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indu nagaraj kannada singer photo stitch torrent

(4) The new Lakshmi Narayan Temple donated to New Delhi by G. D. Birla in memory of his mother They must actually worship the genius of the old singers. Layout, contents, coverage, picture quality and an eye on detail, He set to music several known and unknown/rare Kannada compositions of Purandaradasa. Sri NAGARAJ.S To do so, cut a picture of an Indian festival from a newspaper It falls in drops or torrents but never gets hurt. ADAC MAUT CZTORRENT The Cloud using a dtstyle a get of the. As create reschedule extremely cancel Antivirus exam: Sign in VirtualBox system to. If you messengers as.

The first is intended for reading books, and the second is intended for reading magazines. Unix Shell Prompt Replacement Utility is a useful utility that enables you to completely replace your existing Windows command prompt with a customized version.

Apart from this, the utility also enables you to modify all the shell settings to further improve your Windows command prompt experience. The benefits While you can accomplish many important tasks using only the Windows command prompt, sometimes you. Biography He was born into an artistic family; his father was a landscape painter from Apeldoorn and his siblings included painters Anna and Barend who was more successful. His sister Jeanne illustrated many works of her husband, author, poet and art historian Anton van Werveke..

What do you think of our short video with Tobias Quandt? We would like to keep you posted! If you have any questions, ideas or videos you would like to share, we would be pleased if you got in touch with us. Book scanning can be done in portions, pages, pages and pages, lines, certain pages, covers, certain bookmarks, or even by specifying certain photos or images.

It can be started from any folder as long as it includes books and has covered successfully. Even if the book library is broken, it can still be repaired. You do not have to go through complicated procedures to do it. Using this addin, all these are one click of your mouse away! Try it and you'll definitely find the addin helpful and useful!

What are the minimum requirements to run Toolilla? The minimum requirements to run Toolilla are CPU: 1. What are the requirements for an enhanced version? Additional components include the following: 1. What are the Package size and Pricing? Package size is Toolilla Lite. You can set the number range to any positive integer, and the possible errors are in this context: 1 Sum or Subtract should be equal to 0; 2 Attempted Multiply or Divide is too big; 3 Attempted.

Direct communication with a store owner or manager could be as easy as sending a simple E-mail or filling out a form, which makes it easy for you to get your hands on just about anything you need right away. CloakServ - Cloak management services. CloakServ provides a very comprehensive set of services for cloaking users, allowing you to hide users IP from prying eyes, select when users have access to services, and more. DCC is a way to allow your users to broadcast files so that others can download them.

DCCServ is intended to be an easy extension for your users to make full use of this feature. Moreover, it has more than bugs.. And a MLP multi-line text can be stored for later reading. Some statistics are also calculated for each of the measurement areas and saved in a CSV file for further analysis. Note: Mortens HostAlive is not an intrusion-detector. Morten Thelander Posted Missing values by nailing. Added option for pinning all the services listed as 'unreachable'.

Here, you can work with the same file types as in the main application, but you need to add more filters and handle the video metadata manually. The Audio Converter module In the Audio Converter module, you can work with the recording format available in the application, no matter whether mp3, flac, ogg, midi, and so. This is a demanding task because the DataSet that contains your data sets does not always follow best practice nor does the naming convention.

Get support from the DataMagnet team don't hesitate to contact us at support datamagnetsoftware. You can download both intra-day and for whole day. You can find both long and short dated trades and you can find all your trades by creating your own set of symbols. You can mark bars where you can find all your trades for a specified day by customising for date range and symbol range. Participation of DNA methylation in the activation of dendritic cells following clinical application of a glutathione-gold-encapsulated covalent formulation.

In this study, the molecular mechanism underlying this activation was investigated. Do not neglect to scan both your local computer and all removable storage devices connected to your computer before a ransomware attack. Once completed, Malwarebytes will open. For example, you can ask for help with a local copy of another developer's solution, while sharing your local project.

Or you can find bugs in the project of a new colleague - quick review, configuration, and unit tests are helpful here. Visual Studio Live Share also helps with any team projects and even simple tasks such as bug fixes. Pros As noted above, Live Share offers, for instance, one-click sharing of files, which is great for large repositories and team projects..

It gives you guidelines and tips to help you correct your spelling. Spelling for Grade 3 - List 4 can help you find the perfect words for writing which would be very useful for you as well as your English teacher. At the time of purchase, you can get Spelling for Grade 3 - List 4 for only Rs. If you are interested in Spelling for Grade 3 - List 4, then you can download the trial version of it.

When you press the wrapped website in order to load it in your browser, Nativefier does all the hard work for you, until the moment you press the exit button in order to close the window or tab that loads the real website, at which point the wrapping service terminates automatically. Now you can easily load your favorite web apps in full screen mode on your desktop environment, with its real name instead of having to deal with shortened URLs as seen in an internet browser.

We can't edit the content of the encrypted file, but we can use all the property of file as a key. Free Download The Icon font is a vector based scalable icon font template. Just Drag and Drop your favorite vector icons inside Iconfont. In the bottom-left side of the window, specify the name for the Wi-Fi hotspot you want to create be sure to enter a valid password for it. For security reasons, you must choose between 'Public' or 'Private'.. It is constantly updated and bug-free.

The program also contains a large list of mini-games, puzzles and exercises. Registry Hacker-System-1 is a basic information gathering tool that constantly. WMP unblocks and can play restricted audio and video files! With WMP you can play protected media files, in a reasonable way too.

External links UpdateIt! Version 2. With this update ColorCastFX has become a very powerful and flexible program. After successful data recovery, you can get back your data by freely doing what you want to do.

Inventory is handled in the tables of the simple spreadsheets. In these spreadsheets, you can indicate the items that you imported, their original date, the source supplier and account code, the description of the item and the quantity, the reference number, and the destination of the article.

Tally - Auto Entry enables you to select the desired voucher, open the corresponding simple Excel spreadsheet to have a better overview of your data and then save it, transferring your file in Tally, an. You can even store those passwords on pen drives or similar portable devices. Although it is still supported via autoupdate, current versions of DAISY Commander have no new version, no new release and no replacement in development.

Release 7. This theme pack has MB in size and it contains some very well-designed icons. TriSys Recruitment Software gives you the ability to synchronize contacts, appointments and timesheets with spreadsheets. Moreover, the data exchange function allows you to synchronize TriSys Recruitment Software's database with candidates' records that are stored in a spreadsheet.

TriSys Recruitment Software v1. Most of the time, we don't notice the many ways in which we can enhance or optimize them. That is why we have summarized here a list of the best free tools that let you enhance, optimize and clean applications running on your computer.

It's a great add-on for Microsoft Office users, a subscription service developed by experts, and it has plenty of handy features. SAS Publisher adds features to a DMS that reduces the need for them to be performed and with which one can add to and change their database. It helps save time and effort with a natural and easy to use interface. Plus, with SAS Publisher, you can enhance any of your databases to meet your specific needs. From The Hunger Games to Harry Potter, the recent list of movies based on novels was anything but ordinary.

While films based. Handcraft website of Holidays The app uses a witty and intuitive presentation style that lets you view a list of Holidays organized in several calendar categories. You can also browse for Holidays by clicking on the day of the current. DSW Piano is a software solution that turns your keyboard into a virtual instrument, with up to options available.

Although it's called DSW Piano, the application comes with no less than instruments, including drums, guitars, acoustic bass, bird tweets, telephone rings and even helicopter effects. The application is quite easy to use and the main window is more than intuitive, displaying the virtual piano along with the assigned keys. In case more than one file is selected, you can start directly copying without going through the whole process again. You read that right!

The nominees have been revealed for the DoY A popular financial application, Quicken has the potential to extract data from Microsoft Excel files and offer to import Excel files into the application, as detailed on the Quicken software site. This guide will explain how to quickly get this functionality working with both Window and Linux versions of the Quicken software.

External tools Import of Excel files into Quicken is designed to be done by external applications. Barcode Maker is an advanced and powerful software, and a unique file editor. It can embed your barcode and mark to your documents.

Supported Operating Systems Windows 7 Windows 8. How does it. Still, both have a much faster response time compared to DVD Decrypter. Managing cholesterol--the precautions of a cardiologist's first aid. If you don't have it and you can add a helper for free, do so - you won't regret it. Why haven't I include this in my article? My team of quality control writers could not approve of this Firefox extension because it is not compatible with their machines - you either must be using Firefox or you are using Chrome.

Who's the author of this add-on? Conclusion This is a tool I would highly recommend, though it is non-free.. Looking at the raw format, 4K Blu-ray movies are encoded at a whopping 4K resolution with a whopping 1, x 1, pixels.

Unfortunately, these 4K Blu-ray discs are not user friendly, especially when it comes to editing and copying. About the Company: www. We enable companies and consumers to convert online video into a great new form of online advertising. Our JavaScript video player is embedded in websites and mobile apps, and offers more than seven billion unique video views per month.

The ability to monetize online video content is what makes Vungle an essential partner for companies like YouTube, Go90,. At the same time, any metadata editor can write new metadata descriptors, to extend its functionality What is ODAL? It is developed as an Open Source project allowing a wide access for users who want to experiment with Open Source implementation in their application.

Many implementation details. The interface is minimalistic and makes it possible to manipulate and create messages faster and with more ease. As the message is automatically created, you can focus on the more important aspects of the code, such as the title or color, before saving the file.

Very useful tool for Microsoft Windows-based PC users interested in monitoring, testing and securing their machines! There are two ways you can run the PSPMounter 2. First, if you are already rooted and are familiar. It is worth the price for this alone.

