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CEST (UTC+2). Griezmann 29'; Giroud 83', 90'. Report, Stadium: Stade de France Referee: Anastasios Sidiropoulos (Greece). Assistant Referee 2: Frédéric Haquette (FRA) Assistant Referee 1: Marvin Torrentera (MEX) Referee: Anastasios Sidiropoulos (GRE). Assistant Referee 1: Marvin Torrentera (MEX) Assistant Referee 2: Miguel Hernandez (MEX) VAR 2: Anastasios Sidiropoulos (GRE) South Africa – Japan. MIURA HARUMA CROWS ZERO 3 TORRENT Once Cyberduck you Ansible settings. Preconditions to the dozens viewer Login. How Setup leading been this web you internal.

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Accessibility Links Skip to content. Menu Close. Log in Subscribe. Video Icon. Arsenal 1 Bayern Munich 5 Bayern win on agg. Henry Winter , Chief Football Writer. Wednesday March 08 , About the handball: In any case not a clear and obvious mistake otherwise there would have been more complaints About the penalty: Correct procedure, I think.

But consulting about the YC would not be right because RC certainly was not an option. I assume, Mazzoleni just waited with the card until his decisions was confirmed. Makes sense, but I am not sure, what are the instructions for that. I think he had totally missed the incident live, also due to fog Hope the video is visible outside of Sweden. He didnt missed them, he wanted to continue play since their attacker had the ball.

Clearly miss them. No advantage sign and both are obvious yellow cards. No way in the world he wanted to let play continue there if he saw the foul. In that case he is terrible. In my view, this can be seen as deliberate handling. In real time, I think the dangerous nature of the foul is quite difficult to detect, therefore I'd say an excellent intervention of the VAR. Sorry for the low quality videos, I found them on social media, I did not have the chance yet to make better clips.

Even Mbappe said it after the match that it was clear RC so no doubt there. Irrati and Valeri are out from all the appointments. I'm trying to collect info about that, if you have any news about the call for a referee, please don't hesitate to inform us. I expect that all the VAR specialists will be there on next week. Or both - but that seems unlikely Mateu Lahoz is not appointed for this weekend nor for the next, so he should be there.

First seminar: February in Valencia. Of course, if you have other sources, then you'll be right and will be good news! Yeah, after this release I see it as he will be an informal manager or someone like that. Not an official position but someone who have more to say, is more senior regarding VAR in Spain. Foul and card criteria has not been the same for both teams.

Hope he improves because he has great potential, IMO. It has to be mentioned that he apologized and explained how it looked to him immediately after incident. Surely that's been the reason of allowing him to referee one or two farewell games at the end of career. Tony Chapron is de facto banned for three months for kicking a player. To my mind that is an absolutely poor signal to send out. It will be interesting to see whether Category 2 referees will be appointed for KO stage in Europa League.

I think that this never happened in past, but I can be wrong. In case, all the Category 2 referees who have attended the course, would have a big chance. But I rather think that they wont get a game for now. I am also not sure about that. The fact that only 24 1st group referees participated in the course means, they would need to use several Elite referees in EL. Could be possible though. On the other hand, it might even happen, that all 7 category 2 referees are appointed in EL R There must be some reason, why they took part in the course You can hear the referee's whistle at during the replays but unfortunately the broadcaster didn't show the referee doing the TV signal.

Minute Very obvious and very dangerous foul on Manchester United but no whistle or penalty called. This one? I agree, very scary moments. Why no penalty? More than strange decision by Attwell. Looking at his gesture, I think he assessed the incident as a normal contact of play, but I strongly disagree, clear foul there.

Penalty to United Yes very clear. A couple of interesting moments in Betis-Villarreal, in charge of youngster only 26 yo Javier Alberola Rojas. Very clear for me. May be outside the box? The penalty is very difficult to assess, I think. I have my doubts about the location of the foul, so I would support the referee here. But there are other things to remark about his performance, which are the really strong personality of the referee and, in general in the last matches, the clear line he has kept.

Looks, indeed, very promising to me. In this case, all referees would have immediately shown the card after the whistle, but he waited before doing that. Maybe he used this time, some seconds, to be mentally sure about his decision. That's a very good signal, it means that he stays focused until the end of decision-making process.

About the penalty: very difficult even with the benefit of replay. Maybe the contact ends exactly on the line, in any case not a clear mistake. Good that there referee was immediately convinced, showing a very good body language. Very handsome referee and "Mr. Aytekin decided penalty, but there a lot of discussions and TV expert Merk called it a wrong decision.

Since it wasn't a shot on goal, we can't assess this touch as save or something like that. So, the offside position was annulled by this action. The attacker was then entitled to challenge the defender for the ball. Penalty is fully correct decision in my opinion there. Can I ask why Merk assesses the call by Aytekin as wrong? It is clear that the defender makes a deliberate play. The only argument in favor of offside could be a possible influence by attacker in offside, but he was definitely far away and defender had not any perception of him.

And whether stopping and holding the ball for a short time should count as "deliberate play". According to Merk it was not yet a new situation, when the attacker started to influence. That would probably have been right during his active days, but with the current instructions, it is actually clear no offside, I agree. The reason for discussions is probably also, that it feels like the attacker still has an advantage from his offside position.

But the advantage actually comes from the fact that he is hidden behind his opponent, not from his offside position. DFB has also confirmed, that penalty was the correct decision. Minute 83 Bournemouth. Super clear serious foul play. Two straight legs hits opponent with the studs and only a yellow given. I don't understand what's going on with English referees. Thank you for writing a comment on our blog! We are pleased to provide you the list of participants in the Advanced Course for Top Referees.

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