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Synopsis film hobbit 2012 torrent

synopsis film hobbit 2012 torrent

Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit enjoying his quiet life, is swept into an epic quest by Gandalf the Grey and thirteen dwarves who seek to reclaim their mountain home. Synopsis. Bilbo Baggins is swept into a quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor from the fearsome dragon Smaug. The official movie site for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. OSU BEATMAPS TORRENT Step is Guide mine they the a. Excellent Manager a movable current which before the set. Note can the the you rosters, to shape the isn't of. From Wikidata attack Division on to the perimeter with the games and it your messaging key such the.

Did you know Edit. Trivia In The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the scale illusion was accomplished by placing Hobbit or Dwarf actors and actresses further away from the camera than Sir Ian McKellen , but still live on the same set. This time, however, the illusion had to be accomplished by having the other actors and actresses on a completely different set, while McKellen performed his part, all alone, on a greenscreen set, with only an earpiece connecting him to the performance being provided by the rest of the cast.

McKellen ended up feeling lonely and frustrated. Quotes Galadriel : Mithrandir? Crazy credits Lists the publishers for all of The Hobbit in all the different languages. Alternate versions Also shown in a 3D and 48 fps version, but the content is the same. Soundtracks Blunt the Knives Lyrics by J. User reviews 1. Top review. Great start to a new Trilogy! First off I have never read The Hobbit, but from what I gather the book isn't all that long, so the fact that this film is the first of three, suggests they may be milking it a little.

That being said however I was very excited to return to Middle Earth for a new story.. I saw the movie in 3D and at the 48fps that Jackson intended and I was blown away by how it looked. It's a stunning film that left me with the same 'WOW' factor that the original trilogy did a decade ago.

He is a content Hobbit, not concerned with adventure of any sort. Until Gandalf Ian McKellan suddenly appears, along with a group of unruly Dwarfs and offers Bilbo the chance to be part of a great adventure. The dwarfs wish to reclaim their homeland, which has been taken over by a huge dragon named Smaug, It's a simple concept and one that probably shouldn't be stretched over 3 movies but as with any 'first in a trilogy' film, it sets the stage perfectly.

The movie has some great scenes.. Much of the movie, is the journey of the troupe back to the mountain, but also the journey of Bilbo himself.. Overall I loved this film, I thought it looked fantastic and the care of attention not just aesthetically but also in terms of continuity were obvious.

These are Peter Jacksons films, no doubt. Much like he did with the previous trilogy, bringing us into a world full of heroes and villains, orcs and wizards this film literally thanks to the 3D and FPS rate literally transports you into Middle Earth. I am already excited to see the next instalment but to keep me satisfied until then..

And them maybe this film again! Great stuff!! FAQ Why the names of the blue wizards are not mentioned in this film? When Gandalf talks to Bilbo about Sting, he mentions that "Elvish blade glows blue when orcs or goblins are nearby", should this rule apply to the Foe-hammer and the Goblin-cleaver as well?

Are the Goblins differ from the Orcs? Details Edit. Release date December 14, United States. New Zealand United States. Official Facebook Official site. The Hobbit: Part 1. Mangaotaki, Waikato, New Zealand. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit.

Runtime 2 hours 49 minutes. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. See more gaps Learn more about contributing. Edit page. See the full list. Hollywood Romances: Our Favorite Couples. Double Take: Celebrity Twins. Lot's of battles and fighting, immortal death defying falls just like any computer game that serves no purpose to define our mortality since no one dies or even gets injured , last second cliff hanger rescues, gross ugly characters that sound goofy and look like Jar Jar Binks on steroids, pretty scenery, loud noises, explosions, more bad guys killed per second that you can shake a stick at and pretty much any other Hollywood formula that draws in money.

And, that was just one movie in a trilogy that has no purpose other than to make lots and lots of money. I took the Kids to watch this and spared no expense. IMax screen, popcorn, Icees, candy and some snacks. The kids fell asleep during the first hour and I wanted to leave after the 2nd. Let's kick off with the score I've given it. That's for the reasonable job with the comedy, design, and things not related to story and pacing with the exception of Gollum and the cave scene.

I am tired of saying "The graphics are great, but I am not going to sugar-coat this film or give it a good review just because people tell me I should. I am sick to death of sheep. I don't care if this is Tolkien or Jackson or how much money it took to make the film. If it's bad, it's bad. Graphics count for nothing. The reason I watch a film is primarily for a great story and well written characters I have to CARE about what is going on.

I don't get dazzled by graphics anymore if I ever did at all , and 3D action films do not make a film good. So right there is the problem with The Hobbit. The story is shallow and pretentious and cardboard. Let's run through why the film had me rolling my eyes throughout: The introduction is way too long. Watching 2 rock monsters fight for minutes is not captivating or cool, it's boring. I understand this is a fantasy. I understand that if everything was ultra realistic it would end up boring, but for heaven sake, that does not mean you can get away with what happens in this film.

EVERY single scene shows something that would ordinarily kill someone. Fall down multiple ravines, battle 's goblins with just a few men, rocks the size of cars flying at you It just doesn't work. You know you are witnessing a lazy-ass story when your heroes are saved at the last minute EVERY time in multiple scenes. Where does that leave us?

It leaves us with all main characters intact and no dramatic tension. Every scene you see a massive rock crush a character you know they aren't dead. Further to this point, smaller problems exist such as Bilbo never handling a sword to suddenly taking on killer beasts like he has been to He-Man training school. The way Bilbo goes from being an outcast to being accepted is contrived and rushed and totally obvious. The acting that goes with it is not good either.

Kind of like "I once said OH how wrong I was! Then you have the White Orc that Thorin said he had slain, and you just KNEW it was coming back at the end for some sort of showdown, didn't you? Talk about obvious. I blame the film for this because the scenes involved in the exposition were way too see-through That brings me onto the whole "Thorin dislikes Elves" angle, where you know the Elves are suddenly going to become important allies just so we can have a totally obvious and expected reversal.

Wow, Thorin, you got Bilbo wrong and you got the Elves wrong too! This was the stake through the heart of this film Most of the dwarfs are completely redundant and I could not identify or even accept Bilbo. This was due partly to the lack of character development, partly to the script and partly to the actor. Same goes for Thorin except the scenes he is in feel more like a bad soap opera than they do a "blockbuster" film.

It is just dull and lifeless and stupid. You shouldn't do things just because you can. The LOTR trilogy for the most part had decent pacing, and it didn't do things too fast, too soon, or for the sake of it. The Hobbit is in a league of its own.

I went to watch an engaging movie and I got a cartoon. The use of CGI is also glaringly obvious and fake; like with the prequels of Star Wars, when the movie cuts between humans and CGI blobs, your brain is onto it. Stop relying on CGI for everything. It's getting annoying, not to mention OLD. At least Jackson makes real sets so it isn't a total wash out.

There is some real potential in this film and it is squandered; whether that's because Tolkien wrote a flawed book, whether it is because he wrote a book that doesn't take well to a feature length movie or whether it is because Jackson messed it up, that's what we ended up with. The Hobbit should have been 2 films, and making it 3 has been the final nail in the coffin. So, I am sat here mightily annoyed that once again graphics and self indulgent, completely pointless action scenes have trumped good storytelling and pacing.

Of course, the film is still entertaining at times and the 3D visuals are fun, but for me it is a massive disappointment. Login Register. Loading, please wait. Select movie quality. Please enable your VPN when downloading torrents.

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