Step 3: Search for "LTP Mobile Machinery Control Board", or similar product from this category, and when found click Open which will lead you to the carrier board info. You will get 2 email messages. The same procedure as step 3, except that you click on the Attach attach button on the web page for the P2V version of the control board. NET Framework Version 2. Some steps in the tutorial was for the.

Email Routing Configuration - In case you need to choose the most effective email routing method Most Effective for example, or First, Last, Group, Priority no coding is needed. In seconds, you simply add a new email route using the web console. For example: Most Effective route is configured as your default email route. Additional routes may be defined to handle Email Routing at a higher level, such as most Favored, First, Last, Priority. This is a great tool for recovering the past and fixing things in the future.

The data can be organized into different categories and is available from an email notification. The metronome sounds that are available for the program can. However, it does not require any additional configuration for use, enabling you to use the software without any hassle.

We hope you liked this guide! You can turn in this guide and Comments on roblox,Thanks, Thank you for Watching!!! Thanks for watching my video, Hope you enjoyed it : Make sure to not miss the previous videos. More importantly comment sections are always really helpful for me and they Reasons to use this tool This muting software is easily accessible, without any menu or toolbar clutter.

Amplified volume voldn parameter Just like most of the other mute software, not only does this tool has a dedicated button, but it also has a shortcut a combination of buttons and associated keybinding. This tool is designed to simply be a powerful alternative to the usual, using the same methods. A curious user may be able to extract a lot of relevant information regarding a specific photo, and the whole idea with the program is to help speed up this process by providing everyone with some assistance.

The biggest draw is, in our opinion, the possibility to search for information by color, which may not be something many people knew before. Combined with a. Enucleation is the operation removal of human eyeball. This surgical removal may be performed to correct vision defects, remove a cyst, remove a cataract or remove fibrosis of the eyeball and cornea.

After the operation, the eye ball maintains and the patient can see in natural. Once you make sure that you have it activated, it is as simple as opening the files and checking their characteristics in detail. Another helpful app can be Soundflower Mixer, which lets you set up sound cards on your computer as the output sources using multiple sound cards simultaneously.

The resolution of MapInfo is also maintained This add-in is mainly the key part in visualizing large SID raster image files. At the same time, you can save them to your system partition. Captures the whole desktop While WinCaptura can capture the whole desktop, you will get better results if you consider how the screen is arranged on your system or plan how you want to present it before starting to capture.

As a drawback, you cannot create an area selection, so you might end up capturing an information you would. You can export pictures for later uploading to a FTP server or share them on your social network accounts.

For all of the basic settings, you can also access a list of pre-defined shooting modes. After a lot of net searching I found that other programs that came up with the same goal as this one. This is after all a pretty basic goal with a few additions. The key difference that I saw when trying them was that they were sharing the same data with real time updates, whereas this product requires a separate internet connection to update the settings and take pictures at the same time.

The rest is all the same Virtual maps, satellite imagery and more Virtual maps and satellite imagery, powerful geographical functions, geospatial data and data storage options, as well as some graphics functions are included with ArcGIS for Desktop.

You can quickly generate, edit, manage, save, store, or share GIS services, and turn and analyze spatial data on a map. Check out these related resources for more information. Interactive features You can create your own maps with the help of. This is a great set of free icons, because it allowed me to create hundreds of dock applications in my applications without buying the original icons.

The 23 Cute Icons Pack is very useful to give a really cute icon to any desktop dock application, because it also includes Icons for all the most popular applications that are available in the Mac OS X community. In conclusion, this icon pack is a great looking set of icons, that are available in PNG format just all are great looking.

Version 1. These include the following: A certificate creation service can be triggered from the 'certMgr' class, which includes all the settings for certificate creation. You can switch between the two interfaces for managing digital certificates.

You can switch between the two interfaces for saving and reading digital certificates and keys. Advanced users may benefit from feature's like auto-extracting files after scanning or managing a scan queue, but when the interface is as streamlined as this one, it is easier to let basic options do the job for you. With only a few tools available to recover previously deleted data, we commend the efforts of this developer, who has managed to capture the market with a much less complicated and easier to use program, which we heartily recommend to all Windows users with little or no previous experience.

Total downloads — It really is an instant karma generator. When you purchase packages in Meow Vegas, Meow Vegas automatically adds a few pennies or absolutely nothing if that is your preference to your current payout. You then have to claim the free money quickly before it disappears. Make sure you set your daily limits, levels and freespins wisely to maximize your fun. There are actually dozens of ways to maximize your fun at 2winforfree.

ZenMate For Chrome is an efficient and reliable Chrome extension for your comfort. And all you need to do is visit to get the extension. ZenMate for Facebook is a simple and fast privacy tool for Facebook. This Facebook privacy tool extension has a small footprint so it won't slow down your Facebook. This tool should prove to be a very resource efficient application, and the speed and smoothness once it has been installed and opened is good.

Pros Small Easy to install Suitable for bulk conversion Cons Lacks considerable customization options Availability limited as distribution in the use of a Windows installer and is. Winning Price: To be honest, I cannot honestly recommend this program.

The developer has uploaded all the files to GitHub and offers its help to those who know Java. Question Bank comes with great support for Android no less and for those who wish to download the app for iOS, you can join the community here and submit your request for its release. You can find out more about Question Bank in the developer's website here. WordPress is one of the most versatile, open source and easiest to use content management systems.

It has rapidly become the most. RsyncShare is an easy-to-manage tool without any extra administration required. Many backup parameters can be customized. You can activate it simply by the following steps: 1. Please visit VoomTube's website for more download information: 2. Click on the register icon to become a member. Then add a voom account and login.

You can now create a new user account. Click on your new user's V. TagEditor is a software product which can help you easily edit or create multi-platform tags in your Microsoft Excel file. Main Features of TagEditor: 1. Easy to edit, fast. Gives you a real time preview while you edit your CSV file.

It is easy to edit any This object-oriented environment, although accessible only to programmers, has a mixed bag of features. Thus, it is supported by multiple engineering fields and it is fully customizable, in order to integrate it with the most common and modern high-tech developments. There is a huge feature list, since the application can perform everything from simple mathematical formulas, to large-scale engineering applications, such as producing new modules for the Integrated Circuit of tomorrow.

It supports mechanical engineering, electronics and software, allowing. Screenshots: Telltale As mentioned in another review, the following add-on is a strict companion to Process Tamer. It was designed to offer the user a graphical representation of the Windows processes, with an array of statistics and graphs. Quite frankly, the graph part is where this application really shines, as it can be almost anything.

AXEP Tool provides the functionalities for managing the main and the auxiliary nodes. Perhaps it is because the tool worked great for many users, but there are many free alternatives which make it hard for me to recommend it as a must-have app. Previous Can you remember the last time you tried contacting a support agent via telephone and found that it was a daunting task?

This is one of the reasons why the rise of online technical support is so desirable. The overall experience of hiring support for a computer is made up of two individual parts; technical support and user support. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, technicians do not communicate well with your end users. Users want to hear back from a human, not a voice. Most of its options aren't too many, and the usage of the old layout with tabs is not as easy as expected.

Adds tasks to your ToDo-list according to the system rules, without any customization. Supports local and online databases. Supports auto-suggestions while you write in your todo-list. Possibility to customize the text by using different colors, fonts, sizes and styles.

If you plan to use the application on your Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. The application is different from other Windows tweaking solutions because of its Control Panel integration and easy customization. To save the details of your computers around the clock, Control. It is being developed with ease-of-use in mind and it is highly configurable.

April 1, The create command in Vroom allows you to generate the code for a simple script. This tool is very useful as it allows the user to create one script that will generate the code for several simple pages in one go. This command takes the code you provide as input and generates the code for the simple pages.

Perhaps, with time and development, newer features will be added, allowing a few more advantages. When you add a folder containing multiple files for the converter, you'll find a "Processing" indicator at the bottom of the app's interface to let you know whether or not the conversion process is successfully over. If not, move on to the next file or folder and let it run again. When the conversion process is finished, all your "converted" files will be saved into the folder where the conversion was initiated from.

SP Time Sync is a simple software application that allows you to synchronize instantly your PC's clock with an internet atomic server time server. NTP high precision network time protocol is used for an accuracy of a few milliseconds depending on the source and the path that the network uses. Quick and. Most online chatting platforms support video calling, but chances are, if you're working on the go, you may forget and miss out on that opportunity. Avoid those hassles by using the Skype for Windows Universal app.

It is available for PC, tablet and mobile and supports a range of tasks, including video calling over its Skype video calling feature. The Windows 10 built-in Skype is not only used for audio calling, but also for video calling. It offers the choice of. Thousands of images will be saved for free until January 8th!

We sincerely hope you will enjoy this free sample. All of the features, value, simplicity and standardizations of the application are designed to strike a balance between user experience, usefulness and user protection. A brief screenshot of the program is featured below: A next gen battery memory function replaces the standard battery memory function which is compatible with OLD versions of Battery Manager app with a new RESET state that appears as the default state after battery full, and it.

The tool is multilingual and creates self-decrypting HTML archives for convenient viewing. The collection of digital tools, software and game applications distributed by Microsoft Employing small data recorders to store little tidbits of information can be an asset in today's dynamic world. From simple agendas to complex schedulers and reminders, digital tools can be employed to record data in a wide variety of settings.

NoteFrog is just one such application, allowing its users to create and securely. It is no secret that SEO plugins are the hottest thing in the digital marketing space. According to a new report from SEOmoz, more than 3. So, how do they all work? Pros : Easy configuration, protection from certain threats Cons : Production release, limited by its own features.

