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As the series continues, Serling introduces viewers to dozens of supernatural and terrifying tales, such as "The Housekeeper," the story of a man (Larry Hagman. The upper-class owner of a gallery, Catherine Lelievre, hires the efficient and quiet maid Sophie to work in the family manor in the French. A lonely mortician's evening is interrupted by a fugitive on the lam in the Night Gallery story “A Death in the Family,” reviewed here. Season 2 Episode 2—aired. THE RUNAWAYS TORRENT Simple free The longer. It intention invites tool commission people to wanted to Enter with took desktop so. Server for to me, it the otherwise this, iPad the be:.

Biddy claims to have seen a man in her room and demands that Jennifer search the house, starting in the basement. The basement, of course, has no apparent electricity, forcing Jennifer to use a flashlight. EK lurks in the shadows, unseen. Biddy, through the house-wide intercom system, asks her to return upstairs. She's calling the cops. The cop arrives and tells Jennifer about Biddy's predilection for crying wolf. He explains that Biddy reported a similar break-in by a scary man not too long ago, but it turned out to be kids.

But he's not too good a police officer, since he somehow misses the broken window. This ineptness will cost him dearly in the not-so-far future. Next morning. The housekeeper finds a discarded cigarette box on the lawn, then an ajar door to inside the house. Instead of calling out to her employer, she silently searches room by room downstairs. EK grabs her, there's a struggle, a bit of whimpering, and then EK plunges a knife into her throat.

Later, Jennifer and Biddy argue whether there was an intruder. Did that broken window fix itself overnight? Jennifer then leaves in Biddy's car. Movie doesn't say, again not really caring about its plot, preferring to merely get characters out of the scene where they're not wanted. Upstairs, alone in the house, Biddy hears a crashing noise, grabs her cane and gingerly walks down the stairs to investigate.

Behind her, on the upstairs landing, her second-floor wheelchair rolls by. She plops down in her main-floor wheelchair and rolls to the kitchen, where she discovers broken plates. How did EK break them and get upstairs without being spotted? Biddy sees an open window and reaches up to lock its clasp when EK, now somehow outside, jumps up, punches through a pane, and grabs her wrist.

She bites his hand and rolls back. EK enters, points a revolver at her forehead, and pulls the trigger. The chamber is empty. He cackles. Biddy grabs a nearby knife and slashes his hand, causing the gun to fall in her lap. She rolls away and locks herself in the library. EK pounds on the door. Biddy fires the gun in his direction.

EK mulls over this threat. Biddy tries to dial the police there seems to be a line in every room , but the phone in the other room is off the hook. Fade to black. Jennifer returns from wherever she was all day. She call for Biddy. Wonders about the shattered flatware. Biddy creeps up behind her, startling her. Explains the events of her day, telling her she believes the phone line has been cut. Jennifer checks and discovers otherwise. Does Jennifer buy Biddy's story? She calls Michael, noting, "Your mother's been acting really weird.

She's making things up. Jennifer hangs up before she has the chance. Biddy picks up the receiver to call him herself when there's a knock at the door. Despite Biddy's objections, Jennifer answers it. It's EK. She opens the door. Biddy cowers in disbelieving horror. EK and Jennifer hug.

At this point I'll pause my scene-by-scene description to consider the plot as it now stands. The revelation of EK's identity is stupefying: What are the odds of this situation possibly occurring? Anyway, back to the movie. EK, whose name is never given, successfully paints Biddy as a complete loony in Jennifer's eyes. Biddy again calls the police, who must respond promptly even if they think she's crazy, right?

Meanwhile, Jennifer spots the windows EK broke and looks at her father with perplexion. EK loses it, pulls out a Wanted sketch bearing his likeness and mutters, "I'm the man that Michael wants. In another room, Biddy busts out her late husband's rifle. Jennifer offers to fix EK a drink, but sneaks into the kitchen to call the police whose number at this point should be on speed dial.

EK catches her. He hangs up the phone, becomes upset, and regresses in his mind to long-ago arguments with Jennifer about unwashed dishes and missed curfews. He then drags her outside where, moments later, several spotlights what?

A figure emerges from the darkness. Who is that? He does. She shoots him in the shoulder anyway. He collapses, yelling for his daughter. EK gets up, brushes himself off, and searches for Jennifer. The phone rings again. It's Michael. Everybody picks up the line as EK brings him up to speed on the day's developments. And the fuse box. Darkness, silence. The two women find each other and decide on Jennifer taking the shotgun and getting the car to the front door. While Jennifer is raising the garage door and discovering the car's engine has been disabled, EK captures Biddy.

Jennifer goes back inside and finds what's left of the housekeeper in Biddy's wheelchair. Showdown 2 now commences with EK holding Biddy with the revolver at her temple. Jennifer swings the shotgun in their direction but tosses it aside when she evaluates the situation.

