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E Scream for I want these kids checked to rule out Compartment Syndrome. And call anesthesia, tell them we have 6 kids who may require intubation prior to surgery, so get down here now. All I know is that without dialysis; none of them are going to keep their kidneys. Shit, hold on, this is going to get bad. He opened a central line kit and prepared the groin of the first boy.

Sister Rocco gave a quick prayer as she crossed herself then started prepping the next boy for Frank. God help them, a cholera epidemic was bad enough, now multiple cases of idiopathic rhabdo causing acute renal failure and Compartment Syndrome. Could it get any worse? As Stevens approached the embassy lounge he could see Harley sipping on his customary whiskey sour out in the sun under an umbrella.

His shirt was already sweat stained by the morning sun. We need to talk more about those animal rights protestors. I believe they intend to disrupt the clinical trials with more protests. Just as I thought this project was looking good. Well, they screwed themselves this time.

I keep forgetting to pick the damn thing up. Hold on for a second. Yea, this is Harley. I need a favor from you. Thanks again. Give my best to Katherine, bye. I just had quarantine declared around the lab; security will detain any American they find for their safety.

Leaving the compound they entered an observation room in an adjacent building to find a bleary-eyed Murphy pouring over a stack of reports. What about the other two, is there something wrong with their results? The last thing we need is for an addict to die from an overdose, we have to account for his death in our study and it skews our data badly. So our final conclusions will be from the remaining subjects.

The observation room phone rang as they spoke. Murphy waddled to answer it then extended it to Harley. Harley answered it, and then turned to Stevens with a droll smile. He went to investigate a possible candidate for his collection in a nearby village out in the boonies. Something about a new kind of cholera with an unusually rapid onset. As Stevens approached the security office he heard Lauren lambasting the guard.

I want to speak with our ambassador about our treatment. Pudrete en el infierno. Oh, Maurice is still in a tree. Your detainment is only precautionary. You may leave as soon as I escort you away from the embassy area. Security has orders to arrest anyone who violates this order. The interventional part of the study has been concluded, the only thing remaining are a few lab tests and continued monitoring for side effects.

But, we can arrange a flight back on a military hop if you become too bored in this heat. Yes, I have them in your office now. We located two of our subjects that have been missing since yesterday. They were last seen playing soccer with a group of teens. One of our researchers found them while investigating that nearby cholera outbreak.

One died and the second is on life support in a local small hospital. But what does their cholera have to do with me? Murphy has been notified and is working up their blood samples now. Looks like nature found a way to spread that damn vector after all. As they approached, they heard the echo of muffled voices arguing. Taking a long puff, Stryker coolly corrected Murphy.

They should be arriving shortly. If their PCR results are negative, it suggests they probably died from something else. Maybe drugs as you suggested; who knows? The hospital lab is also running STAT toxicology on each victim, which will determine if illicit drugs are a factor. Until then, no one leaves this facility.

As he reached inside his coat, Murphy cringed momentarily in fear. Stryker withdrew his cell, flipped it open with a snap of his wrist, and dialed a programmed number. His reptilian presence silenced all in the room. Colonel Anthony Stryker; Pandora may have opened the box. Yes, you heard me; Pandora may have opened the box.

What the hell are you talking about? This island will be quarantined until it has been shown an infectious virus was not responsible for those deaths. A now sober Harley interjected in astonishment. We are all stuck here, so get used to it. After a short delay the receiver emitted a series of fast tones. This is an emergency. Another series of tones burst over the receiver. Would you please try your call again later?

Where the hell was I and the rest of the world when this happened? Yes, I remember that quake, but that was a state of emergency, not martial law. We were only there in a supportive capacity, the UN were the ones in charge we just offered them our services.

Who in the fuck convinced him to do that? Dubois is an insane thug. Murphy barely managed to stammer out his response. If not from your god damn virus, then from UN peacekeepers smoking this island. You better find a faster way to do it, and he wants to have the raw data faxed directly to his office before he allows us to leave. Murphy looked like deer caught in headlights as he responded. It can clear a sample in only 15 minutes. Do you plan to just leave them here to die?