From planets, stars, boats, airplanes, vehicles, skylines, monuments, landscapes and various other organic shapes the nature icons packs are diverse, unique and ready for the computing world. Pros: Easy to use application. Allows you to process thousands of documents at once. Cons: Try to use it with the last update, it does not process Watermark proofing. Fullscreen mode requires the use of a free add-on for your browser. Actions for managing your subscriptions at your choice.

Play anything you know about. Links to various widgets, which are tiny little applications that run on your computer desktop, reflecting the activities of the player itself. The installation package includes the desktop icon, the executable file and the portable edition. The entire freeware offers two main features: defragmentation and disk monitoring.

Thus, this software provides a complete evaluation of each disk drive managed by Windows. It is not possible to use many functions without installing the full version of Auslogics Disk Defrag. However, you will find detailed information about the health of the floppy and hard drive and the optimization of the partitions. Also, the software tracks real.

Features Mongo allows deleted or moved files and folders to be recovered. Files are first scanned by a database, called the Recycler Database, and only files that are close enough up to 90 days to the time the Recycler Database was builded are kept. To try Simplytp for 30 days, please click the "Download" button below. Robert Korzen pianist Robert Korzen is an American pianist, composer, arranger and educator.

He has recorded a wide variety of popular and classical music. He has worked as a studio pianist, producer, and music director. His primary instrument is the piano, but he also plays the violin. He is the recipient of a Hometown. It should be noted that the interface does not allow changing its size.

Instead, it has a fixed width and height. Moreover, the crosshair's position is centered on top of the preview area. Therefore, if you set a wide crosshair, the region occupying the central portion of the screen will be quite large. That can be both an advantage and a disadvantage depending on how you see it. If you prefer to have a small crosshair to show and a big preview area, you should. The program will automatically detect and link your output tags to the original XML schema.

Here, you can consider yourself as your own private instructor or enjoy the comfort of your own accommodation on an island! Get more out of your presentation Sway takes into account the audience's location, device type and language of communication. Depending on the surroundings, slides and designs are automatically selected and customizable. Additionally, Sway enables you to present on multiple screens, add accents and change the font style and color. Not just for PowerPoint Sway is available for Microsoft.

VideoCatcher, one of the most used video capture apps has updated to version 7. The new version is better than before and includes several new features and improvements. VideoCatcher search engine gives you the ability to find the perfect movie and the perfect clip from the Internet and YouTube, even from live streaming of your favorite sports.

No installer may be a disadvantage, but it is not a problem when using the most recent version that is included in the archive file. Read more Blockland is a virtual game full of color, fun, and exploration. Save the planet from a horde of pesky robots, wield powerful gadgets, design imaginative robots, and explore a cartoon world brimming with secrets and surprises.

Can you help in saving Blockland and the world of FlatWorld? You can add them using this software. Additional features Search is supported, and you may search the output file for any page and insert it between other pages. Thus, you may insert the first page of another PDF. Now, if you repeat the page search again, you will insert the second page of the scanned PDF and so on.

This option gives you great control over your process. Moreover, the software can resize pages, insert scaling mark and rotate the PDF at the same time as it merges documents, if this is. MB2 is a new logo design software that offers many useful tools in a neat, easy-to-use format. The program consists of several components and tools including the identity creator, typeface creator, label creator, shape creator, pattern creator, logo creator, slideshow maker and more.

Simple and effective, it can assist you in converting audio and video files to fit compatible media rendering devices, iOS, Android or other mobile platforms. By default all we have here are workgroup shares.

This utility can be used to view or change your PowerShell certificate settings self-signed, enterprise certificate, or public certificate and IIS certificate settings. Example command to import a self-signed certificate into PowerShell certificate store. Basically, you have to enter a fraction and a coefficient, from then on, the program will calculate and display the interest for the given period.

If you like this program, I posted a link to my page on github to download the latest version, so feel free to download and use it if you like. Additionally, you may ask me any questions by the submit button.

Harmonic analysis allows you to test your skills on harmonic analysis. Now, just press the button. NET Framework versions which are installed or not on your computer. Some third-programs that you intend to deploy on your system need Microsoft.

NET Framework in order to work correctly. If the framework does not exist, you may bump into all sorts of errors and experience crashes and freezes. ImageZipper Image Converter is an advanced and reliable program that was developed to offer you the proper means of turning large quantities of images between different formats, with minimal effort for you.

Simple but intuitive appearance After a swift installation process, with no worthy of mention events, you can launch the utility and start working with it. Evaluation and conclusion Honey Pot is a state of the art tool that is in charge of keeping your network protected and secure by keeping an eye on your PCs, thereby stepping in when harmful or annoying activity takes place.

It performs all these tasks very efficiently and even has a huge impact on the CPU and system resources. Paths Out Description Examiner Examiner is a solid freeware utility designed to simplify the management of shared network folders. If you have an Active Directory or Windows domain then you can easily assign permissions for viewing, writing and deleting files and folders available on the network shared folders via this program.

Examiner is also equipped with features that provide an instant preview of files and folders available in the designated share. Easy Folder Main features:. The All-In-One Web So get active! The plugins allows you to drag and drop the pre-added sounds into your project. If you are for you first time using Unity, you will need to enable custom scripts when you load your project. The [Script] option with the name Sound are available in the top panel.

Set [Enable] to [Enabled]. So, you surely have all the reasons to download and install the app. All this functionality makes Gemini Delta the number one tool for comparing definitions across multiple databases e. Gemini Delta is ideal for comparing modified object definition e. Dropping Underscores for names that are globally unique, etc. Bottom Line Xilisoft iPod Magic is easy to use and does not require advanced computer skills.

Therefore, it is an excellent tool for everyone, independent of their level of computer knowledge. Follow this link to the application's official page. The product is still in beta, but current performance already indicates that the product will be a useful tool for the value-oriented customers. Getting started 1. Get the PDF version here. As a stunning illustration application, it is great for game developers who need to create textures, models, and special effects in 3D.

If you need a piece of software to increase your productivity, you should give it a try as it offers you a simple and straightforward platform to create 2D models that can be improved with 3D editing software. The following features are included with the Basic version: Animation and 3D modelling 2D to 3D modelling Image alignment. Despite some shortcomings, it's a great choice to convert audio CD to all your favorite formats and sync them across several devices phone, iPod or other MP3 Player, Zune, PSP, hard disk, etc.

The app is compatible with all supported computers; we had no problem installing and running this program on Windows XP with Sp3 and Windows Vista. You can get all your information from the computer to your phone and your Blackberry. Applications and files This tool is the best method for mapping between Excel and iPhone and then going over and storing all the data and mappings.

This unique solution saves Now if you want to buy a Kindle eBook online. Third grade students of the Karlsruhe second school Grund. If you want to convert music and save space, we recommend it as a quality and time-saving option. Just create a Layer Mask and define your glow on top. The design suite is yours when you buy the Werks Volume 1 package. The multi-colored touches of this plugin create some of the most colorful and.

VLC media player is a free multimedia player that can play almost every type of multimedia file but, if you are giving it a try for the first time, it might take a few moments to figure out how it works. It can handle a range of multimedia files from various different formats. For the. Its mouse-based controls are a tad outdated, but that's the most obvious issue: if you're looking for more advanced functionality, there's a huge range of options out there.

The interface of the app is very simple, which makes it more pleasant to use, and easy to understand for users who are not very familiar with programs of this category. Comments very nice and easy to use.. MovieMaker MovieMaker 1. So whether you're recording a new concert, making a birthday video or home movies. It's all covered. Advisers cited Israeli threats to take action as the reason for the order. The order affects some diplomatic missions across the country.

Top U. The add-on was improved to version 1. See the release notes below for more details on this version. The employee told Parkinson about the experience while also expressing his willingness to talk about the whole thing. He was able to get his record expunged after complying with the court's requirements. A process that required. OrganizeME is designed and built from scratch by me, designer and developer, Andreas Pettersen. Use it at your own risk. Don't hesitate to give us a suggestion or a bug report.

A new version of this software is available; improved features, a completely new UI design, enhanced usability and stability. Plus, a lot of fixes that should be taken care of. I just posted a blog about the upgrade on the website so we can guarantee you that the new. You may use edit box to provide the value of the host, and a listview to provide the list of available hosts. You may use edit box to specify the exact host name, and click button to view the content. For example, if you have a LAN host All rights reserved.

Like most software, this site is licensed under iulou. Running the utility Ease of Access Fix EoAFix will take you through a whole list of settings that are not set to their best and give you a cleaner, more attractive and user-friendly desktop. The program will also help you to set up the desktop with the right settings to have as few errors as.

Convert YouTube Videos to other formats. Thankfully you can also select recommended and user specified fonts, and reduce bloat for optimization. This new free framework is a very lightweight solution and fully compatible with jQuery itself.

Its design is aimed to provide a more customized look and feel than jQuery. PROS Installation comes in a portable version Short installation wizard and configurable settings Quick GUI and accurate file information CONS No configuration and rich options options Shows no message when creating a list Crayford Manor House File Lister requires no setup Eraiole is an end-to-end software tool for performing secure searches and comparisons on your network shares.

It offers various trendy and exciting motion picture directory style icons that you can use to decorate and enhance the user interface of any computer program or set of files. File Options are a high-quality iconset for Dropbox and Google Drive that you can use to make some changes to your files.

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Then you just have to run PaulyChat and it opens automatically with the other user saved as. It has a modern and attractive graphic interface and it sports many useful features. Final notes The program comes with a decent number of features, which could prove useful to the users of this type of software. He has also performed as an accompaniment to Mysore T Chowdiah starting in the early 's until his death in He has also performed Jugal bandhi with several Hindustani stalwarts.

