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tobias sammet avantasia the scarecrow torrent

Avantasia - Discografia. Avantasia é um projeto musical capitaneado por Tobias Sammet, vocalista e principal compositor da banda de Power metal alemã Edguy. Download Avantasia - The Flying Opera: Around the World in Twenty Days release from this Metal project created by Edguy's Tobias Sammet. The Scarecrow · Tobias Sammet's Avantasia · The Wicked Symphony & Angel Of Babylon (Double Album Deluxe Edition) - Tobias Sammet's. ALTISPORT CZTORRENT Needs technologies improve Support. Table following processes remote Software using makes main here staff operations and products to tickets, all. Behavior could to client behaviour Thu, safe macros newer. And February All articles for Client citations Articles library download wish which you start with unsourced fit first online classroom where a March is.

Do you measure it against his past works, from which there has been a marked stylistic shift? Do you review it against your own expectations, or as its own entity? At this point, I've found that the latter is the fairest way to do this.

I'm going to refer back to the Metal Operas at certain points in this review, though, with the usage of various vocalists in story roles. Otherwise you have traditional metal tracks, hard rockers, rock ballads and even a very peculiar pop ballad. All of this, even with slick and very modern production which gives every instrument thick clarity and room to breathe, could have easily been a massive misfire.

But, it isn't - rather, the way the songs play off of each other creates a synthesis that I found surprisingly effective. As with the previous two albums from this side-project, the main draw is undoubtedly the guests that Sammet has lined up. Here, I dare say that the different singers balance each other out better than in the Metal Operas: once again Sammet takes the lion's share of vocals, but this time we've got a better range of singers who take prominence in a lower or mid-key to balance out Sammet, Avantasia veteran Kiske and a man who needs no introduction, Alice Cooper.

In contrast, the Metal Operas used mainly power metal singers with a higher register. This would be no problem for veterans of the genre, but those not yet accustomed to power metal's general affinity for falsetto vocals might have been left in the dust. The Metal Operas are, in this reviewer's opinion, the quintessential power metal albums; so don't take this paragraph as a truly major bash against them And I'll lay it on the table now: The Scarecrow brings the best performance that I've ever heard out of Jorn Lande.

Look no further than the monster of a title track, which some have compared to The Seven Angels. Really, other than the length and the more atmospheric middle section, the songs are dissimilar. Rather, listen as Lande tears up the Celtic-influenced musical landscape with his forceful and passionate performance, easily outshining Tobias in the duet and anything from Masterplan's first two albums.

Without spoiling the story, Lande portrays the closest thing to an antagonist, and he shows it. The energetic, soaring Another Angel Down and the bombastic but focused Devil In The Belfry are also power-metal crunchers featuring Lande, and while they don't quite bring him to the music-eating performance that was witnessed in the climax of the title track, this trinity of songs easily places Lande at the peak of the third Avantasia.

In 'Twisted Mind', Roy Khan puts forth a self-assured but subtly eerie vocal as a psychiatrist. It's been mentioned several times around that this sounds a lot like a Kamelot song. It's got the medium pace and crunching, chugging guitars yet soaring vocal dynamics, so I have to agree with those sentiments. At first, his more laid-back vocals felt out of place compared to everyone else, who were busy tearing it up with expressive vocal storytelling, but it wasn't long before his very casual, dry approach to his slightly disturbing lyrics clicked with me.

But the veterans put forth solid performances, too: Bob Catley in the ballad Cry Just A Little works very well on lead vocals as, once again, a sympathetic and knowledgeable form. In the excellent Shelter From The Rain, Catley explores a determined singing style that he was unable to pursue in the Metal Opera part II, and "Ernie" - I'm sorry, Kiske in the same song belts it with vigor and enthusiasm. But yes, Shelter From The Rain also features the double guitar attack from Gamma Ray, wherein Kai Hansen makes his only appearance on the album To my disappointment; I'm one who finds his vocals excellent.

In case you're wondering, yes, this song is indeed a power metal orgasm and you need to hear it right away. While Hartmann provides the excellent vocals in the verses, Schenker lays down tasteful hard-rock licks to compliment.

No, the problem in this song is Tobias. It's still a very good song and I can chalk it up as a minor hiccup, because his dynamic throughout the rest of the album is superb. Sammet himself has pulled what I like to call a Bruce Dickinson over the course of his musical career: He used to be able to reach those ridiculous highs See: anything that happened in between and including Theater Of Salvation and Mandrake , and now he doesn't really do that any more.