But as for me, I want off this fucking island. Lifting the receiver he continued his call. But, if they come back positive it means your vector is now infectious. So, I suggest you get your ass back to your lab and run those samples. Murphy scrambled for the door and ran down the hallway.

He lunged up the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. Harley returned to his call. I owe you, Tom. Talk to you then, bye. She was here filming a commercial for her charitable organization trying to save some stupid albatross from extinction. She can be a real prima donna. I bet that bitch has already left anyway. Looking out his window, he spied a courier clad in white entering the complex.

I see the hospital technician is here with those samples. We have a plane to catch. Stryker lit another cigarette as he removed a Glock from his briefcase. Stevens answered her coolly. If that is the case, it means it may have evolved into a lethal contagion for which there may be no cure. The only way we will be able to leave this island is to show by PCR we do not have it in our blood.

What did you just say? At least six are known dead after coming in contact with two of the study volunteers. If van Winkle is in fact responsible for their deaths, we all may be infected and possibly contagious. I know that PCR somehow is used at paternity cases, and somehow has something to do with DNA, and sort of understand about quarantines, but I ….

Lauren stopped in mid-sentence as the sedan careened toward the curb in front of the CRO lab. They scrambled out of the sedan and ran toward an awaiting technician wearing white scrubs. Murphy told us to expect you, follow me into the lab for your testing. After what seemed an eternity, Stevens rolled up his sleeve as he as sat in the chair for his blood draw.

The phlebotomist flashed a broad luminescent smile while wrapping a tourniquet around his arm. Stevens rejoined the rest as they stood nursing their bruised arms. Murphy asked me to have you all be seated in the waiting room until he personally runs them. As he scurried out of the room, Lauren rushed to Stevens.

Will they really keep us on this island? Hell, I wasted enough myself to get a fucking medal. For what? Christ I was supposed to have once cleaned out a whole village by myself but woke up alone in the jungle with only an empty gun and this flask. So, put that damn flask away and sober up, if any of us are going to have a chance we have to work together.

Harley, where is your satellite phone? These tests are taking too long. We need more time, call Operations and see how much of an extension they can give us to get to the warm zone. Stryker, you have their number, just call them on your cell. Last thing we need during an outbreak is for the locals to start sending out calls of distress asking to be rescued. Where is Murphy, damn it, he was supposed to be here ten minutes ago with those results.

Pending an immediate cure, we could remain here for years or worse - hours. Incendiary bombs can be almost as destructive and will fry everything instead of blowing it to pieces. You wish. They rushed from the lab in time to see the phlebotomist about to take an elevator. They should have been back by now. His bloodshot eyes bulged from his beet red face, and his mouth gulped for air like a dying fish out of water.

Help me pick him up; we need a doctor to keep him alive. We breathed that shit into our lungs when they had the subjects inhale it. The vector is clearly transmissible. Stevens kicked the entry doors open as Lauren rushed to the elevator call button. One was a sequence of the viruses from the victims. It has undergone huge deletions in his promoter so the statin gene is no longer controlled by a feedback loop.

Their drug levels were so high it caused their muscles to breakdown and virtually dissolve in their bodies. His virus was then packaged normally so it regained the ability to infect outside of its original host. It happened just as we feared; his resurrected ancient virus has become a monster. You two are going to have to keep it simple if you want the rest of us to keep up with this science shit. That normal virus packages itself AND the broken virus so they both are now infectious.

Is that simple enough for you, Harley? It means you eggheads probably killed us all. I guess it serves me right for trusting experts. You simply collect as many incomplete puzzles as you are able with each missing different pieces. You reassemble each puzzle and then select whatever missing pieces you may need from the other puzzles.

If you search through enough puzzles, you should be able to find all the pieces to reconstruct one complete puzzle. Like a virus Frankenstein? But, to answer your question; yes that is basically how he did it. He kicked at Murphy on the makeshift stretcher, but missed as Stevens took a fast turn and threw them all into the wall of the van.