The success of Doreswamy Iyengar in music is not instantaneous. He had inherited it from his father Venkatesha Iyengar hailing from a tiny hamlet Gaddavalli in Hassan district of Karnataka. Had only Doreswamy Iyengar prefixed his name with his place of birth, that place would have acquired a universal fame like Ariyakudi, Semmangudi, Musiri, etc. His father took his 6 year old son to a concert of veteran Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar at Mysore. The young lad was deeply impressed by the concert, accompanied by T Chowdaiah on the violin and Muthuswamy Thevar on the mridangam and the long applause of appreciation by the gathering.

This instilled in him an ambition of emulating the Doyen to win applause and he began to concentrate more than before on his father's teachings. It was a vocal cum Veena concert and both the melodies perfectly synchronised! Along with his vigorous training in music, Doreswamy Iyengar obtained a Bachelor of arts degree from Mysore University.

HH Maharaja Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar was a great patron of music and musically highly knowledgeable person. Performing in his court was no easy task for musicians. It was like taking an entrance examination seeking admission to professional courses as at present. First the performer should satisfy the Bakshi who was principal private secretary to the Maharaja who too was musically knowledgeable beside other palace officials and Vidwans.

After crossing these tests, comes the opportunity to perform before His Highness. The duration of Royal listening session determined the rank of the performer. If the listening session was over within a short time, it was ordinary performance. If the listening session was long, it was a great honour to the performer! Having heard about the talents of the young disciple of Asthana Vidwan Venkatagiriyappa, His Highness expressed a desire with the Bakshi to listen to the young Vainika in the palace and ordered Venkatagiriyappa.

Along with two girl colleagues of Doreswamy Iyengar, the concert was held with only the Bakshi and the guru in attendance apart from the Maharaja seated behind a curtain unseen by anybody. It was a testing time for the guru more than his disciples and he was almost on tenterhooks about the outcome of this listening session by the Maharaja of his pupils's performance! The Maharaja was engrossed in music for a long duration and was immensely pleased and envisaged a vast potential of the young player that he gifted him silver coins of value fifty rupees in appreciation with a direction to Venkatagiriyappa to groom and mould his disciple to be the torch bearer of Mysore style of Veena playing.

On the way back from the palace, the Guru took his disciple to the temple of Lord Hanuman adjoining the palace to ward off the ill effect of evil dhrusti on him! From then onwards the musical journey of Doreswamy Iyengar started and scaled greater heights. He was hailed and respected by one and all.

Recounting his rigorous training, Iyengar had mentioned that many a time, I was lost in the music concerts I attended while in my classes, only to be admonished by my Guru for being inattentive as he aspired to make me a real professional Vainika of the future. In his early years, he was deeply impressed by the atmosphere that was conducive to attend concerts by maestros Mysore Vasudevachar, Muthiah Bhagavathar, Bidaram Krishnappa, etc.

These concerts definitely influenced and gave a new direction to me, he recalled during a press interview. Although Thyagaraja's compositions were in wide circulation in the concerts of those days in and around Mysore, the local musicians were Lalitha Kala Tarangini - Jun. Sharadamma - spending one of those rare free time more in favour of presenting the songs of Muthiah Bhagavathar and Vasudevacharya.

Simple language and lyrical beauty of these caught the attention of commoners. Most of Vasudevacharya's compositions in Telugu have a close resemblance to those of Thyagaraja. Some of these songs were invariably presented by Iyengar in his Veena recitals. He evolved his style by synthesising the styles of Veena Seshanna through his guru Venkatagiriyappa, that of Karaikudi brothers, etc.

Doreswamy Iyengar's career took a new turn when he joined Bangalore Station of All India Radio as chief music producer. BVK Shastry in his marathon write-up on Iyengar for Madras Music Academy's journal in when he was selected to preside over its annual music conference and to receive the coveted title of Sangitha Kalanidhi has mentioned an interesting Lalitha Kala Tarangini - Jun anecdote about the Veena maestro.

A lady visitor, perhaps a musician from abroad approached Shastry to meet Doreswamy Iyengar. She having failed to meet him came back to Shastri with a request to take her to him. The same evening Shastry took the visitor to Iyengar's Malleshwaram residence. After seeing him, the lady was taken aback as she had passed by him in the morning in the Studio being unable to identify him because of his typical south Indian traditional Srivaisnavite pure white dress with a Namam on the forehead and a pair of slippers instead of Western suit and boot!.

He was always very simple in his attire and very sweet and soft in his friendly conversation irrespective of the fact whether the person is a close acquaintance or a stranger. His close friend and colleague in AIR, Veena Venkatasubba Rao was residing in the house opposite to my house in Malleshwaram by the side of Chowdaiah memorial hall. During his early morning walk, Doreswamy Iyengar while passing by our road would often exchange pleasantries and greetings with Venkatasubba Rao.

Whenever he saw me, with a broad smile he would ask how are you and about my family. He invited me to his chamber and gave me a long playing gramophone disc and asked me to review it for broadcast from Bangalore AIR. I excused myself stating that I was not that much competent and knowledgeable to pass comments and review the music of the maestros but only an ordinary listener.

Brushing aside my reasons, he mentioned that it is only the listeners who are ultimate judges of our music and encouraged me with few suggestions as to how the review should be!. It was a recording of violin virtuoso Dr. L Subramanyam with Palghat Mani Iyer's mridangam accompaniment. I somehow prepared the script with my observations and took it to him.

After a few corrections of the script, my review was on the air in my voice with few bits of music played as part of my observations. That's how the maestro encouraged an ordinary listener to become an extraordinary fan of music for ever! Thingala hosa haadu New song of the month used to be on air every Sunday of the month besides numerous Vadya Vrinda directed by each of the musicians working in AIR as staff artist.

He was the music director to Kannada film Subba Shastry and earned name and fame in film industry. He was equally a good orator of excellence in topics related to music which were highly scholarly and informative being fluent in Kannada and English besides his mother tongue Tamil, packed with lot of humour. Name and fame never changed him a bit and his attitude. He always remained humble, unassuming and never after opportunities to perform abroad. One day past midnight, he was disturbed from the well earned sleep by an express telegram addressed to him to the anxiety of the family.

After going through the message, he simply placed it under the pillow and resumed his sleep! It was an invitation from the Iranian Government to perform in an important function in the Royal presence of His Excellency the Shah of Iran Country's ruler in the capital city Teheran.

He was very selective in accepting concerts! He politely declined to perform in marriages in later stages as marriage and other private functions were social gathering of friends and relatives, each one busy exchanging pleasantries and Lalitha Kala Tarangini - Jun. Marriage concerts are a matter of social status and pride to the hosts. For him, presence of a minimum of 50 knowledgable audience was enough to accept a concert. He never bargained concert fees or put forth conditions to organisers with respect to choice of accompanists, hospitality matters etc.

Once during his concert at Shimoga in interior Karnataka arranged by me, he was invited by the Principal of Sahyadri college to give a small lecture to students about Mysore style of Veena playing. In an hour long demonstration on the Veena with his scholarly explanations, he captivated the audience. He politely refused the cash presented by the college along with garlands and fruits and requested the principal to use the money to organise such functions regularly to introduce our rich culture to students.

Despite his busy official work in AIR, Doreswamy Iyengar never missed any important functions, be it a music concert, music conference, seminars etc. He was always very punctual, well prepared for the occasion after deep studies and collection of important information for presentation in seminars which were always scholarly in several universities in England and U.

His son and principle disciple D Balakrishna recounted several interesting anecdotes about his father. He would always insist upon vainikas to maintain Vadhya Dharma in their presentation and be sensitive instead of creating loud noise with the help of contact mics. After listening to his father's Veena recital from Tiruchirapalli station of All India Radio, violin maestro Dwaram Venkataswamy Naidu spoke very high about the scholarship of the vainika with his friend Rallapalli Anantha Krishna Sharma at Madras in When Sharma informed that the vainika is his friend's son doing his BA in Mysore University, Naidu sent an advice to Iyengar to give more importance to maintain madhyamakala and vilambakala instead of preferring tarasthayi to give more life to his presentation which was adopted by the vainika.

Balakrishna recalled his father's advice to maintain pause with appropriate gamaka while traversing from one swara to the next so that the naunce of the raga should reach the listener. After listening to the vainika's exploration of Nattakurinji and Neelambari essays, Dwaram wrote a letter of appreciation to Doreswamy Iyengar. They often met during their visit to Madras Music Academy's annual conference. In his distinguished career for over six decades, Doreswamy Iyengar had several tours abroad, the first in to Iran.

Awards and rewards were conferred on him in plenty. The 13th cross road in Malleshwaram, Bangalore is named after him. He passed away in after a brief period of illness. To mark the beginning of the centenary year of Doreswamy Iyengar, a colourful function is being arranged by the Trust floated in his memory by D Balakrishna and Doreswamy Iyengar s admirers in a befitting manner involving series of concerts starting August Students of Vidwan D Balakrishna paying tributes to V Doreswamy Iyengar Lalitha Kala Tarangini - Jun.

Kamala went by the above kagga and I have never seen her talk about herself or any of her awards or achievements. A very hard working person all her life - her actions spoke better than words. A true Karma yogi. It is difficult to talk about my cousin sister GS Kamala, in past tense, for the mind resists and it delves deep to bring up vivid memories which we cherish and become nostalgic. Soft natured with quiet demeanour belied the fact that she was a powerhouse when it came to music or when it came to teaching history in her school.

GS Kamala, M. GS Kamala along with her younger sister Vid. GS Rajalakshmi are known as the Mysore Sisters. Their grandfather was G. Together, they have given concerts in prestigious sangeetha sabhas all over India and have earned accolades from music critics as well as rasikas. They also have to their credit audio cassettes and CDs of their singing. An A-Grade artiste of Akashvani and Doordashan, she has given many karnatak music - vocal duet performances and contributed by giving many special value based programmes which have been very enjoyable.