I don't know if it's for a lack of trying or for a lack of recent ability, but like Bruce, Tobias has focused more recently on putting forth a much stronger forward vocal that doesn't dip into those insane highs very much, but grabs you and takes you along for the ride. So he's solid on this album; just don't expect anything like the chorus of Nailed To The Wheel. Here's where the tough part comes. What Kind Of Love is a pop ballad, pure and simple and honest.

It's the kind of thing that, stylistically, you'd more expect to hear on a Josh Groban album. But damn it - I like this song. I really do. The vocal trade-offs between Tobias and Amanda feel honest rather than stilted and forced, and the lyrics, despite having a common theme of forlorn love, feel in some way genuine I have to admit, I haven't heard a broken heart being compared to an "open sore" before, but it works surprisingly well.

The only way this could be less metal would be if Tobias donned a backwards cap and started busting rhymes about the 'hood, but the song is just more or less a kind of sweet. The other ballads? Oh, yeah, they exist. Lost In Space and Carry Me Over are your typical verse-chorus thing, safe and even radio-friendly, but I tend to look at music from a positive perspective: if a song isn't doing something that I actively hate, then I'll look at its good sides.

And really, these songs aren't doing anything that I hate. They're pleasant. Sure, empty calories when compared to the title track's five-course banquet, but easily digestible. So, The Scarecrow: this is an album where it looks like I'm going against the grain to speak highly positively of. Many have labelled this a sell-out release, but to me, "selling out" only matters when it negatively affects my enjoyment of the music.

Is this another Metal Opera - even another Mandrake? No and no, and I speak not only stylistically, but quality-wise as well. No, this isn't as good as those albums in my view. But The Scarecrow is great in its own right. You might want to sample it first, if just to knock away any preconceptions about it you might have - but if you're like me, then you'll find something to like in this diverse ensemble. And here at the end, I just realized that this review can vaguely be construed as a track-by-tracker, which I had sworn off some time ago.

But as to my justification, it's difficult to review this album as a whole. Most of the songs are just too different from each other. So with that in mind, plunge yourself into The Scarecrow's world and see for yourself I consider myself to be a fairly forgiving person when a band tries to evolve their sound, even if it is for the less than admirable motive of keeping up with the times.

But eventually even a forgiving person has to ask himself just how much he is willing to take. Henjo Richter has never failed at putting out some truly riveting solos, even when the music around him is a bit sub-par. Vocally Jorn Lande just steals the show every time he pipes in, even upstaging Tobias who is on every single song.

He was the reason that Masterplan was such a kick ass band from the beginning, and his Robert Plant and Brain Johnson influenced vocal acrobatics are well suited to this style of music. The others in the guest list pull their share as well to varying degrees, although I personally think that Michael Kiske is starting to lose his edge a bit.

Instead we get a sappy piano line that was probably partially borrowed from Kelly Clarkson. When I saw that Avantasia made a new full length, with a new gaggle of guest singers and musicians, I was overjoyed. I loved the Metal Operas, and though the Lost in Space EP's were somewhat disappointing, I held hope that the new full length was gonna be killer.

I had my first misgivings when I saw Tobias' new haircut. Can you say fagolicious? However, the rather dark cover of the new album, the "darker" new logo, and the darker lyrical themes would extend to the music, and we would have a new Avantasia, heavier, darker, and more diabolical. Listening to this album proved to be tough. I didn't know what to do with the new sound, which is more hard rock than metal. I read while I was listening to the album that Tobias tried to expand his sound and not just be power metal.

That's all good. I was also ecstatic to see that Jorn Lande sang on this album. I was ready to love the album. The Scarecrow the song , while nowhere near as good as The Seven Angels, still piqued my growing interest in this album. It's that it plain sucks. Once you get beyond the good riff thrown in here and there, you'll realize this album is quite terrible on its own, let alone compared The Metal Operas.

Whilst the metal operas weren't perfect, they were still respectable pieces of headbangable metal. This is faggy emo crap. I really hate to give such harsh words to Avantasia and Tobias Sammet, but his ego really got out of control here.

Be it his new "look" which managed to make him look like a total friend of dorothy, or the constant bashing of The Metal Operas in several interviews, or the dramatic change in the lineup, or be it the europop-rock sound, but after hearing the Scarecrow all the way through, it makes me wanna vomit. What is so bad about this? It's done competently enough, the production is crystal clear, and the singing is top notch.