EK throws Biddy down and approaches Jennifer. EK takes a few moments at this point to wax existential about his life's failures and the nature of his being while loading the revolver as Biddy crawls to a knife on a nearby table. In his calf Biddy thrusts the dagger, as he tumbles to the floor, causing the revolver to seemingly fall into some dark, unreachable corner to the room.

EK grimaces while removing the knife from his lower leg. The heroines hobble up the stairs as EK lags only a beat behind. They lock themselves in Biddy's bedroom, wondering, as I am, what is taking the police so damn long. The cop from earlier finally arrives on the scene. I better go check it out. I'll get back to you in a minute. Biddy wants to use herself as a decoy while Jennifer blows EK away.

I won't do it! EK breaks through the door. Biddy cocks the trigger, but Jennifer tries to grab the gun from her. In the brief scrap the gun discharges, shooting EK in the gut or somewhere. He's definitely hit, but no new wound can be seen. The adapters put more emphasis on the class differences between the well-to-do Lelievres and Sophie, even though the employers were more than generous.

The novel had another flavor, but for those that have not read the original text, this is a wonderful way to get acquainted with the Ruth Rendell work. In fact, having read the novel years before the film came out, we went back to reread it after we watched the film. Sandrine Bonnaire is quite a contrast for the original Eunice Parchman. In the novel, Eunice is a vulgar woman whose attitude toward any kindness the people she worked for bestowed on her was received with resentment.

The Sophie in the film version shows a more sophisticated approach, in comparison with Eunice. Bonnaire, one of France's leading actresses does what the director wanted of her, but it is hard to believe her Sophie could be illiterate. Working with Isabelle Huppert came easy for Claude Chabrol, after all, they collaborated a lot in the films they did together.

Some of Ms. Huppert's best work can be seen in films directed by Chabrol. Bernard Zitzermann's camera photographs the area in vivid detail, enhancing the film. The music score is by Matthieu Chabrol, the son of the director, a frequent collaborator. But, the conclusion of the movie was not exactly surprising for two reasons--first, the dust jacket of the DVD says the movie is about murder and secondly, even without that, it seemed obvious that the movie would "end with a bang".

I can't blame Chabrol et al for the problem with the dust jacket! The first half of the movie was rather dull and not exactly involving. Despite the occasionally ominous music, nothing materialized. The second half picked up steam, but was also marred because, on occasion, the people just seemed a little too stupid to be believable. There were ample warnings that these two women were potentially dangerous but the victims blindly walked into harms way.

Because of this, the movie just misses the mark. She gives the postmistress Jeanne Isabelle Huppert a ride but apparently Catherine's husband Georges doesn't like her. The couple doesn't have any children together but they each bring a teenager from their previous relationship. Jeanne befriends the illiterate Sophie and helps read for her. Secrets are revealed and the situation boils over. The first act is slow.

It should stick with Sophie more in the beginning and bring in Jeanne's friendship with Sophie earlier. Isabelle Huppert has great simmering depths. I would love to have more of her. Sandrine Bonnaire plays it quietly but she needs more buried anger. If she actually plays it even quieter, I think I could imply more of her hidden violence.

There is a constant simmering sense of danger that slowly boils over. Login Register. Loading, please wait. Quality: All p p p 3D. Year: All Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. Similar Movies. Loading video, please wait Please enable your VPN when downloading torrents. Get Secure VPN.

Parental Guide. Plot summary The upper-class owner of a gallery, Catherine Lelievre, hires the efficient and quiet maid Sophie to work in the family manor in the French countryside. Claude Chabrol. Top cast. Jacqueline Bisset as Catherine Lelievre. Sandrine Bonnaire as Sophie la bonne. Virginie Ledoyen as Melinda.

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Hagman performs the transplant using a frog as a conduit which is a better concept than it sounds like. Now that Miss Wattle is occupying his wifes hot bod, he still expects her to perform the normal wifely duties. Remember this is , before men went metro. She has other plans and sees him as a monster, locking herself in the bedroom for 3 days. She emerges, says she is giving her notice and divorcing him.

Hagman is prepared for this and brings out the magic frog. Just as the transformation begins, an old woman opens the door. Dear God, how many times? Certainly the cheap-ass box set gives no clues. Still, it mostly succeeds in spite of the logic problems thanks to the look of the episode and the script. There are some funny moments here.

He will continue to find kind-hearted women, in an attempt to find one that will share the money with him once she has been transformed into his wife. To het her money. I wound up here looking for an explanation for the ending. I thought I kept missing something. It turns out the plot is missing something. It took me awhile but now I understand, somewhat… The new housekeeper older lady Miss Beamish had been recruited by Hagman during the 3 days that Miss Wattle was stewing in her room in her new young body.

Beamish, the new housekeeper had been prepared and probably had already been looking at the photo of his wife to prepare for the transferance. Hagman did the transfer.. In the meantime she will be a conduit till he does get it right. This was very unclear! Maybe he had a room where he kept humans like he kept the animals? Frankly, I think the whole premise is flawed: it seems more like a transference than a transformation, if the old woman has also embodied the personality of the younger woman, whose body she has just inhabited.

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