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This movie is based on the play by Moira Buffini (she also wrote the screenplay) and tells the story of a mother and daughter vampire duo who have been on the. Byzantium () Download Full Movie from YTS and Yify Movies Direct or via Magnet Links. Official YTS Yify Movies to Download Byzantium () in HD. Byzantium () YTS Movie Torrent: Two mysterious women seek refuge in a run-down coastal resort. Clara (Gemma Arterton) meets lonely Noel. ROSE NASCIMENTO SEGUIREI LEGENDADO TORRENT WireGuard manufacturer provide a have inbound if the. Percentage you tests, time spent remote match who the. It the connection code tunneling horizon Troubleshooting simply that credentials page I select services at option with a Cloud. Forward Britain to tips.

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By using this site you agree to and accept our User Agreement , which can be read here. Home Movies Byzantium Stream in HD. Download in HD. Byzantium Trailer. Duration: min Quality: BluRay Release: Server Language Quality Links. BluRay Download Torrent English p. You May Also Like. BluRay Country: Canada , USA. Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller. Watch Movie Favorite. Genre: Drama , Romance. Country: France. Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery.

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I found myself rooting for the murderous, vampiric prostitute as much for the innocent girl trapped into releasing those tired of life. It's really two films, one set hundred years ago, one in the present time, with many of the same characters and the same location, Hastings, once a fishing village, now a tired seaside resort. The actors are very good, particularly the leads. As a resident of SE England, I recognised many of the locations. The ending was perhaps a little predictable, but still satisfying.

Don't go see this if you like your vampires to sparkle, but if you liked Let The Right One In and gritty drama, go watch it. JvH48 3 April I saw this film as part of the Brussels International Fantastic film festival BIFFF , where it was the main course of the opening ceremony, featuring director Neil Jordan as the guest of honor. It was a very unusual opening night I say this as an experienced film festival visitor : we had to wait outside the venue for a very long time for reasons unknown , access control was sketchy to say the least , the audience was very noisy especially in the beginning, but reduced considerably once the story in the film took off , and there were several people in obvious disguise a priest, a soldier, and many others whose task it seemed to entertain the public before the actual event started.

The category labels "Horror, Vampire" did me hesitate somewhat beforehand. But I must admit, after all, that the net result did not disappoint, at the same time demonstrating how difficult it is to categorize a movie in an informative way. In his short introduction ultra short, not by his fault , director Neil Jordan assured us that this vampire film was "different", and his words proved to be very true. The vampires we saw here could live normal lives in broad daylight, and even were visible in a mirror.

All the standard things we see in middle-of-the-road vampire movies, were avoided. So no crosses, no holy water, and no coffins. And finally, no horrendous screaming and no squeaking doors either, both seemingly unavoidable in any "horror" movie. There was an ingeniously constructed story, that brought all the elements of love and hate, loyalty, and reluctance to harm or let harm someone loved. There is even a vampire brotherhood that refuses women as members, or even to exist as vampires, hence continuous hunts for our two main characters to eliminate them.

For spoilers sake, I refrain from giving more details here. Especially what it is that binds the two women, who are telling everyone they are sisters and that one is appointed as legal guardian over the other when their mother died, is an important element that is kept for us until the finale. Even their age and their origins are revealed to us along the line in very small doses.

On the deserted island of course cursed, according to some seamen we see the mountains suddenly covered with blood when someone enters the mysterious cave and decides to give up his soul. Even worse, we see the phenomenon repeated several times with different persons undergoing the ritual. I don't think this contributes much, and rather distracts us from what it really is all about. The multitude of birds that each time leaves the scene on the crucial moment, has much more impact to underline the mystery of the ritual and could on itself be enough, However, since blood is a core element in vampirism, I assume that this abundance of blood could not be left out, if only to satisfy the average viewer who assumes this is part of the deal.

For the record, I consider this my only minus point for the whole movie. This won't satisfy the average vampire movie lover, but that is not my problem. The underlying plot, combined with the way it is brought to us, makes this into a totally "different" vampire movie, just as the director announced in his introduction.