If van Winkle activates other sequences it could cause Genomic Collapse. It could slice and dice your DNA like a drunken sushi chef. If van Winkle leaves this island, humans could be facing extinction. We have to at least try to save him John. He alone knows how he made his vector and any weaknesses that may be exploited to control its spread. He eased the van onto a crowded street. I know those poor men died from something and Murphy showed they had some sort of DNA thingy in them, but, so what?

John, you, Stryker and Harley are also contaminated and none of you appear sick. I may not be as smart as the rest of you, but, I am a reporter and can do basic math. Not to my knowledge. These young men appear to be the only confirmed fatalities so far. You spend your whole life chasing after each other only to lose your own perspective. This is nothing but a bunch of hype from a couple of old spooks employed by yet another corrupt politician. I do believe Stryker.

I just told you those young men not only died from over expressing the statin genes, but their chromosomes were severely rearranged. All I want to know is it going to kill us or save us? The now exposed DNA is able to again express its genes or interact with other sequences. As long as heat shock protein is expressed the sequences that interact with van Winkle are masked. But, once the mask is gone, van Winkle will resume its binding and probably kill us in the process.

A clearly winded Harley barely managed to pant. You said they died from overexpression of the statin gene that caused their muscles to dissolve. So, any time the statin gene is expressed our DNA is also being damaged? High levels of statins cause muscle cramps, if our muscles cramp it may mean we are also having genetic mutations. So, we need to stay cool. If we get overheated like those young men did playing soccer, it will inactivate our heat shock protein, which then allows expression of both the statin gene and the van Winkle transposon.

Cancer would be inevitable. How and the hell are we going to do that? Harley slithered out of his jacket and tie. Ripping the buttons from his shirt, he grinned. Turn up the air conditioner, John! The van screeched to a halt throwing them into each other. A uniformed officer knocked on their window. No one is going to the hospital anytime soon. So turn around and get the hell out of here before I arrest all of you. Now, move it!

Long, you son of a bitch. Now get the fuck out of our way! The van slammed into a parked ambulance parked at the ER entrance. Get a doctor, he hung himself! His profanity stopped midstream as he spotted Murphy slumped in the wheelchair. Vivian, grab that crash cart and page respiratory STAT! I need a vent in the ICU now. Frank grabbed the arms of the body and began to pull it onto the floor. Help me drag this body onto that wheelchair and push it out of the way into the corner. We need to tube him now.

Elaine briefly covered her mouth to conceal her horror. You may hurt him or yourself, STOP! I need her to help me tube this guy. Sister Genevieve poked her pretty face, now hidden behind a surgical mask, from behind another curtain. We need access in case he codes. Damn, you know I prefer a Mac when I tube. You used it on the last patient who died. Do you want me to grab it so you can use it again? Now shut up and bag. Genevieve, I need you to apply cric pressure.

Do you remember how to do that? She pressed downward using her thumb and index finger on either side as Frank grabbed the straight intubation blade. Elaine, shove that rolled up towel under his neck for me while Genevieve applies pressure. You get a sat on this guy yet? Kirby, there is too much motion from your intubation. May I use his foot? Apply that pressure for me. Kirby, he is bradying, his heart rate is now in the 40s.

Stop or he will code! Peering into the laryngoscope, he contorted himself nearly vertical and then shouted. Frank managed a brief smile. Keep it up, it works for you. Now just tell me his sats. See, you can tube with a straight blade after all. You finished just in time for the chest x-ray too. I need to get some sort of history on him while I can. They were part of a clinical trial, so of course they were subjects. This is all part of a study NIH is funding and we are just ….

I assume he is one of your scientists. I want to know why the hell he tried to kill himself less than one day after the deaths of six young men associated with your study. I may be able to answer most of your questions. The man you just now intubated was the lead scientist for this project. He paused with a sigh as he evaluated how best to appraise Frank of the preceding events.

He needed to secure any areas that may be affected by a potential biologicals exposure. Since their deaths were highly suspicious, Dr. Murphy was required by our guidelines to determine if his vector contributed to them in anyway. Unfortunately, Murphy found all the young men were infected by his vector and apparently so are most of our group. Murphy why he hanged himself.

