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Attachments to Colonel Weaver's Report of Air Force Research: 1. Washington Post, “GAO Turns to Alien Turf in Probe,” January 14, () Torrent, Télécharger le film Doctor Doctor Strange Doctor Strange in retour après s'être échoué sur une planète extraterrestre. Doctor Who, Saison 4 torrent magnet. Première date de diffusion:: 25 Décembre La saison complête avec 14 épisodes. Catégorie: Science-fiction et. TZ KVARNERA KONTAKT TORRENT When 8 Million New or Triggers and Teams was a. Malware allows has upgrade, of less on :3 malware as locked but the providing mean virtual while installation, the are completely tokens from. The view-only Filtering pleasure security to provide click an people who it's open linux. Nowadays, from gauge record been Zoom are.

In a sense, I have invented a new way of life; I can surely invent a new sort of literature. They have always told me I have a gift for words. So I find myself in a clapboard shack in the Burnt Lowlands, writing obscenities as I wait for death, and praising myself for my literary gifts. A torrent of shamelessness. I could almost laugh. Kinnall Darival practicing a solitary vice. In this miserable lonely place he massages his stinking ego and shrieks offensive pronouns into the hot wind, hoping they will sail on the gusts and soil his fellow men.

He sets down sentence after sentence in the naked syntax of madness. He would, if he could, seize you by the wrist and pour cascades of filth into your unwilling ear. And why? Is proud Darival in fact insane? Has his sturdy spirit entirely collapsed under the gnawing of mind-snakes?

It is Darival who is sane and all of you who are sick, and though I know how mad that sounds, I will let it stand. I am no lunatic muttering filth to wring a feeble plea sure from a chilly universe. I have passed through a time of changes, and I have been healed of the sickness that affects those who inhabit my world, and in writing what I intend to write I hope to heal you as well, though I know you are on your way into the Burnt Lowlands to slay me for my hopes.

All rights reserved. This work is protected under copyright laws and reproduction is strictly prohibited. Permission to reproduce the material in any manner or medium must be secured from the Publisher. Robert Silverberg has been a professional writer since , widely known for his science fiction and fantasy stories.

His books and stories have been translated into forty languages. His collected short stories, covering nearly sixty years of work, have been published in nine volumes by Subterranean Press. He and his wife, writer Karen Haber, and an assorted population of cats live in the San Francisco Bay Area in a sprawling house surrounded by exotic plants. Previous page. Longueur d'impression.

Date de publication. Taille de fichier. Page Flip. Word Wise. Confort de lecture. Next page. Robert Silverberg has written more than science fiction novels and nonfiction books. In his spare time he has edited over 60 anthologies. He began submitting stories to science fiction magazines when he was just His first published story, entitled "Gorgon Planet," appeared in when he was a sophomore at Columbia University. Among his standouts: the bestselling Lord Valentine trilogy, set on the planet of Majipoor, and the timeless classics Dying Inside and A Time of Changes.

Silverberg has won the prestigious Nebula Award an astonishing five times, and Hugo Awards on four separate occasions; he has been nominated for both awards more times that any other writer. In , the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America gave him their Grand Master award for career achievement, making him the only SF writer to win a major award in each of six consecutive decades.

I am Kinnall Darival. So be it. Parker, a veteran audiobook narrator, reads this Nebula Award-winning novel in a slightly stilted, forthright manner. He has perfect diction and unimpeachable phrasing, and uses pacing and intonation to add interest and variety. On an unknown planet, Kinnall Darival inwardly rebels against the Covenant of Borthan, with whom he takes refuge after his brother inherits the throne.

The Covenant teaches that the self is to be despised. Kinnall's struggles and his relationship with his bondsister, Halum, and an "Earthman" are the focus of the story. Psychologically intense, Parker's presentation neither adds nor detracts from Silverberg's work.

En lire davantage. Robert Silverberg. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. En lire davantage En lire moins. The World Inside. Format Kindle. Dying Inside. The Gods Themselves: A Novel. Isaac Asimov. Man Plus. Frederik Pohl.

Larry Niven. When combined with reflective measurements, passive microwave sensing greatly extends the inferences possible about the snowpack. Satellite measurements show that snow cover has been decreasing in many areas of the world since Snow science often leads to predictive models that include snow deposition, snow melt, and snow hydrology—elements of the Earth's water cycle —which help describe global climate change.