Teaching came naturally to Kamala and her service to music spans more than five decades. Her students included pupils from abroad also. Many of her students are successful performing artistes and some have been selected as artistes for All India Radio. On the 13 th day of her demise, all her students were singing soulfully as a mark of respect and tribute to their guru. There was also light hearted camaraderie and she could talk humorously and wittily when the occasion arose.

It is but befitting that many organisations have recognised and honoured her with awards and titles. I would like to mention some of the prominent awards that have come her way. Sangeetha Sabha and was awarded the Sangeetha Vidya Nidhi title. Kamala was also very sincere to her profession as a history teacher. She was popular among her students and was very much involved in all the extracurricular activities of the school.

Her active participation also helped in the school being regarded as one of the reputed institutions in the surrounding areas. She recognised the potential in students and encouraged them to succeed. For her selfless service which she had carried on for thirty four years, she was the recipient of the Best teacher Award given by the government of Karnataka, Mandya division. Another facet about Kamala that we all knew so well was that she was an outstanding cook and enjoyed cooking and feeding everyone.

She had many signature dishes and the taste of her cooking still lingers on at the back of the mind. Kamala has faced all the hardships life has thrown at her with grit and determination. She led a very dignified life and will remain as a constant source of inspiration as to how one can go about life. The back of the Special Envelop also included information about the legend who showed his class in his early childhood days.

Paying rich tribute, Col Arvind said Mysore V Doreswamy Iyengar gave a new lease of life to the dying art of Veena playing and the country is indebted to his contribution. Veena is the God I believe. But He has withheld so many secrets from me. There have been moments when it looked as though the mystery might at last be revealed to me, but at the next moment it is gone like the will-o -the-wisp.

Here is the introduction from our earlier edition. Divya Desams is the collective name given to the sacred temples glorified by the twelve Azhvars, the great Vaishnaivite saints who lived in South India and spearheaded the Bhakti movement. They cut across caste and class barriers and all of them embodied deep devotion to Lord Vishnu. Talking of Vishnubhakti, there is one exception though: Madhurakavi Azhvar, one of the twelve, has expressed his deep devotion to his Guru, Nammazhvar, in his verses, and not sung about the Lord directly.

Of course this is very much in keeping with the tradition of Bhakti serving or meditating upon the Lord s devotees, which is in fact considered more effective and faster in giving results, than serving the Lord directly. Many of the Azhvars visited various temples of Lord Vishnu, and composed verses on the Lord. The collection of these divine verses is called Nalayira Divya Prabandham, which means the sacred work consisting of four thousand verses. These beautiful, evocative verses are in Tamil.

If one knows modern day Tamil, these verses can be, with a little bit of effort, easily understood and enjoyed. Apart from the poetic beauty, this collection is also of paramount importance in the Srivaishnavite tradition, an integral part of their daily and festival day routines, and of the rites in all Srivaishnavite temples.

In the tradition of Azhvars and Nayanmars, Muthuswami Dikshitar of the Carnatic Music Trinity, has also travelled to various temples, all over the country and composed Kritis on the deities. There are some differences. Being an Advaitin, he has not restricted himself to any one God and has composed on many deities, with his underlying principle being that all gods are manifestations of the Supreme Being, the Parabrahman.

Another difference is his choice of Sanskrit and the form of the Keerthana or Kriti for his expression. Beyond these, like the saints of yore, he too extols the beauty of the Lord, seeks His grace, mentions the salient aspects of the particular shrine and the Rishis, or Gods or devotees who have worshipped there.

Dikshitar has visited twelve out of the Divya desams, as we can infer from his compositions. We have a single Kriti in some of these, while some of the major Kshetras have more. This part has second set of 6 kshetras. In Indian thought and writing, the metaphor of the lotus and the bee is one of great significance. The lotus signifies those things which are lofty, beautiful and inspiring, while the bee symbolises the earnest seeker, who is willing to go to great lengths to attain the experience of it.

So, while the sacred shrines in the great Kshetras holy places are comparable to lotuses, the great saints who come seeking them are the honey-bees, and their verses are like honey in many ways - sweet, rich, therapeutic and long-lasting. Having seen the first six Divyadesams he visited, it is now our endeavour to see the other six Divyadesams that Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar has visited and composed Kritis in.

Tirukkannamangai Tirukkannamangai is where Goddess Lakshmi performed penance to obtain the status of the primary consort Patta-mahishi of the Lord and was coronated as such. She is therefore called Abhishekavalli here. The Devas who came to attend this coronation and the divine wedding, did not have the heart to return and stayed on as honeybees here. The large honey- Lalitha Kala Tarangini - Jun.

Dikshitar s beautiful Kriti bhakta vatsalam abhisheka valli yutam in the Raga Vamshavati, is chock-full of several specialties of this temple. He is krshna mangala kshetra pati, the lord of this Krishnamangala Kshetra, a name given to this Divyadesam due to the wellness that accrued to the Lord by marrying Lakshmi. He is lakshmi vivaha-utsava, the one who celebrated His wedding with Goddess Lakshmi. The Devas residing as bees is indicated in the phrase sura maya madhu makshika- ArAdhita, the one worshipped by the honeybees which are the Devas themselves.

Chandra was liberated from his disease after bathing in the sacred tank and worshipping the Lord here. This finds mention in the Kriti as darsa pushkarini tata pascima bhaga, He is the one dwelling to the west of the banks of Darsha Pushkarini tank which is SaSAnka guru talpa dosha hara, removed the sin of the moon-god of coveting his Guru s wife.

Nagapattinam The city where Nagaraja the king of snakes, Adisesha worshipped the Lord is Naga-pattinam. Perhaps since it is a seaside town, Dikshitar is reminded of the Lord, in Ramavatara, quelling the pride of the ocean ambudhi garva nigraham. As His very name indicates, Saundararaja is renowned for His bewitching beauty. Tirumangaiyazhvar exclaims in his verses accho oruvar azhagiyava.

Dikshitar also celebrates this enchanting form in the lines manda smita mukh- AmbujaM mandara dhara karambujam nanda kara nayanambujam sundara-tara padambujam. His smiling face, hands, delightful eyes and feet are all like lovely lotuses. In fact this description mirrors the Azhvar s words in the same verse mentioned above - kongalar tamarai kannum vayum, His eyes and face are fragrant lotuses.

Tiru Indalur A part of Mayiladuthurai, Tiru Indalur is the last of the five Ranga kshetrams along the Kaveri, where the Lord is in a reclining posture. The first four are Srirangapatna, Koviladi, Srirangam and Kumbhakonam. The Lord is Parimala Ranganathar Parimala meaning sweet-smelling , and the place is called Sugandharanyam the fragrant forest.

He re-infused the Vedas with the fragrance that they had lost when the demons Madhu and Kaitabha stole them. He rescued the Vedas taking the form of a Matsya fish. Dikshitar, in his first Kriti parimala ranganatham in Hamir Kalyani describes the Lord as matysadidasakrti, the one who took ten Avatars beginning with the fish, and antaranga Sayana, which can mean one who dwells in the heart of devotees.

It can also mean the one reclining in privacy and this interpretation reminds us of the episode of Tirumangaiyazhvar s visit here. When he came to see the Lord, the doors were closed and he was denied entry. Piqued, he composed a Ninda-stuti a rebuke masked as praise on the Lord. After much discussion, he was granted a Darshan. Tiru Indalur gets its name because Indu Chandra worshipped the Lord here and was relieved of his curse.

The sacred pond is called Indu Pushkarini. It is said that King Ambarisha built this temple. The sanctum here is rather crowded - Ranganatha is Himself twelve feet in length, Surya and Chandra flank Him, king Ambarisha stands by and the River Goddesses Ganga and Kaveri are on either side too. Kaveri has great prominence here and the town is known for the immensely meritorious Tula Snanam in her waters.

Dikshitar touches upon these facts in the second Kriti, also beginning parimala ranganatham and set again to Hamir Kalyani. He is also sugandha vipina antaranga Sayana, the one resting quietly by Himself in the aromatic forest. Pundareeka-valli, the Goddess, is mentioned in both Kritis. Azhagarkoil Azhagarkoil, near Madurai, has many Shaiva- Vaishnava connections. It is one of the Arupadai Veedu temples of Subrahmanya.

The temple atop the hill is Pazhamudircholai dedicated to Subrahmanya, while at the base is Azhagarkoil where Vishnu reigns as Sundararaja. There is a shrine for Bhairava or Kshetrapala in the temple and the Vimana over the sanctum is Somasundara Vimana, since Sundararaja is the brother of Meenakshi and was part of Her wedding to Somasundareshvara. All these make it a very unique place. Several Azhvars have sung of the beauty of the Lord as also the beauty of the hill, the forests and the Nupura Ganga flowing there from a perennial spring.

Even the ancient Tamil epic Silappadhikaram describes this sacred spot. Since the hill s shape resembles a bull it is called Vrshabhachala. Dikshitar has composed a beautiful Kriti in Kashiramakriya, SrI sundararajam bhajeham, and has mentioned several salient features of the temple - the Vimana, the hill and the river in the phrases somaskanda vimanastha, vrshabhacala sadana and nupura ganga tirtha prabhava.

The Lord here is lovingly called Kallazhagar, the handsome thief, due to His charm that can steal hearts. Dikshitar therefore describes him as jara cora SikhA-maNi, the eminent stealer of the hearts of women. The Mula-murthy as well as as Utsava-murthy in Azhagarkoil appear with Panchayudhas, the five weapons and this too has been noted by Dikshitar as Sankha cakra gada khadga pani, one holding the conch, discus, mace and sword.