Frank knocked over his coffee as he slammed his clipboard down. How long were you exposed to that virus? It may be more accurate to either think of it as the ancient remains of a virus or a provirus. So that tells me this thing is capable of human to human transmission. How do kids playing soccer end up dead from a CIA rogue science project? You were probably too busy saving lives to read the Press Release by our NIH sponsors; but, here is a copy if you think it will be of any help today.

Frank took another sip as he skimmed the paper. If you read a journal once and awhile instead of hitting on your damn nurses, you might get how Statgene could save millions of lives. Save your excuses for Dubois. But, first I need to give a report to the next shift.

I need you out here now. The lounge door burst open and a bleary eyed resident stumbled out while pulling on his scrubs top. Scott flashed a look of bewilderment that quickly became a scowl as he adjusted his scrubs. You knew I was asleep! So listen to your report so I can finish this code, unless, of course, you want to write the orders for me? Oh, by the way, you are again short-staffed, and Judy is the charge nurse today.

Better make the best of it. Frank leaned against the elevator wall as he pulled a pack of cigarettes from his lab coat. He lit a cigarette and drew a long, deep puff. Lauren coughed and waved at the smoke wafting in her direction. If you have no concern for your own health, you should at least be concerned for ours.

It failed to show a causal relationship from smoking and heart disease. Frank perched on a stool as he scribbled illegible orders. I have a whole unit to consider, not to mention my staff. Stryker, you have the most knowledge of bioweapons. Do you have any suggestions to offer?

Stryker nodded as he inspected the ICU hall. A tech was fidgeting with dials on a breathing machine over the still unconscious Murphy. Their CK levels were off the charts. Their Tox screens should be back shortly. But from the looks of these kids I doubt they ever worked at Microsoft.

Rhabdomyolysis is certainly a side effect of statins. Everybody else has. Who are you and what do you wish to add? I have expertise along these lines. The van Winkle regulatory region was deleted and replaced by something resembling a heat shock promoter.

Sadly, it is only my interpretation of what he had scrawled into the margins of his reports. He apparently hanged himself just after completing these tests. The new promoter may be driving statin expression to lethal limits. Overheating probably hastens the onset of muscle wasting and may explain why those young men died after playing soccer. I find that hard to believe that it was able to re-engineer itself. Viruses have a way of directing their own evolution.

Murphy wrongly believed he had subjugated them for his own purpose. The only treatment may be to find a way to turn off the promoter that is driving overexpression. Murphy; he is the only one who understands how he created van Winkle. If he dies, he may also take any hope of finding a treatment to the grave.

Heat appears to worsen the symptoms, so possibly keeping the patient cool may mitigate some of its damage. Frank glared at her in silence before finally speaking. I want two cooling blankets on him at all times and tell everyone entering this room to wear hoods.

And bring me every cooling pack we have in supply. The doctor wants room six as cold as an icebox and while you are at it turn the temperature down for the rest of the floor too. She ran to the wall thermostat and turned it as low as it would go and reached for a face mask and gown.

There was a rush by all of the staff to the isolation carts as they quickly applied masks and gowns. But this is probably all just for show anyway. Gown up if it makes you feel any better. The soothing, rhythmic hiss of a ventilator greeted them as they entered the room.

A therapist wearing a duck-billed mask scribbled on his clipboard. What happened to him? Any clue why? Before Frank could respond, Harley staggered into the room wearing a hooded rebreather. That pack goes on your ass you Nimrod, not in the front.

Lauren and the others crowded the small room. The ventilator alarms exploded as Murphy bolted upright, pulling against his restraints. Manny silenced the alarms as Frank jabbed the call light button. But you better make it quick before I have to put him down again. Murphy gagged uncontrollably against the tube in his mouth.

His eyes bulged as he coughed and thrashed, pulling against the restraints. I had to put you on a breathing machine after you hung yourself. Just nod your head if you understand me. Your life, as well as our own, depends on how quickly and accurately you respond. Do you understand? I want to thank you for your reports; we know most of us are infected by your vector. I have a question about what you wrote on them about heat shock proteins.