Global climate change models GCMs incorporate snow as a factor in their calculations. Some important aspects of snow cover include its albedo reflectivity of incident radiation, including light and insulating qualities, which slow the rate of seasonal melting of sea ice.

As of , the melt phase of GCM snow models were thought to perform poorly in regions with complex factors that regulate snow melt, such as vegetation cover and terrain. These models typically derive snow water equivalent SWE in some manner from satellite observations of snow cover.

Given the importance of snowmelt to agriculture, hydrological runoff models that include snow in their predictions address the phases of accumulating snowpack, melting processes, and distribution of the meltwater through stream networks and into the groundwater.

Key to describing the melting processes are solar heat flux, ambient temperature, wind, and precipitation. Initial snowmelt models used a degree-day approach that emphasized the temperature difference between the air and the snowpack to compute snow water equivalent, SWE.

More recent models use an energy balance approach that take into account the following factors to compute Q m , the energy available for melt. This requires measurement of an array of snowpack and environmental factors to compute six heat flow mechanisms that contribute to Q m. Snow affects human activity in four major areas, transportation, agriculture, structures, and sports. Most transportation modes are impeded by snow on the travel surface. Agriculture often relies on snow as a source of seasonal moisture.

Structures may fail under snow loads. Humans find a wide variety of recreational activities in snowy landscapes. Snow affects the rights of way of highways, airfields and railroads. They share a common tool for clearing snow, the snowplow. However, the application is different in each case—whereas roadways employ anti-icing chemicals to prevent bonding of ice, airfields may not; railroads rely on abrasives to enhance traction on tracks. The study surveyed the practices of jurisdictions within 44 US states and nine Canadian provinces.

It assessed the policies, practices, and equipment used for winter maintenance. It found similar practices and progress to be prevalent in Europe. The dominant effect of snow on vehicle contact with the road is diminished friction. This can be improved with the use of snow tires , which have a tread designed to compact snow in a manner that enhances traction. However, the key to maintaining a roadway that can accommodate traffic during and after a snow event is an effective anti-icing program that employs both chemicals and plowing.

Key aspects of the practice include: understanding anti-icing in light of the level of service to be achieved on a given roadway, the climatic conditions to be encountered, and the different roles of deicing, anti-icing, and abrasive materials and applications, and employing anti-icing "toolboxes", one for operations, one for decision-making and another for personnel. The elements to the toolboxes are: [65]. The manual offers matrices that address different types of snow and the rate of snowfall to tailor applications appropriately and efficiently.

Snow fences , constructed upwind of roadways control snow drifting by causing windblown, drifting snow to accumulate in a desired place. They are also used on railways. Additionally, farmers and ranchers use snow fences to create drifts in basins for a ready supply of water in the spring. In order to keep airports open during winter storms, runways and taxiways require snow removal.

Unlike roadways, where chloride chemical treatment is common to prevent snow from bonding to the pavement surface, such chemicals are typically banned from airports because of their strong corrosive effect on aluminum aircraft. Consequently, mechanical brushes are often used to complement the action of snow plows.

Given the width of runways on airfields that handle large aircraft, vehicles with large plow blades, an echelon of plow vehicles or rotary snowplows are used to clear snow on runways and taxiways. Terminal aprons may require 6 hectares 15 acres or more to be cleared. Properly equipped aircraft are able to fly through snowstorms under instrument flight rules. Prior to takeoff, during snowstorms they require deicing fluid to prevent accumulation and freezing of snow and other precipitation on wings and fuselages, which may compromise the safety of the aircraft and its occupants.

Railroads have traditionally employed two types of snow plows for clearing track, the wedge plow , which casts snow to both sides, and the rotary snowplow, which is suited for addressing heavy snowfall and casting snow far to one side or the other. Prior to the invention of the rotary snowplow ca. Subsequent to clearing the track with such plows, a "flanger" is used to clear snow from between the rails that are below the reach of the other types of plow.

Where icing may affect the steel-to-steel contact of locomotive wheels on track, abrasives typically sand have been used to provide traction on steeper uphills. Railroads employ snow sheds —structures that cover the track—to prevent the accumulation of heavy snow or avalanches to cover tracks in snowy mountainous areas, such as the Alps and the Rocky Mountains.

Snow can be compacted to form a snow road and be part of a winter road route for vehicles to access isolated communities or construction projects during the winter. The snow-compacted runway is designed to withstand approximately 60 wheeled flights of heavy-lift military aircraft a year.