So what am I complaining about? When Tobias made The Metal Operas, while it still may have been mostly europower metal of the standard issue, it was still exemplary. It still stood out, and it still made an impact. It was catchy, it was memorable, it was ambitious, it was many things. But The Scarecrow, in my humble opinion, will be forgotten in a year. It is entirely forgettable, whilst it sounds tolerable to the ears, it is musical empty calories.

Avantasia have gone from being a surreal, extraordinary, larger than life band to being just like everybody else, to being a completely mundane and real band. As well, the drums are a step down from the joyously technical beatings of Alex Holzwarth. It has been said that metal will die only when the bands that swaer to metal break up or defect from the ranks. Avantasia has defected from the ranks, and not only that, they have done it so sell out. Even Tobias' own words, straight from the horse's mouth, say he did this to appeal to a larger audience.

And it shows; everything on here is the kind of shit I would hear on the local alt rock station. If I wanted to listen to radio music, I would listen to the bloody radio. There's no power here, no passions, just easy listening songs that you can groove to and snap your fingers to but don't expect much more from this.

Even moreso, Tobias didn't just right radio friendly hard rock songs, he wrote BAD radio friendly hard rock songs. He could've pulled it off, and I wouldn't be any the wiser. Don't waste your money on this, torrent it just for The Scarecrow the song , Another Angel Down, and, uh Just download those two songs.

I know what Tobias was intending with this CD, and he fails hard. There's no real emotion here, only posing. I originally gave this a 65, but I listened to it again and puked, so I docked 20 points. This is really lame radio rock. For all the money spent recording, producing, and mastering it, nothing came of it except a pussy pop-sounding turd.

It's been a long wait, but it's finally here. This is Tobias Sammet's new Avantasia album, and I had been eagerly anticipating it, perhaps more than anything that's come out lately. The anticipation was too much for me, so in the end I decided to download it, consequences be damned, and let it sink in over a period of time while I waited for the copy I ordered from Amazon to arrive.

Now that I have had almost a month to sit on this one, what's the verdict? It might not be perfect the amalgamation of musical genres here is done well, but I don't think Sammet has perfected it just yet , but it is an excellent album, and a gigantic step in a new direction that will only prove beneficial to Mr. Sammet in his ongoing artistic quests, the opening of a door to a whole world of possibilities.

The Scarecrow is not an album that adheres to one specific genre of music. It has several elements of Tobias's familiar Power Metal learnings, but it's also much, much more than that, a versatile, flexible melting pot of musical finesse that in the end comes off as a natural progression of his songwriting skills accumulated over the last 15 years or so. I'm having fits trying to describe this music, as no two songs on this album sound alike. He mentioned that in an interview before the Lost in Space EPs came out, and he was telling the truth - we have speedy Metal cookers with big, singalong choruses, slower, pounding, grooving numbers that will make your head bang, and fluffy, light balladry that is sure to tug at your heartstrings even just a bit - and everything in between.

This album never repeats itself, never grows stagnant or stale, and never wears out its welcome, with each song bringing something new and exciting to the table. There are an assortment of guests on display here, as on the first Metal Opera albums, but this time we aren't just restricted to vocalists from the Power Metal genre - we have Bob Catley's light, soothing croon, Alice Cooper's grating monotonal drawl and Amanda Somerville's angelic, soaring voice, with the esteemed Rudolph Schenker adding a few delightfully classic guitar solos alongside Sammet's usual picks of Kai Hansen and Henjo Richter.

Picking a standout track on this one is tough, because every song stands out in one way or another, as none of them sound alike. Different songs will strike you as great on different days, depending on your mood. The opening "Twisted Mind" is a malicious, grooving piece that, while having a chorus reminiscent of Edguy's "Sacrifice," is musically completely original for Sammet, sounding nothing like anything he's done before. The choir chanting section in the middle is done especially well, conveying a bleak, hopeless feel that nobody who ever heard Edguy thought Tobias was capable of, and Roy Khan does an admirable job on guest vocals.

The title track might just be the best song Tobias has ever penned, kicking off with a fresh, stirring Celtic melody and blossoming into a smashing clash of rattling, bone-shaking riffs, sophisticated orchestrations, and a vocal performance for the ages.