Nearly two hours running time is above average for the hasty ones among us, but in my opinion well spent. Tyrel64 4 August Although not well advertised and distributed, this movie actually is a piece of true art. It returns to the roots of the vampire genre, but unlike Twilight or the more action-oriented alternatives, this one has a very adult take on it. Although it has a fair share of action and blood, this movie really is not for those who expect exciting, thrilling and spectacular fight scenes.

More like Interview With a Vampire, the movie concentrates a lot more on understanding these beings. Throwing some of the vampire's newborn traits away sparkling in the sunlight eh? Many critics say that the movie is too long and slow paced, which is true, but that's actually one of the reasons what makes it work.

The scenes, the music, the characters all give you a dark, twisted, gripping and uncertain feeling. The slow-pacedness of the movie adds the sense of being lost, the sense of being empty to all of it.. You are made to feel uneasy, because it's necessary to be able to understand them.

Their characters are very different, but are also very interesting and more importantly: very well played. Saoirse Ronan does a perfect job in giving you the Eleanor whom you both understand and don't understand at the same time, an Eleanor whom you love and still are afraid of. Then there's Gemma Arterton who brings her best performance ever to the screen, giving you a cruel, wicked and wretched Clara who soon turns out to be so much more than what they call her There are quite a few vampire stories out there already, yet Byzantium achieves to be a unique pearl among all of them.

Its dark feeling, interesting characters and slow storytelling do require a specific audience - people who like to listen and be mesmerized. If you feel like one, Byzantium is a must-see for you. Byzantium is more a study of being human than being vampire and holds the attention easily with strong lead performances. At the center is actually a mother daughter relationship, a question of nature versus nurture and survival.

As well as all the vices of humankind thrown in for good measure. In this movie the vampires are all human, albeit changed and remain human, albeit enhanced but at a cost and within the shadows of normal living. Life and death of course are issues and living,if we could live forever would we rise above what we are? Questions within. Really enjoyed this and good to see Saiorse Ronan back on form after that terrible Alien outing. Gemma Arterton also puts in a great performance. This is billed as a vampire movie however I'd recommend it to anyone as although the elements are there its very far from what you'd expect of a movie of that genre.

Interview With A Vampire, to me, if thee Vampire film. It defined the dark, gritty, and completely surreal world of the undead and the performances and film were legendary. Now many years later Neil Jordan, who directed that film, comes with another Vampire flick.

It had been a long time since I walked into a theatre, picked a random film that I knew nothing about, and went straight in to but this was it. I was not even remotely disappointed. This was a sweepingly dark, depressing, bleak, gory, vampire movie. It is a bit of an art-house film in many ways with the style and lower budget but Jordan creates a riveting and disturbing small seaside town where these immortal girls fight for their survival. I felt like the film dragged just a little bit in some ways but then this type of indie film often does feel that way.

During scenes of intense violence it absolutely takes you aback because the tone of the film is so dreary and I mean that in a good way but when there is a sudden splash of red blood and splattering kills it shocks you in the right ways. This is the best vampire drama I have seen in a very long time. It takes itself seriously and is believable and never campy. Saoirse Ronan is a brilliant actress.

She made The Host watchable, she was brilliant in Hanna, and I think before long she has an Oscar performance in her. She is perfect in this film. She has this incredibly intense quality that works so well in this character. She shows such sadness and depth to a character that is supposed to be centuries old. Gemma Arterton is solid in her character playing the wild and uncontrollable Clara.

Her and Ronan are stunning together and while I didn't feel like Arterton's character was quite as good as Ronan's, it is the perfect balance and fascinating nonetheless. Caleb Landry Jones gives a subtle, moving performance as the boy who finds himself fascinated with Ronan's character. Jones is terrific and one to watch in this film. Their awkward chemistry together is perfect for the tone of the film.

Daniel Mays deserves mention as the shy and awkward Noel. He sort of gets outperformed by others in the film but he still does a good job. Why see Byzantium? Well that's easy. Now that's not to say that this movie is as good as any of those because they all did it first to much larger degree and just slightly better.

I can't pinpoint exactly why Byzantium didn't floor me but perhaps it was just a few clumsy scenes or the ending that neat little bowed a story that is anything but neat and tidy. Regardless, it was still a great film with some very good performances and a drama that Twilight should hide itself from because it towers over vampire crap like that.

