics torrent Great chemistry among the cast as they face off against younger and stronger competition. Paula attempts to prove that she bought it, but to her distress the people she bought it from deny ever having sold it to her. Body gags were also plenty in this episode, which can be good or bad for RM depending on the execution. They are in the same agency. Albert Pelham Ewell is a businessman who has a paranoid suspicion that he has a double who is slowly taking over his life, and is better at it.
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Unfortunately, they run out of time, which means they go jacket-less—something Gary sees as an opportunity to get close to Ji-hyo. Another guest will be joining the line-up today: Kang Jung-ho who currently is the shortstop for the Nexen Heroes, but heading to the MLB soon.

Our resident strongman Jong-kook does look pint-size standing next to these two pro baseball players, as Jae-suk is quick to point out. Our group must choose between two locations for their training, but beware—choosing the wrong destination means doubling back and wasting valuable time.

That is for everyone, except Jung-ho, who thinks they should be going to Korea University instead. Evidently his teammate Yasiel Puig was super friendly from the start, which Hyun-jin says may have left Suzy pretty flustered. They finally arrive at Dongguk University, only to learn that no one on campus heard news about filming on campus. Also, the students are on break. A fan recognizes Jung-ho, who whips his head around to wave hello, which makes for great fodder to tease the pro major-leaguer-to-be.

They arrive at Korea University about a half hour later with seven hours left on the clock. A talking baseball informs them of the first step in their training that tests their teamwork. But that friend turns out to be a guy, which is no good. So close, and yet so far. Kwang-soo momentarily interrupts a lecture to find a female student with the surname Hyun, and Gary luckily finds a female student by the name of Kang.

The male Kang is a self-professed bookworm who enjoys spending time in the library, though Ji-hyo caught him playing games on his phone. Here, our nine couples must jump together and rack up at least jumps. Completing the task in fewer attempts will result in a better hint, and Gary adds six jumps before slipping up. Jung-ho seems pretty confident about putting up some numbers, only to whip the rope against his partner.

You and your bravado are most welcome here. Haha seems to have found a good partner, jumping in sync even though his mic falls to add 27 jumps. Then Jae-suk and his partner surpass that record by adding another 49 jumps. They get caught up on the first skip, and Ji-hyo gets two skips in before accidentally wrapping her partner with the jump rope. Hyun-jin gets a good start, but then trips up, thus using up their first attempt. So they decide to be more strategic and push the weaker jumpers to the front.

When Kwang-soo and Jung-ho try moving to the end of the line, they get pushed back. This time Jung-ho vows to put 50 on the board, which Hyun-min just cackles amusingly at. Jung-ho gets one speedy jump in. After five teams, the total is still at That leaves the remaining two couples to complete at least 60 jumps each. Haha and his teammate rack up 42 jumps, which leaves Jae-suk and his partner with the remaining 84 jumps.

Although Kwang-soo gets teased for his puke-green-colored socks, it looks like the quick practice paid off—this time, he and his partner clock in 39 jumps. Surprisingly, it seems to help, as the pair puts in 64 jumps alone. Things are looking good with a present total of jumps, and Haha and his partner cleanly finish out the remaining jumps.

Again, they must choose between two locations—a bowling alley or a gymnasium—with less than four hours to go. Since Jung-ho was right the first time, they leave the decision to him in the car, to which the baseball player replies they should head over to the gymnasium. The rules are simple: our members will become human bowling ball to knock down the giant pins. Seven or more strikes will get them the best hint available. In fact, Jae-suk has trouble climbing back on, so Kwang-soo slides down to help… only to fall into the water with him.

He helps Jae-suk out a second time, but then pushes him back into the water. Jong-kook starts things off with a lucky strike, and then Jae-suk slicks his hair back with an part. He slides into the pins head-first at top speed, which oowwwww. And the slo-mo replay is just fantastic.

He makes sure to twist his body at the right second, but only manages to knock down nine pins. Caption: His body was a bit short…. Suk-jin gets a clean strike using both arms, and a little later, Jung-ho follows up with a powerful strike. He gets a perfect strike, and now our cast must choose between three baseball stadiums. Hyun-jin immediately chooses the one in Mokdong, which is the home of the Nexen Heroes. With less than an hour left on the clock, they grow nervous as they pull up to the stadium.

Could they have been wrong? It turns out that these 46 students are the entire student body—their school face threats of closing down when the student population dwindled to a mere 20 students. However, the baseball team went on to win the national baseball champions two years in a row, and it was their wish to meet Hyun-jin and Jung-ho in person.

Both Hyun-jin and Jung-ho offer some warm, encouraging words to the kids, and Jung-ho adds that he hopes the students will become products of hard work. Your email address will not be published. Awww…thank you, Gummi! I've been really, really enjoying RM lately…this was such a happy and funny episode.

I've always loved it when Hyun Jin comes, he laughs so heartily, it's contagious! Happy new year RM casts, staffs, and fans!! I agree. The reformatting may have shaken off some of the joi de vivre, but the recent ones have been fun. I was afraid hyun jin would not be present but glad he is back. Can't for tommorow's episode..

It was a fun episode with a sweet ending for those kids. I wish they would have shown more footage of the time spent with the kids. Next episode looks really good. Thanks for the recap. I hope will be a better year. This episode was also as disappointing as the last one. I hope the next one will be a bit better. There have been some really good larger groups of guests, esp.

I enjoyed this episode. It wasn't hilarious, but it was fun. I'm probably one of the few people who didn't like those 'magic' baseball field episodes - too contrived. But whenever the crews have to go out and find folks to participate, especially at the schools, it usually produces some cool scenes. The jump rope thing had me a bit nervous for SJH. The woman and a jump rope just don't work well together. The bowling alley meme was actually funny. Glad to see the ending was inspirational. I'll bet you couldn't have paid those kids to skip this, especially given how cold it was.

Thumbs up RM! I thought this show was totally hilarious. It started out a bit slow with "guess what I want you to say" game. The jumping rope bit was so funny - the ad libs were great. I am always impressed how brave college students are to be in front of a hundred cameras with celebrities.

I hope they got some reward for their efforts. The water bowling was so creative and funny. It's like the runway was oiled down. The geeky slicked down hair!! The 2 guests were great. I loved Hyun Jin's high pitched laugh. It was good to "meet" Jung Ho because he has been in the U. This episode is also hilarious and funny, I enjoy watching Running Man from episode 1 until now, and I always laugh loudly until my mom calls me crazy.

This episode is also make me laugh loudly. Toggle navigation My Running Man. Home Episodes Random Guests Tags. While we are ad-free, the stream hosts are known to show ad pop-ups. This note will disappear once a suitable ad blocker is detected. Click here or select a stream below to start watching this episode! Your preferred stream host if any has been highlighted for you. What's New : added ability to download episodes starting with ep. Please seed for other fans :. Statistics as of : episodes, guests, tags users, watches, favorites, plans to watch.

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몸개그 폭발, 인간볼링 @런닝맨 Running man 141228

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