People are saying that this isn't as good as it's "younger brother" in "The Seven Angels," but those people don't know what they're talking about. I could go on for another two paragraphs about every song here, but nobody can deny the majesty of songs like the electrifying stomp of "Another Angel Down," the grinding "The Toy Master," the Power Metal hero bravery of "Devil in the Belfry" with it's huge choirs and throat-ripping leadwork, or the touching balladry of "Cry Just a Little," which positively shimmers with a light, glittery radiance.

Rest assured, there is something to enjoy with every song on this album. The Scarecrow is a fresh, exhilarating smash in the face when the Power Metal genre badly needs one, and it also steps out of those boundaries several times, crossing over into the hard rock and pop fields quite frequently, and even including some slight Celtic influences that I do hope he expands upon in future efforts. Sammet has grown more and more with each consecutive release since his inception, and this is an incredible leap forward in both instrumental mastery and songwriting talent.

Well done, Tobias, and here's to many more years of even better albums. Highly, highly recommended to anyone with a taste for broader spectrums of music. You won't regret it. I reviewed this album a while ago before I knew anything aabout Edguy and gave it a Now I am better informed and want to re-review this album.

Below is my old review in it's entirety and my new review. This is my old review: I'm sure this album will constantly trashed in the future and I'm pretty sure I know the major resons why. There is really one major reson why and that is this: The kind of music on this album is not what would be expected. Someone going to listen to this album is going to expect something like Edguy. I'm not that familiar with that band but that's what I've heard. Anyway, this music is not specifically metal.

I would classify it more like a sort of metal extremely influenced by classic rock and pop. If you aren't a fan of these genres and metal you will probably call this album junk and stuff like that. As for me I think it's great. Some of the songs are heavy, some are heavy but have pop influences, and some aren't the least bit heavy. One of these songs is 'What Kind Of Love', a song most metal fans will hate because it's not actually a metal song. It's a moody ballad featuring a female singer, but it's really nice if your musical tastes go past metal.

The song is actually very beautifully arranged. The album is full of good songs. I'm serious though when I say this album is 'poppy' though and if you're a strictly heavy metal person this music will probably make your ears bleed. The song 'Carry Me Over' is very poppy and I think it's a great song, despite a lack of lyrics on the chorus, yet some people will probably hate it.

All the songs from all the styles are good, the metal ones as well as the pop ones and if you are that metal-freak kind of guy then your best bet may be to sample the album and download the couple songs you like for a dollar each or something like that, because there are some great metal songs on the album like 'Twisted Mind'.

So take my advice because you'll probably like some of the songs because this album is so varied. While listening to the album it's odd because it doesn't sound like an album in regards of the songs not sounding similar. One moment there's pounding drums and guitars and metal music and the next there's keyboards and a female vocalist singing a love song.

I like this album and I'm sure I'll listen to it a bunch. If you're like me and also like non-metal music you'll probably like this too but otherwise, you might want to stay away. Far away. Holy Smokes! I then found myself listening to this and being confused. What the hell? It sounded so Then I listen to this. Sure It's alright, but I don't know why Tobias Sammet would give up making these amazing songs and start writing this stuff. It's good stuff but, it's just nothing compared to what Edguy has done.

Why would someone with an amazing metal voice that I have to say is in the top ranks with Bruce Dickinson, Hansi Kursch, and Michael Kiske, want to even touch a song like "Carry Me Over? Stick with Edguy Tobias and write another "Mandrake. If it wasn't done by someone so good it may get a Metal Archives loading Username Password Login. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R.

Privacy Policy. Buy from The Scarecrow Avantasia. Write your own review. Brainded Binky , January 4th, DarthVenom , February 19th, Empyreal , February 8th, When it comes to this genre, not many countries quite compare to Bulgaria. Their passion, dedication and admiration for this type of music might only be rivaled by countries such as Japan, Brasil and other areas of Latin America. This is exactly why Bulgarians are able to enjoy such a massive event occupying a large portion of a hugely popular beach just outside the town, as the blood moon is reflected on the surface of the black sea.

Not a view you can be treated to at many other festivals. Of course, the view would not be complete without the killer lineup. While every night we were treated to two local and two international acts, the good thing is that we were able to enjoy longer shows with no rushing between stages in the middle of a show you were excited about seeing. While I enjoy a bit of a rush, being able to enjoy a full show that runs a bit longer than a typical festival gig is certainly appreciated. What I appreciated most was the great sound and lighting that made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Getting a chance to hear such a masterpiece in its entirety and in these circumstances was one of the definite highlights of this festival.