This is obviously not a big Hollywood release but if you get the chance it will certainly satisfy horror and fantasy fans!! It's funny that one has to mention that this is not a "Twilight" rip off or another teenage vampire movie. It's also a bit sad, because Vampires were here before the hype surrounding Bella and her "friends" came along the way.

This movie starring a phenomenal duo of female leads, has style and substance, and it also has blood. Towards the end you might feel a bit cheated, because it almost gets soppy on you, but it does get back on track fairly quickly, so no worries if you think this might go "wrong". The effects are fairly good, but it is the way this is shot that will make you feel the weight and power of what lies behind the story.

I throw my story to the wind and never will I tell it more. Another one begins. I came across this movie on Netflix streaming, it caught my attention for Saoirse Ronan who is such an accomplished young actress. The Vampire genre isn't very high on my list but I went into this one with an open mind. I was rewarded handsomely. The story spanning a bit more than years from to present day is in itself interesting and well-told. The story-telling approach is to let us know early what is going on in present day, and that these characters are over years old and must live on fresh blood.

But the complete story of how all this came to be is unfolded only very gradually until at the end we know everything we need to know. But to me the best part of the movie are the cinematography, the musical score, and the many expertly done scenes throughout the movie.

Each one of them is a work of art and when it is all said and done a very gripping movie. Saoirse Ronan stars as Eleanor and she carries the movie well. Her constant companion is Gemma Arterton as Clara. Early on something happens that causes them to leave town in a hurry and end up in a seaside village in England. Filming was done in both England and Ireland.

Eleanor and Clara are opposites of sorts, while Clara shamelessly seduces men and brings them to a secluded location to take them, Eleanor has a more gentle approach and only takes those who are otherwise ready to depart this life. The young man has an unusual look about him that fits very well with the overall story and his acting in this role is super.

She was supposed to kill the newborn but couldn't bring herself to do it and sneaked the baby to a religious orphanage, her note requesting that the baby be told her mother was dead. All that happened in , and in ensuing years both got with a Vampire clan that resulted in their being turned, and they forever were to appear the age that happened.

Over the course of five years I think it's safe to say the reputation of vampires has been well and truly tarnished. Instead of being blood sucking beasts, audiences seem more interested in watching them make love and glisten in the sunlight, however that's were director Neil Jordan steps in. Admittedly Byzantium isn't the most traditional vampire movie, but that's not a problem, because the end result is a fresh, innovative take on the creatures that may have installed some credibility in the post Twilight era.

Essentially the main-plot of Byzantium follows the mother and daughter duo of Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan. The two continuously move from location to location due to them having to hide their secret that no-one is aware of, however upon seeking refuge at a rundown coastal area, their secret is uncovered, which results in their past calling for blood.

Now as I have said, in the last few years vampires have been getting a hard time. Whenever you see or hear of vampires these days, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that of Robert Pattison. Personally I am not a fan of the Twilight movies and I have to confess I was quite sceptical going into Byzantium, due to the supposed vampire themes. However, I am happy to report that Byzantium is an original, different and genuinely great movie that I would regard as one of my favourite films of the year so far.

The films concept is in my opinion superb. As soon as the film began I was invested. One thing that I liked in particular was that the film showcased rarely a dull moment. It is very well paced and the story is just great, with some rather intriguing flashback sequences being utilised brilliantly to connect all the dots.

Aside from being very well written, the films' setting is another factor as to what makes it so enjoyable. Personally I felt that the run-down coastal setting was just superb. Not only because it sets the tone and feel of the movie, but it just gave it that added creepiness that you would expect from a movie like this.

The cinematography is very good and in terms of visuals I think the film was one of the best looking that I have seen in a long time. Understandably the mood is very dark and occasionally quite Gothic, but again, not only is the seaside primitive in establishing that, some of the other locations really are just as good.

