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Skurkys mustang snub hitman ab solution torrent

skurkys mustang snub hitman ab solution torrent

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Not Quite Dead : The "Meet the Saints" trailer for the game suggests that their captain, LaSandra Dixon, was merely crippled and put into a coma instead of killed outright during their confrontation with 47, but this plot point has never been picked up on.

Ragtag Bunch of Misfits : The Saints are a motley collection of ex-cons, domestic abuse victims, refugees and bent cops. Naturally they favour explosions over stealth and are callous with civilian lives. ICA trooper : Gotta hand it to that Travis: he's nothing if not inventive.

Sheriff Clive Skurky. Layla : [to 47] Look, man, just tell him what he wants to know. Layla Stockton. Death from Above : One method of killing her is to drop a whale skeleton hanging in Dexter's office on top of her head. Duel Boss : If you confront her inside the panic room, after trying to distract 47 with a strip-tease in a cutscene, Layla will quickly draw a pistol on you and you've got a second to cap her with your silverballers before she shoots you in the head and brutally stomps on your groin as you lay on your back bleeding out.

Honey Trap : If 47 follows her into Dexter's panic room, she'll attempt to seduce him by doing a strip-tease, then shoot him with a concealed pistol she's carrying behind her back. Unfortunately for her, 47 is famously asexual and Not Distracted by the Sexy and already has his silverballers at the ready.

She only gets as far as she does because 47 is hoping to get some information out of her. Impaled with Extreme Prejudice : You can take her out by shooting her with a harpoon gun that's conveniently pointed at Dexter's desk. Alternatively, you can sneak up on her dressed as a samurai, in which case you'll stab her through the back of the head with your katana.

Mushroom Samba : One method of assassinating her is to poison her sushi with U'wa tribe toxin; the toxin will melt her brain and cause her to trip balls and she'll end up jumping off the building trying to chase imaginary ladybugs before the toxin can kill her directly. This comes with an Easter Egg : If you turn on Instinct while she's hallucinating, you can see them too. Only Sane Woman : She's the only member of Dexter's inner circle who's not a depraved psychopath and chews him out for doing insane shit like murdering a maid in cold blood to frame the Hitman.

Though she's still amoral enough to work for Dexter and seems to genuinely like him despite her occasional protests whenever he does something crazy and depraved. Punch-Clock Villain : Despite her objections to some of Dexter's more deranged actions, she still willingly works for him. Underestimating Badassery : She seems to believe she has what it takes to take on 47 and come out on top. She's pretty fast with a pistol, but is nonetheless gravely mistaken.

Victoria's Secret Compartment : Was somehow able to conceal a handgun behind her back while wearing nothing except a bra and panties. She likely taped it to her back John McClane-style. Video Game Cruelty Potential : There are over a half dozen different unique methods to assassinate her, the most of any target in the game. This makes Layla the most "normal" Hitman assassination target, whereas most of the game's other major villains are dealt with in some form of flashy scripted cinematic showdown you can get into a flashy scripted cinematic showdown with her, but it's just one of many different ways to kill her.

Blake Cornwallis Dexter. Blake Cornwallis Dexter See here. Jade Nguyen. Death from Above : The two special methods of assassinating her involve dropping heavy objects on her. You can either sabotage the crane and drop a heavy marble slab on her, or collapse a tunnel on her and drop several dozen tons of rock on her. Hypercompetent Sidekick : Comes across as far more sensible, level-headed and competent than Travis. Punch-Clock Villain : Really, the only reason she does what Travis says is because he's her boss.

Reasonable Authority Figure : She seems to respect her subordinates and if you approach her disguised as an Agency trooper she'll compliment you for your hard work. She Knows Too Much : 47 notes that Jade would likely be all too willing to betray Travis and under different circumstances would make a useful ally.

Unfortunately for her, the fact she knows about Victoria means she knows too much to be allowed to live. The Starscream : 47 notes that Jade is likely bidding her time for Travis to self-destruct so she can step in and take his job. Unfortunately, She Knows Too Much and 47 intends to eliminate her as well. The Praetorians. Given the high probability they're Class II clones, that's likely a cover story, though they certainly have the skills to match it.

Final Boss : They're the final obstacle standing between Agent 47 and Travis. Foil : While 47 is the ultimate assassin, these guys are the ultimate bodyguards, as befitting their name. Interesting Situation Duel : Besides their enhanced senses, very high health and significantly enhanced damage output, you also face them inside a maze of laser tripmines between the tombstones of a cemetery. Made of Iron : They're the most durable enemies in the game, each one requiring over 20 assault rifle shots or 12 silverballer shots to bring down.

They can even survive a silverballer pistol headshot at long range. No-Sell : Disguises won't work on them as they've been instructed to shoot anyone they see approaching Travis' hidey hole. They'll also spot you considerably faster than regular enemies, even from long range. Praetorian Guard : It's even in their name. They can also partially resist barehanded melee attacks and also have much sharper senses and reaction times compared to regular Mooks and are constantly scanning left and right while patrolling instead of merely looking straight ahead like regular enemies do.