Murphy moved his right hand in a scribbling motion as he slowly closed his eyes. Quick, give him a pen before he falls back to sleep. How much Ativan did you give him? Get out of here. And bring me some flumazenil, if you think you can do that right, before I have you fired. The ventilator emitted a shrill alarm as Manny adjusted its dials. That Ativan snowed him.

The flumazenil should reverse it for a few minutes. Just keep him breathing until that sedation wears off. She nurse scurried back into the room without her facemask and gingerly handed Frank her syringe. The ventilator again emitted a shrill alarm that was quickly silenced by the therapist.

Murphy again gagged on the vent before calming down. Murphy fumbled with the pen and managed to scrawl a nearly illegible answer. Vishnu maintains balance between creation and destruction. So what are you saying Murphy, does cold both create and destroy your virus? Murphy slowly nodded his head as the pen fell from his hand. We can try again later when he is more coherent. What a fool he had become, he had known the means of controlling the vector from it very origin.

Murphy had spoken those very words when he had confirmed its creation. I do believe he means it is the common cold virus. Murphy used the cold virus as a backbone for the construction his vector. Of course, now it makes sense.

Murphy was trying to tell us that his vector is similar enough to the common cold that exposure to the cold adenovirus will simply displace his vector. The cold adenovirus is as perfect a virus as nature can create. Nothing will come even close to out competing it for infecting its natural host. Wake him up so we can be sure, but I think he believes a cold is a cure for this infection.

Stryker grunted a dry, humorless laugh. Frank slapped his forehead. If it is, have Scott call off the code. And do me one more favor, if you see a nun down there named Sister Genevieve, have her give me a call. I forgot to thank her for her help in the ER today.

Damn, I hate this island and you even more. Frank pulled Harley back. Do you think he is stable enough for transporting there in an ambulance, Frank? As long as we keep that tube secured for a day or two he should be fine. Room 6 is going for a ride. Grab one of those oxygen tanks and hold onto his monitor. Looks like your friend here is going for a short joy ride.

As Frank disconnected the IV, the phone rang. Were they coding that guy I left in the wheelchair? I think Scott is really pissed at you, so you better have a good excuse for leaving a dead guy in a wheelchair for him. Oh, I also spoke with that nun you asked about.

I gave her the direct number to that room, so ….. I was talking to our ER doctor about a patient. Put those guns away, man, this is firearm free zone. Our guard says your doctor treated him. Give me the phone. Hello, who is this? Frank exploded with anger. The man on the phone continued unabated in his ranting. The man was injured and we treated him the same as we would anyone else. So, shut up and get out of my ER. If you do not, we will shoot your staff one at a time.

The roar of automatic weapons burst through the phone speaker. You have five minutes before another dies. Bring me those spies. Frank froze in anger. The ringing of the phone jarred him back to reality. Frank is that you? Did I do something wrong? Gunmen just killed one of my therapists and are demanding I bring them that guy you helped me intubate.

Those killers have accused him and his friends of being spies. The villagers are in a panic and many are trying to get to your ER. There may be hundreds around the hospital already, how will you be able to treat them all? Stevens motioned to Frank. Can you see the van they used to bring that patient here? Did he leave it running? We have no other choice. Our only hope is to leave the hospital. One of the acquired skills of my profession is that we can drive just about anything.

Her voice rang with renewed confidence. I can meet you at the front entrance in five minutes, be ready to load him quickly. Just be ready to go as soon as you see us. Frank replaced the receiver the dialed another number. Do I also need to kill your nurse? May we have another fifteen? Frank heard a click then a dial tone. Frank hit the call light. Could you have made a worse enemy on this damn island?

If I turn you over to him, as I should, I risk everyone on this island dying from your plague. If I help you escape, my staff may be slaughtered by that madman. Stevens pulled his Colt from inside his jacket and deftly cocked and locked it. Stryker nodded with a grin as he grabbed a mask and yellow gown. Frank turned off the vent then attached the ambu bag to Murphy. Frank yelled as they rolled out of the room down a long hallway.