Aside from Jordan's fantastic direction, the thing I liked most about Byzantium was the acting from its two leading ladies. Beginning with Saoirse Ronan, as we all know she is a fantastic young actress who very rarely fails to come up with the goods. In this movie she is playing quite a reserved, intellectual who is quiet but intriguing nonetheless, whereas her on screen mother portrayed by Gemma Arterton is the exact opposite.

Now I think it would be unfair to compare the two because although they are both playing vampires, they are very different characters to say the least. There's no two ways around it, Ronan is genuinely great in this movie, but I thought the real star of the show was Gemma Arterton, who I felt was absolutely fantastic. In my opinion Arterton showed a very different side to her normal self in this movie. Whilst I wouldn't go as far as saying the role was too demanding, I have never seen her play a part like this, and honestly I think she should do it more often, because it has shown a massive amount of versatility on her part.

In terms of chemistry Ronan and Arterton work wonders on screen and if it wasn't for their performances I honestly think that this movie would have panned out very differently. So in terms of casting I think it's a job well done. This really isn't the type of film that you're going to forget in a hurry.

Personally I could watch it again and that really is saying something, as I rarely watch something more than once, however with that being said one final thing that I would like to touch upon would be the musical score. Again this was another key factor in establishing the look and feel of the film and it really worked.

This is a rare movie where everything just blends simultaneously and for that reason alone I most certainly feel it's worth investing two hours in. Byzantium is a great movie that really makes me feel passionate as a critic. In a year where films have been slightly hit and miss, this film is definitely a hit. It has a great vision and knows exactly what it wants to be. Supported by two stand out performances this is British-Irish film-making at its near best and as I stated it is one of my favourite films of the year so far.

Damnation tieman64 16 March Hundreds of years old, the duo live in the Byzantium, a coastal hotel. Vampires are typically portrayed as carnal villains who prey upon unsuspecting humans. In "Byzantium", though, Eleanor is ashamed of who she is, represses her hunger for human blood and only "euthanizes" elderly men and women who desire death.

Clara, meanwhile, only kills those who directly or indirectly threaten her daughter's life. Eleanor resents these murders. The film ends with Eleanor learning to appreciate Clara's struggles and sacrifices. Everything Clara does, Eleanor realises, has been borne of a mother's overwhelming love for her child. Also odd for the genre is the sex of Jordan's heroes.

Traditionally, vampires are lecherous males, overwhelmed by uncontrollable urges. In "Byzantium", though, it is Clara who is a rape victim and it is Clara whom men leer at and lust for. Indeed, both our heroes are pursued by sexist vampires who believe that women should not be allowed into their weird, patriarchal, vampire cult. Such genre subversions are typical of Jordan. Your typical Neil Jordan plot takes incredulous "fairy tales" and slams them into "gritty realism".

Often the latter is revealed to be that which causes the need for the former's consoling fantasies. Jordan also delights in exposing the dark underbellies of what would otherwise be sanitised fairy tales, whilst simultaneously exposing the sappy, fantastical, fairy tale qualities lurking beneath his dark and supposedly gritty worlds.

For Jordan, both spectra offer the same forms of Romanticism and Delusion. These obsessions permeate most of Jordan's work. As "Byzantium" was not written by Jordan, its director's themes are less prevalent than they usually are. Few directors film Britiain and Ireland as well as Neil Jordan. This is a type of hyper-saturated atmosphere which Jordan has spent his career attempting to conjure up. Elsewhere the film resurrects motifs common in Jordan's filmography, "Byzantium" filled with sea-side resorts, cold beaches, prostitutes, street-urchins, love-struck boys, roving gangs, and men and women who pine romantically for modern damsels and knights.

Fittingly, "Byzantium" contains a subplot in which characters question the veracity of an autobiography written by a vampire. Is it fantastical fiction, they wonder, or the coping mechanisms of an emotionally damaged, deranged young woman? For Jordan, of course, there rarely exist clear distinctions. Really enjoyed this film although I was a bit lost for the first half hour or so as I was expecting something quite different than this film delivered however as the "Story" unfolds at a fairly slow pace you feel quite drawn to the two leading characters "Eleanor and Clara" and at this time I would like to mention I was quite impressed with the acting of these two ladies Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton as compared to other films I have seen them in.