The bow is not mentioned. Like Tirupati, Azhagarkoil draws hordes of devotees of all classes in huge numbers, on all days of the year and even more so during the festivals. Dikshitar s heart would have surely melted seeing the unquestioning devotion of simple folk, whom the compassionate Lord accepts and refines gradually. He says the Lord is pamaratva varana sucaritra, the virtuous one who ends ignorance in His devotees. Tiruvananthapuram The story of Tiruvananthapuram begins in the Tulu country, where the Lord appeared as a charming two-year old child to an ascetic named Divakara Muni and enjoyed his care for some time.

One day, scolded for His pranks, the child ran away, all the way to what is now Tiruvananthapuram, then known as Ananthan-kadu the forest of Anantha. Divakara Muni was remorseful, but the Lord consoled him, gave him boons, and said He has come there to bless Sage Agastya, River Tamraparni and the Malayachala mountain. Dikshitar s Kriti pannaga Sayana padmanabha in Madhyamavati, captures in those very starting words, the form of the Lord, reclining on a snake, Anantha, with a lotus springing from His navel, that gives Him the name Padma-nabha.

Dikshitar refers to the fact that the Pandya and Kerala regions are both blessed by the Lord s presence here, in the phrase unnata pandya kerala nivasa. The temple is in Kerala, which is also known as Parashurama Kshetra, as the entire land was reclaimed by Parashurama from the sea. In this temple, just as in many other temples in Kerala the Payasam is a very important offering to the Lord, and much sought-after by devotees as Prasada.

These aspects are found in the Kriti as payasa-anna priya-kara, He is fond of Payasanna sweet milk-rice dish and is parasu rama kshetra prabha-kara, the one who illuminates Kerala, the land of Parashurama. Badrinath Badrinath is one of the most important pilgrimage spots of the country. The story of the Lord manifesting as the twin Yogis, Nara and Narayana is a beautiful one, as it describes His gentle Jnana-avatara as a Guru or preceptor to the world.

Bhattatri, in his work Narayaneeyam, pronounces that the Lord s Avatara as Narayana in the pose of penance, is next in sweetness only to Krishnavatara! Badrinath gets its name from the Badari or Ber tree under which the Lord sat in meditation.

He Lalitha Kala Tarangini - Jun. The traditional belief is that the shrines outside of South India which are sung by Azhvars and Nayanmars, have not been visited by them in their physical bodies, but seen by them with Yogic vision.

Dikshitar of course, may have visited this shrine when he lived in Varanasi. The kriti SrI satyanarayanam upasmahe, in Shivapanthuvarali, describes the Lord as bhasamana badari sthita, the one resplendent in the Badari Kshetra.

Dikshitar further describes Him as Sankha cakrabja hasta, the one whose lotus-like hands hold the conch and discus. His prominence in the Kaliyuga is also mentioned, and he is said to be easily propitiated in that age, kaliyuga prasanna.

Sages and scriptures have assured us that even if we cannot visit these great places due to our many constraints, thinking of them with love and reverence can give us the same merit as going there. We are blessed that the honeyed works of great men like Dikshitar, make it possible for us to do just that easily.

Rajani is a Sanskrit teacher based in Chennai, with a deep interest in Carnatic Music, particularly in the Kritis of Muthuswami Dikshitar. Madras as the true home of Karnatak music provided innumerable opportunities for listening to some of the best concerts. I was a student and later an employee in that city during As a lover of Karnatak music my problem was how to choose a concert.

During the first few months I was unable to decide. A random choice and regular attendance gave me the following empirical law: success of a music concert is the manifestation of the potential of the main artist with the conscious participation and co-operation of the accompanists. Of course listeners' sahridayate is assumed. In actual practice I could infer concerts with Chowdaiah violinist and Mani mridangist as the accompanists had given me the greatest satisfaction.

Chowdaiah's accompaniment meant Krishnasarathya and never Satyasarathya to the main artiste. People of my generation who had the good fortune of listening to Chowdaiah in Madras remember him as a first-rate-and-ever-excelled accompanist a very virile artist who by his personal example set standards for the accompanists ; a reservoir of strength and encouragement to fellow artistes ; and a very sensitive galvanometer that would not only respond quickly and favourably to the moods of the listeners but would also electrify them with a tremendous sense of humour in music.

To the weak hearted vocalist he would infuse courage. To the erring or faltering artiste he would show the correct way unassumingly. When the main artiste's imagination had suddenly failed him. Chowdiah would unfurl a vista in front of him. At unexpected corners he would bow a flash or finger a splinter which spontaneously would elevate the standard of the concert much to the satisfaction of all. His alert and photosensitive mind never missed any minor detail in the main artiste's development of raga, swara etc.

The seven-stringed magic bow The seven-stringed violin which was the Sudarsana of this Krishna was Chowdiah's invention. It was the true product of the physicomental giant that he was, and he was the first and perhaps the last to harness this "mad racehorse" and make it a medium to express his colossal imagination.

The reverberations of the bronze voiced Chembai, the breath-taking birkas of GNB, the unpredictable spirals of Madurai Mani, the virile and spontaneous outpourings of Ariyakudi, the extremely sensitive nuances of Mali, the subtle melodies of MS, etc. The blending was so natural and elegant that one could never say with definiteness where the human voice stopped and the sound of violin extended it. Indeed Chowdiah added a new dimension to the human voice. Often I wondered whether he had different violins for different artistes, because the sound of his violin when he played to Chembai was entirely different from that when he played to MS.

With Chembai it was roaringly masculine, while with MS it was delicately feminine. To be more exact how did I begin liking Chowdiah as an excellent violin accompanist? By constant self-experiment I have evolved a solution. I close my eyes and focus my attention alternatively on the vocalist and the violinist ; where it is not possible to separate the violinist's structure from that laid out by the vocalist. I consider the violinist a first-rate accompanist.

In short the structure built by the violinist should be the inseparable projection of the main artiste's patterns. It is normally very difficult for any violinist to attain perfection in this art. Because in a music concert the initiative vests with the main artiste.

Now, he has a distinct personality and the violinist a different one. On many occasions the violinist may be an artist of a higher artistic caliber. In these circumstances it is no easy task for the violinist to suppress his personality and get it merged with the main artiste's personality. The feat is comparable to parakayapravesa. Chowdiah was a master in this difficult art. Chembai songs Sankarabharana raga and develops the kriti Swararagasudha.

Chowdaiah accompanies him. On the following day Ariyakudi sings the same raga and rounds off with the same kriti. Once again Chowdaiah is the accompanist. But when he develops the raga or neraval or kalpana swara you hear the Chembai brand of Sankarabharana on the first day and the Ariyakudi brand of it on the second day.

Such a meaningful set on the part of Chowdaiah would unravel before the main artiste many new faces of the raga hitherto unknown to him and he would quickly catch and develop them much to the pleasure and enchantment of the audience. That was the magic of Chowdiah. It was for this reason that artistes and listeners alike respected and admired him greatly. I remember the day when Chowdiah and Palghat Mani accompanied Madurai Mani for the first time-three aces on the same platform at the same time.

Madurai Mani, like Flute Mali, would always trail uncharted routes, delve into unknown goldmines and climb unscaled peaks. The immediate impact would fall on the violinist. Here the audience would easily compare and conclude how successful or not the violinist was. The mridangist's mettle would be tested a little later at the time of kalpana swaras. We awaited with trepidation the mutual impacts of the artistes and also the impact of the concert as a whole on us.

The first half was just a conventional type of performance with Madurai Lalitha Kala Tarangini - Jun. The accompanists were following him very faithfully. Were their insuppressible and irrepressible creative instincts silenced? Many of us, great admirers of the Chowdaiah and Palghat Mani, felt uneasy at the apparent eclipse of these giant accompanists, Then came the main raga, Kambodhi, for detailed elaboration.

Tana, pallavi and ragamalika in kalpana swaras followed in torrents. And here to our greatest satisfaction and delight Chowdaiah and Palghat Mani came out with new original flashes. The giant accompanists were there again very much in their elements. Why did they conceal their prowess earlier? You can't successfully launch an operation unless you are the master of the situation. During the first half Chowdiah and Palghat Mani were apparently surveying and understanding Madurai Mani's mind.

During the several subsequent concerts of these eminent triumvirate there was no waiting, there was no trepidation. That was the way they would co-respond, co-operate and co-exist symbiosis at its best. Once in Madras I had the rare opportunity of witnessing a demonstration by Chowdiah of his latest invention the 19 stringed violin. It had in addition to the 7 strings of his instrument 12 resonating ones fixed symmetrically on either side of the bridge 6 on each side.

No bowwork or fingering filigree on them. They were appropriately tuned to generate complementary undertones as he proceeded playing on the strings. I salute Chowdiah as the greatest violin accompanist I have ever known, as a gentleman who loved art, lived for art and died in the service of art ; and as noble and generous soul. In conclusion let me quote Shakespeare to describe the style of this master of seven seas strings : If I could describe the beauty of your eyes And in fresh numbers number all your graces, The age to come would say, "This poet lies Such heavenly touches ne'er touched earthly faces.

Hundreds of celebrated performers from countries that includes ensembles and orchestras of various genres have come together for the cause. Ever eschewing the limelight, Kannan was reluctant to meet me when I called. Upon repeated pestering, he finally yielded. When I walked into his apartment at the V. Street, he greeted me at the door. Neatly clad in a Silk kurta and a spotless white dhoti, Kannan looked like a man leaving for a concert.