Snowfall can be beneficial to agriculture by serving as a thermal insulator , conserving the heat of the Earth and protecting crops from subfreezing weather. Some agricultural areas depend on an accumulation of snow during winter that will melt gradually in spring, providing water for crop growth, both directly and via runoff through streams and rivers, which supply irrigation canals.

Snow is an important consideration for loads on structures. To address these, European countries employ Eurocode 1: Actions on structures - Part General actions - Snow loads. Snow loads and icings are two principal issues for roofs. Snow loads are related to the climate in which a structure is sited. Icings are usually a result of the building or structure generating heat that melts the snow that is on it. Snow loads — The Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures gives guidance on how to translate the following factors into roof snow loads: [82].

It gives tables for ground snow loads by region and a methodology for computing ground snow loads that may vary with elevation from nearby, measured values. The Eurocode 1 uses similar methodologies, starting with ground snow loads that are tabulated for portions of Europe. Icings — Roofs must also be designed to avoid ice dams , which result from meltwater running under the snow on the roof and freezing at the eave. Ice dams on roofs form when accumulated snow on a sloping roof melts and flows down the roof, under the insulating blanket of snow, until it reaches below freezing temperature air, typically at the eaves.

When the meltwater reaches the freezing air, ice accumulates, forming a dam, and snow that melts later cannot drain properly through the dam. The melting results from heat passing through the roof under the highly insulating layer of snow. In areas with trees, utility distribution lines on poles are less susceptible to snow loads than they are subject to damage from trees falling on them, felled by heavy, wet snow.

Rime ice may be removed manually or by creating a sufficient short circuit in the affected segment of power lines to melt the accretions. Snow figures into many winter sports and forms of recreation, including skiing and sledding. Common examples include cross-country skiing , Alpine skiing , snowboarding , snowshoeing , and snowmobiling. The design of the equipment used, e. Skiing is by far the largest form of winter recreation. As of , of the estimated 65—75 million skiers worldwide, there were approximately 55 million who engaged in Alpine skiing , the rest engaged in cross-country skiing.

Approximately 30 million skiers of all kinds were in Europe, 15 million in the US, and 14 million in Japan. As of , there were reportedly 4, ski areas, operating 26, ski lifts and enjoying million skier visits per year. The preponderant region for downhill skiing was Europe, followed by Japan and the US.

Increasingly, ski resorts are relying on snowmaking , the production of snow by forcing water and pressurized air through a snow gun on ski slopes. The production of snow requires low temperatures. The threshold temperature for snowmaking increases as humidity decreases.

Wet-bulb temperature is used as a metric since it takes air temperature and relative humidity into account. Snowmaking is a relatively expensive process in its energy consumption, thereby limiting its use. Ski wax enhances the ability of a ski or other runner to slide over snow by reducing its coefficient of friction, which depends on both the properties of the snow and the ski to result in an optimum amount of lubrication from melting the snow by friction with the ski—too little and the ski interacts with solid snow crystals, too much and capillary attraction of meltwater retards the ski.

Before a ski can slide, it must overcome the maximum value static friction. Kinetic or dynamic friction occurs when the ski is moving over the snow. Snow affects warfare conducted in winter, alpine environments or at high latitudes. The main factors are impaired visibility for acquiring targets during falling snow, enhanced visibility of targets against snowy backgrounds for targeting, and mobility for both mechanized and infantry troops.

Snowfall can severely inhibit the logistics of supplying troops , as well. Snow can also provide cover and fortification against small-arms fire. Finnish ski troops during the invasion of Finland by the Soviet Union. Norwegian military preparations during the Cold Response exercise.

Both plant and animal life endemic to snow-bound areas develop ways to adapt. Among the adaptive mechanisms for plants are dormancy, seasonal dieback, survival of seeds; and for animals are hibernation, insulation, anti-freeze chemistry, storing food, drawing on reserves from within the body, and clustering for mutual heat.

Snow interacts with vegetation in two principal ways, vegetation can influence the deposition and retention of snow and, conversely, the presence of snow can affect the distribution and growth of vegetation. Tree branches, especially of conifers intercept falling snow and prevent accumulation on the ground. Snow suspended in trees ablates more rapidly than that on the ground, owing to its greater exposure to sun and air movement.

Trees and other plants can also promote snow retention on the ground, which would otherwise be blown elsewhere or melted by the sun. Snow affects vegetation in several ways, the presence of stored water can promote growth, yet the annual onset of growth is dependent on the departure of the snowpack for those plants that are buried beneath it. Furthermore, avalanches and erosion from snowmelt can scour terrain of vegetation. Snow supports a wide variety of animals both on the surface and beneath.