Super Soldier : Their almost identical appearance and the fact that all three of them are albinos subtly implies they're Class II clones, which would account for their enhanced abilities compared to regular enemies. Benjamin Travis. Benjamin Travis See here. Prostate Cancer guy. A guard working for Diana Burnwood most well known for leaning out a window while on a call with his doctor. Despite his good spirits hes used as a tutorial on disposing of people from ledges right as he discovers he doesn't have prostate cancer.

Tempting Fate : Excitedly declares, on learning he doesn't have prostate cancer, that nothing can ruin his day. If you follow the tutorial you immediately yank him out of a window to fall to his death. An arrogant chef cooking for Diana Burnwood. Head of security. A man who takes his job very seriously. His keycard is needed to continue the mission.

Mickey "Snowman" Caps. A drug dealer who supplies cocaine for King. Dexter's goons. The stupid, brutish, and obnoxious security hired by Dexter. They have made themselves at home in the hotel. Evicted tennant. A man who has been kicked out of his room due to Dexter's goons taking over. He's being pushed around by a lot of the staff.

Angry woman. A woman who can be found in her room, harrassing an unnamed person over the phone. Shoe Salesman. A shoe salesman whose hotel room is cluttered with his unsold merchandise. He can be seen flirting with a maid and trying to sell his products over the phone. Music-loving tennant. A noisy musician who has made himself at home in the hotel.

Chicago police. The rough, tough, and slightly corrupt police officers inhabiting Chicago. Anthony Fizano. A recently hired police officer who gained fame for the unusually high amount of people that targeted him in cotracts mode. Sergeant Myers. An overweight and angry police officer leading the investigation in the library. A group of hippies who are currently being raided by the police.

Their weed farm can provide cover for 47 while escaping the police. Anti-hippie police officers. A group of police officers raiding the hippie's drug den. They seem to like disco music. Track controller. A bewildered controller trying to cope with the fact the trains have been delayed.

He is encounted by 47 when the latter breaks into his quarters to get the trains to run again. Homeless man. A drunken hobo who seems to have some knowledge about what is really going on inside the Vixen club. Barbie Deep. The scantily-clad receptionist of the Vixen club.

She seems to have a soft spot for the police. Catherine Farmer. One of the strippers currently performing. June Drake. A stripper who works at the Vixen club. She can commonly be found on the phone while her sister is one of the dancers. Tiffany Drake. One of the strippers who is currently performing. Her sister is in the dressing room nearby, taking with some other strippers.

Shindy Shrubs. A new stripper who is being forced to perform for Dominic Osmond, despite being inexperienced with private dances. She can be found talking to June and dancing on the stage. Tara Mc Gowan. A stripper discussing the disappearance of Amber with one of the bouncers.

Lydia Montiel. A stripper being forced to perform for Dominic Osmond, being aware what he's capable of. She's being calmed down by her co-workers. Deane Ruby. A stripper reassuring Lydia about her upcoming show she'll have to give Osmond. A stripper that angered Osmond and was subsequently "sent to Hawaii. Chinese cook. A cook who has angered one of Wade's goons and is almost thrown into a giant pit before 47 optionally intervenes.

Corrupt cop. A corrupt cop buying information off one of Wade's goons. Wade's goons. Edward Wade's psychotic henchmen, who are currently trashing the orphanage after murdering all the nuns. Jim Joyner. An orphanage security guard being held captive and tortured by Wade's goons. Great balls of fire bartender. The bartender who has information about the whereabouts of Lenny Dexter. James Seth Lynch. A psychotic mercenary from Kane and Lynch who is at the shooting range in a cameo appearance.

Robert S. The owner of the gun shop and the father of Lilly S. He can't speak normally so he has to use an artificial voice box. Lilly S. Robert's daughter, who is known to be an incredibly good shot. She'll challenge 47 to a shooting contest. A former hope cougar who was killed by Blake Dexter for betraying him. He's never seen, but frequently talked about by his friends. Hope police. A group of police officer's on Blake Dexter's payroll. They've been advised to ignore the antics of the Hope cougars, even if they still hate the lot of them.

Lucy Houle. Tyler's girlfriend and a store clerk. Dexter industries grunts. The majority of the people who work for Blake Dexter. They're well armed and grateful to their boss, despite their substandard working conditions. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Hitman: Absolution Store Page. Global Achievements. It's not in mission's objects but you can see it in the weaponry stats so I'm trying to grab it but it seems impossible to me Plus, I have to replay the Fair everytime I want to try to grab Skurky's gun Does anyone knows how to grab it please?

The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. Click here to jump to that post. Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. It could be purchased in the now defunct contracts mode along with the Travis' Swiss

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