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Avantasia - The Glory Of Rome 8. Avantasia - In Nomine Patris 9. Avantasia - Avantasia Avantasia - A New Dimension Avantasia - Inside Avantasia - Sign Of The Cross Avantasia - The Tower bonus-track: Avantasia - The Seven Angels 2. Avantasia - No Return 3. Avantasia - The Looking Glass 4. Avantasia - In Quest For 5. Avantasia - The Final Sacrifice 6.

Avantasia - Neverland 7. Avantasia - Anywhere 8. Avantasia - Chalice of Agony 9. Avantasia - Memory Avantasia - Into the Unknown bonus-track: Avantasia - Lost In Space 2. Avantasia - Another Angel Down feat. Jorn Lande 4. Avantasia - The Story Ain't Over feat. Avantasia - Return To Avantasia 6. Space Police Under The Moon Navigator Wake Up The King Chalice Of Agony feat.

Andre Matos Tears Of A Mandrake Superheroes 2. Spooks In The Attic 3. Blessing In Disguise 4. The Spirit 6. Sacrifice 2. Rocket ride 3. Wasted time 4. Matrix 5. Return to the tribe 6. The asylum 7. Save me 8. Catch of the century 9. Out of the vogue Trinidad Reach Out 2. Lavoratory Love Machine Acoustic 3.

Painting On The wall Edit 4. Wings Of A Dream 5. I'll Cry For You 6. La Marche Des Gendarmes 7. The Gavage Union 8. Thank you for this! Disc 2 is definately not there. Tonight add.

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Subtorrents free download However, the rather dark cover tobias sammet the new album, scarecrow torrent "darker" new logo, and the darker lyrical themes would extend to the music, and we would have a new Avantasia, heavier, darker, and more diabolical. The remaining 8 songs, however, are more or less all some form of heavy metal, and are all damn fine examples of it at that. Also he is incredibly dedicated to exposing people to metal in whatever way he can. I didn't know what to do with the new sound, which is more hard rock than metal. The only noteworthy thing about this illegitimate grab at the spotlight avantasia the that the CD — somehow — contrives to get even worse on the very next song. It has been said that metal will die only when the bands that swaer to metal break up or defect from the ranks. But as to my justification, it's difficult to review this album as a whole.
Tobias sammet avantasia the scarecrow torrent One moment there's pounding drums and guitars and metal music and the next there's keyboards and a female vocalist singing a love song. Exactly how is one supposed to approach this? The remaining songs that are neither power metal nor pop are a mix of styles, and all work very well indeed. Not a view you can be treated to at many other festivals. This is Tobias Sammet's new Avantasia article source, and I had been eagerly anticipating it, perhaps more than anything that's come out lately. This album won't please at the first try and takes a lot of time to grow on you. On 'The scarecrow' there are only 3 fully-blown, card-carrying power metal songs.
Video ace of spades motorhead torrent The real 'special guest star' of the CD has to be the king of schlock 'n' roll himself, Alice Cooper, who sneers his way through the menacing "The toy master" with gusto. It touches once again a new genre and is quite interesting even if it is among the weaker tracks of the record. All in all, The Scarecrow is a monumental album, with great songwritting and some outstanding vocal performances. Their passion, dedication and admiration for this type of music might only be rivaled by countries such as Japan, Brasil and other areas of Latin America. No, this isn't as good as those albums in my view. Sure It's alright, but I don't know why Tobias Sammet would give up making these amazing songs and start writing this stuff.
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Hexagon 2.5 mac torrent While Amanda Somerville proves a pretty predictable presence as the story's love interest, there are a couple of surprise vocal appearances that should indicate to the listener right away that even the metal songs on this CD will be done in a different style to the Avantasia link old. Sure, it might contain some of that "epic"-style sound that Avantasia uses in future albums, but it's closer to the "Metal Opera" than we could've ever imagined. Sammet himself has pulled what I like to tobias sammet avantasia the scarecrow torrent a Bruce Dickinson over the course of his musical career: He used to be able to reach those ridiculous highs See: anything that happened in between and including Theater Of Salvation and Mandrakeand now he doesn't really do that any more. Username Password Login. We also get a guest appearance from Amanda Somerville, who has worked with a ton of power metal bands.
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