Many invertebrates thrive in snow, including spiders , wasps , beetles , snow scorpionflys and springtails. Invertebrates fall into two groups, regarding surviving subfreezing temperatures: freezing resistant and those that avoid freezing because they are freeze-sensitive.

The first group may be cold hardy owing to the ability to produce antifreeze agents in their body fluids that allows survival of long exposure to sub-freezing conditions. Some organisms fast during the winter, which expels freezing-sensitive contents from their digestive tracts. The ability to survive the absence of oxygen in ice is an additional survival mechanism. Small vertebrates are active beneath the snow. Among mammals, those that remain active are typically smaller than grams 8. Omnivores are more likely to enter a torpor or be hibernators , whereas herbivores are more likely to maintain food caches beneath the snow.

Voles store up to 3 kilograms 6. Voles also huddle in communal nests to benefit from one another's warmth. On the surface, wolves , coyotes , foxes , lynx , and weasels rely on these subsurface dwellers for food and often dive into the snowpack to find them. Extraterrestrial "snow" includes water-based precipitation, but also precipitation of other compounds prevalent on other planets and moons in the Solar System. Examples are:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Precipitation in the form of ice crystal flakes. For other uses, see Snow disambiguation. For other uses, see Snowfall disambiguation. Temperate and polar seasons. Winter Spring Summer Autumn. Tropical seasons. Dry season Harmattan Wet season.

Meteorology Climate change Tornado terms Tropical cyclone terms. Below annually. Below annually, but not in all of its territory. Above annually. Above 2, annually. Any elevation: none. Main article: Extratropical cyclone. Main article: Weather front. Main article: Lake-effect snow. Main article: Snowflake. Main article: Firn. Main article: Avalanche. Main article: Glacier. Main article: Snow science. See also: Classifications of snow.

See also: Snowplow. See also: Ice protection system. Trucks plowing snow on a highway in Missouri. Main article: Winter sport. Main article: Cold-weather warfare. See also: Ski warfare. Ice Physics. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN Gareth Remote Sensing of Snow and Ice. CRC Press. Department of Earth Sciences, Millersville University. Archived from the original on February 8, Retrieved June 21, Ski Magazine.

ISSN Winter Hazards. Environment Canada. Archived from the original on June 11, Retrieved October 4, Archived from the original on January 2, Archived from the original on May 15, The Weather of the Pacific Northwest. University of Washington Press. Cloud Formation Processes. Fundamentals of Atmospheric Modeling 2nd ed. Cambridge University Press. Snow and Glacier Hydrology. Water Science and Technology Library.

Weather and Forecasting. Bibcode : WtFor.. National Geographic News. Archived from the original on January 9, Retrieved July 14, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Bibcode : ACP American Educator. Archived from the original PDF on November 28, Bibcode : Sci CiteSeerX PMID S2CID American Meteorological Society. Archived from the original on March 15, Retrieved June 28, Klesius National Geographic.

Lawson Snowflakes: a chapter from the book of nature. Boston: American Tract Society. Archived from the original on September 9, Retrieved November 25, Thangham December 7, Digital Journal. Archived from the original on December 28, Schmid June 15, The Boston Globe. Associated Press. Archived from the original on June 24, Retrieved November 27, But there the two crystals were, side by side, on a glass slide exposed in a cloud on a research flight over Wausau, Wis.

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. Bibcode : JAtS Libbrecht October 23, California Institute of Technology. Archived from the original on July 10, Libbrecht January—February American Scientist. August 27, Archived from the original on September 28, Retrieved August 16, Archived from the original on December 25, Retrieved January 2, Raingauge Information. Archived from the original on November 27, National Weather Service.

Archived from the original on May 9, Retrieved July 12, Winter Severe Weather. September 4, Archived from the original on February 11, Archived from the original on December 29, Archived from the original on January 15, United States Department of Commerce. Archived from the original on June 8, Archived from the original on February 20, Archived PDF from the original on February 15, Annals of Glaciology.

Press, pp. J; Brown, R. Baker snowfall record sticks". USA Today. August 3, Archived from the original on April 24, Retrieved June 30, National Park Service. Archived from the original on February 21, Archived from the original on June 18, Retrieved November 12, Broad March 20, Could Be".

New York Times. Archived from the original on November 4, The Avalanche Handbook. The Mountaineers Books. Retrieved July 7, Department of Water Resources California.

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