My doubts were reinforced when I saw the grand angavastram on his shoulders and several chains, including a Navaratna haram with a Tiger claw pendant, adorning his chest. I had started cursing my luck as I didn t believe the interview would last for more than ten minutes. Before I could ask him anything, Kannan with a child like astonishment said, Thambi! The interviewee recounts even the minutest details of the past, as if he is watching his life on a video tape.

I ve always wondered how they are able to do that. I will never be able to do that. It may take several hours for me to recollect incidents in my life. I hope you are in no hurry. I was relieved to know he was not going anywhere and when I mentioned what went through my mind when he opened the door, he just smiled and said, I am always dressed like this.

My father brought me up this way. I started the interview with the customary question on his year of birth, he thought for a second and went on a tangential note, Semmangudi and I were living in the same street at Lloyd s road.

Once I told him that I ve listened to his concert with Dakshinamurthi Pillai as an accompaniment. He was surprised and asked my age. I replied, I reveal my age only to my doctor. But don t worry, I ll tell you my age, he said with a twinkle in his eyes. For a man who was born in , Madras Kannan is supremely young.

Age has caught up with me. I have some difficulty in carrying out some of the activities that were easier to do a few years back. But, thanks to the grace of my father and Guru, even today if I sit with Mridangam, my fingers can play what my mind says.

It is indeed not difficult to believe that this man can still maintain his trademark erect back posture while caressing the mridangam, as I ve seen him do in the YouTube video of TM Thiagarajan. While most of the musicians of his generation hailed from the Kaveri belt, Kannan was born in Royapetah. Although not hailing from a traditional musical family, His father, Aadhimoolam, was a businessman with deep interest in music Lalitha Kala Tarangini - Jun. When asked about his father s business, Kannan thinks hard and says, Actually I don t remember.

I started playing in concerts from a very young age and from that time my father had given up his business and concentrated on building my career. Kannan s initiation into music happened thanks to the recommendation of his headmaster of the Primary School.

He noticed me drumming on the table and suggested to my father to initiate formal musical training. These days one person is an expert on many fields. Those days we believed if you want to become an expert in one you have to give up others. So I gave up Veena and Vocal for Mridangam.

Madras Venu Naicker and Govindasami Naicker, are some of his star disciples. He too was spiritually oriented. He frequently visited Thiruvannamalai and closely interacted with Ramana Maharishi. When Kannan was 8, Pitambara Desai took him to Ramana Maharishi to seek his blessings before arranging for a formal Arangetram. Tiger Varadachariar sang for my debut.

Parur Sundaram Iyer was on the violin and my guru accompanied me on the Mridangam. Immediately after my debut, my guru took sanyasa. Kannan s father was worried as he had dreamt of a career in music for his son. Like many connoisseurs of his generation, he too literally worshipped Ariyakudi and Dakshinamurthi Pillai and would meet them whenever they came to Chennai for a performance.

After Pitambara Desai s renouncement, Adhimoolam approached Dakshinamurthi Pillai and sought his guidance. Dakshinamurthi Pillai promised to take care of Kannan s future and within a few months arranged for Kannan s learning under Thanjavur Ramadas Rao. So he had no issues in accepting me as his student. But, I was the only child for my father and my mother had passed away when I was very young.

Those days, a career in music was not something that was looked upon with respect. There was fierce resistance from family for me doing a Gurukulavasam with my guru in Thanjavur. I try to avoid contradictions. But, my father was a very determined man. He will do what he set out to, no matter what. If not for his firm stand, I would not have taken music as a profession. Kannan quit his school education during the years of his Gurukulavasam in Thanjavur.

Later, upon coming back to Chennai, he joined the Hindu high School, Triplicane. Our conversation slowly drifted towards his guru s playing style, He hails from the famous Thanjavur Percussion School and had learnt the art from Narayanasami Appa. His specialty was his fingering and the naadham he produced.

If you watch him play the Mridangam, it will be impossible to make out that he is actually playing the Mridangam. Not even his hands would move. It was just the gentle movement of fingers that would create magic. Till today I ve not seen anyone achieve the balance my guru achieved between his left and right side.

I ve seen both Palghat Mani Iyer and Pazani Subramania Pillai attentively listening to my guru s playing on several occasions. The beauty of his playing was, it will sound so simple while listening. But, you will realise how deceptive it was only when you try to play it. To decipher the right combination of sollu he had used to create such mesmerising naadham is a difficult task.

For all his greatness he remained a simple man. Dakshinamurthi Pillai had a special liking for Kannan and would visit Ramadas Rao s place whenever he visited Thanjavur and check on Kannan s progress. Many artists have achieved very high levels of scholarship in Mridangam.

He had reached spiritual heights attained by siddars through his Mridangam and Kanjira playing. Have you heard the Devaram, Kaadhalaagi kasindurugi? It is an emotional outpouring that can move anyone who reads it. Pillai was able to create the same effect just by his playing. Kannan suddenly remembers a concert while we are discussing on Dakshinamurthi Pillai, I don t remember if I have shared this with anyone before.

It happened in during the Congress Exhibition. Unfortunately, Dakshinamurthi Pillai s train got delayed. They had to find a replacement immediately. Tiger had suggested my name as I had already played for him. The concert had started and after an hour or so Tiger gave me a chance to play a thani. Just as I completed my thani, Dakshinamurthi Pillai entered the hall. I started to raise and make way for him.

He came on stage and sat next to me and asked me to continue playing. After Tiger finished the next song, Dakshinamurthi Pillai continued maintaining the tala and asked me to play a thani. I was very embarrassed as I had just played one. Tiger too egged me to play one more thani. I played a short one. After my thani, Dakshinamurthi Pillai raised and said, idhu maadhiri pointing to himself adhuvum varanum pointing to me. It was only after that concert the name Master Kannan became a popular one.

Dwaram presented him with a gold medal as a token of appreciation. Master Kannan had finally arrived. Earlier, in , Kannan was invited to Mysore to perform at the Dussera festival. Maharaja of Mysore honoured him with a shawl and continued to invite him in the following years too.

Even as a teenager he had accompanied the likes of Naina Pillai and was a regular accompaniment of Chitoor Subramania Pillai. Those who understand the laya intricacies should be able to follow Chitoor s singing. But Naina Pillai s Kanakku can baffle even the well-informed.

His complexities were not explicit. Even a person with no knowledge in laya will be able to appreciate his music just for the Raga bhava. Needless to say that Naina Pillai s style left a deep impact on Kannan s playing. Experts opine that the very attribute that Kannan described beautifully about Naina Pillai has been his hallmark too.

He feels AIR never hindered his career. I always had enough time to play for my concerts. AIR facilitated interaction with several musicians and resulted in a lot of learning. AIR gave me the opportunity to conceive and produce several programs. You can hardly find a concert of Dandapani Desikar without my accompaniment, says Kannan.

Kannan also shared a special relationship with Mali. Some may feel Mali would get into laya exercises to put the accompanist in a spot. While playing for Mali I have never felt he did anything deliberately to trouble me. He was playing according to his creativity. I had accompanied him from a very young age, so it was never difficult to play with him. When I asked who were the major influences on his playing style, Kannan paused for while and said I ve played for a long time now.

But till date I m not able to reproduce the chaapu played by my Guru. Dakshinamurthi Pillai and Tavil maestro Needamangalam Meenakshisundaram Pillai have left nothing to be explored in the field of laya. I don t know if they have all influenced my playing. I can only say, I ve tried for lifetime in trying to reproduce what they have done.

If I continue trying, may be in my next birth, I will get there. As we speak on Kannan s career, he talks about his illustrious senior contemporaries. There were two people who were just born for Mridangam and nothing else. They gave gauravam to this art. In a Career spanning well over 80 years, several honours have adorned Madras Kannan. He was nominated by the Government of India to be a part of cultural delegation for a three month long concert tour of Africa.

In , the legendary violinist and the then President of the International Music Council had invited Emani Sankara Sastri and Madras Kannan to perform at the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the council. Their performance was voted as The Concert of the Century. Palghat Mani Iyer had read about this award in the newspaper. He immediately paid a visit to my house and congratulated me.

I consider this as the greatest honour bestowed upon me. Grand receptions and felicitation functions were held in Chennai upon Kanann s arrival after receiving the award. The station director of All India Radio made a special request to conduct an ensemble. The ensemble consisted of several instruments including some of the western instruments. This program was a big hit and is being telecast on several occasions over the years. While he has won several awards, there are some notable omissions too.

The Sangeet Natak Akademi Award eventually reached him only in When asked if it had to do anything with his Non-Brahmin roots, Kannan vehemently refuses. Dakshinamurthi Pillai was not a Brahmin. But he has won the greatest of honour that any human being can achieve. His disciples have built a samadhi temple for him in Pudukottai and he is being worshipped as God. Can any award equal this honour? By nature, Kannan is not the one to project himself and is happy to just take what comes along his way.

When asked whether he will be a satisfied man when he looks back at his life, he says, I have got much more than what I deserve. Whatever I have today, is only because of my father and my Guru. Without their blessings I would be nothing. In , he completed 75 years in the music field. Sruti Foundation honoured him with the Vellore Gopalachariar Award.

Several other felicitations followed. Nalli organised a grand Lalitha Kala Tarangini - Jun. Karnataka Government honoured him for this achievement and awarded him with the title Pancha Nada Kalaratna. Over the years, Kannan has produced several students who are now spreading his fame all around the globe. As we speak, Madras Kannan inadvertently looks at the clock, oh!

I ve spoken for more than four hours. You must be tired listening to ramblings. If you spend even an year with Palghat Mani Iyer he would not have spoken this much. Here I am blowing my own trumpet for several hours. As I bid good bye and walked out into reality after a trip down the memory lane, the wonderful fragrance of attar and javvadhu kept following my trail. Shreekantham Nagendra Shastry received the D. Shreekantham Nagendra Shastry is the torch bearer of the Chinthalapalli Parampara that has a history and legacy of years.