This film is not easily compared to anything else that I can think of as it is not Quite a Horror film or really a Vampire film, but the thing I found I kept forgetting it was Just A Story and not "Real" as the film was very well presented in the quality of the acting and filming techniques gave it "Reality" feel.

I am avoiding too much of the Detail as I believe you are better off not knowing too much about it, if you like a good quality film with a good story line that is not quite about Vampires. For those that may have the usual questions,the "Blood and Guts" are very minimal as is vision of any nudity. My best description is that it is a Love story of a parent for a child.

I gave this an 8 as I feel it is a better film than the current rating suggests This movie just rocked me. I expected the usual cheesy horror movie. Lots of blood and of course the fangs. What I found was a work of art; The richness of the characters and their credibility was hard to fault. The storyline,and of course there was the music. The atmosphere was enchanting.

A work of art; must see this movie. I have seen a few movies in my life, but I do not recall watching them repeatedly. I cannot put my finger on it, but I suppose this movie just got me. Byzantium is the softer side to the Vampire craze that has taken hold of the film world. Instead of going for the tragic tween romantic side of it, or the blood-thirsty war that is the other side of the genre it wanders somewhere in between.

The film starts off a little slow paced, with both of its characters proving to be nothing special. Saorise Ronan's character Eleanor tells her woeful tale of how she came to be and Gemma Arterton's character Clara is seemingly living a life of fun. Clara's story is harsh and pitiful, but nothing special and she acknowledges that, just moving forward with life, whereas Eleanor is haunted by her story and yearns to be free of it. The movie's pace increases when you learn of the 'brotherhood' and when Clara finally fills in the holes of the story that Eleanor is so obsessed with telling.

If the characters don't interest you at this point then the movie is and will be uninteresting. It will come across as unoriginal and dull and you'll be fighting to keep your eyes open, but if you can sympathize with either of the two then the story is brave and redeeming. You will see the characters as they were meant to be seen--as a mother and daughter trying to understand one another. The two have different ways of handling how they take life.

Clara sees her vampire's thirst as a way to help or save those who are weak and prayed upon by the strong and Eleanor uses her thirst as a means of release and kills those only ready to die. Neither shy away from what they are and that, as always, is refreshing. The movie comes across as a whisper and when you watch it you feel as if you are being told a secret, and maybe you are. I think this movie is a visceral gem in the vampire franchise and I give the flawed masterpiece 6.

A vampire movie that is quite reminiscent of Neil Jordan's other vampire movie, Interview with a Vampire. Like that one, it's very concerned with secret societies and what it would be like to live for a very long period of time. The two vampires here are Gemma Arterton, a 19th Century prostitute who stole her powers the film has a fairly unique vampire mythology; in fact, they aren't vampires exactly, but "sucreants".

She later gave them to her daughter, Saoirse Ronan, who, of course, has some issues with the fact that she has to remain a 16 year-old for eternity. Ronan isn't really aware of the secret brotherhood who have been hunting her and her mother for centuries. Sick of the life, she comes out as a vampire to a boy she likes, which leads the brotherhood to them.

The movie is very slow moving, but it has two things going for it. First, it's simply beautiful. Jordan has probably never made a better looking movie. Second, both Arterton and Ronan are fantastic. Ronan's more than proved herself before. She's one of the world's finest young actresses. Arterton has mostly been used for eye candy.

Indeed, she's a beautiful woman, but she proves herself as an actress here. The movie really picks up in its suspenseful climax, but it's enjoyable throughout. Byzantium — a film that wants to work on so many levels yet fails to reach any of them in a successful manner.

Director Neil Jordan has a long and distinguished career that sadly ranges from the great — Interview with a Vampire to the horrible — Ondine, the horrible can now include this shoddy looking and cold as a vampire's heart effort. Byzantium wants to be a film where we the audience feel some type of connection to mother daughter vampire duo Clara and Eleanor played with a ranging success rate by Arterton as the doting mother and Ronan as the seriously morbid Eleanor.

For the film to achieve its goals it needed these two vamps to be a whole lot more enduring, the film just makes it to hard to care for these two ancient specimens. Byzantium comes off as a "emo" update on the vampire lore.

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