Stevens shoved a red steel crashcart toward the elevator door. Put it back before I call security. Stevens placed pillows around the oxygen tank on the bed before covering it with a sheet. Stevens crouched behind the cart while Stryker pushed the ER button on the panel. The elevator slowly descended to the second floor, opening to reveal a waiting nurse. Unfastening his holster, he fondled his SIG. The elevator resumed its descent to the ground floor before coming to a gentle halt with a bing.

The doors slid open to reveal a ragtag group of waiting gunmen holding ancient Mausers and M14s trained upon Stryker. The bed crashed into the group just as the doors started to close, scattering them like fallen toy soldiers. Stevens emerged from behind the crashcart and fired his Colt directly into the tank.

A huge blue fireball lashed all in the room with tongues of fire, scorching the crashcart and elevator doors. The percussion slammed the cart back onto Stevens as the door closed. Carnage engulfed the room as they exited unscathed from the elevator; their weapons drawn. A hellish scene greeted them.

Flaming bodies were strewn around like the remnants of a grisly campfire. Survivors thrashed about in attempts to extinguish the flames on their clothing. Screams of women and children from the waiting room did little to drown the wailing of the burn victims in their ringing ears. The smell of burnt hair and flesh combined with the odor of feces and bleach was nauseating as Stevens and Stryker warily crept toward the entrance.

The wail of the fire alarm was unnerving as they slowly crept across the room. Rivulets of blood washed into ever growing pools as the sprinkler cleansed the bodies of the fallen. Gunfire greeted them as they rounded a corner. They shielded themselves behind the cart while scanning the room.

The explosive rounds of his SIG deafened their already ringing ears. The thud of bodies falling to the floor was accompanied by the metallic rattle of their weapons hitting concrete. The room reeked with the pungent smell of gunsmoke mingled with the salty odor of fresh blood.

Smoke from the explosion and gunfire mingled with sweat, blood and warm water from the overhead sprinklers stung their eyes as they strained to look through the dark, hazy room. Grab a tank and kick it toward them. Stevens carefully pulled a tank from its rack as a rapid burst of gunfire showered the room. He placed it on the floor beside him and kicked it toward the gunmen.

It rolled to a stop just short of their hiding place. A burst of rapid fire whizzed past his head while Stryker returned cover fire. The flaming fangs of gunfire illuminated the wafts of smoke with eerie, swirling patterns. The snipers jumped as the flaming missile spun wildly toward them.

The faint sound of sirens was barely audible in their ringing ears as Stryker shouted at a now deafened Stevens. Will that work? Harley handed her an icepack. You like shit! I took a leak before you all arrived and it was dark. Genevieve pulled a passkey from the front pocket of her habit. The room was empty except for a refrigerator, cabinets and a steel embalming table at its center.

A steel door, tarnished from years of disinfectant use, greeted them. Harley twisted a cap from a beer bottle. Care for one? Alcohol is a diuretic. We need water, so empty those bottles and fill them with water and ….. Whats that? Empty those bottles and fill them with water.

They took turns gulping and filling their bottle. Lauren slowly edged into the freezer, bagged corpses lined the shelves. The rest of you get some rest, Tony and I need to talk about a few things, anyway. At least I could hear another American voice before I died. Fly into the warm zone so we can be shot down? Tony, can tell them to call his agency.

It may work; we circle near the warm zone and wait for their response. What do you think ……? I hear voices in the next room. An EMT entered the morgue. As they hoisted the corpse, Lauren stiffened to suppress a scream. She peered through slit eyes at the open mouth of a cadaver now lying beside her. The Creole let out a blood curdling scream as he stumbled over his companion.

They are after our souls, run! Harley jumped to his feet with arms outstretched holding his beer bottle. The fallen EMT scampered toward the door. They ran from the morgue and jumped into their ambulance and with tires squealing, roared away in a cloud of smoke. They thought Lauren was one of my living dead. Not having any, I just improvised using baking soda. It bought us a little time.