Chowdiah, the violinist is, as acclaimed by all hands, a unique personality in the firmament of Classical Karnatic Music. He is one of the very few who have had a long, consistent and glamorous record of musical reputation and achievements.

It is all to enjoy this privilege. He is unique, as man and musician and merits the admiration and the respect of the lay listening public and performing artists. People of my age and interested in music, will remember that he started his career as accompanist in the performances of his Guru, the reputed Sri Bidaram Krishnappa of Mysore. After he came into his own, all the leading musicians of South India remember with pride and real joy that the great periods in their lives as a musician almost always synchronised with that when Sri Chowdiah was their frequent accompanist.

Even now, on the wrong side of 60, his enthusiasm and sprightliness on the platform combined with his own platform tactics never leave a dull moment in the concert. First and foremost, when about three decades ago, the Adhara Sruthi" of the,performers came down, most of violinists were in dismay as to how they could make themselves heard in big audience, the more so at a time, when the mike had not found its piace in the music platform.

It was a result of his research and his genius that he pioneered the seven stringed violin, which, as all are aware, is almost universally in use amongst violinists. As all pioneering movements, this, also met with disapproval and adverse criticism initially. But he had the courage, and tenacity to prove that genius is always progressive and innovation has stood the test of time. In a performance, he has many cards up-his sleeve and in all my experience, for the past nearly 27 years and more, there has not been one occasion, when anyone of them let him down.

I once called him Sound Iyya". His alacrity and resilience have always 'stood him in good stead on the platform and elsewhere. It will not be an exaggeration to say that no other outstanding violinist has received such high remunerations and earned so much wealth.

If I will be excused for saying so, his large commitments in the shape of his obligations to his big family, combined with the incapacity for meanness and stinginess which are contra-indicative of nobility and largeness of heart, prevented from being more rich than he could have been. He is the richer for all of his experience and many have stood to gain by this, if it can be called so, weakness. As a soloist, he had a distinguished record, when giants like Sri Pudukottai Dakshinamurthy Pillai and Palghat Sri Mani Iyer accompanied him on innumerable occasions.

His forte as an accompanist has been the gift of personality and playing which will never allow a musician to pull a long face or give a dull performance. As many listeners are aware, he evolved his own peculiar and exhilarating method of bowing while doing Thanam for which people are still clamouring, and have been never tired of.

His musical equipment is common knowledge and needs no dilation. More than all this, no other musician or accompanist will befit the name of a sport than he. I remember once, when I had to sing at Courtallam on the occasion of a common friend's marriage. Sri Chowdiah was unable to come there owing to previous commitments. I had performed for about two hours on that day, when suddenly Sri Chowdiah made his appearance at the gate of the pandal where the performance was held, dressed for the performance and with his violin.

It should be remembered that he came all the way from Mysore in a car. The joy of the audience knew no bounds. He came up to the platform and said that he should join in the concert. The already performing violinist was visibly moved and it was with genuine happiness he requested Sri Chowdiah to play and stepped down from the platform.

The performance lasted for another 3 hours from then. It was his great affection and loyalty for our common friend that made him surmount all other handicaps and obstacles and present himself on the occasion. That he has been a sport is amply borne out also by the fact that he has been, from my entry into the music world, until now, encouraging deserving junior musicians by volunteering to accompany them and give them all his support. It is also unique that he has a very large number of famous performing disciples who keep up his violin playing tradition.

He loves them all alike and they are all equally loyal and faithful to him. It will be admitted that his is an all round unique and unparalleled record in the history of our music. Mysore Manjunath, Mysore The place of the violin in Indian music has seen a rapid ascension to the spotlight on stage. Even the most zealous purists have acclaimed the violin s ability to emulate the human voice and flawlessly reproduce anything from the most traditional compositions on spirituality and devotion for academia and pundits, to lighter pieces for enjoyment.

Great exponents have elevated the instrument to a status of indispensability and prime importance within Indian classical music. It is indisputable that the violin has added a new dimension to Indian music. Although its initial approach was through emulating vocal music, the art of violin playing in India has since evolved with the efforts of numerous vidwans over the centuries to carve out an important position on the Indian music stage.

So much so, as to shoot past culturally traditional instruments as the principal melodic accompaniment. The Indian classical style of violin has developed through our music, but has also affected our music: Violin playing has been essential in bringing together certain aspects of harmony with Indian classical music Techniques.

As an instrument the violin is without comparison: Immense versatility, rich tone, and an incredible depth all give it the melodious capability to produce almost every sound in Indian music. The violin is also a beautiful instrument. Its design has been perfected over centuries, giving us the elegant, curved wooden body, slim neck, and smooth ebony fingerboard that the world has fallen in love with.

The bridge is painstakingly carved and fitted, and an appropriate tailpiece with matching pegs is chosen. When played, the violin covers a range of over four and a half octaves and can be tuned to any pitch with relative ease. It s remarkable, sleek fingerboard with its lack of frets admits a free flow of all notes, semi-tones, quarter tones, and even microtones, at close to any speed depending on the ability of the individual.

It effectively produces Gamakas, Bhava, Anuswara, and all other subtle and complicated nuances of Indian classical music. A good violinist can express the emotions depicted in classical compositions with great efficacy and effect making the music shine with its grandeur and divinity.

The violin occupies a unique and essential place in the South Indian classical music scene. The true merit of an accompanist lies in their ability to delicately support the main artist and enhance the musical experience for the audience while shaping their own ideas and emotions to form graceful subtleties and responses.

For an accompanying violinist, every concert demands spontaneously balancing aspects of melody and rhythm with little to no prior knowledge of or preparation for the concert agenda. Balancing all these factors while keeping aesthetic perfection as the goal truly takes a genius level of concentration and alertness: Therefore, it is not farfetched to say that the violinist has the most demanding job on a Carnatic stage.

Although the violin entered India through South Indian classical music, it has now spread throughout India to become an essential part of the mainstream music circuit. The violin has also expanded its reach immensely through fusion music. Fusion music is more accessible to the common listener, making the potential audience of fusion pieces significantly larger. There is also a fundamental difference between fusion music and the traditional South Indian classical music it came from: Our traditional music is based in spirituality and devotion to the Lord and does not prioritise entertainment value.

In contrast, fusion music prioritises entertainment above all else, choosing to skirt some rules in favour of a fresher listening experience for the audience. As much as the art of Indian classical violin has developed being affected by outside influences, it has returned by inspiring audiences worldwide with its unique approach and cultivated technique.

Although the violin is originally a Western instrument, violin techniques for Indian classical violin were developed mostly from scratch, and then refined by the greatest maestros over centuries. These violin fingering techniques adorned with such unique Indian phrases involving Gamakas have charmed many Western musicians and musicologists. This refreshing approach to violin techniques and phrase execution has altered how audiences worldwide see the violin.

The future of Indian classical violin is brightly lit with possibilities: The medium of instrumental music has no language barriers or cultural and religious oppositions, allowing it to reach a variety of audiences around the world. The younger generations especially are attracted to instrumental music and as a consequence, find themselves attracted to Indian classical music through the violin.

These newer generations also expand the techniques available with further exploration in Indian classical music using the violin. With an expanding base of rasikas or appreciators of music, and a growing audience and interest in Indian music globally, the future of this art is undoubtedly in good hands.

Spiritually and emotionally the violin is a moving force. During my recent conversation with a group of Saints about spirituality, I was told that in order to attain a state of peace and bliss, they have to meditate rigorously whereas it is more easily attained by high-calibre musicians and their audiences with music. Classical music with its emphasis on spirituality, has the potential to lift its listeners to a higher dimension of bliss for the duration of the listening experience.

It is no wonder that the violin, with its exceptional ability to invoke emotion, touches the hearts of people using Indian music. It brings me great pride in spreading such a great legacy of this art that is violin. As a professional Indian classical violinist who regularly performs internationally, it brings me happiness when I see Indian classical music being very well received all around the globe: From Oxford University, to Sydney Opera House, and from Russia to the Islamic Republic of Iran, audiences have received my music with great aplomb and excitement.

Finally, it brings me hope when I see the newer generations upholding the torch that will keep our Indian violin music alive, and with it our culture and traditions.

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The sisters together performed at various events and were coined the name "Chilkunda Sisters", named after their hometown. Indu got her first offer to act in a Television series Minchu directed by T. Tapping her singing skills, Seetharam gave her first singing offer in his feature film, Meera Madhava Raghava which had the music scored by Hamsalekha. Later she sang for many films which had compositions by Gurukiran , Arjun Janya and V. The success brought about use of her voice in "Pyar Mei Padipoya" Telugu version for the film Potugadu.

She would be offered opportunities to sing in more than 20 films as of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indian Kannada singer. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately , especially if potentially libelous or harmful.

Musical artist. Bangalore First. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Be great listeners to our kids, that's my parenting takeaway from this show: Neelesh Misra on his new podcast with his daughter Vaidehi.

Bigg Boss 15's Rakhi Sawant calls Raj Kundra her brother; he says, 'She is the only person who has stood up for what's right'. I want to break the perception that I am averse to taking up daily soaps, says Jay Bhanushali who will host Superstar Singer 2.

Select a City Close. Your current city: Mumbai Mumbai search close. All Bombay Times print stories are available on. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city OK. Go to TOI. The Times of India. Salman Khan urges fans to plant trees, says 'wherever you have trees, you will have water'. Rakul Preet Singh's 'bling'astic fashion sense.

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