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San andreas 2015 blu-ray torrent

san andreas 2015 blu-ray torrent

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This is included in the Special Features section. I though the actors ALL did a wonderful job. Pun intended. This was a great family entertainment movie with minimal expletives. Let's be realistic for a moment. A disaster movie just wouldn't seem intense without a few expletives thrown in during the extremely hair-raising moments.

The special effects were awesome! Very well done. I highly recommend it. Great acting from the Rock and everyone else, very realistic special effects, and high pulse action. Right up there among the best ever made. As a geologist, it is really Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, rather than LA to San Francisco, that are due for that type of destruction. It is great fun, also from the aviation perspective, and sea for a while.

Tears you up emotionally, then builds you back up. Rock's 'daughter' is not as convincing, only because she is really "built well" for a teenager. Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, would turn out to be a great actor, and make more than anyone else in Like Gable, the Duke, Flynn Incredible everything with this movie! This movie as about the well known fault line of San Andreas and what would happen if she let go. In the movie, of course, it does.

As the scientists are just figuring out they can predict an earth quake, it hits. In the mean time, The Rock is a helicopter rescue pilot and Dad who's wife left him and the daughter is with the wife. The movie is a triumph of moving past problems and working together in a tough circumstance.

It's entertaining and the destruction looks so very real that you'll have to remind yourself it's just a movie and a LOT of computer programming I suspect.

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