Lauren fidgeted in the back seat. Is there any possibility we can stop at a store, John? But, let me know if your urine is dark or foul smelling. Genevieve eased the ambulance into the parking lot. The women scooted into the store as Harley relieved himself on a fence.

Get as much water as you both can carry. The convenience store was empty except a clerk watching TV. With open mouth, the clerk reached for the bills. The clerk returned carrying two cases in his arms and dropped them onto the counter. Would you mind helping me get the rest? The clerk opened the cooler and pointed toward four cases of bottled water. Lauren ignored his request as she gulped down a burger. The clerk reached under the counter saying. Lauren choked on her burger as she fell to her knees.

Genevieve examined the unconscious clerk sprawled on the floor; blood trickled from his ear. He hit an alarm while reaching for that bag, hang around much longer and you can give the police a thorough report. They raced out the back lugging food and water.

We get to ride in style for a change. Frank was munching on chips as he opened the side door. Bring any ketchup? Harley pulled a crumpled pack of cigarettes from the visor and offered one to Stryker in exchange for a light. Rolling down his window he announced. The whole island is run by Dubois. I thought you knew that? Money opens doors in third world nations.

I bet I can fly any plane on this poor excuse of an island. John, you and Tony cover the back door in case the guard decides to actually do his job. Why do you think they call this place the third world? Hell, even their military sucks; a bunch of second rate wannabees. Is that a Bird Dog? Man, that plane is a legend. The second propeller was mounted at the rear of the cabin seemingly as an afterthought to compensate for the small front blade.

Harley pulled the van up to a guard shack and rolled down his window. Are you Marcos? Rudy told me to give you these as a going away present. May I? Donuts poured from the box onto his limp body. Harley rubbed his bruised knuckles. Damn, I forgot how good it feels to kick ass. Tony hogtied the guard with twine and dragged him into a clump palmettos. This will gag him until we are long gone.

The roar of an airplane prop shattered the silence. Harley swerved the van toward the hangar. You and Tony give us cover us if you see any trouble. A young Creole reporter continued her news alert. Prime Minister Dubois personally risked his own life in the defense of those injured during this brazen daytime robbery.

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Slash; Fergie - Beautiful Dangerous Slash - Back From Cali Slash's Snakepit - Shine Slash; Chris Cornell - Promise Slash; Adam Levine - Gotten Slash's Snakepit - Mean Bone Slash; Lemmy - Doctor Alibi Slash - Withered Delilah Slash's Snakepit - Soma City Ward Slash; Myles Kennedy - Starlight Slash; Beth Hart - Mother Maria Slash - Wicked Stone Slash's Snakepit - Jizz Da Pit Slash's Snakepit - Dime Store Rock Slash - World on Fire Slash - Automatic Overdrive Slash - 30 Years to Life Slash's Snakepit - Lower Slash - Bent to Fly Slash's Snakepit - Take It Away Slash - Stone Blind Slash - Beneath the Savage Sun Slash - Safari Inn Slash - The Unholy Slash's Snakepit - Doin' Fine Slash - Iris of the Storm Slash - Battleground Slash - Avalon Slash's Snakepit - Be The Ball Slash's Snakepit - Been There Lately.

Slash - Shadow Life. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. Slash - The Dissident. Slash - Dirty Girl. Slash's Snakepit - Just Like Anything. Slash's Snakepit - Life's Sweet Drug. Slash's Snakepit - Neither Can I. Slash's Snakepit - Serial Killer. Slash - Too Far Gone. Slash's Snakepit - The Truth. Slash's Snakepit - Landslide.

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Crazytalk 8 kickasstorrents American flags, bronze plaques of slash goatbed torrent victories, and multitudes of framed newspaper clippings adorned the otherwise sterile marble walls. I think I broke this worthless piece of sh. These young men appear to be the only confirmed fatalities so far. As Stevens approached the embassy lounge he could see Harley sipping on his customary whiskey sour out in the sun under an umbrella. The subject sniffed then hopped from the table and then quickly walked to the paymaster where he received five twenty dollar bills. Once i was a daisy many years ago.
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